Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lovelyz: A New Trilogy 2nd Mini Album Review

In late April of 2016, Lovelyz released their second mini album, entitled A New Trilogy, along with a new logo to match the album's nature concept. I ordered this album on for $21.50 and fulfilled by California based seller 'valueflag'. I chose this seller because they state that these album purchases count on the Hanteo music chart. It arrived in under 24 hours via Prime and in pretty good condition, despite the corners being bent.
Each album comes with that gray exterior strip. I was wondering what the purpose of this was, until I opened my album and saw the photo of Jin! There are 9 versions: 1 for each member in the nature background, and 1 group photo with the white background. The individual member ones also have 1 of 3 random symbols to the right of the photo.

Now here is the front cover without the exterior slip. This album is taller than Lovelyz' previous albums, with dimensions just under 6" x 8.75" x 0.625".
The back cover has the tracklist beautifully laid out to match the stylized falling leaves. There are 7 tracks, and all have that fresh and bubbly Lovelyz charm.
The CD is on the left, held in by a foam knob and well secured in its thick casing. The photobook is on the right.
Tucked in the first page of the photobook are the photocards.
The album includes 2 random photocards out of 16. There are 2 different photocards per member, one closeup and one zoomed out. They're the size of normal photocards (like Lovelyz8 photocards). I can't stop fangirling at getting Jin for the exterior slip; I hardly ever get my bias! And I'm so happy with my two photocards; they're absolutely gorgeous!
The back has a cute message by that member. There is also a unique QR code on each photocard! Once scanned, they send you to a page with a special bonus photo of that member.
Here is the bonus photo of Baby Soul.

And here is the one of Jisoo.
The photobook is absolutely beautiful and well put together, as are all of Lovelyz' photobooks. There are 73 pages, starting with 2 pages for the album credits and song credits.
There are several photos of subgroups from the white photoshoot. The members look like porcelain dolls in these photos (in a good way!).
There are also three photos of subgroups from the nature photoshoot.

Including the photobook cover, there are three group photos.
Each member has their own angelic photo with the baby blue backdrop and smoky aura. I cannot get enough of Jin's perfection!
Majority of the photos are individual shots of the girls in the nature photoshoot. I really like how some of these photos play with the sunlight to create more artistic shots.
The song lyrics are spread throughout the photobook among the individual photos.
Here are more individual shots. Here you can see Jin's photo is the same as my random exterior strip.

Overall, Lovelyz never disappoint. Their songs always have their fresh and joyful charm, and their concept and photos are always absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for future comebacks!

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