Friday, February 8, 2013

Kpop Groups: Infinite and Teen Top

Just last week my friend asked me if I preferred guys who play instruments or guys who can dance. Immediately I said guys who can play an instrument, because that's so romantic! In kpop, I've always preferred actual bands like CNBlue more so than groups because i was just never attracted to the dancing. Thinking about guys playing instruments, I always think about Kim Myungsoo playing the guitar for Infinite's song Can U Smile. But as I've gotten more obsessed with Myungsoo ever since watching him in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, within these past few days I fell in love with Myungsoo dancing to Teen Top's To You.

I never realized how much dedication, practice and stress these kpop groups must go through to be so in sync, precise, fast and slick for all of their dance routines.  And on top of all these frustrating emotions, Myungsoo looks so happy and like he's having so much fun dancing!

Instantly I started finding more and more songs by Infinite and Teen Top.  Both of these groups are triple threats: flower boys, singers and dancers all in one.  I've chosen my top 3-4 from each group, one being a ballad and the other two being more focused on the dancing.  I know none of these songs are recent, but I'm always behind in listening to the latest songs.

Can U Smile - Infinite
This ballad is so beautiful, especially while reading the English subbing.  I love how Myungsoo plays the guitar here; he is so talented!

Be Mine - Infinite
This is the first song by Infinite that I fell in love with, because of its catchy chorus and sly choreography. I love the first lines when Myungsoo is singing and cooly rolls his neck like a dinosaur. Their rapid yet fluid dance moves are slick and fun to watch. I especially love the quick arm gestures during the chorus. I've been trying to practice this move because it's so cool, but it's hard to even be half as good!

Paradise - Infinite
There isn't much intense dancing in this, except for the chorus.  I can't get over the dance move in the chorus, when everyone snaps and moves their hips!

The Chaser - Infinite
This song won the best kpop song of 2012 on Billboard, a highly acclaimed international music ranking company. I'm so happy for Infinite, showing their great success since their 2010 debut.  I love their slow moves during the chorus when they drag their hand across their back!

Angel - Teen Top
This ballad is very different from Teen Top's dance songs.  It is very sweet and the English lines are easy to get stuck in my head ("There's an angel in my heart").  Clearly dancing doesn't really fit with this song so here is a music video of Teen Top playing in the snow.

Crazy - Teen Top
This song, like Infinite's Be Mine, were the two songs that got me going on this path of dance groups.  The catchy pop tunes call for matching upbeat dance moves, which this music video shows. I love the entire group's bad boy image in their music video, especially Niel with his long hair and shades. Their signature suggestive moves are also amazing to watch.

To You - Teen Top
This is my most favorite dance ever.  I am not an artistic nor athletic person at all, yet after seeing Myung Soo dance this, I am trying to learn the moves!  This entire dance is so fast paced and there are so many different moves (like many dance routines) yet I'm just so entranced, probably because of the body roll move.

Infinite and Teen Top also did a special stage switch, where both groups danced to The Chaser and To You.  Seeing both groups dance the other's signature moves was stunning, especially watching Infinite (mostly Myungsoo) dancing Teen Top's more suggestive moves!  Here is a clip of the KBS Music Bank Special Stage of Infinite and Teen Top performing To You.

I hope you enjoyed these songs and dance performances as much as I do!  Maybe you'll even be inspired to learn the choreography, which would be a big feat to accomplish.  I hope Infinite and Teen Top continue to succeed and produce amazing songs and choreography!

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