Saturday, October 26, 2013

K-Star Grandprix November 2013 Vol.11 Review

K-Star Grandprix is a monthly Japanese Hallyu magazine.  The magazine is very high quality with thick, glossy pages and covers the latest Kpop stars and actors.  I bought this magazine at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle for $15.35, a fair price for gorgeous pieces of paper that make me so happy!
The front cover is of Infinite during their "Man in Love" era, with Infinite logos in the background.  The blue and yellow pastel palette shows a softer side to the usual darker eras, and really stands out against the pink background.
Here is the back cover and the thick spine.  I love that it says "Infinite" on the binding, so it'll look beautiful while stacked on my bookshelf.  The back cover is of a man performing...I believe it's Xia/Junsu of JYJ?
Along with snagging the cover position, Infinite also has a 23 page spread in this issue.  This is the table of contents with six different sections of Infinite.  Also the photo on the right is of Exo in their signature "Wolf" stance on June 13th's M Countdown.
Infinite's spread has many different photos, many of them being performance shots.  The magazine also includes a comprehensive Korean and Japanese discography.
There are also photos showing the progression of the members and the eras from 2011 to 2013.  It's interesting to see how their styles have changed from era to era, year to year!
There are also several pages covering each member.  I love L's pose in this photo; he looks so chic and charming!
Following is a 20 page spread on Exo, which includes performance photos, their discography and member profiles.  There are also small spreads on Shinhwa and Kim Hyun Joong.
The second half of the magazine focuses on a page or so on several Korean actors, including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Sung Gi, Lee Jong Suk, and more.  Above are Kim Bum (from his latest drama Goddess of Fire) and Lee Hyun Woo.  The last part of the magazine covers more Kpop, such as latest concert reports in Japan, as well as snippets of groups like BTS, 2AM, MBLAQ and Kara.
In the back of the magazine is a folded poster! There was no indication that there is an included poster, so this was a nice surprise. The poster was attached to the spine with a white margin (the jagged white paper on the left of the poster), but there was no perforation so my poster tore a bit while I was turning the poster. The poster is of Infinite performing at SGC Super Live 2013 on June 1st during their lovely Man in Love era. I absolutely love this poster because it's of Infinite in action, performing on stage, which is different from their promotional concept posters.

Though Infinite doesn't actually have a special photoshoot for this magazine issue, I'm still super happy with this purchase. The photos are high quality and gorgeous, and the poster is a delightful bonus!  As seen in the photo, my poster is framed and looking lovely in my room.  Overall, the contents of this magazine are amazing.


  1. Wow this is so hard for me to decide which post to reply on! I wanted one that’s Infinite related but not one that other people might reply on. I'll start our replies on this post^^ It includes a photo of Lee Hyun Woo ㅋㅋ I feel so weird starting a comment on my own post lol.

    I've grown to accept that usually the 2nd lead won't get the girl, so I'm usually indifferent about the endings now. Yah I don't know why they cut Myungsoo's part out, especially since it was only like one scene! But he's gone on to do great roles so whatever >.< yah it was hard for my mom and her family especially since she was 10 when she came and didn't know English. I haven't really been discriminated against, but I see racist actions in our country if that makes sense? Seattle’s pretty liberal but if I were in other cities, I’d be picked on. Is Greece open to all races? I don't really know how to ask this. Oh lol nevermind, you just said that you even get discriminated on, which really sucks especially since you’re half. Haha ooh the weather does seem nice there^^ lol your mom complain about her kids. Yah that's true, we do have to eat so might as well enjoy ourselves~ I forgot about peppero day! Haha that's funny it's on the same day as Remembrance Day. Hehe yah the whole eating blackness thing...but for sure it doesn't mean single people have blackness in their hearts lol. Haha riding scary rides, I’m just thinking of Infinite riding that ride in the haunted village in Ranking King hehe. Ahh Ailee~ I’ll definitely tell you when I start Healer^^ Ahh I didn’t know D.O was in that drama. I like the main actress (she’s in Master’s Sun) and Kwang Soo! I saw Kwang Soo in a melodrama and was so surprised since I’m just used to his goofy self in Running Man. Hehe reading “Woollim Entertainment Building” sounds so grand and amazing.

    LOL me too I’m not going to watch Mamma Mia for a loooong time I think; just mentioning this I’m thinking I still need to watch the Mamma Mia variety show with Dongwoo and his mom hehe. Haha Cyprus people are called Cypriots, that’s really adorable! Oh yah I understand about the Taiwan/China thing. When Infinite had their 1.2.3 Showcase for Last Romeo, they went to Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and in their poster it said “we’re going to three countries”, and my Chinese friend was so offended about them calling Taiwan a separate country. It’s the same for Hong Kong too. So was Cyprus always its own independent country or did Greece control it before?

    Haha it’s good that you’re able to listen to all the songs though instead of leaving some behind. I feel bad because Crying is like at the bottom of the list, and I don’t think it’ll ever get anywhere near the other Infinite songs. Wow, it seems like you’re really torturing yourself with the fear of messing up your playlist so you’re resisting so well! Dilemma and Pretty, wow especially Pretty, it’s so hard to wait so long before you can listen to Pretty again! I did see the Hi~ teaser, it looks really good!!! Hahaha he asked if Hyuna is your friend, that’s so hilarious. Hehe right, and I’ll be telling you ASAP when I do get Myungie!!

    I honestly thought I did see 4 Things with Sunggyu, but now I only recall this segment called 4 Things Talk, which is only like 5 minutes long. So I really need to see the whole thing now.

    I hope it’s a good fit for you, since you did have interest in it before. Ahh that is so frustrating about the transcript thing…it’s been awhile since you asked and it doesn’t take that long to get it! Haha your friends don’t know much about your other world. Hahaha your whole Pokemon world sounds sooo fun!! Hehe you really do seem like a Pokemon pro! Lol that sun was creepy! And TVs on their stomachs…today my mom’s friend asked me my interests…of course they don’t understand so I can’t bring up kpop, so I lied and said international economics, but he asked me to elaborate and I couldn’t say anything. It’s like what we said, we don’t know much so we can’t really talk to others and sound smart.

    1. That’s so true, Korean culture is relatable to an extent. And just the fangirl life in general, that’s like what would be our interest if we lived there and it’d be totally acceptable and widely known so we wouldn’t have to explain the whole concept. Haha our brothers are so different in the motive behind annoying us. Lol those surveys, I don’t remember where I did them, but I’ve had to take them a few times. Are those people that ask you were you’re from like expecting an Asian answer? Lol people ask me where I’m from and I always say Seattle, and then they get all awkward because they’re wanting to know my roots.

      Oh really, Henry will come back soon? Wow didn’t he have a comeback like last summer, but he’s already coming back more often than his group it seems. Lol I meant Taeyeon, not Tiffany…I just honestly can’t keep up with any of the SNSD members. Oh yah I heard Jessica was in the studio…lol yah SM really has so much stored up.

      I miss choding Yeollie too!! Lol yah the whole MLG thing was just too long ago. Does Hoya show up in any other episodes besides the early ones, do you remember? Like that would be more motivation for me to continue watching the drama lol. I know it’s acting, but because it’s like they’re acting about the side we don’t see of kpop idols, I get scared that this is the truth of idols. I really want OGSR now too!!!!!!!!! Out of all the Infinite preorders I’ve wanted so badly that I’m going crazy, it’s New Challenge, Season 2, Infinite F and OGSR. Though now that I think about it, I went pretty ballistic waiting for all their albums and DVDs, so nevermind lol. Haha that’s good it’s not a stereotype over there. Lol L.Joe at 108 pounds does make me feel fat! Lol that’s true, in LOTJ they probably didn’t wear makeup but we still can’t see the scar because of the quality.

      Hehe Lee Jungyeop runs a clean business and like their motto, “real music real emotion,” they stand by that. Ahh I did google Daeyeol; that’s so cool! Right, I completely forgot he was in the Tell Me Why MV!! Lol there’s just so much to say that we always answer before reading; I definitely did that this time again.

      Wow that’s too bad about f(x)’s promotions. Yah definitely YG must have a good mindset^^ That iKON Official channel…they made their channel in 2008…has iKon been around that long? Hehe I can’t get over that video.

      Awww that’s true, when you have your official exams you can’t reply much…but don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it once all your hard work paid off!! So don’t worry about not replying and just focus on studying^^ And like you’ve said, I’ll always be here for you after your exams are done^^ I’ll try to watch all the fancams from the big fansites of each member, but those are usually just 15 second Instagram videos instead of the full version. I should watch the fancams for Together and Diamond too. Lol that video, Sunggyu punching Dongwoo. I’m sorry I don’t remember you talking about this video…what did you say about it?

      That sucks you public transportation there. It’s not efficient here, so I know I can’t depend on it all my life; this is one great reason why I love Asian countries with great subway systems so much. Hehe yah Infinite is always there for us and makes a world of a difference when we listen to them~

      Fanarts are so cute (when they’re innocent); it’s cool they’re able to put their passion for kpop into something like art. It’s like they’re giving back to the kpop community lol. Lol I don’t know how my grandpa got into wrestling, but it’s great time for me to bond with him when we watch it together ㅋㅋ. Ahh your grandpa has good hobbies, cooking, playing a board game, sleeping. Yah my grandpa tells me about like one of the wrestler’s wives who was an MC for the show but then they got divorced or something…this was quite some time ago lol. Hehe the first thing you do when you go to Korea, you have to visit Dongwoo’s restaurant!! Make it happen, and get your hug from Dongwoo hehe.

    2. Lol yah other idol groups have tree forests dedicated to them too, but it seems like mostly SM groups; basically mostly SNSD and then for specific members. It was really cool going to see Infinite’s though because Woohyun posted a picture on his Twitter with all the members there, so I went there and posed the same way as Myungsoo and put my hand on the sign exactly like Myungsoo; I touched the same spot Myungsoo touched!!!! I’m dying right now lol. [] It would be amazing to really earn a trip to Seoul, then we’d really really deserve it and it’d feel like heaven^^ Haha we have to see Dongwoo drive again just to see what car he really has, so we know once and for all.

      Hahaha screaming at the Myungkitty video^^ It’s cool that though you guys both got into kpop around the same time, you guys like different groups. I forgot if you mentioned it, does he also like B.A.P? Oooh there was such a cheap deal flying from Oakland to Oslo, that’s what my family did! Wow that’s tough staying for half a night in between flights. Haha that’s so tough watching Weekly Idol while trying to keep quiet!!

      Oh that’s nice the hangul lyrics are already there. I still haven’t changed my old Romanized lyrics, I should do that too. Haha your friends clearly don’t understand, to ask you why you care about the plays!! It’s sooo important!!

      Thank you, I should keep on studying especially since I devoted so much into it all these years! Definitely, without you I’d have no one to fangirl with constantly, which makes me feel empty. It’s weird getting excited about something and not having someone who understands to share about it. And without Infinite I’d have no reason to live and love life (lol that’s not supposed to sound depressing though!).

      Haha at least Gyu’s album shouldn’t be too much…well compared to the DVD lol. I can’t wait until OGSR is in our hands! I think it’ll come right before my final exam though, which will be sooo hard because I won’t be able to watch it until after, but I’d only be thinking about OGSR. Yah I do love that I can still relive all the moments through my pictures. And then next time I saw Infinite, I took the entire video so I’ve learned from OGS. Hehe I’m glad I can share my experience through the blog so you can read it too^^ I think SI is the biggest, excluding the headphones if we’re just looking at Infinite’s CDs/DVDs. Haha yah IDEA is pretty big, and the calendar and She’s Back and Infinitize DVD are just as big.

      OMG you already watched the entire SUFBB?!?!?!? How did you like it???? I only liked fluffy dramas back then so it was hard for me to continue, but I was just so drawn to Myungsoo that I had to keep watching. And I bought that hand cream that the girl (I can’t believe I forgot her name…) gave Myungsoo! It’s really ugly compared to the other hand creams in that series, but I had to…because of Myungsoo lol.

  2. Haha, I have to say that it’s pretty funny seeing you answering on your own post cause it’s like you’re talking to yourself (if someone else sees it of course cause I know that you’re waiting for me to reply.) It looks like a good post to reply on since I’m guessing it won’t have as many visitors as the rest.

    Yeah, same; I’ve just gotten used to the fact that the 2nd lead won’t get the girl but I still have the spirit of supporting them till the end of the drama just in case something happens. Poor Myungsoo must have felt so bad that his part got cut out since it was only one scene and he wasted time filming it. Yeah, for sure he’s gone on to do great roles~ I can imagine how hard it was. My mom moved to Canada when she was 17 and didn’t know English well either. That’s good!! Seattle doesn’t have people who discriminate a lot. I would think that in the United States in general people don’t really discriminate since there are many foreigners. I wasn’t really discriminated on, but I’ve been called Chinese so many times and I’ve heard people telling some of my friends why they’re friends with me cause I’m Chinese. That was a long time ago though and that usually happens out of school cause my school is international and we have many foreigners. People in Greece are not really open to all races. There are many of them who discriminate against Albanians and Turkish people. But yeah, if you look different, you get asked where you’re from a lot. The weather is fine here. We rarely get snow so it’s not as cold as other countries, and in the summer it’s hot as hell so when I was in Canada I used to carry a jumper with me. Yesss, food is more important than all the people looking at you and thinking that you’re a loner lol. Hehe, actually peppero day is kind of for couples as well. Wow, they do have many couple days. It would be pretty mean if they think that single people have blackness in their hearts lol. Being single is get to do whatever you want. I would want to ride some of the rides that they were riding on that episode of Running Man since we don’t have them in Greece. (Yes, our amusement parks are pretty limited) Now that I think about it, we only have one in Athens lol. Omg, Infinite riding the haunted house train and Hoya screaming for his mom!! My thoughts exactly...“Ahh Ailee!!” Yeah, D.O is in that drama and apparently acted really well cause he got awards for his acting. Kwangsoo’s in It’s Okay, That’s Love? I have to see it!! I searched about it and I also saw that he was in Kara’s Runaway MV, so I went to watch it and I saw Ji Chang Wook so basically I’m smiling right now lol. I bet it was so hard to watch Kwangsoo act in a melodrama since we know his true self. Woollim Entertainment Building...omg it’s amazing just to think about it!!

    Haha that’s what I was thinking yesterday but I didn’t say it. I wanted to say that the only Mamma Mia I would watch would be the one with Dongwoo and mama Woo~ Haha is it really adorable that Cyprus people are called Cypriots? The funny thing is that Korea acknowledges Taiwan as a separate country since many albums have a Taiwanese version that includes a DVD and the making of the MV. Lol that was random, sorry. Seriously, your Chinese friend was offended about them calling Taiwan a separate country? Yeah, I was thinking that it’s the same for Hong Kong. I say that Hong Kong is a different country. That’s why my mom hates Chinese the official name for Taiwan is now supposed to be Republic of China. I think Cyprus used to be a part of Greece, but after the 400 years of slavery (lol this is too much history. To make a long story short, we were under the ruling of the Ottoman empire for 400 years until the war of independence) the Turks took half of Cyprus. So now half of Cyprus thinks they’re Greek and the other half, which is owned by the Turks, want to be Greek lol. I just figured out that Cyprus has the same national anthem as us.

    1. Yeah, I usually want to listen to all the songs and not leave any of them behind. It would make me feel really bad if I left one behind and have one really high. Lol, I haven’t even uploaded Crying on iTunes and I feel bad saying that. I have so many songs I want to upload but I’m doing it slowly so I don’t mess up my playlist. I think I’m resisting so well. I really want to add so many old songs but I decided to finish up with Infinite H’s album first. I don’t know what I’m going to do if a Korean version of Dilemma is released. Ahhh the struggles of having my Infinite songs like that. The only thing I don’t really like about Hi~ is the title of the song cause it sounds so random but I’m so excited to see the full MV. Lol yeah, it was the time when I was telling you that I had Hyuna as my profile pic for a day. I decided to answer to him and told him that they are my friends lol so then he asked me to introduce them to him and I told him that if they lived here I would do so. So then he said that we could take the plane and go see them and asked where they live so I told him Seoul. What do I get myself into for being excited for a comeback? Haha ASAP, we’re going to get the party started!!

      Aw lol, there’s a 4 Things Talk segment? I should watch it~ I’m curious to see what Gyu was saying on the show.

      Well...maybe it will be good or maybe it won’t...we’ll see. I need that damn transcript first though or else I won’t be able to be accepted. Lol, finally she seems to have it ready (I checked my e-mail.) Yeah, they don’t really know about my little world but that’s because I don’t talk about it. I was such a Pokemon pro...those were nice times when we only had to worry about which Pokemon we needed to catch. That was the hardest concern of our lives back then lol. HAHAHA those things on their stomachs were TVs? I had no idea. Haha, omg I hate when people ask me questions like that. For me, the hardest question to answer is “What are you applying for?” I seriously wouldn’t be able to start a convo about international economics, so it is like we said...we can’t talk to other people about stuff that interest us.

      Yeah that’s so true, we wouldn’t need to explain the whole k-pop world concept thingy and we would be normal if we fangirled. A while ago my friend asked me what a mini album is and I had to explain it. Lol, yours can be called a brother but mine is just a monster. You had to do those kinds of surveys? I don’t know what answer the people who ask me are expecting. When people online ask me where I’m from I say Greece, but I’ve met people who ask me face to face and I say Greece and then they ask me about my eyes so I say that my mom’s from Taiwan. It’s just a complicated question to answer but you are from Seattle what am I saying. Would you tell someone that you’re form Hong Kong?

      He posted pictures of something that looked like an MV filming on his Instagram asking if we’re ready so maybe he’s getting ready for a comeback. Yeah, he did have a comeback in July. Lol I don’t think Suju-M will comeback this year at all since two members will be going to the army in March. I hope it’s Red Velvet or Henry~ I’m not bothered to see more of Taeyeon lol. Tiffany, Taeyeon they both look the same so whatever. They seriously look the same though.

    2. Choding Yeollie~ True, the whole MLG was a really long time ago. Nope, you don’t see Hoya at all after the point of Myungsoo’s debut stage. It would be nice if he did though and it would motivate you to finish MLG^^ Lol, sorry for telling you that he doesn’t show up...I feel like you’re not going to finish watching it now. It’s true that we don’t see that side of idols but a group should always be united so I don’t think any groups have long-term fights. Just like Dongwoo and Hoya fought in the Chaser era and it didn’t last long. We know that Infinite are always united and if they fight it won’t be something serious. I feel like they fight for food or the TV remote something like that hahaha. Hehe I was always excited about pre-ordering their Korean albums and since it’s my first time pre-ordering a DVD I really want, I need to have it!! I always seem ballistic when I’m waiting for something to arrive and then when it arrives suddenly all my excitement vanishes...haha how do I manage to do that? At least L.Joe has gained some weight now and weights 52 kilos (sorry you need to convert again :() The didn’t wear makeup for sure in LOTJ but the quality is pretty bad so you can’t see anything at all.

      Hehe true, their logo suits Woollim so much~ Hehe Daeyeol; doesn’t he look like Sungyeol’s twin? Okay maybe not, but they do look similar. Hehe I want to watch the Tell Me Why MV now. Haha, I do it all the time so that’s why I always have to go up and check my answers so I don’t repeat myself.

      So yeah, I hope f(x) has a comeback soon, though I doubt it. For the past three years they’ve been having a comeback once a year so I guess I’ll have to wait for July. Lol it’s not their official channel since they don’t have a verified mark while all the other YG YouTube channels have plus there’s a linked Instagram account that looks like a fansite. Hehe in the official performance video if you pay attention you can see Dongwoo laughing at the background. What was making me laugh even more was Woohyun and Sungyeol moving their hands up and down thinking that they’re so swag.

      Aghh I feel like I’m going to die just to do well on those exams. I won’t be able to reply at all ㅠㅠ. Don’t forget me!! I’ll annoy you on Line haha. True true, I did say that^^ Hehe you will be here when my exams are done~ Hehe nice, I hope you enjoy watching the fancams^^ I won’t watch anything else cause I don’t feel comfortable watching something unofficial. Though I did watch some instagram videos of Myungyeol and Woogyu like 2 days ago. Hehe that video is awesome. Haha, no reason to be sorry^^ I didn’t really say anything about this video so my bad. The only thing I said was that I watched a video of them being cute.

      Lol in the area we live, the only public transport we have it the bus so it’s not efficient at all. It’s definitely better for you guys over there. Oh, I’ve heard that Asian countries have great subways systems!! I didn’t get to go on the subway when I went to Taiwan but I saw it and the design looks really advanced. Hehe I’m actually listening to my Infinite right now~

      Haha yes, when they’re innocent they’re pretty amazing and cute. Yeah, it’s cool that those talented people exist, unlike me haha. It’s pretty cool that you get to spend some time with your grandpa and you don’t mind watching wrestling with him. That’s all my grandpa does so he has a nice life haha. Lol, juicy gossip from the wrestling world. Yes sir, I will do as you say. I will definitely visit Dongwoo’s family restaurant and great his parents and thank them for the existence of Dongwoo. And I will get to hug Dongwoo (in my dreams lol)

    3. Having tree forests dedicated to them was pretty random so I wasn’t sure why they would do that. Since most of them are SM artists, I’m glad Infinite got to have their own!! Aww of course Woohyun posted a picture to thank the fans~ omg you got to go there!! Awesome. You got to put our hand on the sign Myungsoo touched. Hehe that’s worth fangirling!! If you work had then it would definitely be nice to buy yourself a ticket to Seoul...and maybe without return lol. Haha Audi or Kia? That is the question. Hahaha, what am I saying right now? Dear Dongwoo, please drive around for a bit.

      Haha I really did scream so thank god no one heard me. Myungkitty~!! He gets addicted with everything I like lol. I showed him some songs and he was sleeping over that night and when I woke up the next day he had those songs on repeat. Nope, Robert is not a B.A.P fan. Hehe yeah it was a cheap deal flying from Oakland to Oslo. It was so hard for me to keep quiet cause that was the episode with the sexy dance and the aegyo. But I had fun~ not to mention that I couldn’t sleep cause I had like a bad dream about Iris the movie which I had watched on the plane.

      Yeah, it’s nice that the hangul lyrics are already there cause it saves me time. You’re lucky that you’re able to change the Romanized lyrics...I did tell you that my iTunes went crazy and I can’t remove already existing lyrics so I can’t change the Romanized ones. Haha seriously, it was important for me since my recently added plays were increasing by 20 plays and had more plays than my older songs. Lol I don’t want to think about the hardship I went through to control those plays.

      Yeah, for sure since you’ve devoted yourself all these years you have to continue doing it. It’s almost the end right, so you won’t need to do it after that. Same for me, without you I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to and fangirl. So I’m glad I have you~ Yes, it is really weird getting excited about something and not having someone to share this excitement with. I agree, without Infinite I’d have no reason to live and love waking up the following day knowing that I’ll be able to listen to their songs.

      Yeah it shouldn’t be too much but still $5 is not enough. Haha yeah the DVD is definitely 2 times more expensive than the album. Omg, that’s going to be so hard for you and it’s making me think of Infinite’s comeback, which might be when I’m revising for my final exams and I won’t be able to resist not participating and watching their performances. Haha yeah, that’s awesome since you have pictures form one concert and videos from TSC2. SI seems to be the biggest thing I have...the headphones don’t really count. Oh yeah She’s Back Limited is pretty big. Is Infinitize Showcase that big?

      Yeah, I finished it since I wasn’t feeling well this past weekend. I really liked it and I enjoyed it. Sung Joon is playing in Hyde Jekyll, Me so it was cool to see him act another role. The drummer didn’t look that Asian, it must be the hair. Or maybe it’s just me being weird. I know that he’s definitely Korean. Myungsoo was amazing, I loved his role so I know why you were drawn to him back then^^ Haha that hand cream Kim Yerim gave to Myungsoo. I don’t remember how it looks like. Kim Yerim looks older than Myungsoo while she’s not...she’s younger than Sungjong lol.

    4. Lol exactly, I look so lame talking to myself especially with such a ridiculously long comment. Though I chose an obscure post that probably no one reads, so it’s all good^^ Yup yup like you said, there will probably be no visitors at all lol. I looked at we started our 2nd blog post replies on January 5th, and in under two months we’ve already filled it up lol.

      Haha that’s good, supporting the 2nd lead until the end in case something goes their way. It’s such a nice surprise seeing the 2nd lead get the girl. Yah it was Myungsoo’s first acting job, and it was a few months before Infinite debuted, so it sucks that that happened :( There are many foreigners in the US since it’s “a mixing pot” but mostly on the coasts; in the Midwest and south, it’s all Caucasians so there it’s not as good to go to. Oh right, being called Chinese a lot. Wow I can’t believe those people say your friends are friends with you because you’re Chinese. Wow that sucks that some people get discriminated against there. Oooh I can’t handle the heat; I don’t think I’m suited for Greece lol. Lol yah peppero day is like for couples, I completely forgot about that aspect. Hmm I never really thought about amusement parks in Europe besides Disneyland. I was never really one for rides; they’re scary! Hahaha Hoya screaming for his mom, I love that scene so much. Just everyone screaming in that episode; Dongwoo screaming because of CEOnim hehehe. Yes Kwangsoo’s the 2nd lead! So you know what that means lol. I probably wouldn’t know it’s D.O once I start watching the drama lol. Haha Ji Chang Wook and Kwangsoo are both in that MV? That’s cool! Kwangsoo’s also in Nice Guy (the melodrama I mentioned) and it’s one of my favorite dramas! I think it’s dark and deep like Healer, but I actually don’t know anything about Healer so maybe not lol. It was just so surprising seeing Kwangsoo in that drama, but he did really well^^ I’m watching the MV now, lol seeing Kwangsoo here is so weird too. (it’s only a 2 min video but I only lasted 1 minute lol).

      HAHA we of course think alike^^ Hehe MamaWoo~ Lol I think it’s so funny (in a good way) they’re called Cypriots! I can’t stop laughing. It’s just weird how in English we have so many endings for how to call people, but in Chinese and Korean and probably other Asian languages it’s just country name + “person” (if that makes sense? Well you know, since it’s probably like that for Taiwanese too). That’s true, Korea does make Taiwanese versions with those bonus DVDs. I wanted to buy the Be Back one but I didn’t want to have so many duplicates of Be Back. It’s weird, they also make Taiwanese versions of the Japanese albums for Infinite too, so Taiwanese get both. Lol no it’s not random, it’s relevant! Yah my Chinese friend was really upset with it, and she’s the most tame and calm person ever; I didn’t want to argue with her lol. Oooh yah Chinese politicians, their government in general…yah I heard about Taiwan’s official(?) name…ahh so that’s what’s going on with Cyprus. Lol it’s split in half and half, that must be confusing. Hmm they have the same anthem…that does seem like their Greek then.

      Haha it makes me feel better that you haven’t uploaded Crying yet. Lol but if you slowly upload all your songs, then those songs you uploaded first like Last Romeo and Shower will be very high compared to the ones you upload much later. How do you determine which songs you’ll upload next? Haha if they do have a Korean Dilemma, it’s your dilemma of what to do…HAHA I was thinking the same thing, I don’t like the title either (especially the random ~) but I’m excited to see the whole MV too…maybe a surprise appearance by an Infinite member again hehe, though none of them were in the teaser. ahh right I remember you said you had Hyuna’s photo as your profile pic. HAHA your conversation with him is hilarious!!!! Hehe you guys flying to Seoul to see Lovelyz…at a music show^^

    5. For the 4 Things Talk segment, I can’t find the video, but the transcript is here [] (you don’t have to read it). Maybe it was just a clip of the entire show, that’s why I thought the show is only like 5 minutes and I was surprised Hoya’s is long (which I know I have to watch soon…).

      For real, it’s been forever with that transcript…haha it’s about time she has it ready!! Haha only worrying “about which Pokemon we needed to catch,” that’s hilarious!!!!! Those were the struggles back in the day. Haha yah at the end of every episode, they’d turn to their stomach TVs and then show real kids in classrooms doing some activities. Those questions are so tough to talk about :/ I just end up looking like an idiot talking in circles.

      Haha yesterday I was talking about singles (like CDs) and my mom said those are so old fashioned…I had to explain there are singles, mini albums, full albums, repackaged…and the other day I was talking about a comeback, and she thought it implied the group broke up and came back together…these terms are so different in kpop and then in the western world. That’s funny your friend asked you about the mini album. HAHA calling your brother a monster. Yah I think I did those surveys in school, like for some identity workshop and also I used to do online surveys to earn Amazon money for Infinite CDs, so I had questions like that too. Ahh so they ask you about your eyes; hehe see you have Asian eyes (in a good way, the double eyelid thing)~ definitely I wouldn’t say I’m from Hong Kong because that’s just silly, but I think they mean to ask “what is your ethnicity” but they ask about nationality instead. Though sometimes I do say I’m from Hong Kong when I don’t want people to know I’m American; like sometimes in Korea I said Hong Kong because they’re trying to figure out what language to speak to me and try to sell me things lol…they usually speak Chinese to me, and I get annoyed because I don’t want to be considered Chinese, but I don’t want them to speak English to me either. Ahh sorry about all that rambling again.

      Oh right those guys are steading to head to the army…so it makes sense for Henry to go solo again. Lol yah less Taeyeon would be nice. Hahaha “they serious look the same though”. I haven’t bothered to look at their faces so I don’t know much about who’s who.

      Aww darn, I wish Hoya was in later episodes too. Haha no worries, that’s one drama where I don’t really care about spoilers. HAHA I’m so predictable; I promise, I will somehow get myself to finish watching it…someday. That’s true, everyone has fights, but groups shouldn’t have long-term fights. But is what happened in MLG similar to Jessica getting kicked out? Yah how Dongwoo and Hoya fought then but now they’re so close because of that, and same with Gyu and Woohyun having tension before debut. HAHA Infinite fighting over silly things, I’ll think of that instead of fights like in MLG. Hehe yes omg I’m dying just thinking about us pre-ordering DVDs for the first time!!! Definitely very very special. Haha I understand, like I hype it up so much during the wait but once it’s here, I feel like the thing I viewed as so holy is actually in my hands, so it’s not holy anymore? If that makes sense…haha going to convert now. Wow, 114.6 pounds is still very light!! But at least he gained weight.

