Monday, February 11, 2013

The Face Shop Fruit Garden Hand Lotion Review

My friend gave me her lotion from The Face Shop, so I'll review it. She offered to me a few months ago but I declined because of the unpleasant smell, but yesterday she threatened to throw it away if I didn't take it.  I have never been a fan of The Face Shop besides for endorser Kim Hyun Joong, so I hope that bias doesn't play a role in this review.
This is the Fruit Garden Hand Lotion in Chamomile and Lilac.  The packaging of this lotion looks very cheap and years old.  It is a cream colored squeeze tube bottle with sticker labels plastered in the front and back.  It may be the case that this old-styled design is an older model, because I searched on The Face Shop's website and their hand lotions look much more professional.
The lotion is opaque white with a pretty runny, watery consistency. It's an average lotion which I think suits normal skin, but not moisturizing enough to heal super dry, chapped skin.

  • The runny consistency allows for s little to go along way
  • The bottle is a decent size to carry around in a purse (2.36 fl. oz.)
  • It moisturizes well for normal skin
  • The scent is VERY unpleasant, and I really can't stand it. It reminds me of old lady potpourri; sorry for being non-descriptive!
Overall, it is an average lotion with unflattering packaging and an overwhelmingly cringe-worthy scent. In all, I wouldn't get this product because my skin is usually dry and needs more moisturizing effect and the smell is unbearable to me. I don't even know how I'll finish up this bottle!

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