Saturday, April 27, 2013

My deep_discount_dvd_cd Package!

Despite the sketchy company name, I think I like this business!  deep_discount_dvd_cd is an online seller that has a storefront through Amazon.  This company sells miscellaneous CDs and DVDs, including kpop ones.  I have been eyeing Infinite's Second Invasion: First Concert Live in Seoul DVD for a bit on Amazon's webpage, but as expected, there is limited information.  There was no information of the contents of this product besides 3 discs (so I wasn't sure if there was a photobook), there was no region code and there were no given subtitles.  I was basically blindly buying this product and hoping it was exactly what I was looking for.  I decided to email deep_discount_dvd_cd, but they never responded.  After three days I emailed three other sellers through Amazon, and they all responded back the next day.  (By the way they all said they can't provide this information because a third party supplies them this product).  I decided to order from deep_discount_dvd_cd regardless of them not replying to me, because on their seller information it says if you order by 11AM PST (which I did do), they will ship your package on the same day and provide a tracking code.  I'm very naive and hopeful, so I continued to be faithful to this company.  But it wasn't until three days later that Amazon said my package has been shipped.  I ordered on April 22nd, and Amazon said that my package would arrive between April 29th and May 14th.  USPS said my package would arrive on May 1st.  Yet before I knew it, my package came on April 27th, just five days after I ordered it!  My package arrived earlier than expected which was very surprisingly.  And here is the beauty:
My Second Invasion ended up coming in a cardboard box that fit perfectly, with plastic air bags on top to completely fill the package.  The product itself was in good condition, though there was a slight ding on the side.  This item ended up being about $60, which is about the same as Kpoptown and cheaper than YesAsia and other sellers on Amazon.  So despite the lack of information given, everything worked out perfectly, much better than expected.  Overall, I'm so happy at how early the package came and can't wait to watch Infinite in action!

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