      The motto fits Woollim perfectly^^ Definitely, Daeyeol and Sungyeol look soooo alike!! I’m sorry I’m always repeating what you say…I need to work on reading more before replying!

      Coming back once a year is so long…ahhh they don’t have a verified mark and it’s like a fansite IG account, got it. Hahaha Woohyun and Yeol moving their hands like that.

    6. Aww I’m really sad you won’t be able to reply at all, but it’s for the best!! Hehe I could never forget you!!! You’re such a big part of my day and definitely always cheer me up, I talk to you a lot more than my friends at school lol. Hehe I’ll reply more frequently on Line then! Our Line convos became long too so it’s harder for me to reply quickly lol. Yah I don’t like watching unofficial things either, but if it’s from the main fansites, I’m more okay with it. Hehe targeting OTP videos. Oh haha gotcha^^ hehe it was cute~

      Ooh yah only having a bus isn’t efficient. Yah, Asian countries do have great subway systems! It’s pretty cool taking the subway, you should do it next time you go. Infinite sometimes ride the Seoul subway hehe. I usually listen to Infinite if I’m not doing anything important, but when I’m replying to you I have to fully concentrate so I can’t listen lol. I get too engrossed in replying to hear my music.

      Haha yah I wish I could do fanart too, but whatever, just enjoying ourselves watching Infinite videos is good enough~ Lol I don’t mind watching wrestling with him, but not during those 3 hour episodes…I can’t watch it too long lol. Hehe your grandpa does have a nice life^^ Hehe I can’t wait until you go to Dongwoo’s restaurant and meet his family^^

      Lol the tree forests are a weird concept, but I guess it’s common in kpop. I’m glad Infinite has their own too, amongst all the SM ones! Hehe it would be Woohyun to post it~ Ahh touching the same spot as Myungsoo touched, it was a magical moment. HAHA buying a ticket to Seoul ourselves would be really amazing someday, and then not buying a return would be even more amazing. Haha that is the question! I want to know for sure.

      Haha that’s funny you really did scream, and it’s good no one heard^^ Lol he really does get addicted to things you like, and sooo quickly, listening to those songs on repeat. Lol I don’t know why I’m so excited that we flew the same route. I think because I was mad that right after coming back from Seoul aka my dream that finally became a reality, my family took me to Northern Europe, to places I honestly didn’t care about (I know I sound so spoiled and ungrateful…just bear with me and don’t judge!), but now that you also flew the same route then it’s like related to kpop now lol. HAHA omg you watched THAT Weekly Idol episode, that is actually impossible to keep quiet. Haha that sucks about the bad dream; I love Asian flights that have Asian movies and dramas and music; though I wouldn’t listen to the music of course since I have my playlist with me of course. But Asian movies are nice~ Why am I bringing this up.

      Yah I remember your frustrating iTunes where you can’t change the lyrics, which really does suck. Hahaha your hardship controlling those plays; this is the challenge we face. Haha I understand about newly added songs being greater than older songs. I guess I didn’t listen to music as much when I first got into Infinite, and I uploaded all those songs up to Infinitize album all at once practically, so all those songs were low in count but with each comeback I got so obsessed with listening to those songs on repeat that most of those songs are really high on my count, and that does bother me like how some songs from Season 2 are in my top 10 while the songs originally there took so long to get there, and they’re like my underdog songs, but now the mainstream Season 2 songs are there, which is annoying me. That’s why I should do what you do, listening to the entire playlist. But I do have Reflex as #3 which totally deserves that spot because it’s just so amazing, those heartbeats are stunning. Why do I keep rambling…these play counts are just such a hot topic for us lol.

    7. Haha yah it’s almost the end, I’m in my 2nd to last year which is sad to think about. Hehe I’m glad to have you too~ Originally I didn’t really have anyone besides the girl that got me into Infinite and deserted me, so I think that’s why I started my blog, to share my obsession with people. Though I started my blog the time I was watching SUFBB, so I didn’t really know about Infinite yet…so I guess I was just obsessed with the culture in general. Wow I am seriously just non-stop rambling about nothing again! Please don’t waste your time replying to every sentence I say lol, it’s all just me not being able to censor myself…like how we talked about our essays are always longer than the limit and how we have to cut them. Hehe it’s a lovely feeling going to sleep knowing we can listen to Infinite songs the next day; before I’d go to sleep and think about all my worries, but now I can think about Infinite^^

      Haha yah $5 isn’t enough. Ooooh Infinite having a comeback around your exams is sooo much harder than my case; wow, it’ll be just like Infinite H again, though that timing kinda worked out. I really hope the comeback and your exams don’t coincide like that! The headphones don’t count, but I can’t help but smile because having the headphones is so precious. Every day I look at my headphones, I think that is my most prized possession. I love looking at people’s Infinite collections. Here you can see Infinitize is like the same size as SI. [] I feel like there are fake Chinese versions of Infinitize so it seems even more difficult to find a legit one…but I think that is just something that I will never have.

      I hope you’re feeling better~ Hehe not feeling well means more time to watch dramas^^ Oooh that’s so cool Sung Joon’s in that drama! I didn’t know. I was rewatching the beginning of Lie to Me and realized he was in that too, and I got so excited; I didn’t realize it was him when I saw it a few years ago. I agree, I kept thinking that the drummer was not Asian. Lol it’s not just you, I really thought he wasn’t Asian! Hehe Myungsoo in SUFBB~~ I can’t stop smiling like an idiot; I’m forever grateful for stumbling upon this drama. It’s this hand cream^^ [] They probably chose the ugliest one to make more people buy it lol, since the other hand creams can sell themselves. Wow, Kim Yerim is younger than Sungjong?? She seems sooo mature and older! Wow she’s the same year as me…that’s crazy to think about!

  3. Haha but now that I replied it looks fine^^ I wonder if you can delete all these comments. Haha we filled up a post in less than 2 months. That’s pretty impressive. I’m guessing we might not have any visitors. Have there been any visitors in our previous posts?

    Yes, 2nd lead fighting~ but I do that only when the 2nd lead is better than the 1st lead. It would be amazing if he actually gets the girl once...I don’t know if you’ve seen any drama where this happens. Aww it was so early on in his career :( I feel so bad for Myungsoo. By the way, Sungkyu will have a love interest on Yura. I watched a video talking about the drama and I also saw the girl actress from Healer in the teaser so I’m happy to see her in the same drama as Gyu. Also they’ve just started filming so wouldn’t think make things hard for Gyu’s solo comeback? Oh right, there are more foreigners at the coasts of America. Yeah, my mom gets asked a lot where she’s from cause there’s a minority of Asian people here. But if they don’t ask us where we’re from, they always assume we’re Chinese. Yes...the thing we were saying that every Asian in Chinese. Albanians are the mostly discriminated over here, omg I forgot about the guys from Pakistan and generally darker people. That’s why that political party I was talking about exists. Ahh racism exists everywhere =_= Sometimes we’re not able to bare the heat; there are times where it reaches 45°C (sorry you have to convert) But generally it’s nice living next to the beach when it’s summer over here. Koreans have too many couple holidays~ but it’s kind of cute!! Oh true, Disneyland in Paris should be the most famous amusement park Europe has. I’ve never been, but I’ve been to’s a great city. I like rides in general, but there are some really extreme ones, which I don’t know if I like cause I’ve never ridden them. Haha Hoya who’s supposed to be fearless was screaming for his mom and instead Sungjong wasn’t scared at all cause he loves watching scary movies. Dongwoo went crazy in that episode but I don’t blame him...I’ve said it many times that I would have acted exactly like him lol. Haha Kwangsoo’s the 2nd lead...yeah I can imagine what that means. Maybe you wouldn’t know it’s D.O if I didn’t tell you that he’s in IOTL. Yes, and there were many others in the Runaway MV such as Kim Young Kwang. Ji Chang Wook and Kwangsoo are friends in real life and they were paired together in the Running Man episode by luck. Oh cool, it’s called Nice Guy...I’ll check it out^^ Haha you need to watch Healer to understand what I mean by dark. Oh, you watched the Runaway MV...oh well you watched 1 minute of it.

    Haha we thought alike about Mamma Mia. Mama Woo is awesome and she’s very pretty as well! Haha yeah we have so many endings in English for how to call people but in Asian languages it is country name + “person/people.” It is that way in Taiwanese as well. There’s a Taiwanese version for Be Back? I’ve only seen one for Season 2. What? They make Taiwanese versions of Infinite’s Japanese albums? I didn’t know that. Haha true, I wouldn’t want to argue with her if she was my friend but I do have to stand up for Taiwan and Hong Kong since they are different countries and speak different languages. Yeah it’s weird that Cyprus is split in half. It is considered a different country but it’s nice to share the same anthem as them.

    1. Haha the only songs I’m missing from OTP are Crying, Timeless and the intro. Yes you’re right, Last Romeo and Shower have very high play counts compared to my last song (Jekyll and Hyde.) I don’t know how I determine which song I upload next...I think it has to do with which one gets stuck in my head or which one I really want to listen to. I’m going to have such a dilemma if they release a Korean version for Dilemma. Haha I was thinking that it’s so random that it’s called Hi~, I saw many people in the teaser comment section saying “Who else got here by typing ‘hi’ on YouTube?” So that’s pretty funny and now all those people are checking out other k-pop songs. Omg yes, maybe we’ll have a surprise appearance by an Infinite member but I doubt it since he should be in the teaser as well. (Gyu was in the Good Night Like Yesterday teaser.) Lol, I wonder how could people ask me these retarded questions? And I’m trying to not be mean and answer...maybe I should just be mean and ignore them. Haha flying to Seoul to see Lovelyz~

      Ohhh, yeah there was one video like that for Hoya. Woohyun was on the show for Gyu? That’s so cuteeee~ and Dongwoo was for Hoya omg!!! Ahh so cute!! Omg was Yeollie also there? Ahh I’m suddenly so happy. Oh the only link I’ve found for Gyu’s full 4 Things show is this []

      Lol, she said she finished it but she hasn’t sent it to me yet. I’m just worried cause I have to put it through a website that checks international transcripts and that might take 10 weeks ㅠㅠ. Those struggles of which Pokemon we needed to catch were the best compared to all these I’m facing right now lol. Omg, why don’t I remember that happening in the end of the episodes? They are really hard questions to talk about so I kind of try to avoid them when I’m asked.

      Haha yeah, all those terms are new for the people who don’t know anything about k-pop. Omg, the group broke up and are coming back together cause they’re having a comeback!! ㅋㅋ Even after explaining I bet that some people have no clue what we’re talking about. We rarely see mini albums in the western world music and the artists don’t have comebacks. I would be lying if I didn’t call him a monster lol. Ohh, so that’s why you had to answer those kind of surveys. Do you actually earn money if you answer those kinds of surveys on Amazon? Yeah it’s my eyes that everyone is wondering about since I’m half half and sometimes look like an Asian and sometimes like a Caucasian. Yeah, I think they’re wondering about your ethnicity and your origins but they just ask where you’re from. Omg if I said I was Taiwanese people would think I’m lying so I don’t say it. If I ever go to Seoul, I would say that I’m Taiwanese though cause saying that I’m Greek is a no no. That would be funny cause they would also start speaking to me in Chinese...and I don’t know anything in Chinese. I know more Korean than Chinese lol. You’re not rambling don’t worry~

      Oh wait, Henry’s not Korean so he doesn’t need to go to the army? Or do people that live in Korea all need to serve for the army? Yes, less Taeyeon please. We sound so mean lol. Omg I thought I said “they serious look the same though” so I started laughing at myself but I went back to see what I wrote and I said seriously. I haven’t bothered either but I saw like a picture of Tiffany and I thought it was Taeyeon. If you Google image them separately, they still look the same.

    2. Haha, since you don’t mind about spoilers for MLG, I don’t worry about telling you that Hoya’s not in later episodes. Haha you will somehow get through MLG. Where have you stopped? Yeah, all groups have small fights. MLG weren’t they fighting cause there was someone who got replaced by Myungsoo? I don’t really remember but that’s not the case for SNSD. The SM CEO just decided to kick out Jessica cause she’s apparently “not focusing on the group” as much as the other members. Dongwoo and Hoya always looked close for some reason but after the fight they said that they became closer. I’m so happy for Yadong~ Oh yeah Gyu and Woohyun weren’t close when they were trainees but look at them now. They all had couple fight lol. Hehe~ did you pre-order yours yet?^^ Do you also feel that way? Like you’re waiting for it like crazy but when it finally arrives you’re suddenly not as excited cause you finally see it in front of you? Yeah, he’s still very light but at least he’s gained weight. Now I have to exercise haha.

      Haha not at all, you shouldn’t be sorry about repeating what I say!! Compared to Woohyun and his brother, Myungsoo and his brother and Hoya and his brothers, Sungyeol and Daeyeol look the most alike!! I sometimes think Sungyeol looks younger than Daeyeol. Maybe that has to do with his precious choding smile~

      Yeah it’s so long for f(x) fans to wait for. But at least it has been a full album once a year for the past 2 years. And what happens the rest of the year? Can’t SM finally give f(x) their first solo concert or maybe a fanbase name? Yeah, it wasn’t a verified account. Haha I swear Woohyun and Yeol were like “I’m not really a fan of hip-hop and I’m just moving my hand up and down cause that’s what rappers do, right? So I don’t look awkward.”

      I guess it will be for the best. I should be studying already...What should I do? What do you do when you’re studying for your finals? Do you set a timetable saying what you’re going to study and when? Hehe I talk to you as well more than what I talk to my school friends and more than I talk to Robert!! Haha omg sorry, I’ll cut them down so you can me able to reply more oftenly. Hehe yeah there was this IG account that was filming Myungyeol who were annoying each other and trying to take each other’s clothes off while performing so that’s what I watched. It was cute~ and I first watched it at 1:00 am and the fans were screaming really loudly so I bet my parents could hear that I was awake.

      It’s not efficient at all and it’s pretty annoying that you need to take the bus in order for you reach a place where there’s the subway. Haha I wonder when ‘next time’ will be...I’ve only been once and I wasn’t excited back then for being in Taiwan cause my brain was thinking about other stuff...I really regret that. Haha I suddenly remembered Infinite riding the subway and the bus in Sesame Player~ Yeah I can’t listen to Infinite while I’m replying to you cause I end up singing and not paying attention but I wanted to listen to my playlist yesterday for some reason.

      Haha I suck in art...though I’ve done some nice pieces back in middle school where Art was a necessary class. Aww I used to stay up and watch those 3 hour episodes...Monday night RAW. They’re live while all the other ones aren’t. Haha I would probably have a heart attack in the entrance of their restaurant lol. I really want to meet his family though.

      It’s pretty weird but that’s because I haven’t heard of it. Now that I know that it’s common in k-pop I’m glad that Infinite has one amongst the SM artists. Ahh you really touched the same spot where Myungsoo was touching. You were there!! Wow~ I would be so temped to not buy a return ticket from Seoul. It’s funny when you think about it cause where are you going to stay? Haha to be or not to be...what am I saying?? Lol.

    3. Hehe seeing Myungkitty makes me scream~ He does get addicted to things I like; he used to watch Sailor Moon because of me. Hehe yay~ we flew the same route!! Haha omg, I would feel exactly the same way and I would say that I sound so spoiled and ungrateful!! I was laughing when I read it cause I could relate. Haha it suddenly became related to k-pop since I flew the same route. When was your flight? To be honest my parents went around in Oslo for the time we had while I stayed back at the hotel trying to sleep and watch Infinite on Weekly idol. HAHA I don’t know how I retained myself from laughing or fangirling while watching it...I had my friend next to me who was trying to sleep lol. Oh that’s so cool~ Asian flights have Asian movies and I feel bad for not being a fan of k-pop back when I went to Taiwan. Omg, I remember seeing that Gangnam Style reached 1 billion views on the plane. They had it in the news on the plane lol.

      Haha it was so hard for me to control the plays back then cause it would add 10 plays and I had to reset the plays and replay it until I get the right plays. That was so messed up lol. Haha it’s annoying you so much that the Season 2 songs have higher playcounts than your old Infinite songs. Haha and then you have Reflex that’s number 3 and is making you happy~ My number 3 is Shower. Lol, I really can’t call it Shower, it sounds weird. 소나기, that’s better. The playcounts are really such a hot topic for us. I need to show you in person how my playlist goes so you can understand what’s happening lol.

      Yeah~ you only have one year left. I’ve lost a year since I was born in September and the year gets cut in August [British retarded system.] Lol those girls...seriously -_- You did good for starting your blog. I always wanted to have a blog but I know that no one’s going to read it so I don’t make one. Ohh, you started your blog while watching SUFBB!! No, you’re not rambling please continue~ I used to think about all my worried when I went to bed but I don’t do it anymore...I just think about Infinite. That’s some progress in forgetting the negativity haha.

      Infinite H had a comeback during the end of my exams so I didn’t really mind if I didn’t study for my mocks. But now Infinite...these are my real real IB...omg I’m getting kind of scared when I think about it cause I don’t want to fail. My life depends on these damn exams. Omg for sure, having those headphones is definitely a reason to smile~ they’re so precious!! I always think that every Infinite related thing I have is my most prized possession. Omg when I look at other people’s Infinite collections I get jealous cause mine’s not that pretty since it’s not complete. Wow yes, it’s the same as SI, I had not idea. There are fake Chinese Infinitize Showcase versions? It does seem hard to find a legit one...maybe I’ll just end up buying the Japanese version since it’s the same as the Korean one (no subs)

      I’m feeling better, thank you~ Haha yeah, when you’re not feeling well you watch dramas^^ (and your mood becomes worse jk) I didn’t know Sung Joon was in SUFBB until I watched it...he’s not considered a ‘flower boy.’ Haha he’s everywhere without us expecting it. Haha he looks like he’s not Asian yet he’s full Korean. *Praising his parents for the good looks lol* I was so shocked when Byung Hee died...I wasn’t expecting it at all!! Sorry, I don’t know his real name. Hehe, Myungsoo in this drama was the reason why you got into Infinite so I think you’re lucky to have watched it. Oh yes, after seeing the hand cream I totally remembered. HAHAHA do you think that this one’s the ugliest one? I would buy it only because of Myungsoo...I don’t wear hand cream. Yeah, doesn’t she look older than Myungsoo? I wasn’t expecting her to be your age.

      Have you seen the Infinite H pikicast interview? It’s pretty funny~

    4. Oh I have the power to delete all the comments lol. There was one person who commented “go die Myungsoo is mine” and “f*ck you Infinite’s mine,” really hurtful things like that, so I deleted those. I used to be so anxious every time I got a comment, but now I get excited because it's usually you commenting^^ I can only view the number of views, not who specifically viewed my posts, but the past two posts are really high, but I think it’s just you’re the only one boosting the counts hehe (my views don’t count).

      Lol 2nd lead fighting^^ I’ve seen at least 2 dramas where the 2nd lead gets the girl, and I was sooooo surprised!! Yah Myungsoo had to start off his career like that :( I knew Sunggyu will have a love interest…like with someone from Girl’s Day? Oh you saw a teaser for the drama?? Ooh that’s cool the actress from Healer’s in the drama too! Oooh (lol I keep saying that) you’re right, if Gyu’s filming soon for his drama, and his solo comeback is soon…does that mean his comeback is later than we expected? That’s annoying they automatically assume you’re all Chinese. Supposedly people from Hong Kong are Chinese, but my family always distinguishes that we’re Chinese from Hong Kong, which is completely different. Wow I’d be intimidated to live there, since racism is all over the place, and that political party…lol converting now…wow, I can't imagine 113°F!!!! Ooh it must be nice living near those beautiful beaches^^ Lol all those Korean couple holidays~ It’s cool how European countries are so small and close together so it’s easier to travel to many places. Lol role reversal with Hoya on that ride. Hehe yah I just can’t ever get enough of Dongwoo in that episode! Yah I don’t think I would have known that’s an Exo member. That’s cool Kwangsoo and Ji Chang Wook are friends in real life. Hehe if you ever do watch Nice Guy, tell me~ Definitely Healer is high on my list!

      Mama Woo is so pretty and she seems so young to have grown kids and even a grandkid! Lol I’ve never seen a Taiwanese version of Season 2, only of Be Back. Yah actually several of my Japanese Infinite singles are the Taiwanese version, like it’s practically the same but in the fine print it does say Taiwan. Yah it’s just hard talking about politics with friends, but definitely we still want to stand up for our countries because they are different.

      Haha from OTT I honestly didn’t like Gyu’s, Woohyun’s and H’s songs at first...and they’re still harder for me to listen to compared to their more recent songs that are more significant to them. Ooh so you have Be Mine Remix? How do you feel about that since it’s similar to Be Back, do you feel like that messes up with your play count then? That makes sense, uploading the ones you want to listen to the most. We’ll just have to see if they release the Korean version of Dilemma~ Haha that’s funny, the comments on Lovelyz’ teaser. It’s a great way to get people into kpop I guess lol. Lol yah I had to rewatch the Good Night Like Yesterday teaser to see if Gyu was in that or not, and like you said since no guy was in this teaser, probably it’s just the 7 members. Lol it’s hard answering those stupid questions without getting irritated.

      Haha of course the OTPs were together for those videos^^ Thank you for finding the link! I’m not sure if Woohyun and Yeol were actually on the show or if they were just interviewing via phone or something…ahhh why do I have such bad memory.

      Wow, that lady seriously has to step on it!!! 10 weeks is a ridiculously long time, and she’s just making it that much worse. Haha if only we could just still face the Pokemon struggles instead of education struggles. Those TV segments from Teletubbies were pretty boring, you probably turned the channel or something lol.

    5. Lol yah kpop terms and concepts make complete sense to us, but it’s hard explaining to others…you kinda just have to figure it out if you get into kpop. I had the hardest time understanding what OTP was though, like pairing two members together…but now that I see Infinite, I get it lol. Lol yah western artists don’t have comebacks and change their concepts every album; like they might change their appearance but they’re still being themselves. And yah I’ve never heard of a mini album in western music. It seems hard for their fans to wait so long for new music, since it’s always full length albums. They were survey websites and after spending hourrrrrrrrrsssssssssss and monthssssssss I made well over $200 in Amazon giftcards and bought a lot of my Infinite albums. But now I don’t have time anymore, and since I’m practically caught up with previous albums, it’s not a big deal to pre-order an item every few months. Those survey questions were just to see if you qualify for the actual survey (and usually you don’t qualify, so it’s a huge time waster). It’s cool you sometimes look Asian and sometimes look Caucasian-it’s like you can pass for either one. Haha that sucks you can’t say Taiwanese or else they think you’re lying! Ahh yah going to Seoul, it would be better to say you’re Taiwanese. Would it be really bad though if you said you’re Greek? Haha yah I just spoke in Korean “I’m not Chinese”; but then they think I’m lying because I’m Hong Kong Chinese. They’ll be impressed by your Korean^^

      Oooh yah you’re right…I would think Henry has a Taiwanese citizenship and Korean work/entertainment visa so I guess he wouldn’t need to go to the Korean army. But he would still need to go to the Taiwanese army since it’s the same policy in Taiwan. Whoa I never thought about this! But people like Peniel from BTOB, he’s American so he wouldn’t need to go to the army! Yah isn’t that why companies recruit international idols, so then they could continue promoting without taking a break. Haha we do sound mean…Haha laughing at a typo you didn’t do. HAHA omg now I’m going back to my previous post to see if I wrote “serious” oh…so that’s why you made that comment. Lol why did I make so many typos there, I was so tired, I’m sorry!!! I said “those guys are steading to head to the army…” I put together “starting” and “head” and the whole “serious” thing…major fail on my part. Wow I always thought I check my writing, but I guess I was really tired yesterday. Lol time to google them~ they really do look the same…

      I’m in the middle of episode 10…I’m able to watch like 2 minutes at a time if I have absolutely nothing else to watch lol. Infinite Power were fighting because the other three members and this one guy were training for a long time and about to debut, but Myungsoo tooks that other guy’s spot like the day before debut just because of his looks and not talent. Oh right lol that’s nothing similar to SNSD’s situation…maybe I meant how the members didn’t really want Jessica in the group anymore? Yah I agree, Yadong always looked so close, like in Sesame Player hehe. Haha their couple fights~ I’ll probably pre-order it 2 days before its release, so hopefully it’s on next month’s bill instead of this month’s lol. YESSS I’m glad you feel the same way too, about waiting for albums and finally receiving them! I used to only have that excited “I can’t believe it!” state, because back then I didn’t order online much (my dad was veryyyy frugal) but now it’s like an addiction, it’s expected that I’m going to get the latest album, that I’m not very excited once it’s in front of me. Haha getting in the habit of exercising again seems hard…it’s nice just not exercising lol.

    6. Thank you^^ I’ll try to minimize my repeating though! I agree, the Yeol bros do seem most alike! Haha Daeyeol just has that intense mature look that he does seem older! And then there’s Yeollie’s gummy choding smile like you said^^ And Hoya doesn’t look anything like one of his brothers (I haven’t seen his other brother), it really surprised me. But with Woohyun/Boohyun and Myungsoo/Moonsoo, I see the resemblance. Ooh do you have a Taiwanese name? That was random, but I was thinking how siblings have similar names and wondered if you had a Taiwanese name.

      That’s good at least f(x) releases full albums despite being so long apart. Yah the rest of the year…that’s such a long time wasted where they could be doing other promotions. Haha yah I totally get that, the hand moving thing hehe. It reminds me of how Woohyun was trying to rap in English in the Destiny in America DVD lol.

      When are your exams again? Do you have like 14 exams to take? I’m just stressing so much over my 3 finals lol. For one exam, usually I give myself a full weekend to completely grasp every concept, so I study at 8-9AM and end at 6PM, but I take short breaks (to check up on Infinite lol) and make sure I’ve made decent progress every 3 hours. And then during weekdays I do homework problems and old exams over and over again. So I guess I make a mental timetable of what to study and when. Haha don’t worry about having long Line replies~ It’s nice reading a lot whereas so many people today have the shortest text messages that have no substance. Haha I remember reading how Myungsoo was trying to strip Yeol lol. Lol waking up your parents due to screaming fans~

      Aww I wish you could have enjoyed Taiwan back then like you would now! I think that’s why my parents took my brother and me to Europe when we were younger, but when we got older we went to China and Hong Kong since we could really appreciate it. Ahhhh I don’t remember Infinite riding the subway in Sesame Player!!!! I have to rewatch that and see which stations and lines they took! I remember seeing a photo of them at Edae Station, which was the one I got off at all the time!! Haha yah I either start singing to Infinite or I ignore what I’m listening to so I can focus.

      I suck at art too…that’s cool you made some nice pieces in middle school though^^ Lol yup Monday Night RAW! Ooh I didn’t know that’s live, that’s cool. Hahaha nooo how will you make it if you’ll already get a heart attack at the entrance of their restaurant! It is the coolest thing though, meeting their families without being creepy. I kept fangirling at all their restaurants, but my Korean Inspirit friend thought I was so weird for getting so excited lol.

      Lol many things were so weird to me but now I’m used to it. The weirdest thing was a fansite officially named a star after Exo or something like that. I looked it up and it seems like one was bought for Sehun and another for Luhan. Hehe it’s so amazing being in the same exact spot as Infinite. When I was in Seoul, I actually had a return ticket but I had to extend my stay for a week so I could go to TSC2 lol. Hehe were to stay in Seoul…haha “to be or not to be”^^

      Haha he even liked Sailor Moon^^ Hahaha I’m so glad you’d feel the same way, and that you wouldn’t judge me for sounding so spoiled! I flew there in early September I think. HAHA you ended up just watching Weekly Idol instead of touring the city. Aww yah you could have been exposed to kpop from the plane to Taiwan…ahh oh well, you eventually found it^^ Haha that’s funny they had that news on the plane.

    7. Wow that is REALLY frustrating that it added plays, since that means you have to remember the correct plays, reset it, and then replay it all again! That really sucks. I used to leave my earbuds plugged into my phone and it’d accidentally start playing songs I had that were set on repeat, so I have two songs that are at least 200 counts too high which bugs me, and I didn’t know the true count so I couldn’t just reset it and guess. Luckily they weren’t any Infinite songs so those counts are still accurate. Haha I hate saying Shower too, but I’m too lazy to go onto translate anymore and write it out…hence why I’ve been saying “haha” instead of (going to translate) ㅋㅋ lol. Haha I’d love to see your playlist~ I don’t know why play counts are so important to us, but they just are lol.

      Oh that sucks you just missed the cut off for going to school! So the British system is really strict about how old you are to get into school? Here it’s more like “if you feel you’re ready, then go to school” lol. So my grade had students with a 12 month age gap. Honestly I made my blog hoping no one would read it and judge me, and I knew it wouldn’t be read by many people anyways lol. I just wanted to document everything (kind of like documenting our play counts) since I’ve invested so much into my obsession, I just want to have it not be wasted and instead share it with others. Heheh SUFBB pushed me over the edge to make me start my blog. You definitely could start a blog too!!! I’d definitely read it^^ Hehe I love how Infinite gets us more relaxed and puts our minds at ease instead so we can have happy dreams instead of thinking about our worries.

      Aww wow this is really scary, the IB exams…is it only this year that matters, or were there also official IB exams at the end of your previous years too? Obviously this one is the most important though of course. Hehe all of our Infinite related stuff are so precious^^ Haha you shouldn’t feel so jealous of others’ collections since you have soooo much, especially now that you also have OTT and SI! Yah I don’t know about those fake Chinese Infinitize things…like when I went to a kpop store in Vancouver, they also had this fake Infinite music video collection with Man in Love as the cover…I was so annoyed that that store had that, because they had so many official goods and concert goods and whatnot. Oh right I forgot buying the Japanese Infinitize is an option.

      Lol Sung Joon is everywhere without us expecting it. Haha how can that guy be full Korean, he seriously doesn’t look Asian at all. I was shocked when he died too (I don’t know his name either lol)! I think this was one of my first non-fluffy dramas so I totally didn’t expect that at all either! Haha yah the other hand creams are much more adorable…I originally bought two cute ones, but then I went to Seoul and decided to be inspired by SUFBB and buy this ugly one and the last one to complete the set lol. I’ve bought so much Korean hand cream that I’m slowly using them up every night. Yah I’m totally surprised she’s not older than Myungsoo!

