Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Infinite "Lucky Guys" Official Collection Card Vol. 1 Binder Review

In October, Infinite released their first set of star cards.  This is volume 1, so I'm expecting plenty more in the future!  The collection card set (which I reviewed here) was released along with a binder to display the cards.

Honestly, I didn't consider buying Infinite's collection cards, but when I found out the binder comes with a nice organizing system, I had to buy both the cards and the binder!  I'm obsessed with being organized, and wanted both just for the sake of organizing cards.
The binder front has a triangular pattern, with everything in metallic grayscale.  The members all look so tough and cool with their nonchalant expressions.  I love that Sungyeol and Sungjong both have Studio Beats, just like me!  I feel closer to them now.  Infinite also has a new logo for the collection cards and binder, like a 3-D optical illusion infinite symbol.  You can also see "INFINITE" is in metallic, reflecting light off of it.
The back of the binder continues the grayscale triangles.  There is also the large silver authentication seal.
The spine of the binder (top image) has two silver bolts to attach the rings on the inside.  Also the name of the binder is written in metallic, matching the silver bolts and infinite symbol.  The right side (bottom image) just shows the symbol and "INFINITE."
The right side extends into the front and connects the front with two magnets.  I really like this design because it keeps the binder like a perfect rectangle and protects the pages better.

This 3 ring binder is actually quite small compared to normal 3 ring binders. The rings are 1 inch in diameter, which is only enough to fit one collection of cards (meaning another binder for the next set). The binder is about 10.25 inches by 8.5 inches by 1.625 inches.
Inside, the binder is divided into 3 sections.  The first is the "Lucky Guys" cover, which is the same image and design as the collection cards.  This is a thick plastic cover, so it's durable and makes for a nice start to the collection.
The second part is the card sleeves.  There are 23 sleeves, and each sleeve holds 6 cards.  There are slit indents on the top side, so you'd slip the cards in from the top side (as opposed to the very top, the side or the backside).
While these may seem like any typical card sleeves, actually intended on the margins are "OFFICIAL COLLECTION CARD VOL 1" and "INFINITE."

Here you can see how much room there is once I put a card in its sleeve.
The last section contains 23 sheets of paper, which obviously coordinate with the 23 sleeves.  These sheets are in chronological order by displaying the collection cards from 1 to 135 in black and white.  The downfall about these sheets is that they're regular paper, and the holes are really tight, so it's easy to tear them while flipping pages if you're not careful.  I saw one of my sheets ripped, which saddened me.
To fully maximize the sleeves and sheets of paper, I reorganized them by alternating one sleeve for its corresponding piece of paper.  This way, when I put in my cards, I can more easily see which one cards I'm missing.  Here, you can see I put one card in the sleeve and its corresponding page is directly underneath. That way I can see that I'm missing the other five from this page.

Overall, I really like this binder because of the quality.  Also I like that the sheets of paper provide images of how each card is supposed to look like, because I know I won't be able to collect all the cards.  However, I don't think this binder is worth the 38000 Won, but to support Infinite, I'm okay with the price.


  1. I'm planning to buy this along with the collectors cards and it is around £50 on some sites incl. postage :/ 38000 seems pretty good as it's roughly £21 :)

    1. It is kinda pricey, but it's totally worth it! The cards look really nice displayed in the binder. The one downfall is that you have empty sleeves and soon want to collect every card OTL. Have fun collecting^^

    2. hi sis. Where did you buy? Is this still available?

    3. You can still buy this at [] for roughly $35USD shipped which is a great price because that's exactly how much it is in Korea.

    4. Hey, sorry about that, I found the card set instead of the binder. The binder seems kind of hard to find now on main kpop sites, but they're still available on places like eBay^^