Friday, July 5, 2013

Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub Review

While Tony Moly is famous for it's fruit and egg shaped packaging, the brand also has another line known as Latte Art with equally adorable products.  The Latte Art line has coffee inspired products, such as the Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub and the Milk-Tea Morning Pack, which I'll review later.
The front and sides emphasize how this scrub changes color while in use, showing that it's working. The backside has information in Korean while the bottom has information in English.
The bottom has an elaborate description and instructions in English.  The description explains all of the benefits of using this scrub, including removing dry and dead skin, providing nutrients, cleaning out pores, firming skin, slimming facial contour and leaving a smooth and glossy finish.  Much of this seems a bit bogus, but it does work as a general scrub for me.  The instructions say to rub the scrub on your face until the scrub changes color, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
The packaging, not the product itself, really won me over.  The "stirring spoon" comes straight out from the top and can be used to stir and scoop up the scrub!  I guess this feature is more for those who want to be sanitary to scoop out the scrub, but then the spoon slot will get all covered in excess scrub, which isn't good.  Also the top is adorable, showing cute latte art. 
The bottom of this "cup" has information in Korean and the date of production.  To open, simply screw off the top portion.  Sadly despite having a protective slip, a bit of product still spilled into the inside of the lid.   The top right photo reveals that the product isn't full to begin with.
The scrub itself is very coagulated.  You can kind of see that where I dipped the scrub, there is still an indent in the cup one day later.  The scent is of unsweetened coffee (maybe that's how cappuccino smells like?), not as strong or sweet as the SkinFood body scrub.  It reminds me a bit of hard coffee candy.  This subtle scent lasts while the scrub is still on my face, creating a soothing and relaxing environment.  The scrub first appears translucent (top left photo), then transparent once spread (bottom left), and finally opaque white (right) after rubbing it on my face.  This transformation quickly takes place as soon as my fingers heat up and massage the scrub.  I usually don't add any water and treat the scrub like a lotion.  Because the scrub is already so mild, I wouldn't want to dilute the scrub.  The scrub is mostly a smooth gel-like consistency with sparse exfoliating beads that are very gentle on the skin.  The amount in the bottom left photo covers about 2/5 of my face.

  • The packaging is way too adorable.
  • The scent is heavenly!
  • The color-changing effect is unique and easily indicates when the scrub has taken effect.
  • My face instantly feels and appears very clean and healthily matte (not glossy).
  • It seems that this cup will last me awhile.
  • The scrub is very gentle, perfect for an everyday cleanser.
  • I honestly have nothing to complain about!
Overall, I love this product!  Not only is the packaging adorable, the scrub itself is lovely.  I use it when I am very tired and just want a quick face wash to clean my face.  Also this scrub is very mild, like a gentle cleanser, yet effective for cleaning my face.

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