      You’ve probably guessed it, I haven’t seen the interview yet lol. It’s on my to-do list ㅠㅠ

  4. That’s good; you have the power to delete all the comments!! Seriously? Why would someone write that? It’s probably another jealous bitch lol. Don’t pay attention to those kind of people >.< Aww, you’re excited cause it’s usually me commenting~ I probably spam your e-mail since you get notifications for every time I comment. True, it must be me who visits the posts everyday or else it would be awkward if it were someone else. If I’m right, you can check the country of someone’s who’s viewing it, or something country related lol. Then you can be sure it’s me haha.

    Haha 2nd lead fighting!! Ohhh daebak, so those kind of dramas exist^^ that’s good to know. Poor Myungsoo...he didn’t need that drama to be successful, screw dat lol. Haha I was reading your comment that Gyu will have a love interest with Yura of Girl’s Day and I’m listening to Girl’s Day (coincidence? Nope.) Yeah, I think it was a teaser for what the plan of the drama is. [] So that’s where I spotted the main actress of Healer~ Noooooo, please don’t make his comeback later ㅠㅠ Wasn’t it planned for him to come back directly after Infinite H? Do you think that’s why Lovelyz are coming back instead of him? Maybe he’ll come back while filming for the drama?? What’s happening? I feel like whenever a Caucasian sees an Asian person they immediately assume he’s Chinese. This person at school saw my computer background and she told me that Infinite all look alike LOL. Caucasian people think that Asians all look the same for some reason. So, she asked me if Asians think that Caucasians all look alike and I told her NO. I remember last year in psychology class, we had this new teacher coming over to test-teach us (to see if she’s going to get the job) and she had us do this exercise where we had to fill in some blanks and one of the questions said “______ all look alike.” I wrote sheep but the rest of the class wrote Asians so I was kind of surprised. Lol, what am I blabbering about?! Sorry for this. Chinese from Hong Kong, that makes sense!! I feel like racism exists a lot in this country because it’s a typical thing that people were taught from their family [This is a huge story so I won’t go into it.] But I feel like racism exists everywhere. Yeah, in the summer we have some crazy days where we have 113°F. If you’re in Athens during those days you go crazy cause everyone goes to the beach so the public transport are full, the roads are crammed and you feel the heat more than when you’re at a coastal place. True, European countries are so small compared to American ones. Greece is the size of a state lol. Hehe Sungjong and Hoya’s roles reversed in that episode. I remember his walking around and asking to meet a ghost. Haha, I just want to watch that episode now and just laugh at poor Dongwoo who was scared to death and probably felt like he aged 10 years. D.O definitely brought many viewers for that drama. Hehe it’s pretty cool that Ji Chang Wook and Kwangsoo are friends in real life~ it was so nice seeing them on Running Man. Of course I’ll tell you if I watch Nice Guys. Hehe, I’m glad Healer’s high on your list^^ you won’t be disappointed. I just watched the first 5 minutes of the first episode of Healer just to make sure if you’re going to like it. It seems to be interesting for my standards. You’ll have to judge that^^

    Haha it’s the power Asians possess...they never age!! I’m going to age at 30 while you’ll be looking like a princess~ Just like mama Woo looks young. Haha I saw the Taiwanese version of Be practically looks the same. I have the Taiwanese version for B.A.P’s One Shot and Badman cause I didn’t know how to distinguish them back then. Why would they make a Taiwanese version for the Japanese Infinite singles if they look the same?? Is there any difference between the versions? I hate talking about politics in general cause I don’t know anything concerning those topics. But, I will stand up for my country no matter what.

    1. Yeah, I remember you telling me that you didn’t like the solos from OTT. HAHA I wrote OTP instead of OTT. I absolutely love Because but I’m not planning on uploading the rest before I upload their most recent songs. Oh no lol, I don’t have Be Mine Remix and I don’t think I want it. Wasn’t Be Mine Remix added in the Paradise album? Yeah I don’t really want to upload it because it’s basically another version for Be Mine. I’m not really a fan of remixes. There are many songs I want to upload but haven’t done so because of this habit. But eventually I’ll upload them all. Which one should I upload next? Should it be one from Infinite H’s album? Yeah, we’ll just have to wait and see for the Korean version of Dilemma~ Haha yeah, people can get into k-pop by just typing Hi on YouTube. The Good Night Like Yesterday teaser has comments saying, “Now it’s all about Sungkyu.” No my friend, it’s all about the music and the gorgeous MV but since Gyu’s in it I can’t complain. It’s probably just the 7 members for this MV. It’s hard answering those stupid questions...why do people even care about what I upload? Just like it and leave don’t ask me stupid questions.

      Ahhh you don’t know how happy I was yesterday after reading that cause Woohyun and Yeollie were there~ I have to watch the whole episode in order to be sure if they’re there. I’m imagining that they’re there though cause for Hoya the people who were in that video were in the full show as well. You’re welcome for the link. So have you seen the full one for Gyu?

      HAHA looks like you’re getting pissed at the lady as well. 10 weeks is a lot and it’s not efficient at all since I might lose my place ㅠㅠ My life would be so much better if I had the Pokemon struggles instead of the education/stress ones. Haha, this is so random but I used to watch Dora the Explorer in that I think about it why did I even do that? I didn’t know Spanish and I still don’t know. Lol, sorry Teletubbies reminded me of Dora.

      Yeah haha, they make sense to us but other people won’t understand that easily even if we explain them. Yeah, you just have to figure it out if you get into the k-pop world. I don’t remember how I figured it out myself though. I know what OTP is, I don’t know what it stands for though. Haha true, that’s what western artists do. I find this whole changing concept thing amazing~ especially since everything they wear suits them and whatever colour they dye their hair looks good!! Yeah, I was looking at my 1D previous songs and I was asking myself how come I have 73’s because each album has 17 songs. Oh wow, that would have been time consuming but awesome since you earned $200 and you bought Infinite albums. I should do that so I can buy their Japanese singles since I have none of them. Yeah, you practically have everything now so you only need to focus on the current albums^^ Lol, those surveys sound like they’re such a waste of time. Haha yeah, I can camouflage and either be Asian or be just kidding I just look mixed. Yeah, I can’t say Taiwanese cause I don’t look that Asian but then when I say I’m Greek, I still get questioned. Lol even if you said in Korean that you’re not Chinese, they still questioned you. Maybe you can just say that you don’t speak Chinese? Haha nope they won’t be impressed by my Korean since I don’t know a lot but once I learn I’ll try to speak as much as possible.

      Haha Henry most probably only has a Canadian citizenship. So they don’t need to go to the army if they’re not Korean citizens. If he has a Taiwanese citizenship (which I doubt) then he needs to go to the Taiwanese army. Oh don’t you need to go to the army in America? Is it not necessary? Omg I never thought about you think that’s the reason why Korean companies recruit international idols? Haha yeah that’s why I made that comment...I thought I wrote “serious” but I had written “seriously.” (cont)

    2. (cont) Haha omg I’m sorry for making you tired. Don’t worry we all make ridiculous typos and you most probably laugh when you see what I write sometimes. Haha omg I do that so many times when I’m not paying attention; I mean that I put together two words lol. I was watching this random video yesterday and I saw them standing next to each other so I screenshoted them so I can send you the pic but when I checked it one of the two had her hand in front of her face...FAIL lol. Man I’m not kidding, how do they look so similar?

      HAHAHA you watch 2 minutes each time you have nothing else to watch. Why do I feel like if you do this you’re going to be done with episode 10 in two months? Haha at least your remember why Infinite Power were fighting. I kind of remembered though that someone got replaced by Myungsoo. Haha it’s not similar to SNSD but yeah I think you thought about the situation that the members didn’t really want Jessica. Omg Yadong in Sesame Player~ Those couple fights brought them together^^ Both Yadong and Woogyu. Haha good thinking, if you pre-order it 2 days before its release it’s going to be March. Yeah, I feel that way...I’m so happy when I order something and when I’m waiting for it but when it arrives I’m just like “Oh, it’s here.” Yeah, maybe it’s because we expect to get the new album. Haha I’m fine with exercising...sometime I enjoy it. I used to exercise 3/4 times a week by myself when I wasn’t able to go to my kickboxing training. But now I feel like my k-pop songs are not suitable for exercising ㅋㅋ Lol, what should I listen while exercising? Western artists? Not again ㅋㅋ

      Haha seriously don’t worry about it!! Yeol bro bros~ Hehe doesn’t he look more mature than Sungyeol? I suddenly remembered Yeol doing the own face haha. Especially when he smiles with that choding gummy smile...he looks so young and cute!! True, Woohyun/Boohyun and Myungsoo/Moonsoo look more alike than Hoya and his brother. Nothing compares to the Yeol brothers though. I find it so cool that siblings’ names endings are the same. It feels more like family haha. Omg I did it again, I started talking about this and then I saw what you wrote. I have a Chinese name but it’s not official so I can change it whenever I want cause I don’t like it lol. Do you have one? ^^

      Yeah, at least they release full albums. I give SM credit for the design of Pink Tape. It’s an album I’m definitely going to buy sometime. After I’ve finished my Infinite collection then I’ll buy it. That’s my plan lol; after I’ve gotten all my Infinite albums then I’ll buy Pink Tape, both of Lovelyz’ albums and Amber’s solo album. That will be a long time from now haha. It really is such a long time wasted where they could be doing promotions. I still can’t believe that f(x) has NO solo concerts while Infinite have so many. HAHA no way, Woohyun was trying to rap in English in the Destiny in America DVD?? That’s treasure!!

      I was looking at the official exam timetable and my first exam is on the 4th of May while my last one is on the 19th. I have an exam everyday; some days I have 2 and some days I have 3. I’m so done right now that I don’t even feel stress...I’ve given up. I wish I could study as much as you do. I really have to get myself together and make a decent revision timetable that I know I’m going to follow. It’s hard for me though cause after I come back from school I’m so mentally exhausted that I can’t do work. This week was my week off and I should really have done some studying. True, there are many people who have the shortest text messages that have no substance. Haha yeah it was funny seeing Myungsoo trying to strip Yeol during their Man in Love performance. Haha my mom was awake and she came to my room to ask me something...I don’t know if she heard the screaming fans.

    3. Yeah...that was smart on your parents’ behalf. It’s not like I was young when I went to Taiwan (I was 16) I just didn’t appreciate it back then cause my mind was traveling somewhere else and I didn’t want to be in Taiwan so I was complaining all the time that I want to go back to Greece. But I really regret it right now cause it was a once in a lifetime trip and I got to see where my mom was born but I didn’t appreciate it back then. That’s why I keep on blaming myself and saying that I was stupid when I was young cause I was blinded. Infinite definitely rode the bus in Sesame Player. If I remember correctly, they also rode the subway. I’m not sure though, my memory might be deceiving me. Hehe you were getting off at the station where Infinite took a picture!! Haha same, I either start signing to their songs or I ignore what I’m listening to so I can focus and then I don’t remember which songs I listened to.

      Haha I was terrible in drawing faces but I could copy items I saw in front of me. I knew it lol...Monday Night RAW is the most famous one. Yeah, it’s live and it’s the only one that’s worth watching. HAHAHA meeting their families without being creepy...I would fangirl as well and everyone else would think I’m weird. Excuse me guys, I know you came here to eat but you have the person who gave birth to Dongwoo in front of you.

      Yeah I’m getting used to many stuff I though that I wouldn’t like, but it was my first time hearing about that tree thing. For some reason I’m not surprised that they named the stars after Exo members and I don’t find it weird compared to the tree thing lol. I remember reading an article of what a fansite bought Baekhyun for his birthday and I was what a lucky guy. Hehe I know that^^ I’ve read that post~ I’m glad you got to extend it and go to their TSC2.

      Yeah, without me forcing him to do so, he just starts liking the stuff I like. Haha I found it funny when I read it because I could relate so I’m glad you feel the same way! Awhh, early September...and I thought we could be on the same flight ㅋㅋ. Yeah, I’m glad I ended up watching Weekly Idol. We got there at about 6pm and it was sooo cold, like they never have summer over there. So I was like, there’s no way I’m going to visit the city, I’m going to sleep in my room until our flight (4am). But of course I didn’t sleep cause I was used to the time in America and I ended up watching all kinds of Weekly Idol videos. Yeah, at least I eventually decided to get into the world of k-pop^^ Haha so I know that Gangnam Style reached 1 billion views the day I was flying to Taiwan.

      It was really annoying to always reset it and add the correct amount of plays but at least I always knew the original amount so it was easy for me to add one more play. Though that took a lot of time and effort, but after the update to iOS8 got released, the problem was fixed so I was so glad. Ohh that sucks, your phone would accidentally play songs and you have 2 songs that are at least 200 counts too high. I wonder which songs they are ㅋㅋ. Aww now I read that they weren’t Infinite songs so your counts are accurate~ Haha yeah, I’m not bothered to go and write소나기 all the time but omg, Shower sounds so wrong lol. I’d love to see your playlist as well and see how you organize them^^ True, they just are important.

      Haha not really, the Greek system says that whoever’s born in eg.1994, gets to be in the same grade. It doesn’t matter what month you’re born in, while in the British system if you’re born in 1994 but after August the 31st, you automatically go to the grade bellow. So they kind of have people that are from September 1993 – August 1994 in one grade. While in the Greek system they’ll have all the 1994 people together. Why are the British people so complicated? So yeah, I joined this school in year 7 but because I’m born in September, instead of being in year 8 I was put in year 7. Honestly, you did a good thing with starting a blog since you wanted it so much^^ (cont)

    4. (cont) Haha nope, I don’t think I have the time to start a blog because if I do so I’d be too much drawn into it and I would want to make it look good so I wouldn’t spend time in studying. Plus, I wouldn’t even read my own blog lol!! Yeah, I’m glad that they can change our mood anytime and we can wake up being happy once we’ve seen them in our dreams^^

      The IB is a course you do in your last two years of school, it’s just like finishing high school but instead of getting a high school degree, you get an IB diploma. All these exams I was having so far were mock exams in preparation for my real IB exams, which are in May. All the mocks are like school exams, they get corrected by our subject teachers but the real IB exam (in May) will be sent to IB examiners all over the world for them to correct. I do feel like everything Infinite related is the most precious thing I have hehe. I don’t know, since I still don’t have everything, that’s why I get jealous of seeing other people’s beautiful collections. Really? When you went to the k-pop store in Vancouver they had a fake Infinite music video collection? I’m really scared of fake things...I don’t know why, they scare me a lot. I just have a fear that I’m going to get them by accident. Isn’t buying the Japanese one an option since the Korean on doesn’t have subs either? Actually, I just did a research...the Japanese versions includes an extra DVD that the Korean one doesn’t have.

      Haha Sung Joon!! I don’t know how that guy is full Korean...he looks so tropical and flowerish, haha that makes no sense. I mean he looks unique. Haha I had my mouth open for about 5 minutes after Byung Hee died. Haha cool, you have the whole set of handcreams including the ugly SUFBB one. I would buy Korean handcream...actually I would buy anything Etude House sells. That store looks amazingly gorgeous!! And then I’d probably never use it haha. I should be using hand cream cause I have dry skin on my hands but I hate it so even if I put it on, I wash it off in seconds lol. Now that I think that she’s younger than makes no sense!! Does younger than Sungjong exist? Just like Gyu said “There’s people born in 2003?”

      I was just wondering since the video for that interview is out, but there are no subs for it. I just read the translations some people did on Tumblr and watched the video after it got released. They mention Yadong in the interview and they were asking them what kind of porn they watch lol.

    5. I think back then I sounded too childish and was more fangirling than making informative posts so maybe that's why that girl was so mean? Lol but that's no excuse. Thank you^^ hehe I'm always happy to see you spamming my email! Ooh you're right, I can see which country people are currently looking at my blog, but not which post. Haha I should see how high Greece is on that, it's usually just people from Asia and North America. I looked it up and surprisingly Greece isn’t in the top 10 of all time, but it is for all the shorter periods of time lol.

      The day you see a drama with the 2nd lead, it'll be such a surprise! I also saw one where it was the 2nd woman (like the mean one) getting the lead guy and the main girl being alone! That one was a real shocker. Haha yah, that drama was really bad anyways so it doesn't even deserve Myungsoo's presence! Haha that keeps happening, I mention another group and you're listening to their song^^ Thank you for the clip!! (OOOH okay lol I got too excited, ignore my reaction below…I read your sentence saying that this video is a teaser of the plan for the drama, but I took it as it was the teaser for the drama. So I thought they were clips from their latest drama, but now I know they’re just past clips. Please ignore my excitement lol, but I didn’t want to delete it anyways lol). OOOHHHHH Omg I don’t know how I found this out, but these clips I’m pretty sure are just clips from those celebrities’ previous acting roles. In this fanmade video from 2013 shows Gyu and that girl at 0:31 in the clip you sent me. At 0:59 [] Lol so the reason I decided to still show this to you despite me being so stupid, was because these clips are from Gyu in The Thousandth Man!! A drama I have yet to watch but it just got me so excited because seeing Gyu act…hehe. Hmm I really don't know about Gyu’s comeback, maybe they want the episodes to air while he's promoting to make both the drama and his cd successful? LOL all Infinite members look alike :/ Is she so blind. Haha sometimes I do think Caucasians look the same, but I try my best to distinguish them instead of labeling them as all the same. LOL I can't believe everyone else said all Asians look the same...they couldn't think of anything else. Haha you said sheep...I'm sure sheep don't feel like they all look the same though! Hahaha no all this is so interesting, I like hearing about it! Ooh I see, so racism has always been big so people teach that within families so everyone thinks that way. Wow it seems soo horrible when it gets so hot in Athens! Hehe I want to watch that episode again too, just for Dongwoo! Hahaha he probably did feel like he aged so much because of that episode. Haha so many Exo fans watched that drama but I’m just there to see Kwangsoo~ HAHA you watched the first 5 minutes of Healer for me! I heard it’s like City Hunter, which was my first antivigilant/crime drama and it was so amazing, so I think I’ll like Healer just as much^^

      HAHA no no Asians age well but with so much stress, I’ll be having plenty of gray hairs by the time I’m 30. I’ve already found 2 or so long gray strands. Hehe Mama Woo and her infinite youngness^^ Yah I think the only difference with the Taiwanese Be Back is the DVD, a slip of paper with the lyric translation, and I think a poster that’s practically the same. Are your Taiwanese B.A.P albums the same as the Korean ones? Yah I don’t really know why they’d make Taiwanese Japanese albums when they’re literally the same. Ahh I had to read my old blog post to see what the difference for the Taiwanese Japanese albums is lol. So because Taiwan isn’t region 2, they had to make it all region, so only the DVD version is the Taiwanese version, and it also comes with the translated lyrics sheet. I think this all started after the SM merger, releasing these Taiwanese versions. (cont)

    6. (cont) Wait a second…but my Dilemma is the Japanese version, and that’s also all region, and same with Koi No Sign…ahhh so now I really don’t know what’s the point of having the Taiwanese version. That’s a good point, though we don’t know much about politics, it’s still good to stand up for our country no matter what.

      Haha you looked back and saw you wrote OTP. Lol it’s like how our fingers are trained to type “Lovelyz”, they’re also trained to type OTP. That’s a good plan, uploading the newer songs first. Ahh you’re right, Be Mine Remix was from Paradise. I keep forgetting since I got OTT only for the photobook and not for the songs itself. I really like the remix version of Be Mine, but of course the original one is the best, and like you said it’s basically the same as the original, just the instrumental part is different. I think the most versions of one song I have on my playlist is Be Mine (original, remix, Japanese, instrumental) and 60 Seconds (Gyu, Infinite, instrumental, and Gyu hidden track) and She’s Back (original, remix, Korean, instrumental), and then all those play counts get dispersed so the original songs that should be high on my list are still low lol. I don’t really like remixes either but any Infinite song, I just must have lol. Hehe yah you should upload another H song, to get more in the Yo mood^^ Or As Good As It Gets, like we were talking about on Line! Ahh these past few days I’ve been getting emotional listening to that song because it was their closing song at TSC2. I’m so glad they didn’t do a sad song like With.. again (I don’t get why it has two .. lol) because it just makes everyone so sad at the end of a concert. Yah I was thinking how having Gyu in the MV was just bringing all the Inspirits over, so I understand they wouldn’t want to have another Infinite member, like showing that Lovelyz can’t make it on their own or like they need Infinite to do well. Lol “just like it” haha forcing them to like it first before moving on.

      Hehe I’m so happy reading that Woohyun and Yeol were there made you happy^^ Yah you’re right, since Hoya had people Gyu should have too. I still haven’t watched it……I think during my spring break I can watch stuff, but I signed up for this program thing during then so it’ll take my precious Infinite time away from me >.<

      Seriously the whole college process stresses me out, like waiting to hear it you’ve been accepted is so hard, and she’s just making it so much worse! Haha why did you watch Dora in Spanish? Were you learning Spanish back then? Haha oh now you ask yourself why, nevermind lol. Haha that’s funny that you randomly watched it in Spanish. That’s cool they have it in Spanish for you to watch.

      OTP means One True Pairing lol. HAHA see, that makes complete sense. It took me forever to understand OTL and OTZ, but I guess only kpop people do these too even though it can be applied to anything. What I don’t understand is OT7…like one true 7? So it’s just all the members together I guess? Ooh and when I first only liked CNBlue, I looked them up and saw they had a fanclub named Boice, and I had no idea what a fanclub was or what Boice meant. I never associated myself with being a Boice…but now that I know about Inspirit, I definitely consider myself an Inspirit! It just feels so right and like I identify with that label lol. Hehe yah the whole changing concept thing is pretty cool, and like you said everything suits them so well (I will not bring back up Come Back Again era other than this sentence lol). Wow, 1D albums have like 17 songs each? That’s amazing. Haha but with kpop it’s about eras and promotions so they could never have so many perfectly promotion-worthy songs in one album. And I like it this way, like Infinite can promote 2+ songs from each album versus having such a full length album, they wouldn’t be promoting so many of those songs. (cont)

    7. (cont) I think I did those surveys for about 1.5 years and I was able to buy so much from that. I regret buying some special edition CNBlue stuff from that though…it should have gone towards Infinite CDs! I can’t wait until you start collecting their Japanese albums more! They were such a waste of time, but I felt so bad spending my dad’s money on albums I could have just got through surveys, and I listened to Infinite then so it was time well spent hehe. Haha darn, it’s too bad you can’t just camouflage into one or the other, you’re just mixed lol. Ahh I should have just said I don’t speak Chinese instead of saying I’m not Chinese. If you go to the more remote places of Seoul, they’ll be impressed even if you just say the basic greetings I think!

      Oh lol Henry’s Canadian? I’m so sorry I can’t keep up, I’m sure you’ve told me that before. Hmm but if he’s a dual citizen, I wonder if he has to go to the Taiwanese army or not. I guess he still would since he’s still a Taiwanese citizen (if he is). Haha yah you’re not forced to go to the army in the States, it’s all voluntary now. But before young men were drafted into the army (like last century). How is it in Greece? I feel like that is why Korean companies would recruit international idols, like especially because Korea is so nationalistic I feel like they wouldn’t want international idols, but money is more important than nationalism so they would want international idols lol. Haha no it’s my fault, I always respond after I finish homework, so it’s like 10PM and I can’t process anything anymore lol. It’s not even that late but the older you get…I feel like I’ve aged so much lol. Haha putting together two words without realizing it. Haha thanks for trying to screenshot a photo of them for me. That’s funny her hand covered her face!!

      Haha yah 2 minutes at a time is the most I can handle of MLG. Haha I only remember the Infinite related stuff from that drama, but I honestly don’t want to see Krystal or Rain or anyone else, but at the same time I hate watching cuts because they have no context (as we’ve said so before). Lol such a dilemma. Hehe the couple fights in Sesame Player^^ I’m so excited about OGSR now coming with a poster, so I’m glad I didn’t pre-order it just yet. Now I really have to put up this poster, though I only have one spot left and it was supposed to be for Be Back…yay I’m glad you feel the same way about packages, though it’s sad because we should be so excited about them. That’s so good you exercised so often! I’ve never had the motivation, which is bad. You should listen to those poppy kpop songs to get you going! Or just start dancing to them^^

      HAHA Yeol doing the owl face, omg he hasn’t done that in forever! Now I really miss Choding Yeol. This definitely shows that Daeyeol seems more mature hehe. Definitely, nothing compares to the Yeol bros! Yah, I like how siblings have similar names too to make them more like a family. HAHA I didn’t even notice you wrote something I commented on, lol don’t worry I definitely did that in this post too. Haha you can change your name whenever you want. My grandfather gave me a Chinese name, and it’s more like a boyish name but I still really like it. And then I asked my Korean friend to translate it to Korean, and it’s really ugly: 황유군. My last name is like Sungyeol’s in HSLO hehe. I told my Korean teacher this translation and she said it was ugly and that I should change it to유리 and I was so offended because 1) this is a name my grandfather chose for me so it's important and 2) why would I want to be named after someone from SNSD. For my brother and me, we share the same first syllable. Do you and your brother have similar names?

    8. Yah Pink Tape does look pretty cool! Hehe Infinite is priority^^ Do you plan to collect all of Lovelyz’ albums? I wish I only got the repackaged version, though Girls’ Invasion is really pretty. I think I’ll only try to complete my Infinite collection, and then buy albums from other groups that I like the songs. Yah it’s ridiculous f(x) doesn’t have an official fanclub name or any solo concerts; I’m so grateful Infinite has had so many concerts! Hehe now you really have to get the Destiny in America DVD to see Rapper Hyun ㅋㅋ

      Wow that’s a long time for exams!! No, don’t give up!!!! Keep going, it’ll all be worth it and so rewarding(?) once it’s all over! Then you’ll have plenty of time to relax with Infinite^^ Oh that is so difficult since you have a full day of school on top of it, plus the school bus takes forever to get you home. At least you were hopefully able to enjoy yourself and relax this week before all the stress comes back! Hehe yah I’m grateful for our Line conversations~ At first I honestly didn’t think we’d talk on that but we talk so much on there too lol. Hehe omg I hope to see Myungsoo trying to strip Yeol in OGSR DVD!! Haha your mom’s probably used to the noises coming out of your room by now^^

      Aww I wish you could go back to Taiwan and appreciate it, especially like you said since it’s a once in a lifetime trip. Ahh okay out of all the variety shows, I have to rewatch Sesame Player first. Before going to Seoul, I wanted to rewatch everything and go to all those places, but it’s just so much to watch lol. Oh yah I’m exactly like that, I can’t recall which song just played because I’m too focused.

      HAHA “you have the person who gave birth to Dongwoo in front of you.” I know right, like OMG think just how amazing their parents are to have had such a perfect son, who wouldn’t be excited!

      Haha you really think the tree thing is weird? The star thing is weird to me because it’s a star you can’t see and it’s like they have so much money but they’re practically throwing it away. But the trees, it’s being green and everyone can visit it hehe. I did think it was weird at first too, but seeing it in person is amazing…it’s the closest I’ll be to them lol. I was like taking selcas with each tree…oh gosh I looked so stupid over there lol. Haha sometimes I think I talk too much on these posts…

      Oooh that would have been so cool if we were on the same flight! Ahh yah 6pm is late enough and you just got off a long flight and you’re jet lagged, it’s understandable. Ahh such an early flight, 4am! Which reminds me, there was one time I kept saying some time like “4pm? 4pm? 4pm?” like I was thinking about some Infinite event going on or something, and my mom was like “you talking about the band?” Somehow she heard about 2pm before and thought I meant that lol. Haha that is cool to know that song reached 1 billion views on the day of your flight.

      That’s good you knew the original play counts at least. I’m glad the update fixed it. Haha the songs are Modern Times by IU and the song by Lee Seunggi that Myungsoo sang in SIE^^ Hehe yup not Infinite songs, which is such a relief. It’s weird, if I buy songs on iTunes, it sometimes duplicates the song so the play count gets split between them…it’s so frustrating. Haha I’ll stop using Shower from now on, it’s just so unnatural sounding! Lol I have this app that tells me my play counts (Music Stats) and I could actually email you my list of top 100 played if you really want to see them (I’m not sure if you care?) lol.

    9. Ahh that sucks about the schooling system! Does the Greek system start at the same time too (like September to June) as British or are they different? Ahh yah blogging is time consuming (ooh on those rare days that I’m bored of Infinite songs, I listen to them on shuffle and just now they played Over The Top and then Be Mine and I was so excited since they’re consecutive! Haha I get excited over stupid things) and I keep changing my formatting every few months, but I don’t have time to change my older posts so everything looks out of whack. And I used to do 8 posts per month but now it’s 4 per month…I don’t want to look like I have an inactive blog, but school is just too time consuming! Haha I hardly ever read my blog, only when I need to look things up (like the Taiwanese Japanese cd thing). Hehe it’s the best waking up being happy after seeing Infinite in our dreams^^

      Ooh so for your first two years of high school it was “normal” (I’m sure it was still super hard being an international school), and then your last two are IB. So if people fail these exams, they’ll end up with no type of high school diploma? IB seems so frightening…yah, I really get scared of fake things too! When I first got into kpop, I visited Australia and went to a store that had real CDs but fake concert DVDs, and I didn’t care and just bought the fake DVDs…I feel so stupid about that (they were CNBlue and FTIsland, NOT Infinite lol). But now that I know about music charts and the importance of supporting the artists, and just having real albums in general is amazing, so now I hate those fake DVDs. Like how can I have these unofficial goods in my collection…I don’t think you’ll get fake items by accident! They’re usually obviously fake and not trying to replicate the real thing. Yah that’s true the Korean one doesn’t have subs, so it’s like the same as buying the Japanese one. Wait what, the Japanese Infinitize comes with an extra DVD?!?!? Oooohhhhh now I’m so curious…I would have only considered the Korean one, even if it’s more expensive.

