Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Infinite: Be Mine Single (Type C - Innocent Version) Review

I ordered this Japanese single album from SoundSourceCDs, an individual seller on from Japan with a contact center in LA.  My package shipped in about a day and a half after my order and arrived on a Saturday, 10 days after being shipped despite the estimated delivery date being 4 to 7 weeks since the order date.  My album arrived in a thin paper envelope and very strong bubble wrap that fits snuggled securely around the album.  Overall I'm quite satisfied with my order and will definitely order from this seller again!

In April 2012, Infinite released their Japanese single 'Be Mine' in several versions: a normal edition only containing a CD (like a typical American album), and then 3 versions, Solid (Type A), Pop Art (Type B) and Innocent (Type C), that each include photocards and a photobooklet.  I blogged about Type A here and Type C here. Each type includes the same tracklist but have a uniquely interesting concept.  I ordered the innocent version because I love this concept and it fits Infinite the most in my eyes (I've always seen them as so innocent, which is what makes me love them so much).
The top left photo shows how the album looks from the side.  The bottom left photo shows the front album cover.  The right photo shows the backside of the album and Myungsoo's adorable smile.  I love always being able to admire Myungsoo's photocard without removing it from the album since his is always at the top of the collection.
This Japanese single is very different from the packaging of Infinite's Korean albums, but it does have roughly the same dimensions as Infinite's Korean mini albums and singles.  In order, starting from the photocard side and from right to left in the photo, this album comes with Myungsoo's photocard, followed by 6 individual photocards in descending order by age (Sunggyu to Sungjong), next the group photocard, followed by the bonus photocard (mine is Sunggyu's), then the photobooklet and finally the CD case. 
The photocards, photobooklet and CD case come in a thin plastic case.  You can kind of see how the sides are wobbly, which makes it a bit hard to put the contents back inside.  The album itself had a plastic wrap over it, and I just cut out the opening on the side and left the rest of the wrap on the album to preserve the stickers.  The round sticker has pricing information while this rectangular sticker displays the 8 photocards and all 7 bonus photocards.
This version always comes with 7 individual member photocards and 1 adorable group shot.  There is also an extra photocard of a member; I got Sunggyu's!  The outfits, colors, hairstyles and expressions make the boys of Infinite fit this innocent concept beautifully.  For me, the focus of this album is the photocards and I absolutely love each card.
These photocards are very high quality and are made of cardstock, making them that much more treasurable.  The back of the 9 photocards all look the same.  It is a solid silver/gray hue with the bottom displaying the elegant Infinite era logo and the names of each member.
The photobooklet cover is very simplistic.  The back cover has an adorable group shot from the backside, and includes the credits.  There are a total of 10 pages.
The first page of the photobooklet includes the tracklist.  The songs are the introduction, 'Over the Top,' and the Japanese versions of 'Be Mine' and 'Julia.'  There are two pages dedicated to the lyrics of the songs.  The remaining pages are filled with one gorgeous page per member, showcasing the group's strong visuals as well as a mini biography on each member.  These pages also include the members' copied signatures, which is fun to see how they sign and how their personalities play into theirautographs.
The CD is in a plastic backing inside this cardboard folder type device.  The cover is actually the entire packaging's cover, while the backside is a simplistic yet elegant design matching the innocence theme.  I wish this case were more protective, but I'm not too concerned since I don't need to take out the disc often.
Inside the actual CD case is this slip of paper showing Infinite's Japanese CDs, concert DVDs and variety show DVD, which is obviously now outdated.  On the other side are the 3 versions of the single 'Be Mine,' including all of the included and bonus photocards.

Overall, the contents of the 'Be Mine' single, Innocent Version, are gorgeous.  The beautiful photocards are the highlight of this album and I love looking at them.  The photobooklet is equally gorgeous.  However, as an international fan that can't understand Korean nor Japanese, I prefer listening to the Korean versions of  'Be Mine' and 'Julia' more than the Japanese versions.  I decided not to review the tracklist since these are just the Japanese versions of originally Korean songs.  I would only recommend buying this album if you're a fan of the photos more so than the tracks themselves.

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