Friday, May 24, 2013

My -importcds Package!

I've realized that I have made a lot of online order reviews, and that's because I've been on a crazy spending spree.  There have been new releases and I've earned enough to cover for these that I've decided to treat myself...indulge myself...a lot.

I've noticed that the pricing of Infinite's albums sold directly through tend to fluctuate significantly, with some albums increasing as much as $8 (Paradise went from $17 to $25).  Prices also tend to drop a few dollars.  To avoid this wishywashy pricing, I ordered Infinite's First Invasion album from -importcds, a seller through Amazon.  This  company had the lowest price within Amazon's sellers, and shipped from California, both positives.  This company offered a tracking number and gave an estimated arrival date of 1 week to 3.5 weeks.  My package came just 6 days after I had ordered it, so it came one day early!  Here's the package:
My album came vacuum-sealed in a thin cardboard slip. 
Between the exterior was a thinner, wavy cardboard to absorb outside pressure.  In my opinion, it doesn't seem to make a significant difference in protecting my album.
Sadly one of the photobook's pages is a bit bent, but I know it wasn't -importcds' fault because of the seal.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with -importcds on!  I got my package in 6 days, 1 day earlier than expected, and it came with a tracking number, all bonuses.

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