Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Werewolf Boy Movie Review

The 2012 Korean movie "A Werewolf Boy" received many praises, awards and high hopes and even broke the Korean box office record for number of tickets sold to a romantic movie.  This piece is Song Joong Ki's last starring role (along with drama Nice Guy) before he left for his military duties in August of this year. With all the hype going around, and to have Song Joong Ki's latest work to last me the two years while he's away, I had to have a copy for myself!
I bought the English version of this movie on DVD through directly.  It arrived safely just 5 days after I had ordered it!  Here is the front cover of the English version DVD.  Other countries' versions have different images.  This version comes with pretty good English subtitles (though I found one grammatical mistake).
The casing itself is very simple, providing a cover design but no paper excerpt inside the case.
Here is the back, with the summary, list of special features, and credits.  This movie is classified as a fantasy romance, but it's more of a coming-of-age story that does a the fantasy aspect of a human befriending a wolf-like man.  I suggest not reading the summary because it kind of gives the entire storyline away.  For a quick overview, it's about a teenage girl  (Park Bo Young) and her family living in the countryside when they encounter and adopt a feral boy (Song Joong Ki).
Here is a close up of the special features.  This DVD comes with seven different features (and a trailer for SM's I Am...)!  These features were all worth watching, because you get to experience various aspects used in the film as well as the process of making the film and all the dedication put into it.  "The Language of Cheol-Su" was especially intriguing, showing the viewer how Song Joong Ki learned to take on the characteristics of a wolf.  "Beautiful Wolf" was also interesting, demonstrating the involvement in physically transforming Song Joong Ki from a human to a wolf.  The "Making of A WEREWOLF BOY" was the most elaborate special feature, lasting 55 minutes long.  This segment shows clips of the main cast and director speaking about various aspects including their roles, concerns about specific scenes and working in the harsh, cold weather.  This behind-the-scenes footage also revealed the mechanics of the wolf's actions with the use of wires, as well as the filming of certain scenes and the interactions between co-stars off screen.

Here are my thoughts on this movie: "A Werewolf Boy" definitely lives up to its hype, and then some!  The storyline is very intricate and is intriguing and suspenseful throughout the entire movie.  All of the actors did a tremendously well done job portraying their roles.  I really commend Song Joong Ki for portraying a character with wolf-like characteristics.  Because of his very limited speaking role, Song Joong Ki's outstanding acting really stood out.  Park Bo Young also acted well and her character really came to life.  I instantly gained an emotional attachment to both of these characters and because of their wonderful acting, I cried so much in sympathy of these characters.  I've honestly never cried so much from a movie before; this is a serious tear jerker!  Overall, it's such a conceptual and well made movie, with a strong and well chosen cast and crew.  Even hours after watching the movie, I still get pangs in my stomach from missing the characters and longing for a sequel.

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