Monday, January 2, 2017

[IFNT COLL] Infinite Korean Albums

I am finally showing my Korean albums for My Infinite Collection series! Please check out my introduction post here. I will first show all of my Korean Infinite albums together, then I'll break them up first by those without photocards, and then I'll show my albums with photocards and order them by release. I will also link my unboxing review of each item with a ∞.

My Albums without Photocards
First Invasion (Mini Album)
Evolution (Mini Album)
Inspirit (Single)
Infinitize (Mini Album)
Over The Top (Full Length Album)
Missing: Over The Top - Gold edition

I became an Inspirit well after these albums were initially released, so I don't have first press of these. The first press of First Invasion comes with a special sticker, Evolution has a promotional poster that is really hard to find now, first press Inspirit of course has the super rare member photocards, and the first press of Infinitize comes with a random member audio track, none of which I have. As for Over The Top, there is only first press or the new gold edition. I had bought one copy of OTT new but weirdly enough they sent me two without the exterior slip and with a "Used" stamp. Because of this, my collection still feels like it's missing OTT.

My Albums with Photocards

Paradise (Repackaged Album)
Photocard: Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong (out of 7)
It's interesting how this album may come with 0, 1, or 2 photocards. Mine only came with Sungjong's, then I started collecting more but never finished. I really do like this set of photocards though - it looks so timeless and classy.

New Challenge (Mini Album)
Photocard: Woohyun, L, Sungjong (out of 7)
 New Challenge is really significant to me because it is the first comeback I experienced as an Inspirit (though tbh, I was still just a Myungsoo stan back then and was slowly getting to know OT7). I was still new on pre-ordering back then, so I had foolishly missed first press which includes one hidden track out of 6 instrumental tracks from the album. My album came with Sungjong's photocard, but I couldn't resist collecting more. I spend about $14 on Myungsoo's photocard which seems expensive to me, but the happiness I've received from it <3

Destiny (Single)
Photocard: Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong (out of 7)
 I keep coming up with reasons for trying to collect all photocards from one release. For Destiny, I was thinking that because the photocards were shot in the US (Universal Studios in LA), I had to get them all. My album came with Sungyeol's and I stopped after collection 4 total.

Season 2 (Full Length Album)
Photocard: Sungkyu (out of 14)
Missing: Gold edition
 Season 2 definitely has one of my most favorite photoshoots (disregarding the black-and-white cow outfits). I love how "Last Romeo" fits absolutely perfectly with the album concept and the lace suits.

Be Back (Repackaged Album)
Photocard: Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungjong (out of 7)
 Be Back also has a special place in my heart because this album was released while I was studying in Seoul. I had bought 4 albums there (1 initially that came with Woohyun, then 3 to enter a fansign that came with Sungkyu, Dongwoo, and Sungjong). Despite its special place in my heart, I decided not to collect all 7 photocards, because the 3 that I have now are even more special since I got them with my albums in Seoul.

Reality (Mini Album)
 Limited edition
 Normal edition
Photocard: Sungkyu, Hoya, L (out of 7)
Date Card: Sungkyu, Dongwoo (x2), Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol (x2), L, Sungjong (out of 7)
I am so thankful for my Inspirit friend who gifted me with the normal version of both Reality and Infinite Only, and for so many photocards and date cards from these releases. I love that Woollim continues their release pattern and album packaging, keeping the mini albums the same.

Infinite Only (Mini Album)
Normal (with Hoya Special Pages)
Special Pages: Hoya, Sungyeol, L (out of 8)
Photocard: Sungkyu (2/2), Dongwoo (2/2), Hoya (2/2), Sungyeol (2/2), Sungjong (2/2) with duplicates of b&w SK, DW, SY (out of 14)
This is my most complete set of photocards, 10 out of 14! Because I have 3 duplicates (black and white versions of Sungkyu, Dongwoo, and Sungyeol), I would love to trade for either version of Woohyun or Myungsoo^^

I really hope Infinite will release more Korean OT7 albums throughout the near future! If they're sticking to their release pattern, we should be expecting their next release to be a single...

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