Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask Review

I'm so excited to use my Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask, which I got as one of the samples included in my A-Poly package.  This is a face sheet mask that is full of vitamins, which are labeled on the front of the package.  It also says that this mask is for all skin types and for all seasons, which I like that Tony Moly states because it's informative.  This package contains one face sheet that is soaked in its vitamin essence.
This is my first time using a face mask!  I can't wait to experience this.  According to the Tony Moly website for their face masks in general,  after washing your face you should place this on your face for 15-20 minutes, and then gently remove the mask and tap the excess product with your hand for your face to fully absorb the product.  This tapping method reminds me a lot like the Tony Moly Honey Appletox Cream, with which you also have to tap the product into your skin.  While tapping, these two products also have a gel-like consistency that feels sticky.
Here is the mask, after I had finished using it. I could not stop laughing at how silly I looked with this mask!  You can see the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, as well as slits around the perimeter to fit onto your face more accurately.  This mask also has a strong artificial orange scent, similar to that of the powder drink flavor enhancer, Tang.
You can see the ill-fit right here.  There are so many folds because my nose and mouth must fit in the designated holes, so there is a lot of excess mask room.  There is so much bunching going on from my nose downward.  My face is pretty normal-sized, so I guess the mask is just too big.

The Pros
  • I really enjoy the fun orange scent!
  • This sheet absorbs the formula really well, so it is packed with lots of liquid yet doesn't drip any excess liquid
  • It easily stays on my face, so I don't have to be lying down like I had originally thought
  • This mask is also easy to rearrange once placed on my face
  • This sheet feels very slick and smooth and addicting to constantly touch
  • The slits at the nose and sides are convenient, helping to more accurately fit on a 3D surface
  • My face looks and feels moisturized and refreshed afterwards
  • After using the sheet, the mask is still very moist and can be used as a towelette to moisturize and refresh your body, or you could maybe even reuse the mask in the future
The Cons
  • The mask is too big
Overall, I really like this sheet mask! Since this is my first sheet mask, I can't compare it to others. But I do love how easy this mask is to use, especially since I'm so lazy and just want to refresh my face while relaxing with My Flower Boy Neighbor. The only downside with this product is that it's too big, meaning they give you more for your dollar anyways! In a sense, since the sheet is big, you are getting more fabric that you can use to wipe your neck and arms. I would definitely use this product again!

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