      Haha tropical and flowerish, you have a way with words^^ I could see him in those floral Hawaiian shirts, if that’s what you meant! Lol yah I got really obsessed with all those Korean beauty products too, before I got into Infinite. (Ahh Koi No Sign is playing now and I can’t process it because I’ve been listening to 가슴이 뛴다 on repeat for the past week or so, and I've been memorizing the lyrics so I can perfectly recite from "Don't know why" to the middle of the chorus (like I've made sure my pronouncation is accurate and I can sing it without the music) and I'm not trying to memorize the rest. I really want to start memorizing the Infinite songs hehe. But listening to the Japanese version is throwing me all off! Ugh if I add together my Korean and Japanese plays for this song, it would be 4th song in my playlist, the spot it so deserves, instead of being 14th and 52nd!) Yah Etude’s products are all sooo pretty!! Lol I bought so much stuff that’s just in my bathroom, unopened. Haha you wash off hand cream in seconds. Haha “does younger than Sungjong exist?” lol. HAHA I remember Gyu saying that, omg that was hilarious!!! Another great Ranking King episode~

      Ooh no one subbed that interview yet? Ugh why must they ask them that……

    10. Ahh nevermind about what I said about listening to Over the Top then Be Mine! I got the intros mixed up because I was focusing on replying; I realized this when I made the same mistake listening to an intro and then BTD played next lol.

  5. Seriously, that’s not an excuse to leave these kinds of comments. I’m sure many people think Myungsoo’s theirs though haha. Aww I kind of feel bad to spam your e-mail. Oh that’s cool you have Asian readers^^ I’m still not in the top 10 of all time but I guess I will be...or maybe not since I’m going to move. Though it’s at the top 10 for the shorter periods of time hehe.

    I wonder what kind of drama gave the 2nd lead happiness. Oh wow there’s a mean woman who gets the guy and the main girl’s left along? I wasn’t expecting that...what kind of evil drama is that? Lol. Oh was that drama really bad? Then I’m glad Myungsoo was cut lol. Haha it seems like it does happen often. I think it’s a teaser for the plan of the drama since they said they’re going to start filming on the end of February. I watched it again and I’m sure it’s a teaser for the plan of the drama since as you said it’s showing them from previous dramas. Oh wow February only has 28 days so today’s the last day. Ohh that girl’s from Kara, right? To be honest I didn’t know that Gyu had acted in another drama. I have to see it!! Yeah, maybe they’ll have him do both together. If he does that though he might be tired...We’ll see what they’re planning since they announced Infinite’s comeback today at the fansigning. Remember? We were saying that they’re going to announce something a while ago. Haha yeah, major lol...Dongwoo definitely looks like Myungsoo or Sungjong >.< Haha you sometimes think that Caucasians look the same? Maybe I’m different and every other Asian thinks that Caucasians look the same...I know right, they said that Asians all look the same and I was questioning myself who do I look like? I don’t was a lesson on stereotypes so I guess it’s a stereotype that all Asians look alike?! I had no idea that stereotype existed. And I was like the only one who said sheep. Yeah, I’m sure sheep don’t feel like they all look the same lol. I feel like deep down everyone is somehow racist it’s just other people express it more and other people don’t express it at all. Basically what happens is that there is a typical stereotype for a Greek mom and generally Greek families. They want their children to marry another Greek wife/husband and have Greek kids so that’s kind of passed down though generations. Obviously there are exceptions, like my grandparents who let my dad marry my mom who’s Asian, but it’s the minority. Haha I would watch the whole Ranking King again, but because I saw it recently, I’m probably going to watch it again during the summer. Haha true, I’m going to be watching that drama for Kwangsoo now that I know that he’s in it!! Yeah, I watched the first 5 minutes and I think you’ll like it. I’ve never seen City Hunter, but I read it’s about this bombing thing? Just to make sure if it’s similar to Healer.

    They age but they start aging at 70?! Omg, I never had the thought of me having grey hair. Omg, what am I going to do the day that comes? Lol, panicking from now. Don’t worry, that’s common for black hair to have gray strands. I had this classmate back in year 10 which had many gray strands. Yeah, it’s always a slip of paper with the translated lyrics and the DVD. My Taiwanese versions are bigger in size than the Korean ones, that’s why I was wondering what the difference is for the Infinite ones. And they obviously have the DVD and that annoying sheet of paper with the translated lyrics. I regret buying them...but I had no idea they were the Taiwanese versions back then. Lol, that’s really random as to why they would make Taiwanese versions of the Japanese Infinite albums. Oh well, since now they’re starting to be for all regions, I don’t think they’ll continue making Taiwanese versions. So is there no way to tell the two apart? Like does the Taiwanese version say something in Chinese?

    1. Haha I swear I’ve never written OTP in my life. It’s the first time I’m writing it. I think I was spacing out and wrote OTP because I’m such an idiot. Yeah, you already had Paradise when you got OTT so you didn’t use the CD. I like the remix version of Be Mine as well, but I don’t like having duplicate songs. That’s why I’ve only uploaded Can You Smile (Remake) and 60 Seconds (Infinite Version). Oh that’s right, you also have the Japanese versions of all the songs. Haha was the Korean Remix version of She’s Back released in the Japanese She’s Back album? I’m definitely though going to add both Gyu versions of 60 Seconds and Can You Smile from Evolution. I would feel bad though that they have low playcounts compared to the ones I already have. Yeah I agree, Infinite’s remixes are the best~ Haha omg the Yo mood^^ I decided to upload As Good As It Gets and after Jekyll and Hyde have a decent amount of plays, I’ll upload another H song^^ It’s so cool that they played it as a closing song at TSC2 since they always choose kind of sad songs. With has two dots? I though it had three: With... HAHA. Yeah, but it was nice seeing Gyu in Good Night Like Yesterday, plus that wasn’t even their title song. I’m excited to see the Hi~ MV tomorrow^^ Haha I was trying to sound cool, “just like it and leave…” just kidding. I don’t mind if they don’t like it. It’s for me to see and enjoy!!

      Hehe it really made me happy to see Woohyun and Yeol. Now I only have to see the full version. Aww that’s kind of cool, what kind of program did you sign up for? Though that takes away some of your free time...

      Yeah, I know what you mean...people are asking me when am I going to get results for my application but I haven’t submitted the transcript yet so I can’t get results. She had is ready, but she told me to check it and I found mistakes, so she’s correcting it. We had a satellite back then with channels from all around the world because my mom wanted to watch the Taiwanese news, so that’s why I found a channel with Dora in Spanish. I don’t know why I used to watch’s so weird now that I think about it.

      Lol, that’s interesting. OTL, OTZ? Wow I’ve never heard of those. I need to do some searching. Lol, what the hell? Those are so stupid!! HAHAHAHA I’ve been laughing at my self for the past five minutes cause all this time I thought OT7 means all the 7 and I was reading the “O” as an “A”...HAHAHA oll the 7 HAHAHA. I’m so retarded!! True, we also have the fanclub names^^ It’s amazing to belong to a fanclub; especially Infinite’s since Inspirit is such an awesome name~ Boice must have a meaning behind why it’s been named this way. All the concepts are amazing~ and of course everything suits them well. To be honest, they rocked Come Back Again era. Who would have done it better? Yeah, 1D have like 17 tracks per album. That’s too much now that I think about it. Omg yes, in k-pop it’s all about eras and promoting~ It seems like k-pop artists work their butts off compared to all the western artists. They really have talents~ And their voices are no joke...people say omg k-pop they’re all cute and never sing live, but it’s the exact opposite. They have great voices, from the sub-vocals all the way to the main vocals!! Same, I love it this way. I love seeing them promote 2+ songs and I love seeing all the comebacks, no matter which artists it is. You did earn a lot from those surveys so they were worth the time. I know what you mean, I feel so bad spending my dad’s money on albums so that’s why I’m not rushing to buy all of Infinite’s albums that I’m missing. I could do so, but I’m being considerate since he’s done so much for me and I’m waiting to go to Canada and earn my own money so I can buy the rest. I’m just a mixed person who cannot be identified as a special “kind” lol. Haha do you think they will be impressed if we just say the basic greetings in the more remote places of Seoul?

    2. Remember that we were talking about the next SM artist...apparently it’s Donghae and Eunhyuk of Suju. Henry should have a Canadian citizenship since he was born in Canada. Haha don’t worry, I’ve told you before that him mom is Taiwanese and his dad is from Hong Kong. I don’t know if he has 2+ citizenships. Oh that’s cool, you don’t need to go to the army if you don’t want in the States. For us over here, you’re forced to go to the army once you’re done with high school. But you can delay it if you go to university. It’s not as long as for Koreans though. I was surprised about how long they have to go to the army for. Oh true, it’s something I never thought about. That should be a reason why the companies recruit international idols. What about the girls though? They don’t need to go to the army. I know how you brain is like that 24/7. When I’m at school, I want to go home and when I’m home I want to go back to school. Haha no problem, it would have been nice if it came out fine and I was able to send it to you.

      Haha 2 minutes...that’s less than your 5-minute judging time when it comes to new dramas. Haha you don’t want to see Krystal or Rain but you don’t want to watch cuts because they’re pointless. I guess you just have to continue watching 2 minutes of it every time then. Yay!! Since you didn’t pre-order it yet, you can now do so with the poster. I don’t think I can cancel my order and order it again with the free poster. I think I’m fine with not getting a poster. You do have to put yours up though!! It will be a special poster~ though Be Back posters are special as well since you were in Seoul during the Be Back era. Yeah, I agree it’s kind of sad because we should be so excited about receiving them. Haha I used I don’t have the time. I’m going to start for sure after my exams are over...I’m not going to the beach looking like this. True, I should make a list of the poppy k-pop songs, though I feel that I’m going to start dancing. No worries, dancing is also exercising!!

      HAHA every time I think of Yeol’s owl face, I associate it with his We No Speak Americano dance and I just start laughing. Omg he was such a choding back then!! Haha, Daeyeol seems more conservative...I can’t wait to see him debut as the leader of Infinite Junior. It’s really cool that they do that with sibling names~ Aww your grandpa gave you a Chinese name!! I even like it in Korean!! Hehe your last name is like Yeollie’s in HSLO. Lol, why would you change your name if your teacher tells you too? Nope, no way. It’s special to you since your grandpa chose it so don’t change it. True, there’s an SNSD member named 유리. Nope. You and your brother share the same syllable for your Chinese names? My brother’s name and mine are completely different. I wouldn’t want to share something in common with him (hehe I’m being mean again). Oh it’s a Greek tradition to name your child over the husband’s parent’s name. So I have my grandma’s name.

      Infinite is always my priority!! I don’t know if I’ll collect all of Lovelyz’ albums. I think it has to do with the songs in each album. I would love to have Girl’s Invasion and the repackaged one though since the concepts are so nice. I don’t know what I’m going to do with B.A.P be honest I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy their album if they come back. Haha I feel so bad saying this. I’m grateful Infinite has had so many concerts and will keep on having concerts. I want to see how much SM can annoy f(x) fans...since 2009 they haven’t done a thing for f(x). Haha I will definitely get Destiny in America and see Rapper Hyun~ㅋㅋ

    3. It’s such a long period of tiring exams...I feel so doomed now that Infinite announced their May comeback. It’s interfering with my exams. I only have one hope...and that’s for them to come back after the 19th since I will have been done with my exams then. But even with that...the teasers will have started at least 2 weeks before. Ahh I’m so doomed. I’m already feeling the stress. I need to figure out a plan to revise everything before Infinite comes back. Starting tomorrow, I’m planning a serious schedule. I love talking to you on Line cause it’s like us having little random convos and they’re fun. Haha I feel like they strip each other when they know that the concert is not going to be recorded. I would love to seem them do that in OGRS though!! Lol, yeah for sure she should be used of screaming fans.

      Yeah, same...I really want to go back to Taiwan and be able to appreciate it since it was an amazing trip and definitely once in a lifetime. I don’t think we’re ever going to go again. Hehe yes, before going to Seoul you have to rewatch Sesame Player so you can visit all the places Infinite went to~

      Haha seriously, you have the person who gave birth to Dongwoo in front of you and you’re not going to thank them for giving birth to him? I wonder how proud of him his mom is. How perfect can the parents be, to give birth to an angel like him?

      Yeah, I most probably have to go and visit the trees in order to think that it’s not as weird hehe. I really want to visit them though~ For some reason naming a star sounds really precious but stupid at the same time haha. Omg I can imagine you talking selcas with each tree!! Hi there tree~

      Yeah, it would have been so cool. Though we would probably blame ourselves for not meeting each other in the plane haha. Yeah, 4am is such an early flight though when we got to Athens I really wanted to sleep because it was night in America. It was so hard for me to get used to the time. HAHA you were saying 4pm and your mom heard 2pm. After all this time in the k-pop world, I watched Gangnam Style and Gentleman again just to see who’s in his MVs and I was so happy to see many familiar faces that I finally recognize.

      Haha thank god for that update or else I would be fixing plays till this day. Aww Modern Times and Lee Seung Gi’s song. Thank you for that. I downloaded his song now that I know it’s from him^^ I really wanted to download Myungsoo’s version but I didn’t do so cause I wouldn’t enjoy it as much when I watch the concert. It duplicates the song and the play counts split between them? That’s so weird. Haha Shower sounds like a song for someone who’s taking a shower lol. Oh you have an app? That’s right; since your phone is android you don’t need iTunes to add songs to your phone. Sure that would be cool!!

      Yeah it really sucks. Yeah, all the schools are September – June except from the universities. I think those are from October – July. I’m not sure about that though. Haha omg that’s so cool!! Do you know how many times I have the feeling that Last Romeo will start playing after Season 2? And it never does!! When that day comes, I’ll be partying. Omg no, you don’t get excited over stupid things. I always have that in mind. Maybe we both get excited over stupid things haha. It’s because you have a lot of work to do, that’s why you don’t post as much. At least you still post!! You don’t look like you have an inactive blog. Haha by the way which Japanese single you have is a Taiwanese version? Hehe yes, it’s the best feeling!!

      It’s really confusing to explain. My first two years of high school were not normal. In year 10 I had to prepare for my iGCSE exams and I gave my official ones in year 11. It was a two-year course just like the IB. And then to be able to do the IB diploma program you had to have decent iGCSE scores. British universities really care about iGCSE exams and since we’re a British school, we do them cause the schools in the UK do it. But you’re right if you fail you IB you have no high school diploma, you have to redo it. (cont)

    4. (cont) Omg, I feel the same for my B.A.P Taiwanese version DVDs, it was my first time at a k-pop store so I thought everything was real. Though I realized that the Taiwanese versions don’t have the gold sticker. I’m always scared of fake items. Oh, do you think that the fakes don’t try to replicate the real thing? Okay, that’s good to know. Yeah, after my successful research about the Infinitize Showcase DVD, I found out that the Korean one doesn’t have subs 100% while the Japanese one has Japanese subs. The Japanese one is more expensive cause it has an extra DVD containing extra footage. CDJapan still sells both of them. HMV had one of them but someone bought it so it’s gone so I was kind of panicking about that haha. But then I found out that CDJapan still has them.

      HAHA I’m seriously so weird sometimes, please don’t listen to those words that make no sense haha. Yo mood...HAHAHA I seriously do have a way with words. HAHAHA him in floral Hawaiian shirts, that would suit him so much. I didn’t really mean that. I meant that he looks like a flower boy but you know...I couldn’t express myself properly. Flowerish...seriously? Was I drunk? Lol. Oh that’s so cool you’ve memorized a bit of 가슴이 뛴다 and you can sing it without the music~ I’ve never tried that for 가슴이 뛴다. Actually I don’t know the lyrics of by heart. Hehe, that’s why I don’t have the Japanese versions. Koi No Sign is awesome though. If 가슴이 뛴다 wasn’t released, I would still have it on my playlist. Etude that store is gorgeous!! I told myself that I had never seen a prettier store than Victoria’s Secret but Etude House looks so amazing!! I do...if I put hand cream on I feel weird so I wash it off. Haha just like Gyu said... “There’s people born in 2003?”

      Yeah, no one’s subbed the interview yet and that’s probably because pikicast had released gifs of the interview and everyone translated those. But it’s funny to watch the video even without subs. Haha it was funny cause Hoya said he doesn’t like porn and Dongwoo was asking him “You like the real thing huh?” while laughing like an idiot.

      Ohh…and I thought it was luck that you got Be Mine after OTT. I’m still waiting for the Last Romeo Season 2 miracle.

    5. Haha so many people think that their bias is theirs…-.- Infinite is meant to be shared by everyone since they bring so much happiness and joy to so many people! Lol don’t feel bad at all for spamming my email^^ Sometimes I read your reply on my phone email so it’s nice! Oooh that’s true, you’ll be going to Canada…Canada is my #2 for anything lol. You’ll probably bring it to #1!

      HAHA it wasn’t an evil nor a bad drama, the main girl was really annoying and seriously had no chance with the guy. Like you know how typically they have the girl that has no chance with the guy, yet they usually end up together? But I had no sympathy for this girl because she really didn’t deserve him, so I’m glad it turned out like that. Oooh yah that means they’re starting filming, yay!!!! Lol I have no idea who that girl is…my limited knowledge. Gyu had a cameo in Woohyun’s drama, 1000th Man, but it was such a small production drama I think, because it’s hard to find much about it. That’s true, that’d be a lot to do, working on his drama on top of coming back and promoting. I was hoping they’d announce about Gyu’s comeback during the fanmeeting, but I’m so happy they announced Infinite’s comeback (I’m so sorry for it being in May though!!!!). And they performed Request!!! And Korean Dilemma…why…good thing I stopped listening to Dilemma for a few months now, as if I was waiting for the Korean version lol. Haha Dongwoo totally looks like Myungsoo or Sungjong, no doubt about it -.- I only sometimes think Caucasians look the same, like in movies (I could not tell for the life of me what was going on in Hobbit, they all do look the same). Haha yah that’s a big stereotype, all Asians look the same. Yah I agree, everyone has some degree of racism, and I have colored friends who are all for equal rights, but then they go bashing Caucasians and that’s just racist also. Wow, that’s really cool that your grandparents let your dad marry your mom then, since it’s so strict. I thought all western countries didn’t care about interracial marriages, I thought it was only Asian cultures that cared about marrying the same race, so that’s so interesting that Greek is like that too! City Hunter is about this guy who’s trying to kill 5 guys who betrayed and killed his father long time ago (I think? I have bad memory…) but it wasn’t really about bombing. Is Healer about bombing?

      Haha you with gray hair, that will be so long from now! Wow really, someone had so many gray strands already in year 10? That makes sense the Taiwanese version is bigger than the Korean, since they have to fit the DVD. Yah I understand, how are we supposed to know there is a Taiwanese version when no one really advertises it…it’s deceiving. My parents bought me the Taiwanese Japanese CDs when they were in Taiwan, so maybe they make it because it’s cheaper, local? It’s hard to tell, but in the fine print on the back cover it says Universal Taiwan instead of Universal Japan.

      HAHA OThetoP! I keep doing that for SUFBB, I keep writing SHUFBB…like “shut”. Every time I abbreviate things, it just confuses me more! Aww I love both versions of Can You Smile so much, and they’re so different! There are these dramatic raindrop like sounds, it’s amazing. Ahh also 60 Seconds Infinite version is so different from Gyu’s since there’s no rapping in Gyu’s! Lol so you’ll never upload the other versions? Ugh and then I read you sentence lol, I never learn! Yah I originally felt that too, that it’ll completely throw off the play count, but after a couple of years it’s pretty balanced now and doesn’t bother me. Haha yup, there’s a Korean Remix of She’s Back; that single had She’s Back Japanese, Remix, and Come Back Again Japanese (which is such a random combination). Hehe As good As It Gets~~ great choice!! Lol I love how you plan your playlist so accordingly. Oh lol With does have 3 dots…2 would be too random lol. Ahhh it was Voice of My Heart that has 2 dots lol. (cont)

    6. (cont) That’s true, Good Night Like Yesterday isn’t their title song, so I’m glad Gyu was in it^^ The MV is already coming out tomorrow?? Yay I’m excited too! Hehe that’s true, you post what you like and who cares what others think!

      It’s this program with other college students and this employer assigns us real business challenges? They didn’t give much detail but it seems really intimidating and not fun for spring break lol.

      At least your transcript thing is slowly progressing…slowly lol. That’s cool you could watch channels from around the world! Ahh you could have watched Korean channels hehe. Lol do you remember any Spanish?

      I had no idea what OTL and OTZ were, and when I learned, it is pretty stupid lol, and it has nothing to do with kpop yet I think it’s only within kpop? Well at least I don’t know who else would use those. HAHA “all the 7”, that’s really funny!!!!! I can’t stop laughing! Boice means “Blue Voice” but I’m still like…uhhh…okay? Lol. Haha that’s true, no one else could have pulled off Come Back Again era, but those random cuts in their hair in the photoshoot…I agree, kpop artists are constantly promoting, but I feel like western artists just release a full album each year, and it’s not like they have music shows to promote at each day or anything. I agree, they can sing well, each member, and live is even more amazing. That’s good you’re not rushing to buy all of Infinite’s albums, especially since we don’t get that “rush” as much from getting packages anyways…so it’s good to space it out I guess. It’s good you’re planning to earn your own money to buy the rest-my dad’s like that too, but I just feel bad for buying so many albums. Well since you can read hangul, I think if you ordered in Korean the places where they can’t speak English as much (like the non touristy places and the non collegy areas), they’d be happy you were trying to communicate with them in their own language!

      Oh right I did hear those two from Suju were next. Oh wait, Henry’s dad is from Hong Kong??? Lol I seriously don’t remember that at all!! Does he speak Cantonese then?? Omg he does…wait this sounds familiar…why do I have such short term memory lol. Whoa, Greeks have to go to the army too, I didn’t know that. Yah Koreans and Taiwanese have to go for a long time…that’s a significant portion of people’s young lives when they’re just starting college/career/family, etc. yah girls don’t need to go to the army, but I feel like boy groups are just more popular, so they recruit more international guys? Like I can only recall two members of Miss A are Chinese? And maybe one from Wonder Girls? There are probably lots more that I have no idea about.

      Haha that’s true, it just shows just how much I don’t want to watch MLG. I realized that the site I usually order from hasn’t given me loyalty points for my past two orders, so I emailed them about that (lol I’m arguing over 40 cents) so I want to get that taken care of before I pre-order. It’s not about the 40 cents, I just don’t want them to say they’ll give me something when they actually won’t. yah I think it’s fine if you don’t order a poster since you’re running out of room. Hehe I’ll definitely put mine up! Yah, Be Back posters are special too because I got my posters from buying the albums for the fansign events. Haha I never go to the beach because I look like this…but living by the beach is good motivation to exercise!

      Haha did he do the owl face when he did that dance? Ahh or because he’s such a choding hehehe. Haha Infinite Junior^^ It’s so weird to think of Daeyeol as the leader, when his brother is/was such a choding! Thank you, I never really liked my Chinese name in Korean, but it’s nice that you do^^ And for sure, my Chinese name means so much to me, I couldn’t just so easily change it! Yup, my brother and I share the same syllable for our names. But I think my cousins don’t necessarily share syllables with their siblings. (cont)

    7. (cont) HAHA you don’t want any association with your brother; that’s good then that you guys have completely different names lol. Whoa that’s so interesting about the Greek tradition naming thing! So then many people have the same name within their families. Oh so when your brother has a daughter, then they’d name her your mom’s Chinese name do you think?

      Yah, Lovelyz’ first two albums would be nice to have because the concepts are nice. Aww wow you seem so indifferent about B.A.P now, not being in a rush to buy future albums. Haha I feel like SM will be annoying f(x) fans for many years to come…especially since they’re debuting new groups so then they’ll get more spotlight.

      I really really hope Infinite will come back after the 19th too!! Like well after the 19th, so the teasers won’t interfere with your exams so much. I’m feeling the stress for you, like how can you just drop out of the Infinite world for 2-3 weeks especially during comeback time, but you have to because it’s for your future! I hope your serious schedule isn’t too stressful! HAHA that’s pretty smart thinking, they strip each other when they know it won’t be recorded. Since they did that soooo much at OGS and that’s not being released. Lol that’s our indicator whether or not a DVD will be released.

      Aww that’s sad you don’t think you guys will be going to Taiwan again. Your mom doesn’t want to go visit?

      Hehe really, it’s so stunning being in the presence of parents who gave birth to an angel like Dongwoo^^ I’m sure his mom is so proud!! And probably worried about all the fangirls lol.

      HAHA once you see the trees, you’ll feel it’s not weird. Lol talking to the trees…lol I guess naming a star is pretty precious and special, but stupid. I’d rather have trees that I could take selcas with and talk to.

      Ahh jetlag is always so difficult. It makes me appreciate Infinite even more for doing their world tour yet always flying from Seoul so their times change at practically every stop. Yah it was pretty cool seeing Psy’s music videos and recognizing people! I honestly haven’t seen Gentleman though.

      Hehe I was so obsessed with Lee Seung Gi’s song! I’m glad you downloaded it^^ If you want to know the artists of other Infinite solo stages, just ask! I also really love Couple by Sechs Kies, the one Woohyun sang at SIE. It’s in the Reply 97 ost though if you ever buy that. Also Myungsoo’s solo from TSC2, Confession, is from that ost too^^ I’m getting SIE feels just thinking about Woohyun’s solo!!!! How is he always just perfection especially during his solos. I love their solos so much but it feels wrong downloading an unofficial file from their concert, so I just get the original artist’s, but then I can’t include it in my Infinite playlist, but I shouldn’t anyways since they’re not Infinite’s original songs…LOL and then I read your comment, yah that’s true, I loved Myungsoo’s version so much too, especially with Gyu rapping, but then the concert version wouldn’t be nearly as special. Yah I don’t know why iTunes is always messing with me. Haha Shower reminds me of Gary’s Shower Later, and that song probably does imply showering lol. Actually I still use iTunes and only use my iPhone for my Infinite playlist; the sole purpose of that phone is for Infinite lol. So the app is for Apple and it counts all the play counts from that device, and from your iTunes library when you sync your device. I never figured out how to transfer my iTunes to Android, especially with the play count thing to worry about, so I just always carry two phones around lol. Hehe I’ll send you my list~

    8. Oooh I’m like that too, waiting for Last Romeo after Season 2!!! Like those two just go so perfectly together and how we were saying Season 2 is the most perfect intro ever, I’m always anticipating Last Romeo to follow. Hehe tell me when that day happens! I hope it’ll happen to me too hehe. Haha yah we just get excited over stupid things together~ Thank you, I’m glad by blog doesn’t look inactive. Especially on this post lol, our comments keep growing like crazy. I only have Last Romeo Type A as the Taiwanese Japanese version, all my other Japanese singles (including the other versions of Last Romeo) are Japanese.

      Wow, your schooling seems soo complicated and really intimidating and intense!! For me it was only junior year that mattered, but for you it’s every year that matters…oooooh Taiwanese versions don’t have the gold sticker? Ahh so that’s a good way to tell between Taiwanese and Korean. Wow I’m surprised that Canadian kpop store had the Taiwanese version…I wonder if the Taiwanese version still counts towards the music charts. Lol for some reason I assumed you got the Taiwanese versions in Taiwan though you went there obviously before you got into kpop. I thought Taiwanese versions would only be in Taiwan or online. Hmm Japanese albums don’t have the sticker either, so when I first got a Japanese album, I was so scared it was fake. Yah I don’t think the fake ones are trying to replicate real ones, I think they’re trying to make “new and different” merchandise, like the Man in Love dvd that had an MV compilation. I think the Chinese Infinitize just uses the real Infinitize DVD cover design, but it’s just an MV compilation or something. Which also reminds me, there’s also this Japanese Infinite DVD called My K-Star Infinite (MBC DVD Collection) that basically had Infinite cuts from variety shows and stuff from 2012, but I can’t tell if it’s legit…I think it is because it was released via CD Japan and also came with a bonus clear file and poster, but it doesn’t seem like an official Woollim thing. You can still buy it on Amazon but it’s rare and expensive. [] Ooh wow CDJapan still has Infinitize? That’s good to know!!

      Haha don’t worry about making no sense or anything!! ㅋㅋ you do have a way with words! You made new terminology for us, "yo mood" and "Seoul sick" lol. Ooooh haha you didn’t mean floral shirts lol, you meant like a flower boy LOL such a different interpretation. I could feel floral shirts because he was always so chill and relaxed, like people who wear Hawaiian floral shirts lol. This is random but whenever I get shots, I try to think of an Infinite song and just sing as much as I can to distract myself, but I only know the tune of like two lines of the chorus for each song, or for Can You Smile I’m just mumbling it, but if I memorize an entire song completely, I could just sing that through so I wouldn’t have to think about the shot. Koi No Sign is such an amazing song, for sure I’d have it in my Infinite playlist too. And I do lol, I just only listen to the Korean version now. Etude is so gorgeous, it really does make me feel like a princess lol. Haha comparing Etude to Victoria’s Secret.

      Oooh so they only released gifs of the interview? That’s annoying. HAHA Dongwoo I can’t believe he said that!!!! Omg my mouth is wide open right now I’m just…flabbergasted! (I couldn’t think of the right word lol).

      Lol actually then I heard OTT then BTD Japanese and thought I was lucky again, but then the real Evolution intro came on later on and I realized that I’m such a stupid idiot lol. I hope the Last Romeo Season 2 miracle will eventually happen!

  6. True, so many people think that their bias is theirs. Yes, Infinite brings us so much happiness and joy so people shouldn’t think that way and should just enjoy the happiness they bring us. Oh, that’s cool it sends you my whole reply on your e-mail?’s just a matter of time for me to go to Canada. Hehe, maybe I’ll bring it to #1!

