Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jakarta's Grand Indonesia Shopping Town: Korean Shopping

The center of Jakarta has many complex, high end malls connected or adjacent of each other.  Though many stores are of western brands, I did find a few Korean related shops within the maze-like malls.  The two malls I visited were Grand Indonesian Shopping Town and Plaza Indonesia, both within a few minutes' walking distance.

Disc Tarra
Grand Indonesian Shopping Town: Jalan Teluk Betung, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta
The first store I saw was a small entertainment shop located next to one of the many escalators.  Here, there was a small selection of mainstream Kpop albums like Jay Park, SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior and BtoB. There were at least five copies of SNSD's The Boys album, which surprised me since most of the stores I've visited only have one or two copies of the same album in stock.
There were also drama sets like Lie to Me, King 2 Hearts, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and The Moon that Embraces the Sun.  I didn't expect to find Kpop or Kdramas in Indonesia, so seeing this collection was a pleasant surprise.

Infinite (Apple Store)
Grand Indonesian Shopping Town
If there were actually a shop only selling Infinite merchandise, I'd be in heaven.  Sadly this store, titled Infinite with Apple Store in parentheses on the directory, only carries Apple products.  Bus seeing the name of the store and the First Invasion-esque logo put a huge smile to my face.

Blitzmegaplex 4DX
Unknown Mall (one of the two I visited)
This movie theater has hopped on the thrilling 4D trend by opening Indonesia's first 4DX movie theater earlier this year.  I saw the theater's second 4DX movie, Planes.  The opening short film aired, showing action scenes to illustrate all the effects of the 4D screening.  And this film used none other than Korean Hollywood actor Lee Byung Hun!  I was just as thrilled to see a Korean actor of all people advertising a theater in Indonesia as I was to experience a 4D movie.  After doing a little research, I found out that CJ Group of South Korea (of which CJ E&M is a part of) created 4DX, which explains why Lee Byung Hun is the star of the short film.

Nature Republic
Plaza Indonesia: Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10350
Nature Republic is a Korean beauty store carrying its own brand.  Sadly the mall map was too confusing so I  couldn't actually find this store.  That's okay though, since I was never much of a fan of endorser Jang Geun Suk.

Books Kinokuniya
Unknown Mall (one of the two I visited)
This branch of Japanese bookstore chain Kinokuniya was a disappointment, carrying no Korean related products.  They did carry the magazine CanCam (which Infinite has had a none front cover spread), but that's about it.

Overall, there are a few places to get a splice of Korean pop culture within these megamalls of Jakarta.

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