Monday, December 31, 2012

Aberdeen Centre: Korean Beauty and Kpop Stores

Aberdeen Centre is a large, three story Asian mall that holds restaurants, a food court, Daiso ($2 store), and various shops.  I visit this mall about twice a year, and it was only this past November, on Thanksgiving to be exact, that I realized that there are hints of Korean in Aberdeen Centre.  I have found a Korean grocery store, a Korean beauty store and a food court with a nice TV to watch. The address is 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X, Canada.

This Korean grocery store chain has stores in the United States and Canada. This HMart is on the ground floor and has a beauty counter, framed Kim Hyun Joong posters and Big Bang CDs.

MQ Cosmetics
This small shop is on the top floor and has Korean beauty brands. Don't get MQ Cosmetics confused with MG Cosmetics on the second floor, however, because MG carries Japanese brands only. They don't have many common brands (I asked the one worker and she said they don't carry Tony Moly). I've only seen The Face Shop and SkinFood, as well as brands with which I am not familiar. They also have a The Face Shop poster of Kim Hyun Joong behind the cash register :)

[UPDATE: SASA has reopened, which I blogged about in this post.]
SASA (Closed)
There used to be a SASA store on the second floor that sold Asian cosmetics, but unfortunately this shop closed.  Aberdeen's directory still displays this store, so I temporarily had my hopes up that I would be able to find an ample selection Asian cosmetics.

Food Court
One of the stalls in this Asian food court is a Korean fast food booth. I haven't actually tried out the food here, but what does fascinate me is the TV displayed just above this stall that is constantly showing the latest kpop music videos. Too bad the food court seating area isn't located near this stall. I try to make any excuse (I say I'm going to the bathroom) just to pass by and glance at this TV!

Stop by Aberdeen Centre for a fun, Asian food and shopping experience.  There are plenty of specialty shops, restaurants and food stalls to entertain you for a couple of hours here.


  1. is this sasa place closed forever??? :(

    1. Hi! I'm so sorry I never replied...but Sasa reopened on the top floor! I'm updating this post now with the info.

  2. I am so gutted, when I clicked here i thought it was Aberdeen scotland. Did even know there was one in Canada.

    1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to disappoint you!! I hope you can find something in Scotland^^