Thursday, December 27, 2012

Korean Beauty Brand: Tony Moly and Red Appletox Honey Cream Review

Tony Moly is a famous Korean beauty brand with stores throughout Asia. The name was created based on a slang English meaning of the name 'Tony,' meaning stylish, and the Japanese meaning of 'Moly,' meaning to be packaged. The brand's concept therefore means products that are stylishly packaged, which most definitely is true. Many Tony Moly products are packaged in a plastic case in the shape of their main ingredients. These adorable products include the eggpore series, consisting of four 'eggs,' each made with eggs and has its own function. There are also red apple face creams, green apple face masks, peach hand creams, and lip balm in peach, blueberry and cherry. Besides the cute packaging, what draws me to this brand more than any other Korean beauty brand is their equally cute and fabulous endorsers. Past endorsers include Kim Hyun Joong and Song Joong Ki. Both actors have endorsed either the green apple or red apple, which is what encouraged me to purchase my Red Appletox Honey Cream.

Red Appletox Honey Cream
I bought this super cute face cream from for $12 (the best deal online), which is surprising because YesStyle usually prices their beauty products higher than other online retailers.
I didn't care what contents were stored inside, the packaging was just way too adorable to pass up! The top half is a twist-off cap that reveals a sanitary lid and spatula. However, the lid isn't very tight; it's best to keep the apple upright or else the product will seep into the lid (be aware of this if your apple is coming in the mail). You can also see how big the apple is compared to my hand, about the same size as a real apple!
The cream is more like a sticky gel consistency, matching its juicy apple and honey scent.  Every night, I use the provided spatula to get about a dime size of gel and generously rub it on my face, then I use my index and middle fingers to tap the gel into my skin for better absorbency.
The Pros
  • Cutest packaging ever
  • Cutest endorsers ever (you can find promotional pictures of Kim Hyun Joong and Song Joong Ki holding the apples)
  • Very fragrant apple and honey scent
  • 80ml lasts a long time
The Cons
  • Takes awhile for the gel to absorb into your face (so it's hard to go to sleep if you're using this as a night cream)
  • The gel leaves a sticky feeling.  My hair constantly gets stuck to my face, which is why I only put the cream on the bottom half of my face.
Overall, the Red Appletox Honey Cream is amazing despite its sticky, slow-absorbing flaws.  The packaging is just too adorable to pass up!


  1. I love Tony Moly products! Actually, I think I'm more fond of their packaging. haha. They're all so cute and hard to resist. Every summer when I go to Korea, I always stock up and bring some of their beauty products back for friends.

    I'm glad I came across your blog! I'm now your newest follower via greader. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me, especially since you're my first comment ever :) Wow, you're so lucky to be able to go to Korea yearly and haul back Tony Moly products hehe

  2. wow, glad i've crossed your blog also ^-^
    now i finally found somebody who has the same Korea Obsession as i :D

    thanks for your Review, i bought a bb cream from missha and got the red apple tox as a freebie for testing :)

    ehm, are you often buying at i want to order some clothes there but wasn't really sure about the shipping cost and the Quality.
    can you tell me about your experience with

    well, have a nice day kyeopta ^-*

    1. Aww, thank you for your comment, it's nice to know that I'm not the only obsessed person out there hehe.

      Oooh, I should definitely write a review on, thank you for the idea! I've only ordered from them once. I really love their clothes (I usually buy from their store), the only problem with buying online is that you don't know if it fits you well (which is the problem with buying online in general). Their shipping is reasonable, and I think it's free shipping on orders over $150. Also shipping takes about a week or less, at least it did for my relatives and me, and we live on the west coast. I'm sure it'll take a bit longer if you live further east in the US. However when I ordered from them, one of the items wasn't in stock so we had to wait about a month for them to check their supplier and say that they weren't going to restock that item, and finally shipped the rest of my order. Sorry for the long-winded response, I'm so bad at cutting out the boring, unnecessary details!