Friday, July 12, 2013

SkinFood GoldKiwi Hydrating Mask Review

SkinFood's Gold Kiwi line mostly focuses on sun protection and whitening skin.  According to SkinFood's webpage, gold kiwis are found in New Zealand and are used to "restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under."  SkinFood's GoldKiwi Hydrating Mask especially does this, as well as moisturize and hydrate your skin sufficiently.
I received this mask as a sample from my first SkinFood purchase.  The sales representative especially recommended and praised this mask out of the 5 mask samples I received from this purchase.  If you were to purchase this mask, it's 10 of these 8ml small containers in a disposable-looking to-go drink container.  The one downfall about this style of packaging is that you can't choose how much product you want to use every time. 

The instructions online say after washing, apply and gently rub an ample amount of the product (the more you apply to an extent, the more effective), leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.  I was a bit confused, but I think the site also says you can apply the mask to your neck, arms and legs when they've had too much sun exposure and need moisturization.
To my disappointment, the container was less than half full with product.  In the top left photo, you can see how big this container is compared to my (super red) hand.  It was rather difficult to remove the lid.  As seen in the bottom left photo, the mask is translucent and has a pale yellow hue, with a slight citrus scent.

I applied just the excess mask (from the lid and the sides) onto my face, and that was plenty and sufficient.  But because the website states to apply an ample amount, I kept layering and layering until I had finally used up the entire container.  It took quite awhile to use up the mask and I even had to put a lot under my chin.  In the photo at the right you can see the final layering.  For the most part the mask goes on clear and glossy, but there are streaks where there is excess product.

  • The mask feels very cool and refreshing on my face as I was applying it.
  • The coolness of this mask reminds me of the use of aloe vera to sooth burns.  I can see why this is great for sunburns.
  • My face is clean and refreshed afterwards.  I had a tough scab on my nose that was completely softed afterwards.
  • My cheeks came out matte with a bit of a healthy sheen, if that makes sense.
  • Because this particular mask is individually packaged for a single use, I can't choose the amount of mask to use.  This one container seemed like it could have lasted me several days.
  • There is so much product on my face that it takes a lot longer to apply and to wash off.
  • After applying the mask midway, the creases of my nose kept stinging.
Overall, this mask takes too much time (and product) and my results seem equal to using any other typical mask.  While it is refreshing on my face, I wouldn't use this mask often.  I probably wouldn't purchase this product, but if I attained this mask again, I would use it after being sunburned because of the aloe-like soothing effect.

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