Saturday, December 10, 2016

[IFNT COLL] Infinite DVDs

Here is my next installation of my Infinite collection! If you've missed out on my recent posts, I have an introductory post that you can check out here. I'll show my Infinite DVD collection in this post, with ∞ links to my unboxing review of each item. This part of my collection is definitely the most incomplete due to Infinite's many rare DVD sets from their hay days and their many Japanese DVD releases that I can't keep up with. I'll try to list all of the Infinite DVDs that I'm missing within each subcategory below.

Second Invasion Concert DVDs
Second Invasion
Second Invasion Evolution (Limited Edition)

∞ Second Invasion Evolution (Normal Edition)

As Infinite's first concerts, these DVDs are so special. I especially love the limited edition of SIE and watching the 3D movie. For SIE, I am absolutely in love with Woohyun's 커플 stage and Myungsoo's 연애시대 stage - nothing can top these two performances!

그 해 여름 (That Summer) Concert DVDs
 That Summer
 That Summer 2
I absolutely love Infinite's summer concert series with small venues and many shows. They're so different from Infinite's grand concerts like Second Invasion or One Great Step and give off such a personable atmosphere.

World Tour Encore Concert DVDs
One Great Step Returns
Infinite Effect Advance Live - L photocard (out of 7)
Before seeing Infinite live, watching my concert DVDs was already intense enough with my constant fangirling. But after seeing Infinite live, watching their concert DVDs has taken me on an even deeper emotional fangirling level. I always tear up with that bittersweet feeling of being grateful for seeing Infinite, but being greedy for wanting to see them again. On another note, I can't believe I pulled Myungsoo for the IEA photocard! (<-- More fangirling in my IEA Live review)

Documentary DVDs
Destiny in America
Grow - Infinite's Real Youth Life

∞ Infinitize Showcase

I'm so happy that Woollim released these documentaries. It's so cool seeing Infinite in the US for Destiny in America. As for Grow, at first I was disappointed that Woollim didn't release a concert DVD for One Great Step. But Grow is a nice consolation and I'm glad that Woollim did document Infinite's first world tour to share. Now I wonder if anything will be released for Infinite Effect...

Japanese DVDs
Ranking King - Sungyeol t-shirt (out of 7)
 Second Invasion Evolution Plus (Korean Version)

∞ You're My Oppa
∞ Sesame Player
∞ Infinite Japan 1st Live Leaping Over
∞ Second Invasion in Japan
∞ My K-Star Infinite (MBC DVD Collection)
∞ 2015 Infinite Japan Tour Dilemma

There are seriously way too many Japanese releases - either Korean shows only for the Japanese market or Japanese events that are only released on DVD in Japanese. (In hindsight, it's probably a good thing that Woollim doesn't release Korean versions of Japanese DVDs, or else I'd be broke beyond repair). When I had a layover in Tokyo in September 2013, I was determined to buy the Ranking King set in order to get an official Infinite shirt to wear to OGS LA that November. I spent about $100USD on this set that is only in Region 2 with non-English subtitles that I had already watched on YouTube...I feel like this was not worth it, but I'm glad I got to wear my Sungyeol shirt to the concert^^

Thank you for reading! I'll continue revealing my Infinite collection with my next post - Infinite's Korean albums^^ (← that post will have to be put on hold, because I will be receiving another Infinite Only soon!)

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