Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KR Multimedia Update and Official Infinite Merchandise

Yesterday I visited KR Multimedia, a quaint Kpop store, and what seems to be the only Kpop store on the West Coast north of LA, nestled in Crystal Mall in Burnaby, Canada. I posted about this store before, which you can read here.

I came at the perfect time, because the week following Christmas is Boxing Week (which is similar to Black Friday for America), and KR Multimedia had some great deals! Many unofficial goods were marked down and require cash only and there was a list of official posters that were now priced from $2 to $7 on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), and an additional $2 during Boxing Week. Some albums were also reduced, like a Tasty single was marked down to $10 from $15.

What I was interested in most was the Infinite display. Locked inside were fanmade keychains (many with L...I was so tempted to buy them all!), as well as an Infinite Over The Top era symbol stamp for $5, Second Invasion Evolution button set for $23 and more. There was also one Infinite collection card set that has been divided by parts and is being sold individually. The tin case and sleeve (which has been popped-up) are $5 while each individual pack (I think there were 9 left) is $6. I decided to buy 2 packs, because essentially it's like buying 2 rare cards for $6 each or $1 per card, which is reasonable.
Here are the 2 packs I bought. Though I had 67% of these cards already, I have no regrets! I'm happy to be able to buy individual packs at a reasonable price.
On display were also 2 sets of official Infinite rally clear files, priced at $29 cash only. Each set comes in a resealable clear wrap, a paper folder and 7 clear files. Above is the paper folder that has the event information, image of each file, and the authentication seal.
Here are the 7  files and the paper folder.  6 files are the images of the promotional posters from all of Infinite's albums from debut up to this rally, which was held on March 1, 2013. The First Invasion file is updated since their debut, with Sungyeol's name spelled properly! The last file is to commemorate this event. All files are translucent and fit regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper.
The backside of all the files are the same, with the event information printed in the corner.

I am so happy to own this collective set! I am missing official posters from Infinite's debut to Infinitize (excluding Paradise), so buying these files now completes my collection of official images from each era. I just need a way to display these files...

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