Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Mini Korean Haul!

Today I received a special package from my college friend who has moved back to Korea. Not only did he get me Infinite's latest album and poster, but he also got me so many Korean snacks. I just wanted to take the time and blog a bit about my happiness^^
Though my friend wanted to get me the limited edition of Infinite Only, I convinced him to just get me the normal edition since I would always get the limited edition regardless, and usually don't buy the normal edition of a limited edition album I already plan to buy. I made sure that he bought it from a store that counts on the music charts, so he bought it from Hottracks^^
The last thing I want to point out is the Ppeppero snack with Beenzino on the front, along with a QR code.
Scanning the QR code takes you to a website promoting the product, and a chance to see Beenzino in concert or to attend an Exo-K fansign event. Here's the initial page (and URL) that the code took me to.

Scrolling down, you see the promotion for the Beenzino concert and Exo-K fansign event.

That third tab takes you to Exo-K's page with several hologram 3D videos.
The back of the box has an advertisement between Ppeppero and IAB Studio (a new company that is featuring Beenzino?).

I'm going to savor these snacks while I blog about my latest Infinite album!

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