Monday, October 17, 2016

Infinite: Infinite Only 6th Mini Album (Normal Edition) Review

After over a year since their last Korean release as OT7, Infinite has finally come back on September 19th, with their sixth mini album, Infinite Only! Similar to last year's Reality mini album, Infinite Only has a limited version and a normal version. Here I'll blog about the normal version, and my next post will be about the limited version.
As I mentioned in my previous post here, my friend got this album for me from Hottracks on the first day of release, guaranteeing counting on the Korean music charts.
The front cover is beautiful in its simplicity. In certain lighting, the album appears matte black and the logo is raised. You can also faintly see the solar system design with the members' names printed. 
At other times, the album has a dark, iridescent sheen.
I love how the format of this album follows that of all of Infinite's other mini albums. Like how the back cover has a photo of OT7 and the tracklist is listed at the bottom in the same design layout as usual. You can clearly see the iridescent sheen in this angle.
Like the front cover, in certain lighting you can also see the solar system design on the black part of the back cover.
The photobook is on the left, and the CD is on the right, embedded in a hard plastic casing.
Infinite Only consists of three photoshoots. Here I'll identify the all-black outfits with the smoky black aura as the black photoshoot.
The above white outfits and white background, I'll classify as the white photoshoot.

The third photoshoot consists of Infinite wearing tough, white and black outfits with a black background. I'll call this the b&w photoshoot, however these photos are not included in the normal edition photobook.

The photobook has 51 pages, conveniently with page numbers included. The first half of the photobook consists of photos from the smoky black photoshoot while the second half is from the white photoshoot. All photos are individual shots, except for the two group photos, shown above where I classify the photoshoots.
The first 19 pages contain photos from the black photoshoot. The above image of Sungyeol is one of two (the other being Sungjong, directly below) images from the black photoshoot that are included in the normal edition photobook but not in the limited edition photobook.
The tracklist and song lyrics are spread out throughout the photobook. This photo of Sungjong is one of the few images included in the normal edition photobook but not in the limited edition photobook.
I love how they lay out the tracklist like that. There are 7 tracks, and "그 해 여름 (두 번째 이야기)" is a hidden track! Of course, most Inspirits refer to this as "Hey Hello"; I asked my Korean Inspirit friend, and she said K-Inspirits also call it "Hey Hello" or "그해여름2"!
Pages 20 to 36 contain photos from the white photoshoot.
As for the remaining pages 37 to 49, it is a special section dedicated to one random member! How could Woollim do seems like the normal edition is much more special than the limited edition. The first page is a translucent sheet, similar to the random A4 poster from Infinite's IDEA photobook.
There are 5 pages of Hoya from the white photoshoot.
Followed by 6 pages of Hoya from the black photoshoot. Some of these photos are exclusive to this random section, meaning not all of these photos are included in the limited version photobook. More specifically, out of these 12 photos, only 1 of the white photos and 2 of the black photos are also in the limited version photobook.
Tucked into the center of the photobook are the photocards. On a side note, the song lyrics are spread throughout the photobook. Like the tracklist page, I love how the song titles are also laid out in that style.
The normal edition comes with 2 photocards, out of 14 types (2 per member). They're the same dimensions as Infinite's smallest photocards, like Reality. One set of photocards is from the the black photoshoot, while the other set is from the b&w photoshoot. All of the photocards from the b&w shoot are in black and white, while the other set of photocards are in color, though very dark. Both of my photocards are from the non-smoky photoshoot.
The backside has the member's signature and a message. This is the first time OT7 has provided a message on their photocards!
The poster I received is from the black photoshoot. Sadly my rolled up poster was dented a bit in its packaging so there's a huge crease on everyone's heads -.- There are three types of posters; the other two are one group photo from the white shoot and a collage format from the b&w shoot.

Please do read my blog post for the limited version as well, because there I contrast the photobook images and point out what photos are and aren't in each version. But in general, there are a few photos that are only specific to the normal edition.

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