Saturday, January 3, 2015

[Update 2] Aberdeen Mall: Tony Moly and a Clothing Store

Just after the new year's I visited Aberdeen Centre in Vancouver, Canada again (original post here and an update here on the mall) and found a couple of really nice surprises! On the second level near the doors to the parking garage, I spotted a Tony Moly! I actually didn't know that they are slowly starting to open branches in North America, and they don't really have a website for their North American locations. I can't believe I found a Tony Moly so close to me now!
This store is very small and similar in layout to many other Korean cosmetic stores. It is a rectangle with displays of products (no endorsers) on the walls and an island in the center with more displays. There were signs on the storefront advertising that this is a grand opening with a special sale from December 25th to January 4th. Inside was very busy and there were workers floating around, handing customers with mini baskets to entice them to buy more. They had so many products on display, but I honestly only spent about a minute in there doing price checks. The products seem to be significantly more expensive than buying them in Korea obviously, but they're comparable to other Korean cosmetic stores in North America, but still more expensive that online. The blueberry lip balm was $9.50CAD, and the red apple, green apple, and tomato were all between $14CAD and $16CAD. It's still so refreshing to see a Tony Moly in Vancouver though, and Aberdeen Mall is finally becoming more like a real Asian mall that reflects those stores in Asia.
And also towards one end of the mall on the second floor near the food court is a clothing store, Kokko, with lots of designer brands that caught my attention.
The storefront printed brands on the window that I know Infinite has worn before. These brands include Balmain (Infinite has worn these during performances and also as their own clothes, like at the airport), Julius (the designer behind Infinite's Last Romeo outfit set...the Myungsoo cow outfit set...), Mastermind Japan (I saw Sungyeol wearing one of their shirts at his restaurant), Pierre Hardy (worn on stage and on their own), Raf Simons (Sunggyu and Woohyun who some at the airport), and Rick Owens (Sunggyu wears it often). Also peaking into the store, I see HBA (they've worn it for recent promotions in 2014) and Comme Des Garcons (Myungsoo wears this brand often).

Since I don't come to Aberdeen Centre too often, I feel like with each new visit there will be more and more great change! I can't wait to see what's here next time. UGH after coming back to the States, I look at the directory and see there's now also Artbox, a popular stationary store in Korea. Ugh next time I'll definitely check that out!

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