Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Album Review

Shut Up Flower Boy Band is the second drama from the Oh! Boy teen drama series, airing throughout the first quarter of 2012.  It's definitely a more serious teen drama that portrays a school band, Eye Candy, that deals with many hardships, as well as relationships with with rival bands and girls.

This drama is very meaningful to me, because it opened me up to the world of Infinite, all thanks to Kim Myungsoo's stellar acting (...and looks).  I have never considered myself a part of any fandom until I watched the karaoke scene of the band singing along to 'Be Mine.'  Because of the drama's significance, I just had to buy the OST!
I was a bit too excited that in the middle of opening my album, I remembered to take a picture.  The exterior wrapping has a sticker naming the main cast of the drama.
The back cover is full of the flower boy cast, decked out in black.  Included is the tracklist and authentication sticker.
This album's packaging is quite simple, with a sleeve at the left containing the photo booklet and the CD at the right.  The staff credits are listed on the sleeve.  It's a pretty tight fit for the booklet because the sleeve doesn't have a bottom edge (if that makes sense), so I usually just place the booklet between the sleeve and the CD.
The photobook has 22 pages filled with screenshots and behind the scenes pictures of the flower boys.
There are lyrics and credits for all 10 tracks, printed autographs of the cast, gorgeous photos of mostly the six actors (five from Eye Candy and one from the leader of Strawberry Fields, the rival band).  These photos really show Eye Candy as a rock band, portraying the tough guy image throughout the pages.  There are also two pages for the two actresses, Kim Ye Rim and Jo Bo Ah.  The last two pages is a collage of pictures while on set.
Here's the tracklist displayed in the photobook.  Honestly, the majority of the songs from this OST aren't to my liking.  The tracks I do pay special attention to, however, are track 3, "Jaywalking," and track 6, "Love U Like U."  "Jaywalking" is Eye Candy's main hit song that gets played often, and it's definitely grown on me. The song I truly adore is "Love U Like U," which is a pop ballad duet by Kim Myungsoo and Kim Ye Rim. I love this song because it showcases Myungsoo's voice beautifully and the lyrics are just so sweet.  Also I'm surprised that the second track is completely in grammatically correct English, though it's also not my type of song.  Overall, I'm so happy to have this OST in my collection because of its significance to me and because I love Myungsoo so much.

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