    Haha, okay then; if the main girl was really annoying and seriously had no chance then I’m proud for the 2nd lead. Haha yeah, like the whole rich boy/poor girl concept. I’m glad it turned out that way since you had no sympathy for that annoying girl. Yes, it means that they’re going to start or maybe they’ve already started filming^^ Oh, the girl’s from Kara but I don’t know her name, I just know her face. Oh it was Woohyun’s drama that Gyu had a cameo. He looked so cute~ I should definitely watch it!! I hope it exists somewhere. If that’s what Gyu’s planning to do, then he’s going to be really tired. I think they didn’t announce Gyu’s comeback at the fanmeeting because it’s a given. I feel like there’s no way Gyu’s not going to comeback. I’m really happy that they announced Infinite’s comeback and that it’s the same month as their last year comeback but it seems like luck’s not on my will I manage this? Yes, they performed Request!! And of course Korean Dilemma...Haha yes, oh and Hoya looks like everyone else, I forgot to mention that. ㅋㅋ Haha omg, I’m so bad at remembering faces in movies and that’s not only in Hollywood movies but in some Korean ones cause I’ve only seen 2 and both of them had to do with North Korea/South Korean war thingy and there were 50 generals wearing the same suit. I didn’t have enough time to process who is who lol. I guess it was a big stereotype that I heard for the first time last year in class. Haha friends who are all for equal rights but then they bash Caucasians. I have this person in my class who wants to become a lawyer and she’s so annoying. She always starts talking about civil rights and women freedom and she gets really good marks but thinks she’s done really bad and ughh it’s just annoying. I don’t think my grandpa was that strict since he let my dad marry my mom. Oh, there are many western countries that care about interracial marriages and not that I think about it, you’re right; Asian cultures care a lot about marrying the same race. There goes my dream, I’m not going to marry Dongwoo haha. Lol, that wasn’t going to happen anyway...I can dream right? ㅋㅋ Ohhh that sounds like a really good drama!! I think I’m going to like City Hunter if I ever watch it. But I decided to quit watching dramas until my exams are over. I’m going to have to do a lot of work before Infinite comes back. No, Healer’s not about’s pretty interesting once you start watching it.

    Haha I’m really scared to dye my hair so I never imagined myself with grey hair. Yeah, that girl had many gray strands in year 10 and she wasn’t Asian so you shouldn’t worry^^ Yeah if you see the second picture here [] you can see the difference between the Taiwanese and the Korean B.A.P One Shot album. I couldn’t tell between the two versions when I bought my B.A.P albums. I should have noticed ㅠㅠ Oh maybe they make it because it’s cheaper. It still doesn’t make sense though since they’re the same. Only the price differs. Ohhh so it’s the Universal thingy that’s different.

    1. Haha OTP looked perfect when I wrote it...who knew I didn’t notice that I made a mistake. Lol, SHUFBB, I definitely do those kinds of mistakes...well you can see it from OThetoP. I love both versions of Can You Smile; it took me such a long time to decide which I should upload. I was listening to one, saying that I’ll upload that one and then I was listening to the other one and saying I’ll upload that one. But I finally settled for the Remake version. The dramatic raindrop-like sounds are in the original version ㅠㅠ. Yes, all the 60 Seconds versions are different. I was used to the Infinite Version and one day I was listening to Gyu’s album and I forgot that there’s no rap so I started rapping since I was expecting the rap part lol. Though I wish I could hear Gyu rap again^^ No, I’ll definitely upload the other version!! What I’m not going to upload is the remix versions and the Japanese versions. Ohh, and then you read the sentence hehe. True, it’s pretty balanced since I saw your playlist^^ It’s never going to be like that for me though since the older songs should have more playcounts. Lol, they released such a random Japanese She’s Back single album. Hehe and and guess what...As Good As It Gets started playing. Why does that always happen? Haha I do plan my playlist accordingly...though there are so many Infinite songs I want to upload. (Request, Going To You, Alone, Still I Miss You etc.) Haha yes, it’s Voice of My Heart that has 2 dots. I have it with 3 dots though lol. Why does it have 2 dots instead of 3? I’m glad Gyu got to be in their GNLY MV. I was so happy to see him in it~ Sorry, I thought today was the 2nd but it’s actually the yeah it’s coming out tomorrow, not today. Sorry for the false alarm, I lost track of my days. Exactly, post whatever you want and don’t give a damn about the haters lol.

      Haha if you think about it, it sounds like a complicated version of Running Man. Haha, they assign you real business challenges. Omg sorry I’ve been watching too much Running Man.

      Slowly progressing...not even a turtle goes that slowly lol. Yeah, back then I could watch channels from around the world. Haha I could have watched Korean channels but I was in ‘elephantary’ school back then. Nope, I only know Hola me yamo Tas. (I don’t even know if I spelt that right) I can kind of guess the meaning of some words though because I know French. For some reason I want to tell you about Amber being on 4 Things show because she was speaking English with her dad. Her dad’s not Asian btw. Check it out the first 1 min and 30 secs of this video []

      I think only people within k-pop use OTL and OTZ yet I’ve never seen anyone using them. Haha I think that was a really stupid blonde moment for me. Yes, I thought it was all the 7. I was mistaken all this time. At least I made you laugh!! Haha it’s good that Boice has a meaning behind it, but still it’s not as nice as Inspirit^^ Come Back Again era yo~ that was the real deal lol. If you can pull that off, you can pull anything off!! I think western artists just release a full album each year and they just chill home and wait for all their earnings from the people who buy their songs, while all the k-pop groups work their asses of for every comeback. They go everywhere just to promote their albums (TV, radio stations etc.) I sound like I’m bushing the western artists lol. That’s because after getting into the k-pop world and getting familiar with what the idols go through to debut and be famous, I have a lot of respect for them. Yeah, I want to use my own money to buy the rest and that’s why I’m not rushing to buy the Japanese albums I’m missing. I’ve spent so much of my dad’s money and I feel bad about it but he never seems to scream at me...that makes me feel even worse. Shouldn’t I be screamed at? Lol. Oh yeah, that seems legit. If you tried to order in their own language they would be a bit happy.

    2. Lol, I would have never predicted that those two were next. Yeah, Henry’s dad from Hong Kong and he can speak fluent Cantonese (it was in that huge list of languages he knows) Haha that’s probably why it sounds familiar. Yeah, but the army in Greece has become a joke. I see people my age who are in the army and are posting pictures of them with the crew of Facebook. The Korean army is almost 2 years, right? Wow, how will I be able to live without Infinite for 2 years? ㅠㅠ Okay, let’s not think about that. True, boy groups are more popular that girl groups. Amber, Krystal, Jessica, Sunny (SNSD), Tiffany (SNDS), Ailee, Wendy (Red Velvet), the 2 Miss A members. There are so many that I haven’t mentioned cause I can’t think about them right now.

      Lol I can’t blame you. I feel like if it wasn’t for me watching it every week, I wouldn’t be able to finish it either. You just have to bear with it. Seriously? It’s good that you pointed it out and that you e-mailed them. I should check if I’ve gotten loyalty points cause I never check. Okay, I’ve gotten mine so I hope they give you yours!! I agree, I don’t like them to tell me that they’ll give me something but end up not giving it to me. Hehe, I’ll be waiting to see your poster^^ I can’t believe it’s going to be out in a week. Omg yes, you got your posters from buying the albums for the fansigning event!! Aww that’s definitely special~ Well, I don’t really live by the beach all year around. Only when I’m at my summer house...I don’t know if I could survive without going to the beach in the summer.

      Haha no he didn’t do the owl face while dancing. If he did so I would have been on the floor rolling around from laughter. It’s because it reminds me of choding Yeol~ HAHAHA it’s weird to think of Daeyeol as the leader of Infinite Junior cause his brother is/was such a choding. Lol, that’s so funny. I really like it actually^^ Yeah, don’t change it~ It’s nice that you share the same syllable with your brother. Oh your cousins don’t. Lol, nope I don’t want anything to do with my brother. It’s a Greek tradition that not many people follow anymore. They just name their kids whatever they want. But yeah, in our family (the Greek side) there are many people who share the same name as my dad. My name is the same as my grandma’s from my dad’s side. Traditionally if my brother has a daughter, he should name it over my mom’s name or my dad’s name converted into a girl’s name. My mom has a Greek name as well lol. Oh I forgot to say that she was baptized cause she had to marry my dad, that’s why she has a Greek name.

      Hehe and that’s why I want to buy them and support Lovelyz. Haha I do seem so indifferent about B.A.P and I’m feeling bad about it. It’s just if they release an album, I’ll want to get an Infinite album more lol. I’m sorry B.A.P, I love you~ I feel the same way...I’ll be 25 by the time SM decides to give f(x) a fandom name. A major reason why Red Velvet are getting hated is because f(x) fans think that SM is going to give more attention to them.

      Is it even possible to ignore the Infinite world for 2-3 weeks? Especially during their comeback time...yes I’m doomed lol. Can’t the teasers for Infinite’s comeback start on the 19th? Lol, I’m being too selfish. But I’m really worried. I’ll be texting you on line to learn the news of what’s happening during my exam period. Haha I think that’s why the strip each other. Did they seriously do it so much at OGS? Lol, maybe that’s the reason why they’re not releasing it. Haha it would be funny if that’s our indicator whether or not a DVD will be released.
      My mom obviously wants to go visit again and I want to as well but I think it’s going to be hard for us to go especially since I’m going to be in Canada and my parents will probably want to come and visit me instead of going to Taiwan.

      His mom should be really proud. Haha do you think she’s worried about all the fangirls? She looks like an angel herself!!

    3. Yeah once I see the trees it won’t feel weird anymore. HAHA talking to the trees. Lol, it’s pretty special but stupid to name a star. Omg true you can take selcas with the trees but how are you going to do that with a star? Just take a telescope, position it where you can see the star and take a picture with it. Lol, sometimes I say the most retarded stuff. That’s my charm lol. JK!!

      It is so hard. Oh wow did Infinite fly from Seoul to one city and then back to Seoul during their world tour? Omg you haven’t see Gentleman? You have to watch it!! You won’t regret it. I’m sure you’re going to recognize many people.

      I was wondering who sang the original song and I couldn’t find it anywhere cause they name it “Dating You” in SIE. I knew Couple was by Sech Kies~ Oh cool!! It’s in Reply 1997 OST cause the guy from Sech Kies was in the drama. They probably have H.O.T songs in the OST. I love good old k-pop songs~ Omg I seriously have to watch TSC2 again. How can I not remember Myungsoo’s solo? What about Myungsoo’s solo in SI? Hehe~ Woohyun’s always perfection!! I love their solos so much as well but it’s a different feel when you’re watching them compared to when you’re only listening to them. I’m satisfied with the original songs cause I know Infinite has sang them^^ I don’t know but it wouldn’t feel special anymore if I had downloaded Myungsoo’s version and then watch it in SIE cause I would be expecting it. I realized how your IU track was split in two yet it’s still in your top 100. HAHAHA Gary’s Shower Later...I’m dying lol. Omg I went to watch the MV and now I regret it. Haha the sole purpose of your iPhone is your Infinite playlist^^ To be honest I had an android before it dropped in the toilet and it’s really inconvenient to add songs and pictures of whatever you want so I’m kind of glad I have an iPhone now. Plus you can’t see the playcounts at all in an android. Oh so you use an app for your phone. I just sync my phone on iTunes and it adds the plays from my phone. Haha I has my mouth open for five minutes after I saw that you’ve played Can You Smile more than 1000 times. That’s not even half the plays of my Last Romeo HAHA. Then I saw “You’re My First.” I didn’t know that song. Your Infinitize has the same amount of plays as my Last Romeo ㅋㅋ.

      Yeah, I always feel like Last Romeo’s going to play after Season 2 but it never does. I wonder when that day will come ㅋㅋ. It is the most perfect intro ever~ Hehe, I will tell you if that ever happens. I’ve gotten The Chaser twice after Season 2 though lol. I hope you get it as well^^ Hehe I’m glad to know that you also get excited when the title song plays after the intro. Haha yes, our comments keep on growing like crazy. Oh, so the only Taiwanese Japanese version you have is Last Romeo Type A^^

      Haha it’s really complicated for people that have never experienced or heard this before. To be honest every year after year 10 matters. Yeah, my Taiwanese versions don’t have the gold sticker so that’s a good way to tell between Taiwanese and Korean versions. I don’t know about Infinite’s Taiwanese albums though. I don’t know if they count towards the charts. That store probably had the Taiwanese versions cause in the Pacific Mall most stores are Chinese related. Haha it would have been awesome if I had gotten my albums from Taiwan cause I would have been able to see so many other albums live. To be honest I feel like I got nothing from Taiwan. I had no time for shopping lol. Oh now I remember that I got a jacket and sneakers. Never mind haha. Omg you’re right, I never realized that the Japanese versions don’t have the sticker. True, since you have seen a fake Man in Love DVD you can say that they’re not trying to replicate the original. Oh I know about the My K-Star Infinite. I think it’s legit. Wow that’s something rare to get. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like an official Woollim thing. Yeah, CDJapan still has both versions of Infinitize Showcase. I hope it stays there for a while.

    4. Haha I make new terminologies all the time. Omg Seoul sick, I forgot about that. HAHAHA I’m trying to hold in my laugh cause my mom is behind me...floral shirts because he was always chilled and relaxed!! So true, I could definitely imagine him wearing one of those. Haha whenever you get shots? xD I think I’m able to sing more than two lines from each song. I’m good with lyrics...I can sing some of the rap from Pretty without reading the lyrics. I’ve heard it too many times lol. I replaced it with the Korean version, as you know. I was checking how much of 가슴이 뛴다 I know yesterday and I seem to quite know a lot. I wasn’t expecting that. Hehe yes^^ It does make you feel like a princess~ I think Victoria’s Secret was the most gorgeous store I had ever seen. The one in London lol, but once I visit an Etude store it’s going to change.

      They firstly released gifs of the interview with questions and answers and then released the video. I still haven’t seen a subbed version of the video. But here are some examples of the gifs [] []

      Haha ohh that’s why we can’t listen to Infinite while replying cause we don’t really pay attention to what’s playing. I just sing the lyrics without knowing what song’s playing lol. Still waiting for the Season 2/Last Romeo miracle.

    5. Haha yup, I can read the entire comment in my email. So if someone deletes their comment right after publishing it, I still have the original content in my email lol. Hehe it’s nice seeing Greece on my countries list since it’s so random, but it’ll be cool seeing Canada at #1 eventually lol.

      Haha I’m happy for the 2nd lead, she really deserved it in that drama! Ahh so Gyu acted alongside a Kara member…hmm. I was so surprised Sunggyu looked so nice and preppy lol, it’s making me really want to watch the drama too. In their recent interview at the bts for the fanmeeting, did they say Gyu’s solo is delayed and it’s just they’re planning it now, so it’s not even set that he’ll debut soon? Ahh I’m so confused! Now I think it will be Infinite then Gyu. I…I just don’t know anymore! But that’s true, Gyu’s eventual comeback is a given so it makes sense not to say anything at the fanmeeting. It is cool Infinite’s comeback is the same month as last year! If you can get over this whole IB exam/Infinite comeback thing, it’s like the ultimate test and I feel like after you get through it, you can conquer anything life throws at you lol. Ooh which Korean movies were those? Haha it would seem hard to tell people apart if they’re all wearing the same thing! Oh those people are so annoying, when they do well but they keep saying how badly they’ve done. They just don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Hahaha and my dream of marrying Myungsoo…ugh it pains me having to type this out lol. I think my parents naturally want me to marry another Cantonese (not mainland Chinese…) or Chinese American, but in this day and age I think they’d be fine with me marrying mostly any other race. I’m guessing your parents would be pretty lax about who you marry, since they’re obviously an interracial couple lol. I think you’ll like City Hunter too! It also stars Lee Min Ho, the main guy in Heirs. Aww that’s good you’re being proactive about studying, but I hope you won’t be too burnt out!

      Haha I was wondering if that girl with gray hair was Asian or not. Ahhhh that person has Infinitize!!! And such a nice collection of so many groups…how can people keep up with everyone. When I saw the first picture, I was like pffshh SM lover, then I saw the Infinite collection lol. Wow the Korean and Taiwanese versions are significantly different!!! That’s crazy she even collects the Taiwanese version. Yah this whole Taiwanese version thing just confuses me.

      Hehe going back and forth deciding which version of Can You Smile to upload^^ Haha that’s funny you starting rapping in Gyu’s version of 60 Seconds! I think that’s a good plan, uploading versions that are significantly different and not uploading remixes and Japanese versions. Hehe As Good As It Gets started playing^^ It’s so weird how whoever we’re talking about, that’s the song that plays lol. Aww all those songs are amazing, you have to upload them soon! I wake up to Going to You every day, so if I wake up before my alarm, I have to play that song lol, it’s like I need to listen to it before I process life. Haha yah I really don’t know why Voice of My Heart has 2 dots…lol you changed it to 3. Aww haha okay, I’ll wake up to the MV tomorrow^^

      Hahahahaha omg thank you for putting it in terms of Running Man, it’s getting me kind of excited about it now. I should just look at life and college and jobs as a complicated version of Running Man, and try my best. Yay you’ve been watching Running Man^^ There was an episode like 2 months ago where it was a Business Commute Race, so it is kind of about real business challenges lol, it’s about getting to work.

      Hahaha omg that is just too ridiculously slow! Hehe elephantary school^^ Lol that’s a start, knowing to say your name in Spanish~ That’s cool you can guess some words if they’re similar to French. Whoa, her dad’s not Asian??? I ended up watching the whole video^^ But I got so lost because of the auto-generated subs -.- Are you sure her dad’s not Asian…though he doesn’t really look like it. I thought both her parents are Taiwanese?

    6. I only saw people using OTL and OTZ when I was on this kpop photocard trading forum, and I was trading my Infinite collection cards. People kept saying “oh my collection is complete except for those fabric cards orz” or “I bought 4 boxes and still no blah blah blah OTL” lol, they were all just so dramatic. Haha I will never forget “all the 7” ㅋㅋㅋ. Nothing can beat Inspirit as a fandom name^^ Lol for real, Come Back Again era, once you do that, you can do anything. Haha western artists just chill at home and wait for their earnings, that sounds about right. Definitely, while kpop artists really go out and promote their songs and pay back their fans by having fansign events (though obviously that’s also a great way to boost album sales) and whatnot. Oh yah that’s so true, it’s so hard becoming a trainee and working sooo hard for years. Yah I totally understand, because he doesn’t scream at you you feel even worse! Haha but it ends up being your mom and brother yelling at you.

      Wow Henry’s so talented and knows so many languages…I’m just in so much awe right now lol. Wow really, the Greek army has become a joke? Yah the Korean army is about 21 months, so 1.75 years. ㅠㅠ you brought up Infinite and the army…I just don’t know what I’ll do!!! I know they signed a 6 year contract starting from debut I think?, but now that I think about it that’s not reassuring since it’s already 2015…oh I completely forgot Krystal, Jessica and Tiffany; oh and I didn’t know Sunny’s also not from Korea? I was wondering why so many SNSD members had American names…I thought they were just stage names, besides Jessica and Tiffany. Or do the rest have Korean names…Ailee’s also not from Korea? Whoa there’s so much I don’t know!

      Haha I’ll stick it out and eventually finish the episodes. They emailed me back but they want me to make a new account…but I want to use my old account since that’s my main email address. Ahh frustrated. I’m glad you got your points lol. Hehe I can’t wait to show you my poster! Wow, it’s coming out so soon, I’m dying of happiness lol. I just hope I don’t get all crazy like I did last night watching those fanmeeting fancams. Ahh right it’s your summer house~ hehe where you discovered Back^^

      Hahaha doing the owl face while dancing, omg that would be something. Now I really can’t wait to see Infinite Jr. and the other members and their relations. Ahh so that naming tradition is dying down. Oh whoa, so most Greek names can easily be changed for the other gender? Whoa your mom also has a Greek name? When she moved to Canada, did she also get a Canadian(?) name? Oh whoa she had to get baptized in order to marry your dad.

      I’m so happy we’re able to follow Lovelyz since debut, since we got into other groups well after they debuted. It’s cool seeing a group grow through the years. Aww B.A.P~ at least they still have your…emotional support! Haha it’s like what we were saying, we never go shopping because we’d rather get Infinite merchandise with that money. I totally see that, SM giving more attention to Red Velvet than to f(x). Do you think Red Velvet fans are mostly just SM fans, kind of like how Inspirits are Lovelyz’ fans? I always kinda wondered what kind of fans rookie groups have.

      Oooh ignoring the Infinite world for 2-3 weeks…I can’t even do it for 2 days, because then my Twitter feed stops after 2 days and then I’d just have a gap of not knowing what Infinite’s been up to. But if there were a lot of tweets like during the fanmeeting, then at most I only have 8 hours to backtrack before the feed stops, and it’s so frustrating. Lol for sure I’ll keep you updated on Line!! We’ll just cross our fingers that they’ll start teasers on the 19th or later! Lol they didn’t strip each other that much in OGS, but every time during Cover Girl Myungsoo was messing with Sungyeol especially when he was rapping, like he’d try to strip him and confetti came down during that song so Myungsoo tied the confetti around Sungyeol and was like walking him (like a dog? Lol) at OGS LA. (cont)

    7. (cont) Ahhh my OGS feels…I need OGSR…I hope I can handle all my memories and feels lol. Ooh that’s another thing, no one else says “feels” besides kpop people, so I was so confused what that meant at first lol. I felt so awkward using it. Ooh in wrestling, do they use “feels” and “ship”? Or is “ship” also just a kpop thing? Lol I diverged a lot…so off topic. Haha maybe if there’s too much striping, it’s Woollim’s indicator not to release a DVD.

      Ooh that’s true, they’d want to visit you in Canada more than going to Taiwan.

      Hehe she really does look like an angel! I don’t know if she’s worried about all the fangirls, but if I were the mom of an idol (lol because that’s totally going to happen), I’d be so worried about the mob of fangirls everywhere.

      Haha it was kind of weird when people asked me what I did, and I said I visited some trees and took pictures with them…they just didn’t understand. But once you visit then you’ll understand lol. Haha yah you definitely can’t take a selca with a star. Haha it seems impossible just locating the star with a telescope!

      Yah since the world tour was spread out over 5 months, like they’d fly to the US all at once but for the Asian ones and (maybe?) European ones, they kept flying back to Seoul because it was a week apart before the next concert date. Okay I’ll watch Gentleman now^^ Ooh I vaguely remember seeing this now!!! HAha I remember Yoo Jae Suk was in one of his videos. Lol and I recognized the swimming pool place, I think Running Man went there!

      Ooh yah “Dating You”, that title wasn’t completely accurate…like I guess it is, but it’s hard if you don’t know the Korean title. Ahh yah it’s included in Reply 97 OST because that guy’s in it^^ Surprisingly they didn’t include any H.O.T songs! They’re more like ballady songs. Honestly I didn’t watch anyone’s solos from TSC2, I think you told me to watch Dongwoo’s since it’s with Jin and whatnot, and I have that video opened on my browser for months. I think I just don’t want to watch fancams from OGS and TSC2 lol. Lol I thought I remembered all the members’ solos, but I had to look it up for Myungsoo in SI lol. It’s “I Temporarily Lived by Your Side” and to my surprise I think the original artist is Suju Kyuhyun? Really?? I thought it’d be some old-time ballad singer lol. AHHHH okay ignore all that, I’m so stupid lol, yes it is by an old-time ballad singer, Toy, who also has a different song in the Reply 97 OST. Ooh now I really want this song…I hope iTunes has it. I completely agree, watching their solos, we can see the emotion they put into it that can’t be conveyed as well just by listening to it. Ugh yah that IU track thing is so annoying, and some of my other tracks are like that too but now I know how to handle it. Lol yah I feel like Shower Later and 소나기 have completely different meanings. HAHA omg okay I will NOT watch the MV then!! Now I’m pretty sure they have completely different meanings lol. Oh no, you dropped it in the toilet?? That sucks!! Oh I’m glad I didn’t bother transferring my songs to my real phone then, since it doesn’t do the play count thing. of course the real reason I got a Samsung was for Infinite lol…they did endorse it after all…but there were also other reasons and I really didn’t like the new iPhone designs. I sync my phone on iTunes too but only when my songs dramatically shift in position, and I want to update my playlist lol. But since I want to check my playlist count every day, I just use my app to see. Haha this is what happens when I literally only listen to Infinite lol, and practically every waking hour I’ll be listening to them. This is why I’m so closed off from kpop besides Infinite lol. (cont)

    8. (cont) “You’re My First” was from their Samsung endorsement a few years ago. I think the only random songs are that one, She’s a Fantasy (I feel like I should watch that show for Myungsoo…oooh and Saeron now lol), and Monster Time, which I thought was the weirdest song at first but now I like it. Lol eventually your plays will be very high too! But since you listen to all your plays equally, then maybe not lol. Like I said I just have one song on repeat for days at a time lol.

      One of the first days I was in Seoul, my family (they brought me to Seoul a week before my program started) and I ate at this seafood market, and they played Reflex (omg, one of my most favorite songs and it’s not even a promoted track), 나란 사람, and Season 2, and I was so surprised they didn’t play Last Romeo, but just the intro at a restaurant lol. Haha Chaser after Season 2…twice! Do you always listen to your playlist on shuffle? Haha it’s funny we both get excited when the title song plays after the intro^^ Any time there’s just some consecutive pattern that plays when I’m on shuffle mode, I’m so intrigued. Today it played 60 Seconds (Infinite ver) then Gyu’s version then Gyu’s hidden track, and I was so surprised.

      Hmm I don’t know if Infinite’s Taiwanese albums have the gold sticker or not either. Oooh the Taiwanese Be Back doesn’t have the gold sticker, and the sticker on the front doesn’t say “limited edition photobook” but instead “CD + DVD”. The DVD comes with Back and Last Romeo MVs, MV makings, both album photoshoot bts, and the Last Romeo showcase bts. But Season 2 Taiwanese doesn’t have an extra DVD or the gold sticker. Lol sorry if you don’t care, I just got so curious. And the Be Back Taiwanese poster has the same image but the font is much bigger for some reason. Oh that makes sense, the Pacific Mall is Chinese related. Hahaha your random memories of Taiwan, I’m glad you got some shopping done^^ Ahh okay, it’s good to know that the My K-Star Infinite thing seems legit. I don’t think I’d get it though since it’s Japanese and isn’t officially Woollim and it’s so expensive just for cuts of shows and wouldn’t look that nice in my collection lol. Hopefully CDJapan will still have both versions for awhile~

      Haha holding in your laughter is always hard! Lol that’s good you can sing more than two lines from each song…listening to all their songs so much, why can’t I do that lol. That’s impressive doing some of the rap in Pretty! I can only say Hoya’s very first line lol. Hehe yay you know a lot of the lyrics from 가슴이 뛴다~ I think because they sing slowly and clearly and a lot of it is repeating, it’s one of Infinite’s easier songs to memorize yet it’s still so upbeat and not a ballad. Is the Victoria’s Secret store in London different from the other ones? I never thought of that store to be so spectacular but maybe because the ones here aren’t that amazing lol. Ahh when you step foot in Etude, you’ll see just how amazing it is^^

      Hahaha those gifs are funny!! Oooh I saw this one gif of them wearing the same outfits as the first gif, and Dongwoo was like feeling all over Hoya’s butt lol. ㅠㅠ I can't find it now, but hmm I wonder if it's from the same thing. I wanted to show you but I didn’t know if I could send gifs via Line. I’m gonna send you a gif and see if it plays…

      Haha sometimes I sing the lyrics without knowing what song’s playing too, then I have to think about it in my head, like humming the tune, then I figure it out.

  7. Haha that’s cool!! You’ll still have the original comment^^ But I don’t think I can delete any of my comments cause I post using Anonymous. Haha true, it’s a pretty random country compared to those who usually visit your blog. Let’s just hope I get the chance to go to Canada.

    Haha good for her!! 2nd lead fighting~ Yeah, she’s a Kara member and (I finally found it) her name’s Seungyeon. I thought she had left the group but apparently she’s still there lol. He looked really cute and shy. I wonder what was going on. I don’t know what they said in the fanmeeting bts video since it had no subs except from the part that Gyu will change company if he doesn’t get a solo album lol. I love his jokes sometimes. I’m confused as well. I don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see. Yeah, I kind of think that it’s going to be Infinite and then Gyu :( If that’s how it’s going to be can’t Infinite come back before my exams? Since Infinite H said on ASC that Gyu has been preparing for his comeback, I believe that we will have it for sure. Lol, I’m so done with will I ever manage to keep quiet when these exams are so important and Infinite will be coming back. Is it even possible for me to space out? I’ve only seen Commitment and Iris (because of T.O.P) but they were really good movies. They are really annoying...I wish I had her marks, I wouldn’t complain at all!! I remember she used to cry because of her marks, but they were always good!! Haha it’s funny cause we’re being serious when we’re saying that we want to marry Myungsoo/Dongwoo, but at the same time we know that it’s probably not going to happen ㅠㅠ. Oh do you think that your parents would mind who you marry? Lol my parents probably don’t care about who I marry >.< I sometimes wonder who I’m going to end up with if it’s not Dongwoo HAHA. What am I even saying? Haha yes I know that it stars Lee Min Ho cause I saw the promotion poster for it. Who cannot recognize Lee Min Ho? Isn’t he really famous? Or is he famous only my mind? Yeah, it’s a goal I’m setting. I will study properly and won’t watch a single drama until May the 19th. If you ever have a suspicion that I’m watching a drama, please kill me haha. I have to properly study.

    Haha nope, she’s Syrian I think? I don’t really remember. Yes, that person has the Infinitize Showcase DVD and such a lovely collection in general of many groups^^ I don’t know how people can keep up with everyone. I feel like they just focus on one group and buy whatever they want from other groups. Oh yeah, the first picture has mostly SM albums but then the 2nd picture has Infinite and B.A.P and other random groups. She has the Taiwanese version of One Shot and No Mercy (the red/fuchsia one next to One Shot.) That’s the only B.A.P album I’m missing and I decided not to buy it because I have the repackage, Crush, (The orange one.) It’s a really gorgeous album^^ Yeah, the whole Taiwanese/Japanese thing confuses me as well.

    Not only for Can You Smile. I had that deal of going back and forth for Only Tears and 60 Seconds. Haha yeah, and then I was like “Oh, there’s no rap” so I stopped and concentrated on his perfect voice~ Yeah, I just want the different versions and not the remixes and Japanese ones. Oh that’s going to be good cause when I want to listen to Only Tears, I won’t need to worry about the play count and I’ll just play Gyu’s version. Lol, why didn’t I figure that out earlier? Haha I don’t know why it keeps on happening. But it’s funny that As Good As It Gets started playing when I was reading about it. I know ㅠㅠ I love all those songs...and there are so many more that I have and I haven’t uploaded. (cont)

    1. (cont) Awww you have Going To You as your alarm so if you wake up before it you have to play it^^ I generally don’t use an alarm but if I do, I just use the standard beep haha. Haha I don’t think I changed it to 3, it already had 3 dots when I uploaded it into iTunes...but I don’t remember since it was a while ago. Oh, I requested Still I Miss You today when I was listening to SeoulFM and they played it^^ I couldn’t show you though cause I was listening to it on my phone. Oh yes, you’re going to wake up to the MV^^ I already watched it and I really like it~ It’s a nice song as well!!

