Sunday, October 23, 2016

Infinite: Infinite Only 6th Mini Album (Limited Edition) Review

Infinite has finally returned with the release of their latest mini album, Infinite Only! I gave a brief introduction to this comeback in my post about the normal version of Infinite Only here, and in this post I'll blog about unboxing the limited version. This post is more of a continuation of the normal version post, as most of my focus is contrasting the photobooks of the two versions. Throughout this post, I will also refer to the three photoshoots as black, white, or b&w, which I explained more in the previous post.
I ordered the limited version with a folded poster from Ktown4u for roughly $36USD, including shipping. (Truthfully, my order glitched and didn't include the free poster, but I contacted Ktown4u via their 1:1 Service; they responded promptly and were so friendly in adding the folded poster to my order). It shipped on the 20th and arrived in exactly 14 days (non-business days included).
The front cover is matte black and showcases the solar system pattern with the members' names sprawled across the rings. The album logo is metallic red, which is the accent color for the limited album.
The back cover continues the solar system pattern. Something interesting to note is that none of the sides have the album information printed; they're either matte black or have the silver lines continuing on.
I absolutely love the packaging of this album. Like Infinite's One Great Step Returns concert DVD, this album is really hard and thick, and the lid just slides off from the top. Because of its sturdiness, it arrived in almost perfect condition.
On top is the photobook, and underneath is the CD case.
This is the front of the CD case. The solar system design is also apparent here.
The back of the case showcases the solar system design.
On the left is the tracklist and on the right is the CD, intact via a foam center.
The photobook cover is really pretty with the metallic red design against the matte black background.
Sadly the photobook cover is made of cardboard paper, so the spine was tearing as I opened my album >.<
The first pages of the photobook are the credits, and tucked inside our the stickers.
The limited edition comes with two stickers.
Here is the backside of the stickers.
The photobook has 96 pages (and thankfully page numbers), broken into 3 sections. The first 55 pages are from the b&w photoshoot, which the normal edition photobook does not include. All of these photos are in black and white.
This is also the only section that includes photos of sub-groups. There are many photos of Sunggyu-Sungjong, Dongwoo-Hoya, and Woohyun-Sungyeol-Myungsoo.
Pages 56 to 69 contain images from the white photoshoot. Most of these photos are different from those in the normal edition photobook, and if they are included in the normal one, those in the normal one are cropped.
The remaining pages 70 to 95 display images from the black photoshoot. Many of these photos are included in the normal edition photobook, but there are several images in the limited edition photobook that aren't included in the normal photobook (like this one of Myungsoo).
Spread throughout the black photoshoot pages are the tracklist and song lyrics. Like in the normal photobook, the limited photobook illustrates the tracklist in the same constellation-like design.
The song lyrics are displayed in that format as well. The last pages of the photobook contain the "Thanks to" section.
For the poster, I got a duplicate of the black photoshoot one.

Overall, I like the normal version more as it contains the random member pages. But I do still like both versions! I just hope Infinite can continue with comebacks as OT7 instead of releasing an album once a year.


  1. Hi. I really love to read all of your Infinite review and you are one of my favourite blogger. I wanna ask would you mind showing your whole collection of Infinite album and merchandise as I really wonder how much you really have, even though I bet you have a lot. Haha, anyway sorry if my request bother you. Thank You!

    1. Hello!! You are so sweet; your comment really made my day! Hehe actually for many months now, I've been wanting to show my entire Infinite collection! I just need to find the time. I'm planning on showing my collection through several posts - one for Korean CDs, one for Korean DVDs, one for concert merch, etc. Please be patient, I'll definitely be blogging about my collection in the nearish future!

  2. Hi, sorry for disturb and asking you, did you often make an order from ktown4u? I'm just starting order from them and very worried ktown4u will messed up my order. I'm making 2 order and got 2 different order number. Because i'm afraid to got tax from my country, so i'm just separate my item to make 2 order. With your experience did you think ktown4u will combine my order? I'm very worried there were combine my order. If combine my order the cost is very high. Thank you so much and sorry to disturb you.

    1. Hi! Please don't be sorry, I love answering questions!! Yes, I order almost everything from ktown4u! Ooh I understand your concern, but I think they won't combine your order. Because you made 2 separate orders, they should ship it in 2 separate shipments (especially because you paid for shipping twice!). But if you are very concerned, you can contact them through their 1:1 service! They are very friendly and usually reply within 1-2 days. Anytime you have a question, please ask! :)

    2. Thank you so much for your reply, i'm worried also because my 2 order actually is the same item, just 1 order place on the next day, that why i'm worried about this.I want to contact their customer service but i'm afraid i will make then more confused. If contact their 1:1 service must given the order number, so i don't know which order number i should put it and i think they can't understand.

    3. Aah I see, that is more complicated! I think you're right, contacting them will only confuse them more. They should send you two separate packages. Please don't worry and let's just hope for the best!^^

    4. I also hope they will send me 2 separate packages. Thank you so much because hear me out of my complain and sorry bother your time to reply for me. I will update you when my package safely arrived. Once again, thank you so much.

  3. Really, I love talking to others about these things^^ Definitely, do let me know of your packages! And anytime you have any other questions, just let me know~~