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Infinite: Be Mine Single (Type A - Solid Version) Review

Infinite released the Japanese single to "Be Mine" back in April 2012, and I gave an overview of the albums in my review of Type C, the Innocent Version here. I also blogged about Type B - Pop Art Version here. I really don't want to repeat everything about these albums again, so you can either check out my previous post or also feel free to ask me questions^^ All four versions of this single are a lot more expensive now, but I managed to buy Type A, the Solid Version and the only version that comes with a DVD, for $35 new from samurai_media_JPN4US, a Japanese independent seller on It took exactly two weeks to arrive since I ordered it, and it came well packaged in a padded paper envelope twice the album's size and then in another bubble wrap envelope.
As you can see, the Solid Version is the rocker image. It's definitely so different from the Pop Art and Innocent versions. The album is about the same dimensions as most of Infinite's other albums, except this version is just a bit thicker than the Pop Art and Innocent versions because this also comes with the DVD.
The seller stupidly put their own stickers on top of the album sticker, which covered up precious information! Luckily I was able to remove the more obnoxious sticker. And of course L's postcard is used as the back cover^^
Here is the back sticker, which shows all seven member postcards, the group postcard, and all seven random member postcards. Also included is information about the DVD, like it's 60 minutes long (!) and that it's for Region 2.
I never noticed it, but on the side of the album, there's the album info and version specification as well. I always put that side face down, but maybe that's supposed to be the side that you display.
Because of the way this album is packaged, I used an X-Acto knife to slice down the side with the opening in order to preserve the stickers. From the backside, the contents are the postcards (the individual members starting with L and then oldest to youngest, the group card, then the random member card), the booklet, and the CD and DVD case.
Here are all nine postcards in the order they came (left to right, top to bottom), and as you can see I got Hoya's random card. Also, this group card is a different image than the cover. These cards are a bit hard to put back into the casing and the edges easily get damaged sadly.
The front is matte while the back is a glossy gray.
The booklet has a rustic front cover and all the credits and other information on the back cover.
The first page includes a group photo and both disc's tracklists.
The booklet is 10 pages long and has a page for each member that includes their profile information and a page for each of the song lyrics. I was never drawn to this rock concept especially with their hair so messy and unnatural, but then I turned and saw L's page and just died! It is worth it just for this picture. (I keep saying L because this is really...L, not Myungsoo!)
This is the case for the CD and DVD.
The backside of the case has the song tracklist.
This case is really nice; the Infinite logo and splash of paint are not printed on the box, but it's like 3D and has a plastic coating over it. The Innocent Version just has everything printed onto the case.
Inside the case are two sheets of paper. The first sheet contains all four versions of this album, including all of the possible postcards. The backside has Infinite's Japanese discography and DVD list.
Another sheet I believe is for a promotion event in Japan.
Inside the case lists the tracklists for both discs. I'm surprised at how much content is on the DVD; included are the three versions of the "Be Mine" music video (Japanese, Korean, and Korean dance), and Infinite Japan Story, which is a feature about Infinite promoting BTD in Japan! I'm happy to see such a long special feature on one of Infinite's album DVDs. I could only get through part of Day 1 because my DVD player doesn't function well, so sadly I couldn't watch most of the contents. Here's what I'll say: the main menu has the scene selection and the option for Japanese subtitles. Because there are no English subtitles, it's hard not to just go onto YouTube and watch a subbed version instead. The Infinite Japan Story is the behind the scenes and footage from the promotional events for the Japanese version of BTD. It is broken down into days 1 to 7. They mostly spoke in Korean to the camera, though at times they'd practice their Japanese or practice singing BTD, and of course during their events, like a press conference, they spoke (though sometimes cutely stumbling) in Japanese. I loved seeing the members being themselves and having fun.

Overall, just that one photo of L in the booklet is all I need to make the album worth it, but in general the album is worth it. The DVD is really nice and there are so many things that Inspirits reference but I never knew where it's from (ie. during the press conference Myungsoo introduced himself as a vocal of Infinite, and that he likes udon. I didn't actually know this until they dramatized this part in the DVD, so I watched the English subbed version on YouTube and found out lol). I hope someday I'll get the Pop Art version to complete the limited versions of Be Mine.

Note to self: I really hope this is the last time I change my watermark, people will start thinking that none of the images are mine...

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