      Haha if you think about it from the perspective of Running Man it can get you excited about it^^ Haha I wouldn’t look at college and jobs as a complicated version of Running Man but this thing you signed up for sounded like it^^ Haha I haven’t gotten to watch the new ones yet. I’m watching the older episodes of Running Man, but I recently watched the episodes with Lee Hyun Woo and he was so cute. He was losing but he was just smiling all the way through!! How cuteeeee!!

      I got my transcript today!! Hurray!! Ανάσταση!! (Lol, that was a necessary Greek word – we use it to say finally) I’m not interested in learning Spanish haha. Well, I can say my name and guess the rest cause if sounds like French. Yes, Amber’s dad is American and Amber’s mom is Taiwanese. Haha those auto-generated subs never make sense so I turn them off cause they’re confusing. Her dad looks Shake That Brass, it’s only 10 bucks, just like a trip to McDonalds.

      Lol, they actually use OTL and OTZ? I still haven’t seen anyone use them. Even after knowing what they mean I still can’t understand why they would use them. I would have to google the meaning again lol. Hehe, to be exact it’s Oll the 7 ㅋㅋ. For sure, nothing can beat Inspirit as a fandom name. Haha I have to go through a Come Back Again era so I can be able to wear everything I want ㅋㅋ. Haha seems like you agree that western artists chill at home and wait for their earnings. K-pop artists just do everything they can to promote their albums and they rarely have time to rest when it’s comeback season. I just have so much respect for what they do. The trainees sometimes work harder than the groups. Not only that, even after you debut, you’re not famous. You have to work your way up. That’s why I’m so proud of Infinite who have successfully worked their way up and will continue to do so. Yeah, my dad doesn’t scream at me and still brings back my orders (as my mailman lol) but I get screamed at by my mom and my brother if they figure out. Every time I open my albums I cut up the box and put it in the recycling before someone finds out it was a box lol.

      Henry is really talented so I hope SM uses him well. He’s apparently going to be on We Got Married. Which brings me to the fact that Dongwoo wants to be in We Got Married with Han Go Eun. Yeah, I really feel like the Greek army has become a joke. Omg 1.75 years sounds like a lot ㅠㅠ there was a period when Greek army used to last this much. Nope, let’s not talk about Infinite and the army again. Let’s just be happy~!! Omg they signed a 6-year contract with Woollim? What happens then? I don’t think they’ll leave Lee Jungyeop appa alone. Jessica, Tiffany and Krystal don’t have stage names but they also have Korean names. Sunny is definitely a stage name and yeah she wasn’t born in Korean either. To be honest I don’t know more SNSD member’s names haha. Ailee was born in the states and that’s why she’s best friends with Amber. They call each other llama and goldfish.

    2. Haha yeah, I guess you just have to bear it through the remaining MLG episodes. Lol, that’s weird, why would they want you to make a new account? It’s so frustrating. I was scared that might happen to me since I never check my loyalty points. Yes, I can’t wait to see your poster!! Same~ omg it’s coming out soon. I’ll have to leave some time in my schedule just to watch it!! It can be a reward for me if I really study hard these days. Goal: study LOL. You’ll be fine this time^^ I wouldn’t blame you if you get all crazy cause I’ll be like that as well...OGRS omg!! Hehe yes, my summer house. Where I experienced the Back comeback and where Robert lives^^

      Haha I just start laughing every time I read about the owl face and the dancing. I finally watched 4 Things show with Sungkyu and I was seeing Yeollie fooling around. He’s still a choding^^ he hasn’t changed~ I want to see Infinite Jr. as well, but Lovelyz just debuted so I guess it’s going to be in a year. Yeah, most Greek names have both genders eg. My full name: Anastasia can become a guy’s name -> Anastasis. We also celebrate name days haha. Yeah my mom has a Chinese/Taiwanese name, an English one and a Greek one. Yeah, she had to be baptized in order to marry my dad...Greek traditions.

      Yeah, at least we can follow Lovelyz since debut. It’s definitely cool seeing how a group grows through the years. B.A.P always have my support and I know they’re doing well and getting rest. Yesterday was the first time Daehyun got to go on stage and sing in front of people since their lawsuit. Lol you probably don’t care...sorry it was allover my feed. Haha yeah I’m saving my money for Infinite that’s why I’m not buying everything I want. Though Infinite is all I want!! I don’t know...maybe it’s mostly SM fans who are Red Velvet fans. I guess I’m kind of a Red Velvet fan. Kind of lol. I don’t know what kind of fans rookie groups have. I don’t think Infinite fans were Nell fans back in 2010. Maybe they were Epik High fans lol.

      Same, I can’t ignore the Infinite world for more than a day so I don’t know how I’ll manage. I just have to manage my remaining time effectively and revise everything. Ohh I didn’t know Twitter works this way. I never use it haha. Since I’ll only be able to text you on Line you’ll probably be freaking out over there so I’ll know the news^^ I’m too selfish to be asking for the teasers to start after the 19th since everyone else will be waiting for them on the 1st of May. Haha that’s because it’s Cover Girl^^ They always mess with each other in Cover Girl~ Omg I think I’ve seen it somewhere that Sungyeol was tied in confetti!! Lol, that’s so funny. I just love them!! Aww your OGS feels...yes...bring us OGRS!! It will be hard handling your memories and feels. At least you got to experience them^^ Haha no way, many people say feels. There are like so many memes out there. Lol, wrestling people actually say feels more than ship. Like shipping doesn’t really exist in the wrestling world. Haha I don’t think so~ They just decided to release OGRS since OGS is documented in Grow.

      Yeah, or maybe they’ll be buying me tickets to come and visit them. So it was a once in a lifetime trip...

      Angel mama Woo hehe. I don’t feel like she’s worried. She’s just concerned about who Dongwoo will marry. (Obviously me. HAHAH jk.) Actually let’s be honest...being the mom of an idol is more possible than marrying Dongwoo & Myungsoo ㅠㅠ. Haha I don’t know how I’ll act if my son was a k-pop idol.

      Haha omg did you actually tell people that you went and visited trees and took selcas with them? They don’t understand the values of those trees. True, it is kind of impossible to locate the star with a telescope. Haha if anyone ever takes a star selfie I’ll be congratulating him.

      Oh that’s cool. I didn’t know it was spread over 5 months. Then it’s normal to fly to Seoul and back to the tour location. Aww you watched Gentleman!! Didn’t you see HaHa? Yoo Jae Suk was in both Gangnam Style and Gentleman~ Haha Running Man have been to so many pools that I can’t recognize which one it is lol.

    3. Yeah, so because they had it as “Dating You,” I couldn’t find the song. I’m glad you told me about it. I’m not a fan of the talking though, but I liked it when Myungsoo was addressing Inspirits in the DVD. Omg no H.O.T songs in the Reply 1997 OST? That’s sad since Eunji was an H.O.T fan and not a Sech Kies fan. I had a look at the OST yesterday and I could recognize some songs. Omg sorry, I haven’t seen any of the TSC2 solos stages either, except from Dongwoo’s with Jin & Hoya. I thought you said TSC and I was questioning myself if Myungsoo had a solo then. Fail, lol. Yeah, there’s no need for you to watch it anymore since the song got released in Fly Again^^ I was curious so I searched it and I can’t find anyone except from Kyuhyun who has sang this song. It also seems like this song hasn’t been released in an album...or maybe it’s in Kyuhyun’s recent solo album. Ohhh I finally found the original version. The song’s called 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는걸 and it’s by Toy. HAHAHA and after searching for it I read your comment about it. Why do we always do that? Lol. iTunes doesn’t really have old Korean songs so it’s hard to find them in general. I want it as well. Oh that’s good, since now you know how to handle it!! Haha Shower Later and 소나기 definitely have different meanings!! Haha never make the mistake of watching the Shower Later MV. Omg I’m having flashbacks of it lol. Haha yeah, I dropped my Sony Ericsson in the toilet and I was really sad about it. I prefer my iPhone now to be honest cause it’s user friendly. Hehe since Infinite promoted Samsung there was no one you wouldn’t buy a Samsung phone. To be honest I’m not a Samsung fan lol. I thought I would never like the iPhone 5 cause it’s really big but I’m used to it now and I think it’s better than the 4. Don’t ever update your iOS btw cause my brother updated it like a week ago (remember I was telling you that he still has the really old one) and it’s lagging like crazy. Haha now I know what you mean when you say that you only listen to Infinite^^ Yeah, I figured it out after searching about it, but did they actually release the song as a single? I really like She’s a Fantasy!! Omg I couldn’t even hear the whole Monster Time song...I think I’ve heard it once and that’s about it. Yeah eventually my plays will be very high, even if I listen to all my songs equally. Yeah, you have one song on repeat for days while I can’t do it cause of the fear of ruining my play counts.

      Ohh that’s so cool!! The played Reflex, 나란 사람, and Season 2 without playing Last Romeo. Aww this just brought me memories of how they were going to each store and asking to play Be Mine back when they were filming Sesame Player ㅠㅠ. Haha yeah, I always listen to my playlist on shuffle so it was funny to hear the Chaser twice after Season 2. It’s awesome when the title song plays after the intro^^ Haha I would be so happy to hear a consecutive patter when I’m listening to my playlist...but it has never happened. Oh maybe it has...Fly Again and Pretty~ Omg it played all the 60 Seconds versions together^^

      Ohh that’s interesting, so now that’s how we can tell the difference between the Taiwanese version of Be Back. If the DVD comes with Back MV and Last Romeo MV, what does the Season 2 Taiwanese version have? Lol, and then I read about Season 2 Taiwanese version...Maybe it’s worth it to buy the Be Back Taiwanese version if you don’t have the Korean one. But since we have it and treasure it, I wouldn’t buy it. Yeah, it’s most probably cause the Pacific Mall is Chinese related...though I saw Taiwanese bubble Tea and high mountain tea^^ Yeah, I don’t think that getting My K-Star Infinite is that important, and as you said it wasn’t officially released by Woollim. I hope CDJapan will still have both versions for a while~

    4. Haha it’s always so hard to hold in my laughter...I sound like a balloon that’s slowly deflating lol. I think I have a talent when it comes to lyrics; I can remember them and learn them faster than I can process my homework/revision. Haha I’m just laughing right now cause the first line Hoya says is 넌 정말 예뻐~ Hehe I know a lot of lyrics from 가슴이 뛴다~ Yeah maybe that’s the reason. I don’t consider it as one of Infinite’s easier songs to memorize though. Beautiful is pretty easy. I remember singing it “Baby my love beautiful 나는 너를 사랑해” when I was in America and I didn’t even have that song. The Victoria’s Secret store in London has 4 floors and the stairs are made of crystals. It’s really beautiful...though I haven’t seen any American one lol. Oh the ones over there are not as special? It’s the only VS store in Europe (outside of the airport) so it’s nice^^ Ahhh I’ll be waiting for the day I step into an Etude store~

      Haha they’re pretty funny. I love how they had so many puns in that interview. Yeah, that gif of Dongwoo feeling Hoya’s butt is from that interview as I said on Line^^ It’s sad that we can’t send gifs on Line.

      Haha I always do that. I sing the lyrics without knowing what song’s playing but I try to make sense of it after it’s done playing and I realized that I missed it. Humming the tune always helps^^

    5. Ooh that makes sense that you can’t delete your comments since you post as anonymous. I never thought about that. Hehe I think definitely you’ll be going to Canada! As long as that lady hurries it up with the transcript…

      HAHA you thought she left Kara but she’s still there XD I can’t keep up with girl groups, it seems like members are always leaving and they’re always getting replaced. Hehe yah I’m interested in Gyu’s role in that drama, I thought he just had a small cameo but maybe it’s more. Lol I understood that part too, that Gyu would change companies, his humor lol. Exactly, people keep subtly mentioning Gyu’s working on his solo album, but now it’s just up in the air? I guess you’re right though, it’ll happen for sure but just after Infinite come back…during your exams. (yuyu)** You’ll make it through, and like Gyu’s said, we should focus on our education first before Infinite! Just keep that in mind, Gyu would be proud of you listening to his grandpa gyu words of wisdom^^ Oh I’ve heard of those movies, they seemed good. Wow that is going too far, crying about her grades…she should just keep it to herself! Lol I’m dead serious about the marriage thing, which just makes me feel sooooo immature but I can’t help it lol. It’s nice to know you’re serious about it too lol. My family definitely would want me to marry like a Chinese American and pass down my Cantonese language; I feel like if I marry another race, it’d be harder to teach Cantonese since I’m not that fluent in it in the first place, and then my husband would want to teach our kids (lol and who would this husband be…) his language; hmm, a trilingual child would be nice. Ooh dang would you teach your kids…English, Taiwanese, Greek…? HAHA if it’s not Dongwoo…but who, no one can compare to him! We’ll just be settling for random people lol. Lol that’s true, Lee Min Ho is super easy to recognize, and all his dramas are so successful. Haha I’ll stop you from watching dramas! I hope you finished all your dramas then, because if you’re in the middle of one it’s hard to stop.

      I’m so jealous of that girl’s collection! I wonder who her main group is then since her collection for each group is so comprehensive. Aww you’re one album away from having a complete B.A.P collection…you even have all those rare Japanese ones (I think that’s what you said?) but you don’t feel anything for missing that album? Though I understand since you have the repackage.

      Right, I completely forgot there’s Gyu’s version and Infinite’s version of Only Tears; that song still bothers me lol “I missing you”. Haha because there was no rap you focused on his perfect voice~ That’s a good idea, only listening to Gyu’s version of Only Tears! It suits him so well, those types of songs. I can’t wait until you upload all their songs~ But then it’ll also be conflicting with when their new songs are released, and you’ll probably want to upload those first. Lol if I set my alarm as the standard beep, I’d have no motivation to start my day. I think iTunes just made mine with two dots lol. Hehe they played your request again!! Lol it’s okay you couldn’t show me; ooh I didn’t know you can listen to it on mobile. But that’s okay, since if I listen to Infinite, it has to be from my phone to increase the play count lol. I watched the MV~ It was cute but I’m indifferent about the song, which is good so I don’t feel the absolute need to buy the album. I wonder if they’ll release any other new tracks in their repackage.

      Lol yah maybe college and jobs aren’t so much like Running Man, but if you do see the morning commute episode, it kinda is like it^^ OMG that Running Man episode with Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Woo Bin was absolutely amazing!!! It’s one of those super amazing episodes that I had to write down to remember its amazingness lol. He was so adorable just smiling the whole time like a happy virus^^

      YAY finally you got your transcript!!!!! Hehe you’re using Greek~ definitely very necessary, finally! Haha her dad was so funny and is definitely quite the character.

    6. Haha yah that was the only time I really saw people use OTL and OTZ, so I had to look it up so I didn’t seem stupid for asking lol. They all used it so I felt like I did too, to fit in :/ lol Oll the 7^^ Lol I don’t have the confidence to pull off a Come Back Again era. I agree, I think trainees work so much harder than idols because they haven’t established themselves; once they have a strong fanbase I think they can relax a bit more and don’t have to have so much stress with winning awards and whatnot. Like how Infinite was going to disband if Be Mine didn’t win, they still had to work so so so hard 1 year after debut to get their first win. LOL and then I read what you said about Infinite working their way up, I’m so sorry for always doing this lol. I guess we just always really think alike~ HAHA your dad the mailman again, that’s true, he even physically delivers them to you lol. Haha you have to be quick to dispose of the evidence. When a package arrives, I’m always beaming like an idiot in front of my family so they know I received something.

      Lol transitioning from Henry to WGM to Dongwoo. I don’t really like WGM because it’s just so staged. It’s like the same idea as YAMO to me-put these people in a forced, nonreal situation…hehe so how do you feel about what Dongwoo said? I…don’t know what I’d do if an Infinite member joined WGM…I couldn’t handle it! Jung Yonghwa was on it a few years ago and I had no emotion for or against it…so I guess that was another sign that I wasn’t a true Boice. I think Sunggyu said it was a 6 year contract…I think he mentioned that around Man in Love era. They couldn’t leave Lee Jungyeop appa alone! Oooh lol so Sunny’s the only stage name, I knew the others were there real American names. Oh so Ailee’s American…yet why am I having so much difficulty pronouncing her name lol. Aww that’s adorable they call each other llama and goldfish!! Hehe if people ship together Dongwoo and Ailee, and Ailee’s American…though of course she’s Korean, it makes me happy that people ship him with an American, so it’s not like they have to marry a Korean citizen…right? Lol I’m really getting my hopes up here.

      Ugh I ended up making a new account; they think that my old account can’t take loyalty points anymore so I had to make a new one. Hopefully I’ll get my points back soon then I’ll pre-order! I’m just scared the poster will be sold out by then since they said it’s limited quantity. I’m glad all your points are there! Have you ever used them? By now maybe you can get like a free CD lol. hehe that’ll be such an amazing reward for studying hard-watching the DVD! I can’t stop fangirling again just thinking about watching it~ wow your summer house just seems like a fantasy place: where there’s a beach, Back memories, your best friend~

      You already saw 4 Things with Gyu? Did you see the 4 syllables/interview thing with Yeol and Woohyun? I just want to know if I was imagining that part or not lol. hehe choding Yeol, I really miss those times~ lol what do you mean, you guys celebrate name days? Whoa that’s cool your mom has so many names! Are they all very different? That’s so cool your mom really adapted so much of Greek culture; that seems so difficult to do.

      My dad has oddly been really interested in designer clothes recently, so tonight we just went through looking at men’s shoes and jackets and I saw brands that Infinite (mostly Gyu) wears often lol, I couldn’t stop fangirling and pointing out every time I saw something almost exactly what they wore. And then I saw the exact same shoes Hoya’s worn before, ahh it was amazing lol. This is the closest I got to my dad talking about Infinite’s fashion lol.

      Yay I’m glad B.A.P always has your support and they’re doing well~ haha no that’s good to hear, that he was able to go back on stage and sing! Lol I know you’re a Red Velvet fan, but not because of SM! Haha that’s true, Nell and Epik High are just so different that it’d be hard to see their fans being Infinite fans.

    7. Yah Twitter’s stupid like that lol, in that sense Tumblr seems a lot better. Lol I’ll probably be fangirling after every teaser release, so you’ll know the news^^ And on random things or things that I have a lot to say, I’ll probably be creating one massively long reply for you to read after you’re all done with exams…sorry in advance lol. Hehehe that’s true, Cover Girl is just the song where they mess with each other. Lol really, “feels” is a common thing?? I’ve honestly never heard it before, I think I just don’t get out much lol. hahaha yah I figured it’d be weird to ship people in wrestling!

      Oh yah that would be nice for you to go back home every once in awhile~

      HAHA marrying Dongwoo~ oh that’s such a sad truth, it would be more possible to have an idol child than marry Dongwoo or Myungsoo ㅠㅠ, what a sad reality.

      Lol I told my Korean language class in Korea that I did that over the weekend…and they also thought I was weird. And also apparently I hid the fact that I love Infinite for a long time in that class, so they didn’t understand why I went to see trees. Though every time I got the chance, I’d mention Infinite and no one caught on that I like them…the other girls liked Suju and Exo :/ Why am I bringing all this up…I think it’s because I forgot about these random memories about study abroad and I just had to share, I’m sorry lol, and what I’m saying right now doesn’t even make sense. Lol for sure, those trees are so valuable. Lol a star selfie^^ That sounds like another term!

      Yup, OGS was from August 9th-December…15th I think. Sorry so that’s 4 months? But they kept calling it 5 months to sound nicer lol (or is my math wrong -.-). It was hard because LA was November 8th, and I didn’t want to see any spoilers from all those previous concerts, so I was out of the loop for a while. Lol what Haha was in Gentleman?? Haha was I that out of it?? Oh that’s cool Yoo Jae Suk was in both MVs. Haha Running Man do go to pools often.

      Lol I like the talking part in the original “Dating You,” and omg Myungsoo’s talking part…gahhhh how can he do that lol!!! Yah I was surprised there were no H.O.T songs either since Eunji was such a fan. Hmm speaking about those solos/units in TSC, I guess the Infinite Band part can just be looked at as one of those “only for Inspirits in person” kind of performances, though it still should have been included in the DVD. Hmmmmmm it would be amazing if Infinite Band debuted…now that would be really unexpected. HAHAHAHA omg we went through the exact same process of that song by Toy, that’s soooo hilarious!!!!! Lol I also looked at Suju’s discography to see if it was in an album and only saw it was in a concert, then I realized it had to be a cover. Yah iTunes doesn’t really have older Korean songs, but they did have a few that I knew and therefore bought a year ago, so that really surprised me. HAHA still having flashbacks of Shower Later…I didn’t know it was so explicit! Haha you’re not a Samsung fan? Aww. Wow that sucks your brother updated it after keeping the old version for so long! I don’t think they officially released that song, so sadly I just downloaded it along with She’s a Fantasy. I loveeee that song so much too hehe. HAHA yah Monster Time was really really hard to take in…but somehow because I’ve listened to every other Infinite song so much, I’m starting to listen to Monster Time more lol.

      Aww omg you’re right, like back then they didn’t really play Infinite’s songs in stores and they had to go to each store themselves and request that. Ahh so you always listen to your playlist on shuffle, I was wondering if you’d get bored listening to the same order every time. I was listening to mine on shuffle and when Inconvenient Truth came on, I had it on repeat 20 times, and I just…my feels for that song…I still can’t believe at the fanmeeting they only performed 10 songs, and Inconvenient Truth was one of them lol. I NEED OGSR just for Inconvenient Truth. Ooh it played Fly Again and then Pretty? That’s pretty cool!!

    8. LOL you asked what Season 2 has and then read my sentence hahaha omg I can’t stop laughing because we keep doing this!!!!!!! Oh that’s so true, if we get the Taiwanese Be Back, it’d be like having a duplicate even though it comes with the DVD…ahh yah good call, we wouldn’t treasure it nearly as much then.

      HAHAHA sounding like a balloon that’s slowly deflating…omg I think I’m like that too!!! Like my cheeks puff up because it’s full of air, then it slowly squeezes through my lips like a balloon LOL. If only you could study as well as you memorize lyrics! Lol yah that’s why I know the first like in Pretty lol, it’s the same as the chorus hahaha. Oh that’s true, Beautiful is easy to hear it all out. Haha you were singing that even before you had that song, aww~ DANG okay now I understand, that Victoria’s Secret store sounds soo beautiful. All the ones I pass by are honestly really simple, nothing like lavish stairs or multiple stories lol. That’s why I was so confused when you said it was so amazing. Whoa really, there’s only one VS in Europe…and it’s sooo grand…no one if many Europeans think that store is so grand lol. it’s in every mall in America, and really it’s nothing special here.

      Hahaha that interview sounds soooo amazing lol, I hope they’ll sub it!

      Haha it’s hard singing along to the song and trying to figure out which song it is, and after you’re done singing, the song’s over and it’s too late to think of what song that was lol.

  8. Haha yeah, so I can’t delete my comments that’s why I was asking you if you’re able to do so. I really want to go but there are just so many procedures for me since I’m applying as a domestic student with international papers.

    There’s one thing I really hate and that’s when groups change members. Kara has changed members so many times so I can’t keep up with what’s happening. But I don’t mind if girls decide to leave a group eg. Girl’s Day now has 4 members and I’m glad they’ve been like that since 2010 and didn’t decide to replace the members. Oh but then there’s Jessica’s case...okay maybe that’s a special case. And as we’re speaking about Gyu’s drama, I remembered that I said that I’m not going to watch any dramas until I’m done with my exams. So, what happens with Gyu’s upcoming drama? How am I supposed to not watch that since the spoilers will be allover tumblr? I’ll just figure something out when the airing dates are released. But other than that, I seriously feel that I can actually not watch any dramas until May the 19th. You have the freedom to stop me from watching any dramas^^ Haha Gyu’s humor...he has such a grandpa humor~ I love it so much. I wonder what’s going to happen. We’ll just have to wait until Lovelyz are done promoting to see what they’re planning. I don’t know when his comeback will be, but it doesn’t seem right for it to be after Infinite’s. Haha Gyu’s words of wisdom saying that we should focus on our education first and then Infinite...and then there’s Lee Howon’s words of wisdom saying “If you can’t concentrate on studying, just think that you’ll be able to marry INFINITE if your grades go up.” Those movies are both really good, especially Commitment. I like the ending of Iris cause it’s so unexpected!! Lol whatever about that girl, she just seems to annoy everyone when she does that. I’m dead serious about the marriage thing as well but just as you said it makes me feel so immature cause I know it’s not going to happen. I should limit my dreams to only things that can happen, right? ㅋㅋ Same, I feel like it would be really hard to pass down my Taiwanese language since I’m not that fluent in speaking, if I don’t marry a Taiwanese guy. But that seems to be my concern and not my mom’s lol. Haha wondering who your husband will be and what language he would teach your children...English, Taiwanese, Greek was what my parents taught me hehe. Yeah, no one can compare to him...who is it going to be if it’s not Dongwoo? Don’t you just dream about waking up next to Myungsoo? ㅠㅠ Haha I think you’re right; we’re just going to settle with the randomest people we could ever find lol. I think Lee Min Ho must be the first Korean actor everyone learns to recognize when they decide to enter the k-drama world. True, all his dramas are successful and he’s successful in general!! And recently, so many people must have gone to see his movie Gangnam 1970, even I want to see it!!

    Haha, her collection looks really beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to focus on so many groups. Those B1A4 albums look gorgeous~ How can something be that fat? I wonder who her main group is. Some people just fangirl about everyone’s looks so they just buy the album, and then there’s other people who like the music and don’t mind the group so they buy the albums. Haha yeah, I’m one album away but I just say that I have completed my whole B.A.P collection since I have the repackage. I really want to show you the format of I haven’t opened it in forever. Lol yeah, I also have those ultimate edition Japanese singles that I regret buying ㅋㅋ. Haha yeah, the covers just looked the same and I really wanted Crush from the beginning so I decided to only get the repackaged one. That was the only album I was planning on getting when I went to Canada.

    1. Haha yeah, there’s Gyu’s versions of Only Tears which is absolutely amazing ㅠㅠ Haha “I missing you” still bothers you; I like it, it suits the song hehe. What made me laugh was Dongwoo’s rap in Request. When I added Request, it had the lyrics automatically so I was reading them while listening to the song and I had no idea that Dongwoo’s rap has English in it. Ughh~ Gyu’s perfect voice!! I don’t know if I should start listening to individual Infinite songs instead of listening to the playlist. The reason why I don’t do that is because I don’t want to leave any songs behind; I feel really bad if eg. Pretty has more plays than White Confession. Haha, that’s why I don’t set an alarm at all, other people wake me up. Oh well, I think the one with two dots is the correct one. I should change mine to two dots. Hehe, they played my request again^^ yes, you can listen to it on mobile but it wastes a lot of battery. I have a Greek radio app and for some reason it found seoul fm so I can play it on there; I rarely do so though. Haha yeah, that’s what I do as well. It has to be on my playlist so I increase the playcount but, I don’t have Still I Miss You. Oh, I absolutely love the MV, concept and the song~ They also have another song called Amusement Park and I was going to tell you to listen to it cause there’s a part weirder than “my lies, my lies.”

      Oh, which one’s the morning commute episode? I should watch it if it’s a good one. Ohh I know which one you’re talking about~ the one where Woo Bin and Kyungsoo had to write down everyone’s names using a special pen in order to eliminate them...haha that was the one I was talking about. Hyun Woo was just smiling his way through the whole episode and when they eliminated him he was shouting Kim Woo Bin and he was so cuteeee. Yeah, so that was one of the ones I watched and the other one was with him and Kim Soo Hyun and I was laughing so much because of the race on the acupuncture mat. What’s up with those mats? They’ve been in every single episode I watched this week lol.

      Yes~ finally. Now I have to wait 10 more weeks for my transcript to be legalized...>.<

      Lol, that was so random. I think I’m never going to see anyone using it. Oll da seben poreber you know wat am sayin. AHAHAHA how do I even come up with these kind of stuff? Lol, same!! I was just exaggerating a bit...I don’t think anyone’s going to pull off a Come Back Again era ever again. Yeah, that’s what I think so as well, once the trainees have debuted and established a strong fanbase then they can rest a bit. Were they actually going to disband if Be Mine wasn’t successful? I knew that they had a hard time with money to film the MV so 아빠 had to put in his own money but I didn’t know that they were actually going to disband. Haha I always do this, don’t worry!! Yeah, I think it’s because we think alike. Infinite did work their way up and I’m always proud and always will be~ there are many groups that have debuted for many years and haven’t gotten a single win. U-Kiss got their first win in 8 years yesterday. Haha I have to be quick and dispose all of the evidence when I receive a package but you have the privilege of showing it off^^

    2. Haha I don’t know how things transition so quickly in our convos. I don’t watch WGM to be honest. I know that it’s all staged, but there are so many people who end up shipping the couples. I feel like Dongwoo was being too honest when he said that hehe. Oh well, I would have said the same thing if they asked me. No, actually I would say that I want to marry him and not be on a staged show with him ㅋㅋ. If any Infinite member joined WGM I would tombstone them [] HAHA okay maybe not. Oh I knew that Yonghwa was on it but I don’t remember with whom. Oh so Gyu said it was a 6-year contract...Lee Jungyeop appa is never going to let Infinite leave him alone! I can’t even imagine them moving to a different company. Yeah, Sunny’s a stage name. Have you ever heard someone named Sunny? Because Ailee’s real name is Amy, maybe that’s why you can’t pronounce it; I find it okay, I can say it perfectly. I think people ship Dongwoo with Ailee cause his mom picked her as an ideal person for her son on Mamma Mia xD Well I don’t know if that means that mama Woo lets her son marry whoever he wants.

