Thursday, December 18, 2014

Infinite F: Koi No Sign Single (Type B) Review

I ordered Infinite F's Japanese single, Koi No Sign (Type B), from an individual seller on that is based in Switzerland, called uniqueplace-usa for roughly $23 total. It took two days to ship and 15 days after that to arrive, which isn't so bad especially during the holiday season. My album arrived just in a paper envelope with a bubble wrap lining, yet it came in practically pristine condition, so I'm very happy with it.
I explain more about Infinite F and their Japanese single in this post here, so now I'll just elaborate on the specifics for this Type B version. This album has the same dimensions as Type A and Infinite's Inspirit single. As you can see, the album has a nice matte finish, whereas Type A has a glossy finish. I was very harsh at the poor quality of Type A, and though Type B is virtually the same, I'll be nicer (probably because this came in such good condition unlike my Type A that was damaged).
On the clear wrap there was a sticker in Japanese stating that this version contains a CD and a 32 page photobook.So the first press limited edition Type B comes with the CD and a larger photobook than the other two versions.
I absolutely love the album cover of this version, with the three boys in cozy sweaters lying in a fake jungle-like setting. And the "Infinite F" is nice with a silver sheen to stand out from the colorful background.
I like how the foresty background continues onto the back cover as well. The tracklist is on the top right while the technical information is at the bottom.
When you open it, the background continues onto the inside left cover and both sides of the photobook. The photobook isn't attached to the album and there isn't anything to secure it, so it's completely loose. I really don't like this formatting, because it just doesn't seem safe when I put it on my bookshelf. The right side is completely black, and underneath the CD is a faint "Infinite F."
Inside the first page of the photobook is the random photocard and a slip of paper for Japanese Inspirits.
This time I got Sungjong's photocard; this photo is the same image from the Japanese Type A photobooklet. Though Myungsoo is in three of the five photocards (there are two group photocards and one individual photocard for each member) I can never seem to pull Myungsoo.
Here is a closeup of the paper.
They advertise this as a 32 page photobook, but only 25 of the pages have photos in them, and the rest are either blank, the tracklist, the lyrics, the credits, or the two covers. These photos are different from Type A, but I'm not sure about the normal version. The first 14 pages are from the jungle/sweater photoshoot, with three of the individual photos the same as the Korean single, then eight pages are from what I believe is the normal version photoshoot. I really like this section because they include the photoshoot of Myungsoo wearing that oversized white buttondown, Sungyeol in the houndstooth suit and Sungjong in that striped suit, and these photos weren't included in the Korean single. The last three pages are from the Type A photoshoot, and Sungjong's photo and the group photo from this shoot are the same as the Korean album. Sungyeol's photocard is also the same as his photo from this photoshoot in this book.

While the photobook is nice and varied in photos, they're just overall too similar to Infinite F's Korean single. I miss the older Japanese Infinite albums where the photoshoots were completely new and just for the Japanese version. In the end, if I had to just choose one version to get, it'd be Type A with the DVD since the contents of the DVD are so fun, cute, adorable, and overall amazing and content that isn't in any other version, since it's the only one with a DVD.

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