Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tony Moly Blueberry Mini Lip Balm Review

It has finally arrived, the one item I have been longing to get since my initial attraction to Tony Moly five months ago: the Blueberry Mini Lip Balm!  I always love this brand's innovative and adorable packaging, especially all of their fruit products.  To me, the Blueberry is the iconic Tony Moly product.  My friend gave me this product just this week despite it being a Christmas present, so I have been anticipating it for quite some time!  Now here are my thoughts:
This blueberry is huge!  Thinking about the size of real blueberries and the fact that this is a mini lip balm, I honestly thought that this would be the size of a real blueberry.  But really, it is about as big as when I form my index and thumb into a circle.
The blueberry has a glossy satin finish, meaning there are glittery flakes to make the exterior sparkle. The top has ripples where the stem would have been attached to, with the very top being a rubber filling.
To open, simply screw off the top half of the berry.  This reveals a flimsy inner lid, which is understandable considering how small and thin this lid must be to fit into a container so small.  Removing the lid reveals the actual lip balm, which is a tinted, vibrant pink.
The first time applying the product, you have to put pressure on the balm and dig a bit to get the balm onto your finger.  It's easiest to get a decent chunk of it, not just a light swipe on your finger.  It is pretty solid, and it took about the scoops of the product to fully cover my lips (one scoop equals the right picture).  The bottom photo shows a thin layer of the product.  It is more like a clear balm, but you can probably layer it to the shade of your liking.  The scent is very mild and lightly sweet, but you really have to take a deep whiff to really smell it.

The Pros
  • It's a blueberry; how cute is that!
  • The mini lip balm size is perfect to take out with you.
  • The balm itself is very moisturizing and provides even coverage to make my lips match.
  • It looks very natural on my lips.
  • As a balm, it'd be great as a step before applying other, more heavily colored lip products.
The Cons
  • What isn't there to love about this product?  Definitely no cons for me!
Overall, the packaging has won me over once again.  But besides the adorable blueberry container, the actual lip balm is moisturizing and creates smooth, even coverage-everything a balm should do! Tony Moly is known for their lip products, and this classic is no exception.

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