Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Korean Haul!

This week I received another package from a very special friend! During my second year in college, I began taking Korean 101 and had to meet a language partner where I would help them with English and they would help me with Korean. I was so lucky to be paired with none other than a Korean Inspirit! She is my very first Inspirit friend and I hold our friendship very dearly. Anyways, she sent me another box of goodies, which I want to show on here^^
My friend gave me a project banner from the second day of IE in Seoul, fansite fans, Myungsoo's TSC2 poster, two Infinite Only normal albums, Infinite Only photocards, scratch postcards of Korean landmarks, and a festive holiday card. 

Coming up, I'll have a separate post showing the random member pages of the Infinite Only albums, and I'll continue my Infinite collection series. I'll show all of the Infinite Only photocards I received in my collection post about Infinite's Korean albums.

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