Thursday, July 18, 2013

K-Boy Paradise Magazine Vol.09 Review

K-Boy Paradise is a monthly Japanese magazine hat focuses on Jpop of Korean artists.  I bought the July 2013 issue, volume 9, from Seattle Chinatown's Kinokuniya Bookstore.  This edition is a double feature, with the cover focusing on Infinite and the back cover covering Lee Hong Ki.
This magazine is especially special, because it comes with 2 folded, double-sided posters.  [Note: I went back to Kinokuniya and checked out the June 2013 issue, and this one is also a double feature with 2 posters.  So possibly every issue is like this.]  In the top left photo, you can see the poster is folded into fourths and is nicely protected behind the front cover.  Each poster is attached to the spine of the magazine with a perforated tab.  This poster is of Lee Hong Ki.
Here is the poster of Infinite, in their famous 'Man In Love' costumes.  One side shows each member separately, revealing their individual charms.  Their names in English and Japanese are printed at the bottom of each image.  On the other side is a cute group shot, revealing Infinite in love.
This issue has a 24 page spread of Infinite.  These pages include group shots, individual pages, mini group pages, and a gorgeous collage of photos that reveal a bit of aegyo, a birthday and some dance moves.
The last two pages covering Infinite reveal Infinite's latest Japanese projects and releases, including Hoya's drama Reply 1997, Ranking King, the 2012 Infinite Concert and L's Bravo Viewtiful.  I especially love the very last photo, which is of Myungsoo and his camera.  There is something about his pose and expression (and his typical black clothes!) of which I can't get enough!
The front portion is of Infinite while the back portion is of Lee Hong Ki. In between the two main stories are mini articles of Korean artists and actors.  Above are articles and photos of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho of the drama I Miss You, as well as Song Joong Ki from his hit movie A Werewolf Boy.
The magazine continues with a 16 page spread of Lee Hong Ki adorned with a casual photoshoot.  At the end is a foldout and interview of Kim Hyun Joong.

Besides the many photos of Infinite (and Lee Hong Ki), there are also lots of pictures and articles of Hallyu artists and actors.  Even if you can't read Japanese, the abundant high quality photos that fill up over 120 pages are enough to make this magazine worth every penny.  Overall, as an Inspirit, I'm so ecstatic to have this magazine and admire such beautiful photos!

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