Monday, July 8, 2013

My Dentist's Encounter with Infinite

I usually don't post blogs like this one, but today I had a unique experience of my dentist sharing his bystander account (not fan account since he didn't even know who Infinite was) of spotting Infinite.

I've never been a fan of visiting the dentist until today.  My dentist, who immigrated to the US from Korea some time ago, brought up the fact that I like Kpop, and Infinite in particular.  I've never talked to him about my interests other than small talk, but somehow my brother had mentioned my obsession to our dentist during his appointment a few weeks ago.  My dentist then began his story of how last year, 2012, he boarded a commercial flight from Incheon Airport to Thailand.  Suddenly teen girls were taking photos of my dentist, or so he thought.  He turned around to see a tall, slender, very good-looking guy and assumed the photos were of this mysterious prince charming (those were my words, not his).  Then seven good-looking guys boarded the plane and sat in first class with their crew while my dentist sat one row behind them.  He asked the stewardess who these people were and she replied, saying they were Infinite, a popular boy band.  My dentist goes on to say that once he arrived at the Thailand airport, there were other Kpop groups there as well for some Kpop concert and that fans were going crazy.

Me: If only I had a closer relationship with my dentist, he could have met Infinite for me!  But I'm sure they wouldn't want to be bothered on their flight.

I later asked my dentist if it's common to see celebrities at the airports, and he said it's not really common.  But some target celebrity sightseeing would be at broadcasting centers like KBS and SBS, and certain streets and hangouts at Gangnam, because that's where many celebrities live.  He then said how it's true that celebrities' appearances and normal people's appearances are from two different worlds, which throws me back into reality that Kpop stars are rare in the world's population.

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