      Did they tell you to make a new account and then they would give you your old loyalty points? That makes sense. Oh no way, the poster is limited? Now I feel bad for not buying it ㅠㅠ. No, I’ve never used my loyalty points cause I’m just collecting them for something really expensive. I don’t really have a lot of them but I’ll keep on collecting them. Yeah, it will be an amazing reward and for it to be, I have to study. Chop, chop Tas you have to do some work. Same~ I’m just waiting to hold it in my hands and be able to watch it!! Haha it’s not that fantasy-like but I would want to take people there and show them around. I have to show people where we dive off. Haha I’m planning to bring my future husband and show him how extreme I was lol. Dongwoo where are you? You have to see this!! Haha in my dreams ㅋㅋ.

      Yes~ I finally got the chance to watch it and I loved it so much!! The 4 syllables/interview thing was in the full episode. Gyu’s 4 Things show was during the Back era, so it was during the time when you think that Yeol was acting more manly but seeing him backstage he was still playing all those jokes with grandpa Gyu. He hasn’t changed a bit...that choding character is always there^^ Like how people celebrate birthdays, we also celebrate name days. Like there’s a specific day when all the people called John (or the female of John) celebrate. And we usually say happy nameday. It was really difficult for my mom in the beginning, especially with the language barrier. Haha yes, all her names are different. Her English name is Alison and her Greek one’s Elpida (Ελπίδα), which means hope in Greek. I can’t spell her Chinese name lol.

      Haha shopping with your dad and encountering brand names that Infinite wears often^^ I would fangirl as well!! Omg you saw the exact same shoes Hoya has worn before?? That’s so cool!! I wonder what they do with so many clothes? Haha talking about Infinite’s fashion with your dad.

      I’m glad all the members are doing well. I hope they get as much rest as needed and after the court lawsuits are all done, I hope they find a decent company to take care of them cause they’re actually really talented. I’m not a person who would like someone who doesn’t have talent. (*cough* some Exo members) I’m definitely not an SM fan even if I like some of their groups. But it’s nice seeing that Infinite have developed their own fans who then support the other Woollim artists.

      Oh well, I used to use Tumblr only when I was addicted to something and then I used to get bored and just leave my account lying around but now, I’m really active. If you see my old account I just have some random stuff, then some rock stuff, then some one direction, then some wrestling. It’s like a salad lol. (cont)

    3. (cont) Yes, I hope you fangirl after every teaser so I can be informed^^ Haha no worries~ I don’t mind at all!! Cover Girl is amazing~ I love it when they mess with each other!! Haha yes, it’s a common thing to say. I don’t think people say it when they’re out, but there are definitely many memes about feels. There’s a feel an actual guy who’s the ‘feel’ meme guy. Haha oh well, the fangirls ship people and then write fanfics about them in the wrestling world, but guys don’t ship anyone in general.

      Maybe it would be nice to go back during the summer so I can get to swim and see Robert.

      It’s such a sad reality...but what if a miracle happens?? Okay, I’m too young for Dongwoo but you’re perfect for Myungsoo. And then you can have kids that will become’s a win win situation ㅋㅋ.

      Haha aww, I would have done the same thing; hide my love for Infinite. And most probably I would hide the fact that I went to see the trees. Lol, no offence but how can someone not catch the fact that you like Infinite while you’re mentioning them as much as you can? Elfs and Exo-Ls lol...SM girls. Haha I don’t mind you bringing this up at all!! Haha star selfie^^ Maybe it’s another term.

      Ohh cool, they had time to go back and forth during those 4 months. Actually if you count each month individually, it is 5 moths so maybe that’s why they say 5. My math is always wrong and that’s why I’m taking the lowest level of math lol. Aww, I know what you mean. There was a reason for you to not want to see any spoilers from the previous concerts. Yes, haha was in Gentleman at 0:25, 0:32 and 1:00 (at the right side of our screen) and then one at 1:00 always makes me laugh cause he looks so funny!! They go to pools all the time no matter what season it is lol.

      Haha I think I don’t know how the original so is called so I guess we can continue calling it “Dating You.” Myungsoo’s talking part...gawdd *faints* It is really weird that they didn’t include H.O.T at all. Yeah, the Infinite Band must be one of those “only for Inspirits in person” special moments. I don’t know why it wasn’t included in the DVD...maybe they thought that they didn’t do well?! There’s no way they didn’t do well in our eyes, especially with only weeks of practice. Haha, I feel like it’s really unexpected for Infinite band to debut. HAHAHA omg I did exactly the same thing; I went searching for the original song and then I read further down and you had already found it. LOL!! Haha, I didn’t look at Suju’s discography but I went and checked if by any chance it was in Kyuhyun’s solo album. I’ve only seen Shinhwa’s albums of iTunes from the first generation idols. Oh no way, they have some H.O.T and S.E.S!! That’s awesome. Haha, Shower Later is not that explicit...I’ve seen worse but I just have a totally different character set for Gary so I can’t watch him in that MV. Well, I’ve never had a Samsung before...but I’m a fan of Infinite’s music for Samsung^^ Yeah, he updated it and not it’s lagging like crazy so I hope you don’t make the mistake and update yours. She’s a Fantasy was released online as an OST but was that Samsung promoting song like an official one? Cause I’m surprised that it’s an Infinite song and I feel bad for not knowing it. Haha I’m just accepting the fact that it’s just a cartoon OST and I don’t need it in my playlist. Do you like Woohyun’s Modern Farmer OST?

      Aww my feels ㅠㅠ. Everything about Infinite is so perfect. They promoted their song by themselves so I’m so glad of them. Lol, if I listened to my Infinite playlist without it being o shuffle, I would have memorized the order. Hehe, I loved the whole setlist for the fanmeeting. I can’t believe they did so much for that fanmeeting, it really makes me want to be there. Inconvenient Truth on repeat~ I need OGRS!! Well it played Fly Again and then Pretty but that’s just because I don’t have as many Infinite H songs as I have Infinite ones.

    4. Haha we just keep doing this and we don’t seem to be improving. I just did a whole research on Toy and then saw that you had already talked about it. I would feel bad to buy the Taiwanese version of Be Back despite it having the DVD. Though I wouldn’t mind buying the Korean version of the B.A.P Taiwanese versions I have.

      HAHA the deflating balloon sound^^ That was always my concern. I can memorize lyrics but I can’t seem to be able to memorize my schoolwork ㅠㅠ. Haha you only know the first line of Pretty cause it’s the same as the chorus!! Beautiful is easy and it’s true that I randomly started singing “Baby my love beautiful 나는 너를 사랑해” without knowing how I know this song when I didn’t even have it on my tracklist back then. It is a very beautiful store. When I went to it I was taking pictures of it cause it was so pretty!! On the outside of the store they display the lingerie together with the wings that the models wore on the runaway~ and the inside was so beautiful!! [] [] Yeah, I think it’s so common in the US that they didn’t even bother to make a proper decoration, while there’s only one in Europe and it’s so gorgeous.

      I hope they sub it so you get to see it!!

      Haha exactly!! Sometimes I try to guess the songs that were playing before the one that’s playing now and I can’t really remember cause I wasn’t paying attention to them while I was focused and replying to you.

    5. Wow that sounds so complicated applying as a domestic student with international papers ㅠㅠ Just applying in general is tedious enough. Can you say you’re a domestic student since your mom has Canadian citizenship (I’m assuming)?

      Yah I agree, I don’t like it when groups change members, so it’s not the original members; it’s just not the same group anymore. Whoa I didn’t know Girl’s Day used to have another member. Apink used to have another member too, and I’m glad they didn’t replace her with someone else. Oooh darn I completely forgot, you can’t watch Gyu’s drama!! But the thing is, if it is a short web drama with just 10 minutes per episode, I think it’d be great for you to watch each episode as it comes out like as a little break/reward from studying so much. And this way you avoid spoilers ruining everything for you; ugh I completely forgot about spoilers -.- I hate when people screen cap every millisecond of something, like I’m going to see the video anyways, so there’s no point of doing it…at least so much. Lol Gyu and his grandpa humor^^ I completely forgot that with a new album comes comeback promotions lol…like I saw a picture of Lovelyz on M! Countdown and I was like what?!? Lol nevermind my stupidity. LOL did Hoya really say that?!?! Omg time to get my grades up and be top of my class then! Lol our dreams of marrying Myungsoo and Dongwoo could come true now, if only Hoya’s words of wisdom were true~ Ahh haha now I’m reading that magazine article of that interview, lol at all the advice they’re giving. Ooh I love unexpected endings! Lol should we limit our dreams to realistic dreams? But then what’s the point of dreaming…today I had an interview for an internship (which went well but I realized it won’t benefit me in anyway so I can’t take it…) and the guy asked me “what is your dream job you see yourself doing in the future”…I wanted to say something realistic like working at a Korean broadcasting station (it’s more vague than saying being Infinite’s manager lol), but that would be too random lol. ahh that’s nice that it’s you worrying about teaching your children Taiwanese and not your mom’s. wow, that’s still so crazy to me growing up with 3 languages. HAHA dreaming about waking up next to Myungsoo, I just imagine this picture [] and die lol. Oh right I forgot Lee Min Ho has a movie now, I wish we could see it!

      The B1A4 albums do look really nice. My friend has that thick one and it’s full of gorgeous photocards. I wonder who her main group is too. Ugh people who buy the album just for the group’s looks lol. Ooh yah I’d love to see the format of Crush! Hehe and then you can open it and look through it again. Haha so many regrets of buying albums…haha Crush was the only album you had planned on getting…and you ended up with so much more^^

      Hahaha Dongwoo’s rap in Request bothers you. His motivating and inspiring English speech to have a future oriented world lol. The English in that song is kinda weird, “I’ll be love/I believe” but I never catch the weirdness of it until much later; like it flows well but then I’m like…what does “I’ll be love” even mean? Oooooh omg this is really big, you’re considering listening to Infinite songs individually? Do you do that with other artists (I think you said you used to listen to the entire discography for B.A.P…do you still do that?)? I think you should just play the song you want to hear at that time; I understand you don’t want to leave songs behind, but there will be times you’d just want to listen to that one song that has fewer plays. For me I just listen to what I want to hear, but I get really anxious if a title song is really ahead of other songs…it just feels wrong lol. That’s cool your Greek radio app found Seoul fm! Lol their other new song has a weirder part than “my lies my lies”…I’ll listen to it now. I was halfway through and I was thinking “what could be so weird about this song…it sounds great!”…and think I think I found it lol.

    6. Honestly the commuter episode wasn’t sooo amazing, but some of my favorite episodes that have really cool storylines are: 138 (it’s a high school theme), 120-121 (it’s like a spy mission with Lee Seunggi and Park Shinhye), 102 (with Kim Soohyun and it’s based on his movie The Thieves)…and somehow my favorites list doesn’t include all of the really good ones, like Sherlock Holmes, Yoo-Ames Bond, some Zombie episode, one where they were Aliens, episode 100 (they filmed it at Mecenatpolis, the mall under Infinite’s current dorm!). Lol I’m sorry I’m just throwing out words right now and now making any sense -.- Lately I’ve been so tired 24/7 and I don’t know why. Wow going over all these episodes, I’m really missing running man since I’ve stopped watching since it was the cooking episodes lol. Hehe yah that’s why I brought up that episode, I remember that was the one Hyun Woo was in^^ Haha I remember that other one with Hyun Woo. He doesn’t seem too much like the variety show type, but he was so adorable~ Haha those acupuncture mats, Running Man writers love torturing them lol.

      HAHAHA OT7 but in long hand. Now you got me thinking it was “all the 7” too lol! I was thinking “OT7, yup all the 7!” lol. I’m not sure, but that’s why they say, that CEOnim told them if they couldn’t win during Be Mine promotions, they’d have to disband…was it really that drastic that they’d have to do that? Ahh I don’t want to think about that! Yah I saw how U-Kiss got their 1st win in 8 years, which is sad but I’m happy that they’re still doing well! And then there are rookie groups that have their first win so quickly.

      Haha Dongwoo was being too honest about his WGM thoughts!! LOL your honesty. OMG that gif hahahaha I would feel the same exact way. Yonghwa was with Taeyeon…ugh lol. Hehe yah Infinite must stay in Woollim for good, I can’t imagine them anywhere else either. Lol actually I do know someone named Sunny, and it was actually short for some name (Sunni…dale? Something not ordinary though lol). I can pronounce Ailee, I just don’t know how to pronounce it if that makes sense lol. Like is it “I-eh-lee” or “Ay-lee” because it’s not a common American name. Ooh so her real name is Amy. Hehe I knew Dongwoo’s mom picked her, but is that where the whole shipping thing started? I thought they did something together lol but it all started from Dongwoo’s mom? Haha that’s impressive on her part~

      Yah that’s what they told me, but they only gave me 20 cents instead of 40 lol. And to make it worse, I waited so long to preorder it that now shipping has gone up $6 -.- So now I’m beating myself up over that lol. Lol “chop chop” I haven’t heard that in so long. I saw that they pushed back the release of OGSR! Kpoptown is releasing it on March 15th and Yesasia on March 24th…whoa you go diving too!! Is it really high, like jumping off a cliff?? Lol I only have a vision from what I saw in the movies. HAHAHAHA omg showing your future husband Dongwoo around ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ.

      Awww Yeollie was still being his choding self in Gyu’s 4 Things Show^^ That makes me happy. Ooooh whoa the name day is soo interesting!!! How do people celebrate? Those people with unique names must feel bad for not having a name day then lol…or does practically everyone have a typical Greek name, I guess if people still do follow that tradition of naming within the family too? Aww your mom’s Greek name is pretty! It’s weird for me to see math symbols used as words lol…

      Hehe it’s always fun seeing brands and items that Infinite wears, but on a website where you can buy it. Lol yah I wonder too what they do with so many clothes, especially with gifts that fans give and whatnot. Too often I’m tempted to buy some item of clothing to match Infinite lol. But then I think, they’d probably think it’d be weird if I ran into them and we’re wearing the same thing lol. Because we run into each other all the time.

    7. I hope they can find a decent company too. Definitely it’s always about talent that draws me in. Haha Exo~

      Hahaha your Tumblr was like a salad, that’s a good analogy. Hehe but now you’re super active because of Infinite and kpop^^ Hehe and now we’ll get to see Cover Girl and the members messing with each other on OGSR~ Oooh I think I know the feel meme guy you’re talking about…hahaha it’s only fangirls shipping people, that makes sense. Do fanboys ship kpop groups too though…even though yah it does seem they don’t ship anyone in general lol.

      Oh yah you should go back during the summers, that’d be nice~

      Haha you’re not too young; as Dongwoo says, his ideal is female lol. Though that makes it really broad then…but besides that, many people have an age gap in marriage, so you’re not too young^^ Hehe Myungsoo is just 2 years older…ehhh his birthday is coming up too, on the 13th lol. HAHAHA that would be a win-win^^ I remember watching the L’s Bravo Viewtiful 1 DVD and he was saying how he’ll take lots of pictures of his kids; I’m dying over this, like he’d make such a good dad trying to capture all the memories of his kids growing up lol.

      Lol yah mentioning visiting trees really throws people off. Haha I guess everyone else was just consumed in their own worlds while I blabbed on about wanting to see Infinite. Haha yah too many SM fans everywhere. Hehe star selfie, though I feel like we won’t use that one often.

      Ahh yah there it is, counting each month individually makes 5 lol. Haha I love math so much, but my basic algebra…I don’t know what happened to it. I’m ending up minoring in math and applied math just because I kept taking math in college, and the more they mention infinite in class...ooh okay I’ll watch the MV again to spot Haha! Lol they also go to mud flats a lot it seems.

      Haha I’m sure Infinite Band was amazing, but that makes sense if they think they didn’t do well, they wouldn’t include it. But why would they also not include Myungsoo’s fancam, but all the other members instead? Hehe we really do think alike, that’s so hilarious~ Yah I think iTunes is slowly expanding their kpop collection, which is nice! Though of course physical albums are always preferred. Haha yah Gary just seems soooo different in that MV than in Running Man…I don’t think I’d be able to take it! Hehe a fan of Infinite’s music for Samsung^^ Definitely I will never update!! That sucks about your brother’s phone though, lagging so much. I don’t think “You’re My First” was officially released, it was more just in the background of their CFs I think? Kind of like the Infinite Pepsi CFs, how they have that song but it was never officially released. Haha I can’t not include Monster Time on my playlist, especially since it was officially released. I do like Woohyun’s Modern Farmer OST! His voice suits that song so nicely. I also like Woohyun’s other OST song, Cactus, which is kind of old so I was surprised he sang it in TSC2 for his solo.

      Hehe it was so amazing seeing Infinite working hard to actually promote themselves…I feel like other groups wouldn’t really do this (of course I don’t follow other groups so I don’t know), but to see Infinite being their own marketing team lol, it makes me such a proud Inspirit. Haha yah I’ve memorized my playlist order, since I usually listen to it like that. I know, the fanmeeting looked so fun and differently so different from their concerts. what the heck was I trying to say??? Oooh lol the fanmeeting looked so fun and definitely so different from their concerts. But I don’t need to see a fanmeeting on DVD, I don’t want to see Infinite with lucky Inspirits lol; I think my friend said Block B had a fanmeeting DVD that showed them playing games with fans, and she just skipped through all that since it was so boring lol. The only reason I brought this up was because I thought it was B.A.P but then I realized I think it was Block B…so it’s irrelevant lol. Oh do you listen to Infinite H separately from your Infinite playlist?

    8. LOL I don’t think we’ll ever learn, we’ll keep doing something and then realize the other person already did it. Yah it would just feel wrong getting the Taiwanese version of Be Back. You wouldn’t mind having duplicates of your B.A.P albums, since you got the Taiwanese version by mistake?

      Hehe Infinite slowly Infinitizing you with Beautiful~ That is such a beautiful song, it makes me happy that you knew about that song and it wasn’t just Infinite’s main tracks that got you (if that makes sense?). Like all their songs are so perfect, not just their title songs. Wow that VS store does look really nice. Whoa that staircase!!!!!!! That is sooooo cool.

      Lol exactly, trying to think what song just played but failing since we were so engrossed in replying. So sometimes I press previous even though it’s on shuffle, just to see what I was. But you can’t do that since it would mess up your play count lol…

      Oh also remember how I was stupidly saying that Korean names can’t use the vowelㅐ but instead it has to be ㅔ? But then I remembered 유재석 so nevermind lol.

      Also I always wanted to bring this up, my most favorite underrated part of the Pretty MV was Dongwoo walking in place really coolly at 2:08, it doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a carpet or what, he’s just so amazing lol.

  9. I know...especially when I have to do everything myself and I have so much pressure ㅠㅠ I can say I’m a domestic student cause both my parents have a Canadian citizenship and I have one as well.

    Yeah, it’s not the same after they’ve changed members; it’s like a whole new group. Girl’s day started with 5 members; 2 of them left in 2010 and got replaced by Yura and Hyeri and then another one left in 2012, so that leaves them with the four members we have now. Oh yes, Apink also had another member and there was this joke going around when they used to say that they look up to SNSD...and it was saying that they got inspired by SNSD and that’s why they also kicked out one member. Oh, is it just 10 minutes per episode if it’s a short web drama? That’s good cause it means I can watch it and as you said it can count as a break from the studying. That’s the only way to avoid spoilers, since they’re going to be everywhere. Omg yes, haha people who screenshot every single moment of the drama are so annoying. Like, aren’t they watching it properly? Do they just go there and screenshot everything they can’t without paying attention to what’s happening? Haha, omg you forgot that Lovelyz would have promotions. They all looked so pretty, and omg have you seen the repackaged album? It’s so gorgeous and it’s making me want to buy it so badly!! Haha I don’t know where he said that but I found it on tumblr and it said “–Hoya (Infinite)” underneath...and then I was just laughing cause seriously Hoya? Time to study hehe. Lol our dreams of marrying Dongwoo and Myungsoo could come true if we listen to Hoya. Oh, so he did really say it in a magazine interview? I wonder how old it is!! I love unexpected endings as well~ Yeah, what’s the point of dreaming if your dream realistic dreams? Let’s just continue thinking that we will marry Dongwoo and Myungsoo and Infinite will be our friends. Oh nice, I’m glad your interview went well. I’m so scared of interviews so I wouldn’t be able to answer anything. Aww, what’s your dream job...a question I could never answer out of embarrassment. Did you say that you want to work at a Korean broadcasting station? That’s so cool~ Haha yeah, I’m probably going to fail at teaching my children Taiwanese...Haha and English is my 3rd language but I’m most fluent at it. Don’t we have to admit that we dream about waking up next to Dongwoo/Myungsoo? Omg that picture, I’m at school so I hope no one saw it. Haha just imagining that picture!! Haha yes, he has a movie and I’m definitely going to watch it one day!!

    Oh wow, your friend has the thick one? The coloured one or the black one? They’re both so gorgeous!! Oh yes, I wonder who her main is; maybe she doesn’t have one, just like me. Lol at people who buy the album just for the group’s looks. I will show you today^^ It’s funny cause I opened it yesterday cause my brother invaded my room and was asking me to see my albums. He had nothing better to do since my parents took his computer and his phone. Haha when it comes to regretting, Japanese albums are always the first ones. Yeah, Crush was the only album I was planning on getting but as you can see I ended up buying so much more!!

    1. Haha it Dongwoo’s rap in Request doesn’t bother me, it just had me laughing cause all this time I had no idea that he had some English included. I’m so bad at detecting English in k-pop songs sometimes. Omg haha “future oriented world!!” I’m used to seeing engrish so I don’t mind the “I’ll be love/I believe.” I’m sure “I’ll be love,” means nothing. What’s funny is the “Sorry I ain’t got no time cause I’ve fallen love this beat” in 바빠서 Sorry. I can’t sing it cause I always end up saying “cause I’ve fallen in love with this beat.” Haha just like you said, this is really big...I bet you’re wondering if you should take me to the doctor cause I’m having a fever ㅋㅋ. Yeah, I do it for B.A.P as well...I haven’t heard their songs in a while cause I usually play the whole playlist. I should do that today!! Omg, do you know how many times I wanted to listen to Only Tears but I had to play it and also play I Like You cause they have they same number of plays? (I uploaded them in the same day that’s why) Only Tears would have way more plays than I Like You but I always feel bad for I Like You and I play it so the plays can be the same. Haha yeah, I wasn’t expecting the Greek radio app to find Seoul fm. I wonder why I have that app sometimes...I rarely use it lol. Haha Amusement Park~ I like the song...if it wasn’t for Jiae’s part. Sometimes she just has to calm down with that sweetness lol. In Hi~ her voice is sweet but fine but in Amusement Park she killed it haha.

      Hehe thank you for telling me some of your favourite episodes^^ I should write them down and watch them. Haha I’ve seen 138, isn’t it the Gentleman’s high school episode? But I haven’t seen the rest so I should write them down and watch one of them today^^ Omg Infinite’s apartment is on top of a mall? Wow, that mall seems gorgeous!! I want to go there~ Don’t worry, everything you say makes sense!! I know how you feel when it comes to tiredness. Aww you should watch one of the old episodes since it’s been the cooking episodes. Hehe yes~ it was a really nice episode. True, he doesn’t seem like the variety show type but I love how he never stops smiling!! We found a Dongwoo 2.0!! The Running Man writers seem to love those acupuncture mats cause it’s really funny seeing them being tortured.

      HAHA I’m sorry, I went full retard!! Oh no, now you think that OT7 means all the 7. They do say that CEOnim told them if they couldn’t win the Be Mine promotions they’d have to disband? I’m sure that CEOnim had to put in his own money for the filming of the Be Mine MV cause there was a news report about it. To be honest, U-Kiss were successful all these years and they had no 1st place win. Which rookie groups have their first win so quickly? Even Exo got their 1st win a year after their debut.

      Dongwoo was being honest so I would be honest as well and tell him that I want to marry him. Hehe I guess that if Infinite decide to go on WGM, we can both tombstone them^^ or maybe not lol. Yonghwa was with Taeyeon?? Wow...she’s literally everywhere. Yes, I can’t imagine Infinite joining a separate company and I will never be able to. Oh lol, you know someone named Sunni...dale. It’s pronounced Ay-lee (에일리) but because she’s a Korean born in America, she also has a Korean name but, her real American name is Amy. I think mama Woo is the trigger of all the Ailee/Dongwoo shippers. Have you seen the ending of Music Bank in Mexico with Ailee and Dongwoo?

    2. Lol, not only did they make you make a new account but they didn’t give you all the loyalty points you were supposed to get. Seriously, the shipping’s more expensive now? Haha sorry for the chop chop, I’m mostly around British people that’s why I say it sometimes. Did they push back the release? It was supposed to be released today...let me check. Kpopmart pushed it back to the 20th...that’s really sad :( I love diving~ I don’t mind the height if there’s nothing underneath. Where we dive off, there are rocks underneath but I still do it lol. I do want to show Dongwoo around and show him the cliffs. I was watching Running Man ep. 182 and they had to dive of different heights to get a total of 30m and there were platforms with 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters and they were so scared to jump...I was so jelly cause it so fun for me to jump and I wanted to be there and just jump off the 10m and spin around in the air. Even Jongkook was really scared!!

      That’s why I wanted to tell; I knew it would make you happy to know that Yeollie hasn’t changed a bit and that he’s still acting like a choding behind the stage no matter what the concept is. People just receive gifts on their namedays. It’s just like a birthday but not as big. There is a day where all the people that don’t have namedays celebrate, so that’s when all the people with the unique names celebrate. Hahaha omg, true π is the symbol for pie and it’s included in my mom’s Greek name. This is how you spell your name is Greek: Μέισυ~

      Haha true, it’s nice when you see brand items that Infinite wears, on a website where you can buy them. I really want those mickey jumpers Infinite F was wearing but they cost $80!! Seriously, their apartment must be full of clothes since they always wear different ones!! I’m always tempted to buy some of the clothes that they wear but I always want to save my money for their albums. Just like I was saying...I haven’t been shopping for a while. Haha, well when you’re in Seoul there’s always a possibility to run into each other^^ You can just wear the same clothes as them whenever you want.

      *Says this while listening to B.A.P* I hope they find a decent company and be successful just like Block B did. Haha yeah, it’s all about the talent and B.A.P definitely have all the package~ Haha, me and Exo,

      Haha but that’s that’s why I decided to make a new account and I just use my old tumblr to reblog quotes I can relate to. So my new account only has k-pop related stuff~ Haha true, we’re going to get to see them perform Cover Girl and being dorky on the OGRS DVD. Has there ever been a concert where they don’t perform Cover Girl? Haha there’s no way you don’t know the feel meme cause it’s everywhere. It always seems to be the fangirls who ship people in the wrestling world. I was talking about the wrestling guy fans lol. K-pop fanboys must ship members secretly. I don’t know if Robert ships anyone cause he’s never told me about it.

      Yeah, that would be nice since I’ll be missing the sea~

      Haha it does make it really broad when Dongwoo says that his ideal type is female, but at the same time it makes all Inspirits happy~ Myungsoo’s 2 years older than you^^ omg yes, his birthday is coming up!! Haha it’s definitely a win-win situation!! Aww such a cutieee; he wants to take pictures of his kids and that way he can have all the memories. He’s definitely going to be such a good dad!!

      Oh well, at least those trees are special to us and to Infinite. Those people were in their own little worlds while you were telling them about wanting to see Infinite. SM fans are everywhere and there’s no way to avoid them since SM has the majority of the famous k-pop groups. Lol same, it would be funny if we actually used that term. And now I’m tempted to go to the balcony and take a selca with the sky just so I can send it to you and be like “star selfie!”

    3. Haha and that’s why people say 5. That’s where we love math and I can’t do math. If I were able to do it I would love it. Since I’m taking the lowest level of math possible and I’m able to understand and always achieve a 7 (they mark out of 7 in the IB) I’m happy lol. For some reason I love the Gentleman MV. I used to be in love with that song! Oh yes, they also love mud flats!!

      I have no doubt about how amazing Infinite Band was~ I can’t think of another reason why they wouldn’t include it in the DVD other than technical issues lol. Omg I just realized that they didn’t include a fancam of Myungsoo...I feel terrible for just noticing. I guess there was no fan who had a good fancam of him...I think it depends on who wants to upload their music on Infinite’s old albums don’t exist. And then we have H.O.T and S.E.S who have their old songs on iTunes. Shinhwa has some old albums as well...but all those groups were managed by SM back in the days and SM always uploads everything on iTunes. But of course physical albums are the best~ Nope, just don’t watch Gary’s’s a no-no!! Oh so “You’re My First” wasn’t officially releases, it was just in the background of their CFs. Ohh just like the Pepsi Infinite CFs, got it!! Lol, whatever he can just live with his phone lagging (evil sister muahaha^^) Haha I still haven’t heard Monster Time for a second time. Woohyun’s voice always suits ballads~ Omg by saying Cactus you just reminded me of This Is Infinite where they’re making fan on Myungsoo’s favourite song at the time. Oh nice, Woohyun sang Cactus in TSC2?

      That’s why I feel so proud. Because they actually worked hard to promote themselves just by going to all those stores and dancing on the street and I’m glad this was all aired in Sesame Player. I don’t know about other groups to that extent so I’m not sure what they did or what they’re doing to promote themselves. Oh, so you don’t play it on shuffle and you’ve memorized your playlist. That would make me really bored so I always go with the excitement of shuffle~ I think you were trying to say “and definitely so different from their concerts.” HAHAHAHA I did it again, after typing this I read further down and you’re actually saying the same thing. Lol, can you imagine having the fanmeting on DVD? We would die...we had mixed emotions about watching the fancams; just imagine watching it on DVD. Haha your friend bought a Block B fanmeeting DVD and was just skipping though it. Haha you thought it was B.A.P; they only have one Korean concert DVD and one Japanese DVD (which I had pre-ordered but cancelled the order cause it had no English subs) I firstly listen to Gyu, then to Infinite F, then to Infinite H and finally to Infinite. It’s because they’re different album artists so they’re separated. That made no sense lol sorry.

