Saturday, December 3, 2016

[IFNT COLL] Infinite Solo / Sub-Unit / Project Albums

Here is my next post revealing my Infinite collection! I'll be covering the Korean album releases of Infinite's solo artists, sub-units, and project unit.
Above is my entire collection of Korean albums for Sungkyu, Woohyun, Infinite H, Infinite F, and Toheart. I am not missing any release, except for the ultra rare limited editions of Sungkyu's Another Me and Woohyun's Write.. albums. Below I'll break down this collection by solo artist, then by sub-unit, followed by project unit. Click the ∞ before each album to see my unboxing review of it.

Kim Sung Kyu
Another Me (Mini Album)
Sticker: Pink, Black/Teal/Gray (out of 10)
Missing: Special edition

 27 (Mini Album)
Sticker: Black/Blue/White top (out of 5)
Back Cover: All-black background (out of 3)

At one point in time, I was considering collecting all Another Me stickers. I'm really glad I didn't go down that route. Anyways, I wonder if other people keep their Another Me exterior bag as well...?

Nam Woo Hyun
 Write.. (Mini Album)
Photocard: 나 멋져? (out of 5)
Missing: Special edition

I absolutely love this set of photocards. Mine asks "I'm cool, right?" 끄덕끄덕^^

Infinite H (Dongwoo & Hoya)
Fly High (Mini Album)
Photocard: Dongwoo - fists together, Hoya - hand on mouth (out of 10)

Fly Again (Mini Album)
Photocard: Hoya - b&w, Hoya - closeup (out of 6)

I love how Infinite H's 2 releases have kept their packaging and content consistent - it looks so pretty like this.

Infinite F (Sungyeol, L & Sungjong)
  Azure (Single)
Photocard: Sungyeol - hologram, Sungyeol - inside, L - inside, L - outside, Sungjong - hologram (out of 9)
The album comes with 2 photocards; mine came with the 2 Sungyeol cards above. I really like the Polaroid-like design, so I bid on eBay for those L ones. I also bid for the hologram Sungjong one, because I thought I'd try to collect all 9 photocards, but that was a short-lived dream.

Toheart (Woohyun & Key)
 The First Mini Album (Mini Album)
Photocard: Key - b&w (out of 6)
With my luck, I got Key's photocard...there are 2 Woohyun cards, 2 Key cards, and 2 group cards, and I got 1 of the 2 without Woohyun.

Thanks for reading! Coming up I'll be reviewing the Infinite Effect Advance  Live CD + DVD Set and continue revealing my Infinite collection.


  1. Ahhh ! So nice, I feel like my infinite collection is never complete... especially with the Japanese releases ><

    1. Hehe thank you^^ I completely understand, it seems impossible to collect all of Infinite's Japanese releases!