Sunday, December 30, 2012

Korean Beauty Brand: The Face Shop and My TFS Haul

The Face Shop is a popular Korean beauty brand that has stores around the world (more so than any other Korean beauty brand, I think). This brand's motto is "natural story" and it primarily focuses on the necessity of using products from nature to better your health and beauty, hence the green leaf logo.  There is also a controversy that this brand is a copycat of The Body Shop, but I can overlook this detail since Kim Hyun Joong endorses this brand.
This blog goes more in depth on my experience at The Face Shop in San Jose and the merchandise I bought there. This store is adorned with posters and low quality prints (it seems like the workers googled images of Kim Hyun Joong and printed them out in low resolution) of Kim Hyun Joong's smiling face welcoming The Face Shop's customers.  The best part is the almost life size cardboard cutout of Kim Hyung Joong standing out front, with which I got my picture taken (more about this on my other post).  I'm not a huge fan on The Face Shop's products, so I only bought a nail clipper and some paper products with Kim Hyun Joong :)  I was surprised to see that this store would offer non-beauty products such as Kim Hyun Joong posters for his solo album.

Nail Clipper
This nail clipper is in the shape of The Face Shop leaf logo, giving a simplistic tool a cute design. There is also a little nail filing section that unfortunately doesn't work well. The actual clip part does its job efficiently, though it is not the best quality.  I bought this for $5.
Kim Hyun Joong Merchandise
I didn't even see these hidden gems until I paid for my nail clipper.  The first photo is a journal and sleeve with Kim Hyun Joong looking cute and cozy.  Inside are lined pages occasionally covered with him doing other adorable poses, including one of Hyun Joong holding a large Pucca doll!  I believe this journal was $3.
The second item is a set of five postcards of Hyun Joong that comes in a neat folded envelope (one of the envelope's flaps is of the first picture in this post).  He is smiling gorgeously in every card, with some advertising a The Face Shop product.  I think this set was $1.
These products were too adorable not to buy.  The only other Kim Hyun Joong product left was his Break Down poster, which portrayed a more masculine side of him that I felt was just too much.  Kim Hyun Joong does an amazing job as an global endorser for The Face Shop (I've seen his face in a The Face Shop in Sydney too!) and is the only reason for me to buy The Face Shop products.
This purchase also came with a free skincare routine sample from the E'thym line that lasts one week and is fit for my skin type (the sales representative asked for my skin type). I have yet to try out this series, which includes a toner, serum and lotion/cream.  This sample comes in a generic cardboard box with no cute, or even simplistically decent packaging, which is a negative for me.  Overall, if you're a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, check out The Face Shop!

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