Monday, July 15, 2013

Seattle Chinatown: Uwajimaya Store

Uwajimaya is a large Japanese grocery store catering the Northwest.  While majority of the stores are for buying Asian food, there is a small section selling miscellaneous Asian gifts such as dishware, cards and beauty products.  In the Seattle Chinatown location, this gift area is past the rows of cash registers and just adjacent to Kinokuniya Bookstore, the Japanese bookstore with gorgeous magazines.
In a small glass counter display there are Korean and Japanese beauty products.  I found Dr. Jart+ Shining Base and Sun Block, as well as a variety of Skin79's BB creams.  The prices for these weren't listed.
On the other side of the counter is a selection of SkinFood masks.  The masks displayed from left to right are Black Sesame Seed Hot Mask, Cucumber Soothing Mask, Rice Mask, Black Sugar Mask, Kiwi Yogurt Mask and Fresh Aloe Pack.  The prices for these SkinFood products range from $14.80 to $19.  All the products in the photos were the only Korean products I found.

Usually there isn't a worker on duty (as you can see on the last picture how there is a "Checkstand Closed" sign).  The worker is needed to take the products out, offer testers and make transactions.  Also you can see the "No Returns" sign for beauty products.  It's been rather difficult finding Korean beauty products in the Seattle area, so I was surprised to see these products right in Seattle's Chinatown, at reasonable prices.  On a side note, I think I saw some toddler's colorful hanboks on the next display for purchase, which looked very adorable.


  1. Wow, this store looks awesome! I'd love to buy a hanbok again, mine is so old... and the Skinfood masks! Arghh! Love them! ;n; <3

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    1. Your blog is amazing! I'm your latest follower :)