Sunday, January 8, 2017

[IFNT COLL] Infinite Other Albums

In this post, I'll show my other albums within my Infinite collection. These albums are outliers that don't belong in my other Infinite album posts, so I decided to group them all here. If you haven't already, please check out the introduction to My Infinite Collection here. Below, I'll break down this "other albums" collection and include my unboxing review of each item using ∞.

Paradise  (#09320 out of #10000)
Be Back  (#03784 out of #10000)
It feels so special to play Kpop albums on a record player, like combining two different generations together. I wish I enjoyed playing LPs more often, so that I could expand my Kpop LP collection^^ But of course, my two Infinite LPs will always be most special~

Live Albums
One Great Step Returns Live
Infinite Effect Advance Live
Photocard: L (out of 7)
I know that I had already included IEA Live in my DVD collection, but I felt that it belongs equally in this collection as well. I'm really happy for Infinite to have released live albums - it's really cool listening to Infinite's performances versus their studio recordings.

Instrumental Albums
The Origin
Coin: Silver (out of 3)
The packaging of this album is absolutely beautiful. It's very minimalist yet so elegant with the color scheme and embedded coin. I really like how the tracks are split up into "White", "Black", and "Gold" to match the genre. Maybe a few more releases down the line, Woollim will be able to release another instrumental album. 

All of these albums are really special. It may seem like Woollim's just trying to release random things to make more money, but I like that these albums are all really well designed, enhance Infinite's album collection, and they make me appreciate music so much more. I have come to really cherish LPs and have started listening to my dad's LPs from back in the day, I love having live tracks to listen to, and I love (occasionally) listening to the instrumentals. I can't wait to see what other of these special albums Woollim has planned in the future!

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