Thursday, May 2, 2013

Infinite Second Invasion: First Concert Live in Seoul DVD Review

Infinite held its first concert in February 2012 in Seoul, and I'm so happy that they released a beautiful set commemorating this event.  I recently received my first official concert DVD, which was through deep_discount_dvd_cd, an independent seller on Amazon (you can read the rant disguised as a review of the purchase here).  This edition comes with 3 DVDs and a photobook, all contained in a beautifully designed box.

Layout of Package
The box itself is quite large and sturdy.  At the bottom is a strip that has all the technical information: contents, tracklist, language, subtitles, time length, etc.  The cover is very minimalistic, with the Infinite logo plastered sparsely. The surface reminds me of snake skin because of the bumpy texture. 
It was a bit hard for me to figure out how to open the lid, but to do so you lift the flap upward, which is secured by a magnetic mechanism. 
At the top rests the photobook, with a silver ribbon sticking at the sides to help lift the book out.
The photobook is on top of a cardboard platform that is indented in the center to hold the DVD case.
Underneath this case is another embedded Infinite logo.  This bottom cardboard is a bit thin and when I first opened it, a bit wobbly, but I straightened it out so it is sturdy again.

The three discs are inside a tri-fold case.  This case matches the exterior box, with a textured, black surface.  The English subtitles are grammatically correct for the most part, though I did find one mistake.  Overall, the subtitles are all super comprehensible.
Disc 1 & Disc 2
The concert itself is split into the first two discs, about 72 and 80 minutes long, respectively.  This concert was really well-put together, especially because the members of Infinite really know how to connect with the audience and keep the mood lively.  Infinite performed majority of their songs, ranging from the First Invasion album to the repackaged Paradise album.  They danced to their main songs and sang their ballads very beautifully, bringing various emotions and changing the atmosphere with their diverse types of songs.  Infinite members also had solo and duet stages, showing each of the member's specific musical interests.  The concert begins with an opening scene of the members acting out a thrilling chase scene.  It was also fun and very entertaining seeing a segment of Infinite playing typical variety games, such as the pepero game.  Towards the end, each member gave a deeply emotional statement, which was very heartfelt and touching.  I was so moved by the entire concert that I couldn't stop tearing up from the beginning.  This DVD made me almost feel like I was actually at the concert.

Disc 3
The third disc contains special features, broken up into 4 sections: a member profile, a look at the days leading up to the concert, a rehearsal stage, and the day of the concert.  To my pleasant surprise, each feature was quite long and extensive.  Each section gave  thorough insight to all of the involvement in the final days leading up to the concert.  There are mini interview sessions, like that of a documentary/mockumentary, giving the viewer the members' reflections on themselves and each other.  There are also many scenes in this disc that finally allow me to understand those random GIFs on Tumblr.  These special features are actually very interesting and entertaining, making me want to buy more concert DVDs just to see the different features!  The one minor detail I didn't like was throughout the second part, they kept playing the song 'Levels' by Avicii every time they asked a question.  I would have preferred if they had played an Infinite song, sense this is an Infinite DVD.

The photobook is 120 pages and is very conclusive, covering the different sections of the concert and the 4 sections from the making of DVD (disc 3).
Overall the English was pretty good, grammatically speaking, though there was one typo I found.  Of course the photos aren't as neat and well-quaffed as the album concepts' photoshoot because the photos are of candid, action shots.  These photos show different aspects of putting a concert venue together, from behind-the-scenes to on the stage.

Overall, the Second Invasion: First Concert Live in Seoul DVD is a very elegant set that is well worth the price (and is reasonable considering everything it comes with and the packaging).  The concert was longer than I had expected, and I even had to take breaks in between to cool down from fangirling so much.  Before I had only enjoyed Infinite through their albums and video clips online, but watching an actual concert on the TV brings everything to a whole new level.  This is absolutely amazing and spectacular, simple as that.

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