Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holika Holika Honey Essence Mask Sheet Review

I bought this mask at the Holika Holika store in Markham, Canada. I chose the cheapest mask sheet in the store, which was $2 Canadian, yet this is more pricy than other Korean brands' mask sheets.
Holika Holika, as well as many other Korean beauty brands, tend to have adorable packaging.  But when it comes to face mask sheets, packaging always lacks.  This Honey Essence Mask Sheet illustrates a low definition honeycomb against a plain white background.  But of course I didn't buy this product for the packaging, I bought it for what's inside!
The backside has lots of information, including step-by-step illustrations, instructions in Korean, information in English and I believe the expiration date at the bottom (September 2014).
Here is a close up of the English description at the bottom of the backside.  It says that this mask is made up of honey essence, which consists of sugar, minerals and vitamins for a moisturized and healthy face.  The directions say to wash your face, then apply the mask sheet for 15 to 20 minutes and lastly pat the excess essence for your skin to fully absorb it.
This mask fits very well! Unlike other mask sheets, the holes line up fairly well on my features and the placement is perfect.  The only parts of my face that is exposed are my eyelids (but my eyebrows get covered).  The mask fits just at the perimeter of my face, so none gets in my hair.  The nose flap also fits ergonomically.  Also there is barely any overlap of the mask, showing that Holika really knows how to make a 2D sheet fit a 3D face.  I think it's because of that extra flap section at the sides/cheek area.

  • The honey scent is so fragrant!  I usually don't like putting products with fragrance associated with stickiness on my face, such as honey scented goods, but this mask is an exception.  Throughout the 20 minutes of using this mask, I had the occasional and pleasant waft of honey.
  • The mask is cool, moist and slick to the touch, which is very refreshing.
  • The mask sheet fits perfectly on my face!  This is definitely my most favorite mask sheet shape out of the three I've tried.
  • The mask stays on my face very well; it doesn't budge even when I walk around or face downward.
  • Afterwards my face was very moist and slightly sticky, but after patting the excess liquid in my face felt clean and refreshed.
  • Honestly I have no complaints about this mask sheet!  I would have looked down on the price, but because I love this mask so much, mostly because of its perfect fit, I'd be willing to pay the extra few cents.
Despite having disappointing results of reusing a mask sheet last time, I decided to reuse this mask sheet and came out with mixed results.  The next day, the mask was still just as moist.  The mask stayed on my face well at first, but later the mouth hole stretched, exposing most of my chin.  From my nose downward, the mask was a mess!  And plenty of essence remained to wipe my limbs, but this time the essence left my skin feeling very sticky in a gross way.  Bottom line, I think I should just stop reusing my face mask sheets.

Overall, this Holika mask sheet is my favorite compared to the Tony Moly and The Face Shop mask sheets I had tried because of the perfect fit. My face also feels moisturized and healthy directly afterwards, showing positive results. Despite the slightly higher cost, I'd definitely purchase more Holika mask sheets!

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