      I agree...we just keep on doing the same mistake!! It feels wrong having Taiwanese albums. If I could just swap my B.A.P Taiwanese version albums with the Korean ones T.T

      Omg now that I think about it, I knew about Beautiful before knowing about all their title songs except from Last Romeo, Back and Destiny. It is really a beautiful song just like the title^^ I agree that all their songs are so perfect. And for me to like a ballady song like Beautiful before I explore their title tracks feels amazing. It is a really nice store and that staircase has like a huge screen behind it, which shows the models on the runaway.

      Haha, omg I always do that when I’ve missed a song!! It really annoys me when I fall asleep and have Infinite playing because there are some songs that I miss and then I wake up after 5 songs and I’m just pissed that I missed those 5 songs. Oh no, it doesn’t mess up my playcount when I press the previous button.

      Haha true, there are Korean names that use the vowel ㅐ. I just thought of another one...유지애 ㅋㅋ.

    4. I was actually able to tell which part you were talking about and that’s because I know the choreography, but I went and watched the MV just in case. He is always amazing whatever he’s wearing!! Oh by the way when he says “Pathos에 중독돼,” I kept on hearing sausage in the beginning and I was laughing so much.

    5. Ooh that’s so cool you have dual citizenship!

      Whoa, so Girl’s Day isn’t even consisting of all of its original members. Haha that’s funny about what people say about Apink and SNSD! I’m guessing that Gyu’s drama will be shorter since it’s a web drama, but I’m not sure! Hehe yay if it is this short, you’ll be able to watch it as it airs~ Haha yah it’s like they’re not even paying attention to the drama and just screenshotting everything. I haven’t seen the new Lovelyz’ album yet, but oh wow I’m sure the packaging it gorgeous! I’m watching an unboxing now and it is so pretty! The polka dots reminds me of…Block B’s Jackpot? Did I get it right? Oh I meant their H.E.R album; wow I’m surprised I was close since I don’t really pay attention to other groups’ album designs lol. Ooh that’s so cool it comes with a picture frame calendar thing. Though I wouldn’t want Infinite to have a picture frame thing because I wouldn’t want to ruin the frame and it would look ugly if I just put it in my clear sleeve for photocards. Lol yah I found the magazine article of Hoya’s wise words, it was from October/November 2012! [] Hehe let’s continue dreaming and reaching our goals of marrying Dongwoo and Myungsoo^^ and to have Infinite as our friends hehe. Interviews are so scary! In the end I said I would like to teach English in Asia, specifically Hong Kong or Korea, but then my ultimate dream job would be an environmental economist (something more realistic lol). Whoa that’s so cool English is your 3rd language but you’re most fluent in it. I thought you’d be most fluent in Greek! So did you start learning English after going to school? My parents taught me Cantonese and then I think I learned English after starting pre-school. Hehe waking up next to our bias (but no, I can’t just call them our biases because they mean so much more than that…like in every group you might have a bias, but they’re not as meaningful as Infinite is to us if that makes sense lol). LOL seeing that picture while in school, I hope no one saw either!

      My friend has the colorful green album~ Lol sorry I’m blanking out again…could you clarify: “Oh yes, I wonder who her main is; maybe she doesn’t have one, just like me.”? I thought we were talking about like who her main group would be, but I thought your main group was Infinite lol? (Please don’t mock my stupidity!! Lol). Thank you for showing me the B.A.P album~ Lol your brother wanted to see your albums. That is true, Japanese albums are the to regret buying.

      Haha same here, I’m bad at detecting English in kpop songs too. Lol oooooh that’s what they say in 바빠서 Sorry? I always heard “Sorry I ain’t got time…” but never understood the rest. Haha you can’t sing it because of the Engrish. Hahaha it really is big, since you’ve been listening to your entire playlist since the beginning and now you’re thinking of changing it! Haha that’s what I always think, like sometimes we talk about one Infinite song and you always know exactly what I’m talking about or you bring up something so detailed, so I thought you just listened to that song, but you didn’t since you listen to all your songs together and have to wait a whole cycle before listening to it again. Haha I love “I Like You” so much, I listen to it just for Myungsoo’s lines. Since that was my first CD along with Paradise, I have really great memories of listening to the Infinitize album in the spring of my freshman year…wow it was about 2 years ago that I started fully getting into Infinite. Lol I also have apps that I rarely use, but I never delete them. Lol Jiae calming down her sweetness, that’s a good way of putting it~ Hahaha it was just too overly sweet in Amusement Park.

    6. Oooh yah that high school episode!!! Yay I’m glad you’ve seen it~ It’s like a mall underneath, and then next door there are these highrise apartments but they’re practically connected. This mall is also in This Is Infinite, remember when Sunggyu had to do that 24 Hours dance (is that the right title?) in that mall? It’s that mall!!! You should definitely visit that place when you go~ Hehe Lee Hyun Woo is like Dongwoo 2.0!!! I love how he never stops smiling too!! Lol it is funny seeing them being tortured, Running Man knows how to make people laugh the best~

      I think it was really bad, the situation Infinite was in during Be Mine if they didn’t win. Yah I’m sure CEOnim put in his own money for the MV too. Ooh I’m glad U-Kiss has been successful, that’s too bad they couldn’t show it through wins though. I saw this chart…let me find it…[] showing the number of days since debut it took for groups to have their first win. So for Winner it only took 6 days?? And I was surprised CNBlue won in 15 days! Yah I was surprised seeing Exo so far down this list.

      Hehe honesty is always good^^ Dongwoo would appreciate your honesty hehe~ Haha Taeyeon really is everywhere, and she was on WGM soo long ago. Ahh reading the hangul is so much easier when it comes to names. Haha I did see the ending of Music Bank with Ailee and Dongwoo! Hehe had to watch it again, they’re so adorable~

      Yah I’m annoyed about this whole account/loyalty points thing, but whatever lol, I just want OGSR now~ Haha British people say chop chop a lot? Yah I don’t know why they pushed back the release :( Whoa you’re so brave for diving like that! It seems sooo scary! Hehe I can imagine you showing Dongwoo the cliffs, especially since he was on LOTJ. Ooh I remember that episode!! Haha everyone was so afraid, and you’d be volunteering to go off the highest.

      Hehe I really am happy to know Yeollie’s still his choding self. Whoa, people even receive gifts on their name days, that’s so cool, like it’s actually a holiday lol. Aww that’s nice that the unique names also have their own day! Aww my name in Greek, that’s so cool!! Did you just switch each of my letters with the equivalent Greek letter, or is it more based on the sound it makes (if that makes sense)? For your mom’s name I could recognize pi and alpha and…I’d call it an eigenvalue in math lol…λ this symbol. I didn’t know Greek letters were so important in math until this year, all my classes use them but they don’t write them properly so I don’t know how to properly write the letters either lol.

      Aww those mickey sweaters were really adorable, but wow $80 is a lot for a top! And converting that to CDs…that’s a lot too lol. My conversion rate is CDs lol, I compare everything to album prices. If something’s $50, I say it’s as much as KNOT and if it’s $100 I say it’s as much as OTT, but that was like a year ago and now that I have both of those, hmm…it’s just me rambling on again lol. Talking to you, it always triggers these random memories. HAHA and then I read that you’re tempted to buy the clothes they wear but want to save up for albums.

      Haha I can’t believe you’re listening to B.A.P now, why does it keep happening!! Hopefully B.A.P will have things going their way, since like you said they’re actually talented and not just for looks lol.

      Haha I was thinking they didn’t perform Cover Girl in either TSC shows, but they did, in both. Hmm I guess they do perform it at all their concerts hehe. HAHA gotcha, it would be really weird if wrestling guy fans shipped people LOL. haha and kpop fanboys ship members secretly~ Though if girl group members are shipped, then it’s the fangirls who ship them outright? Haha I wonder if Robert ships anyone now…

    7. Hehe Dongwoo knows how to make all Inspirits happy~ Ooh since Myungie’s birthday is coming up, and Hoya’s, I guess they’ll celebrate at the Japan tour coming up. Ahh those lucky Japanese Inspirits. Hehe I can definitely see all the Infinite members being such good dads; seeing them with kids is so adorable!

      Hehe those trees are special to Inspirits and Infinite~ Yah SM’s dominating, which makes me feel even more proud that such a small company like Woollim is so successful now, competing against the Big 3 or whatever. HAHA omg that would have been so funny, actually taking a “star selfie”!!

      Lol I honestly can’t do math either. Haha sometimes it’s good taking the lower level to guarantee the highest score. Since you know the Greek alphabet you have an advantage at math lol, since they keep using Greek letters. Gentleman is pretty catchy. My family used to be obsessed with Gangnam Style, but they wouldn’t open up to any other kpop song >.< Was Gangnam Style a thing in Greece too? It was pretty big in the US and that time I traveled to Australia, and they were playing it there too (but it was a kpop store, so maybe that’s why lol).

      Haha omg you didn’t notice there was no fancam of Myungsoo ㅠㅠ. Yah I think the cameramen just stupidly messed up with Myungsoo’s shot. Maybe they can redeem themselves with TSC2 DVD and include his there…oh that makes sense, just whichever artist wants to be on iTunes. It’s weird that for Infinite OTT, Paradise, New Challenge, etc are on there, but not Infinitize. Oooh that makes sense, SM managed all those groups so they’re on iTunes. Oooh Shinhwa was under SM? Haha thank you, I’ll definitely not watch Gary’s MV! Hahaha your “sympathy” towards your brother lol. Haha you only listened to Monster Time once. Definitely, Woohyun+ballads is the perfect combo~ Ahhh what was Myungsoo’s favorite song at the time? ㅠㅠ my memory…yah, Woohyun sang Cactus with Lucia (don’t know who she is lol), and I wonder what else he sang.

      I’m sorry for bringing this up, yet again. So my Inspirit friend from Malaysia went to Seoul for 10 days to go to the fanmeetings, and then yesterday she went to Gimpo Airport to see Infinite leave for Japan, and she actually got to see them, like they were right in front of her and she was able to give them her fanletters and say random fangirly things to them, and like I’m just so jealous about it! Like she went to the airport where Infinite would be mobbed by fans, yet Infinite seemed pretty happy and she had the best experience ever, despite us saying how we would never go to the airport for that. Like she was only there for 10 days but practically had the best experience ever (but not under the best circumstances since it’s the airport) but she got to interact with Infinite positively. And then I’m there for much longer and have an upsetting experience. I was really sad about this, but then I got to think how Boohyun (my savior lol) was so nice and took a selca with me, and how I don’t think I’d trade that experience for seeing Infinite at the airport because talking to Boohyun felt so genuine, but I feel like at the airport you’re just another fangirl. Ooh just writing this all out is making me feel so much better~

    8. I’m really happy they aired all that on Sesame Player too. Ahh just thinking about Infinite’s life story, I can’t stop smiling. I’m so used to my playlist order now that I clump certain random songs together and just expect them to be played together. But then when I do go on shuffle, it is nice and exciting. HAHAHA omg lol yay you were able to read my mind though lol. Haha yah seeing the fanmeeting on DVD, we would die lol; omg that’s so true, just seeing photos and fancams were hard enough, but on DVD it would be the death of us! Aww that’s annoying how they released a Japanese DVD and it had no English subs so you had to cancel the order. Ooooooh so you listen to your songs based on the artist!! Ahhh gotcha gotcha. I have a separate playlist just for Infinite so I can include solos/subunits/Toheart/featurings. You definitely made complete sense, don’t worry^^ Ooh so do you have songs like Woohyun’s OSTs…like you’d listen to those songs separately from Infinite then if you do have them?

      Aww if only you could swap yout Taiwanese albums for Korean! At least your Infinite ones are all Korean^^

      Awww that’s so cool you knew about Beautiful really early on!! It is such a beautiful song and I love how you loved it before knowing about their other title tracks. Ooh wow that store sounds really nice~

      Oooh I hate that too, when I’m listening to my playlist and fall asleep!! It’s like those songs are getting fake plays then. Hmm I meant like, if you press the previous button and listen to that song again, then it’d have 2 more playcounts instead of 1 and then not all the songs will get played twice…lol nevermind, I’m not making any sense!

      Haha I feel so stupid now, of course 유지애!

      Hehe you knew the part I was talking about^^ Ahh that MV is just perfection, every single part of it. And Dongwoo, how does he always manage to pull off anything^^ Haha Dongwoo says Pathos? I never noticed! Time to listen to it now…haha rapping about sausage.

  10. Haha yeah I do^^

    Yeah, and I feel bad saying this but I’m glad those two members got replaced by Yura and Hyeri and now we have the normal 4-member Girl’s Day. Haha it’s just funny, I guess many people were mad because Jessica was kicked out so they just had to find an excuse for everything. I’m not sure what’s going to be happening with Gyu’s drama but if it’s short then I’ll be able to watch to. Haha omg yes those people; they’re just capturing everything but not really paying attention to the drama ~.~ Omg same, that was the first thing it reminded me off; Block B’s H.E.R album. I really really like it though...ahh why is it so pretty!! It’s making me want it so much!! Haha same, I wouldn’t want an Infinite album to have a calendar frame thing cause I wouldn’t want to ruin it and I would just keep it in the album. Haha, I love reading this interview...they’re such idiots!! Sungjong-ah, if I do as you say and eat a lemon candy, do you think that’ll make me thing better? ㅋㅋ And now I feel bad and I want to study something lol. I’m going to post a huge post-it on my wall saying, “STUDY.” I think that’s the best thing to do...just keep on dreaming^^ I know...they are really scary!! Wow, nice answer^^ I wish I had a dream job as well...I don’t really have one. I am fluent in Greek; it’s just that I haven't been to a Greek school for 7 years now so there are some complicated Greek words that I have no idea what they mean lol. I learned English before starting school as well; it’s just that I knew Greek and Taiwanese before. True, that’s so right!! We can’t really call them our biases cause bias can be just anyone in a group but Infinite mean so much more to us. There’s no word to describe Dongwoo and Myungsoo. I call Infinite my life and Dongwoo’s my sun and stars. Haha I sound so cheesy...that’s because I tag him sometimes with “my sun and stars” on tumblr. To be honest, I call them idiots~ when I like someone a lot I call them “idiot.” And I’m obviously not meaning it in a bad way^^ I do this a lot lol.

    Haha that album looks absolutely beautiful. Omg sorry, I meant to say her main bias in B1A4...just like me as in I don’t have a bias in B1A4 either. Well, isn’t it a bit obvious that my main group is Infinite? I must have confused you that much for you to think that my main group is not Infinite hehe. Isn’t that B.A.P album really pretty? Credits to the designer haha. My brother strikes again lol. Haha Japanese albums are the ones you always regret buying...what should I get next? ㅋㅋ

    Haha, do you know how much time it took for me to figure out that Junhyun’s (Beast) part in Good Luck included English? The part where he says “help me I’m heartsick, there ain’t no cure for my disease...” If I hadn’t looked at the lyrics I still wouldn’t know. Why am I brining up Beast?! I’m so used to hearing Engrish that I thought that Infinite’s She’s Back used to say “그녀가 내게 down down down” until I checked the lyrics and got enlightened. Yeah...that’s what they say in 바빠서 Sorry~ Well...maybe I won’t change it then and just keep doing it the way I was all this time. I love “I Like You” as well but back in October, “Only Tears” used to be stuck in my head and whenever I wanted to listen to it I just had to listen to “I Like You” as well cause I uploaded them on the same day. Till this day they have the same number of plays^^ Aww Infinitize along with Paradise bring back all these memories for you~ just 2 years ago you started getting into Infinite^^ Haha Jiae always gets the sweet lines that have a lot of aegyo...why do I feel like she says the “my lies” part?

    1. Haha yeah I’ve seen it...the best part about it is Jongkook throwing Woobin in the water just like he’s the most light weighted person on earth. I was watching the Avengers episode today and I was just laughing cause the person who was calling out their names in English sounded like Google Translate. Aww that’s so cool, their house is connected to a mall!! Ohh it’s the legendary mall where Gyu had to dance to Sunmi’s 24 Hours haha. And then they made his say “Why is my butt so sexy?” Omg I just want to watch that now but I will contain myself. Hehe Dongwoo 2.0 in Lee Hyun Woo who never stops smiling!! Haha it’s definitely funny seeing them being tortured; Running Man definitely knows how to make people laugh!!

      Yeah...the situation seemed really bad and now that I know that they were going to disband makes me even prouder of them for being able to overcome those days. Oh well, finally U-Kiss had the chance to win number 1 and they were all so touched even after 8 years of debut. Ohh they should continue adding on to that chart. Right now there’s no one who can beat U-Kiss. Boyfriend won 1st place this year for the first time after their debut 4 years ago. How could I forget that Winner actually won in their debut when we were actually talking about it previously? Seriously...15 days for CNBlue; I didn’t know or expect that. To be honest, I wouldn’t count it with days...I would count it with the number of comebacks. Exo debuted with MAMA but came back with XOXO and won. For B.A.P for example, they released Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Stop It, One Shot, Badman and after all of that they won with 1004 Angel. So basically they had 6 comebacks before they win 1st place.

      Dongwoo would probably laugh if I were honest with him. I love it when he laughs though^^ It’s the best thing on earth~ Damn that Taeyeon being like a 귀신 xD Haha yeah, reading the hangul always makes it easier to pronounce names. Dongwoo and Ailee were actually pretty adorable and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t replay that part just to see Dongwoo being so happy.

      They did a really lousy job, how can they only give you half of the loyalty points you deserve? I want OGRS now as well!! Haha yeah, British people do say chop chop a lot. I just want OGRS to be released as soon as possible. I love diving so I would have loved to be on that episode of Running Man and just dive off the 10m with ease and I wouldn’t even have to worry about landing on rocks. Hehe Dongwoo would think I’m crazy for jumping off those cliffs. I should show you a video from back in 2011 when I jumped off the 17m cliff for the first time.

      Seeing choding Yeollie always makes me smile~ I love seeing that side of his!! Haha yeah we celebrate name days just like we celebrate birthdays just that birthdays are way more important. Haha not really, if I had switched each letter with the equivalent Greek one it would be: Μέισι but since we have many “이” sounds in Greek it’s spelt this way: Μέισυ. ι, υ, η, ει, οι all make the sound “이” haha. Greek grammar is hell for foreigners. Omg haha is eigenvalue a lamda (λ)? I’m glad I don’t have that in math. Haha I feel like the most common Greek letters in math class are π and θ.

      Ι λοωε τηεμ HAHHA sorry I started typing in Greek. I love them so much; they’re so pretty but so expensive ㅠㅠ. Omg same, my conversion rate is Infinite’s albums!! KNOT costs $50? No way that’s pretty expensive. The most expensive Infinite thing out there...SIE >.< everything’s about that. Haha yeah, I always get these random memories when I talk to you^^ Haha of course...I always want to buy their clothes that would actually suit me but I prefer saving up for their albums.

      Haha I told you before that I was planning to listen to B.A.P cause I hadn’t heard their songs for a long time and I did so. But yeah, I have confidence that they’ll do well once they find a decent company.

    2. I remember them performing Cover Girl in TSC, I don’t know about TSC2 and that’s why I’m asking you^^ It’s nice knowing that they never skip Cover Girl~ Haha wouldn’t it be weird if the wrestling guy fans shipped people? I’m pretty sure they just comment on what’s going on and also watch the divas, diss them but at the same time enjoy seeing their butts. K-pop fangirls ship anyone and everyone they see lol. I should ask him if he ships any of his BTS members together...I know he like VKook but I don’t know if he ships them.

      Dongwoo makes all the Inspirits happy to death when he’s acting like a 바보!! Omg, both of their birthdays are coming up...and we’ll always have Gyu reminding people when his birthday is on Hoya’s birthday haha. Those lucky Japanese Inspirits...I feel like they’re coming back from Japan tomorrow so I don’t know what they’re planning. Omg, I can totally imagine Gyu with his gorgeous son who has small cute eyes just like him!!

      Special trees~ SM’s dominating generally and I’m glad Woollim is becoming more successful because of Infinite’s growing popularity. They still haven’t reached the top but they will continue gaining loyal fans~ Haha I was so tempted to do it but the camera would show any stars so it would be a fail.

      You can certainly do math better than me^^ Lol not really, the Greek alphabet is not that important in math and especially in my level. Hehe your family was obsessed with Gangnam Style^^ My mom doesn’t listen to music so it was funny seeing her reaction when we showed her the MV. This is so random but Psy in Taiwanese means poop. Gangnam Style was really big in Greece as well, it was always on the radio and some people had it as their welcome tone when you call them. I want to put a k-pop song as my welcome tone cause I have this Greek song but they only have Gangnam Style and Gentleman so I keep on having that Greek song. Haha that was pretty random.

      Wait, weren’t they fancams? Like, weren’t those videos taken by fans? Haha maybe they can redeem themselves with TSC2 but I would prefer to have a concert version instead of a fancam version. For Infinite, they have Inspirit, OTT and Paradise but they don’t have Infinitize so I don’t really know what they were up to lol. Yeah SM used to manage all those famous old groups. Shinhwa used to be under SM. Haha yeah, I’m glad you decided not to watch it. How did you know that song though? Did they mention it on Running Man? It’s true that I’ve listened to Monster Time once and maybe I didn’t even get to finish the whole song. Woohyun+ballads!! Omg, it was ep.6 when they were making fun of Myungsoo cause of the porn mentioned in a previous the question they had to answer was “What’s my favourite song currently.” And Gyu answered for fun with “Stellar – Marionette” because it’s like a sexy concept. Lol, I don’t know who Lucia is either...I only know that she sang Cactus together with Woohyun. Did she sing it live with his in TSC2?

      Aww how lucky of her to get to meet Infinite!! It’s obviously normal to be jealous of her; I mean she got to meet Infinite, who wouldn’t be? It is true that they always look as happy as they can at the airport with the exception of Hobaby who doesn’t feel confident. See? It’s not as bad as you think it is after you thought about meeting Boohyun. I’m sure Boohyun was lovely and you got to talk to him which is pretty amazing. I would want to have a convo with Boohyun as well cause he would be a person that would actually sit and listen. You should feel happy for getting to meet someone as special as Boohyun^^

    3. Omg same, I can’t stop smiling just thinking about the Sesame Player days. Haha it’s always nice when you listen to your playlist on shuffle^^ Hehe it seems like I was able to read your mind. We would really die if there was a fanmeeting DVD. We already die by watching the concert DVDs. Actually the main reason why I canceled my order was Infinite lol. I thought that it wasn’t necessary to buy that DVD cause I have the Korean one and it basically has the same songs. I was telling Robert that if it was a concert DVD of their recent tour I would buy it like crazy because it includes songs from their full album that have never been performed...not to mention the choreography for Body & Soul. Yeah, I wasn’t really bothered to make a playlist for Infinite cause I’d have to add all the songs one by one ㅋㅋ. I don’t have Woohyun’s OSTs yet. Doesn’t he only have 2? (Cactus and the Modern Farmer one) or am I missing something important again?

      Haha yes~ at least all my Infinite albums are Korean!!

      I did know Beautiful really early on and I’m glad I knew it^^ It is such a beautiful song. Omg, I’m just getting memories of me listening to Beautiful in Las Vegas on YouTube cause I didn’t even have the song. It is a very pretty store^^

      Omg exactly, I feel like the songs get fake plays when I sleep through them. Omg, I was so mad last time cause I slept through Be Mine and Inception and I go crazy over those two songs and I wouldn’t be able to listen to them again until I listen to my whole playlist again...that’s the annoying part of my playcount strategy. Oh, I press the previous button and just look at the songs I missed and then I go forward again. Don’t worry, you’re making sense^^

      Haha, I’m sure that if we think about it we can find more names that have the letter “ㅐ.”

      Yeah, I’ve watched almost all of the Pretty performances so I do know the choreography and that’s why I could tell which part you were talking about. That MV is really perfection and Dongwoo can wear as many carpets as he wants if he always looks as gorgeous as that!! Haha yeah Dongwoo says Pathos...a Greek word hehe!! Haha it’s pretty funny but I was really hearing sausage in the beginning before I check the lyrics and understand what he’s actually saying. Does it only sound like sausage in my ears? ㅋㅋ It’s because of “Patho(s에 중독돼)”

    4. Haha how come, were the 2 members that got replaced weird? Is that why they left? Haha we really do think alike, how Lovelyz’ album reminds us of H.E.R. I really like the design too, it looks like a cute Tiffany box with that blue and white and then the ribbon and everything. I should have gotten the repackaged instead of their debut album. Yah I’d want to preserve the calendar frame thing and just leave it in the album. Hehe that interview is hilarious~ Haha the lemon candy^^ Hehe Infinite’s inspiring you to study. It’d be nice if we had dream jobs…my Korean friend told me she interned at KBS documenting and writing memos for last year’s winter Olympics, (that’s how I thought I’d love to work at a broadcasting station) and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. That does make sense, going to an international school for so many years would make you more fluent in English, especially with complicated and technical words. That’s so cool your mom taught you Taiwanese before English. Hehe definitely Infinite are so much more than just biases; hahaha I like that analogy, Infinite’s your life (mine too^^) and Dongwoo’s your sun and stars!! Haha you tag that, hehe those tumblr tags are so hilarious sometimes. Haha I totally understand the idiot thing^^

      Hahaha I was freaking out like…have I been talking to someone that seems to know everything about Infinite but isn’t actually an Inspirit…? Hehe seriously those designers for kpop albums, it’s seriously amazing. I don’t completely regret buying Japanese albums, but they don’t give me nearly as much happiness as Korean albums, like I’d just be buying the Japanese ones for the photos that I’d hardly look at and for DVDs that I’d prefer watching with subs online instead. Hehe so the next thing you should get should be like a Korean DVD! the Destiny in America DVD!

      Hahahaha that’s funny about Beast! Ooh I heard that song a few times when I was in Korea…I’ll watch the MV now and try to catch the English! Haha I didn’t catch it at all. Hehe don’t worry about bringing up Beast, I’d love to hear anything you have to say! Oh speaking of Beast, their logo uses Greek letters? Is it actually their name in Greek…? Ahhhh omg I think everyone thought in She’s Back they say “down down down,” I mean it really sounds like it! And even knowing that they say 온다 온다 온다, I still only hear “down down down.” Haha you’re very serious about having “I Like You” and “Only Tears” together^^ Haha Jiae does seem to get the sweet lines with so much aegyo! Ooh I have to look up the “my lies” part…ooh apparently they all sing it? I guess I only listened to the song once so I don’t know lol.

      Haha Jongkook throwing Woobin in the water like that~ Oooh the Avengers episode is amazing!!! Haha that person sounding like Google Translate! Though honestly I don’t remember much of it. Hehe yup it’s that legendary mall^^ Haha Gyu saying “why is my butt so sexy”, omg that episode was just too much.

      I’m so happy Infinite’s gone through so much and they’ve really worked their way from the bottom; I’m so proud of them too. Oh so with U-Kiss, this is actually their first win ever? I thought like they won back in the day and then didn’t win for 8 years and finally won again; this is how limited my knowledge is, I don’t know anything lol. Oh wow, and Boyfriend to finally win after 4 years. Haha yah we were talking about how no one’s won during their debut; yah that’s true it would be better to count it based off of comebacks, since groups can have a comeback every month or like once a year. Wow, I’m glad B.A.P finally won after so many eras! Oh, are Rain Sound and Crash not their title songs? Those are the only songs I have of B.A.P and I love them so much.

      Hehe Dongwoo’s laugh is the most precious thing. HAHA and then I read “it’s the best thing on earth”, most definitely it is! Ahh I don’t know what a 귀신 is…Google Translate…ahhhh hahaha they probably said “ghost” so much in that Ranking King episode, that’s where I’ve heard it from. Haha replaying it to see Dongwoo being so happy~

    5. Ugh that whole loyalty points thing really frustrates me, but whatever. I really want OGSR so badly now too!! I looked at a Korean website and they’re releasing it on March 20th :/ Ooh when you go diving, there’s a chance of landing on rocks…oooh gosh I never thought about that!! Ahh that…I can’t imagine that lol. Hehe Dongwoo would think you’re crazy, but he’d be soo impressed and in awe! Ooh I’d love to see that video!! 17 meters…I need to convert that lol. My eyes like got really wide, OMG 55.77 feet is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Whoa…that’s like a 5 story building, dang. Do you actually jump…like head first? Is that the normal height you usually dive at now, or do you go even higher?

      Wow, just Greek letters in general seem so confusing, with so many having the same sound! OOHH my teachers definitely say lambda, but I can never put a name to a letter. I was thinking…is it called “eigen” maybe? Lol. Yah lots of pis and thetas, and now I also use phi, sigma, delta, a circle with a slash through it (sorry I don’t know lolooooh so this is phi…lol so when I said “phi” earlier, I meant “rho”), omega, alpha, beta, epsilon…googling the Greek letters, we actually use a lot of them. Lol this is going to sound really stupid…I didn’t know that there were upper and lower case letters, I just thought each letter was a completely different thing lol. lol don’t mind my stupidity with Greek letters.

      Haha typing in Greek^^ Hehe converting everything into Infinite albums!! A new KNOT album is like $45 plus shipping, or at least it was when it was first released. Ooooh dang it’s like $36 now shipped…haha SIE, I wouldn’t even know how to price that since there are so few sellers and it’s getting more and more rare…hehe it’s nice getting these random memories, since we’re like telling our life stories to each other it seems lol.

      Ahh right you were planning on listening to B.A.P~ I hope they’ll still get a lot of time to make music and promote, since these are like the prime years of their career.

      Lol I don’t know why my memory for Cover Girl is a blur for TSC2. I was surprised though for the Japan tour Osaka Day 1 they sang Cover Girl instead of Together (so I guess the other days they didn’t sing Cover Girl). Haha that does seem like what wrestling guy fans would do. Ooh She’s Back is playing now, I’ll try really hard to hear the 온다 part instead of “down.” It seriously sounds like “down”…ahh fangirls just ship anyone and everyone lol. Ooh yah I’m curious if he ships guy groups too, I would think fanboys would just ship girl groups if they do? I have no idea though lol.

      HAHA Gyu reminding everyone that his birthday is in a month, on Hoya’s birthday. Awww omg I can totally see Gyu with an adorable son with small adorable eyes just like him!! I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it!!

      I don’t mind that Woollim’s not at the top (like how I don’t mind if Infinite doesn’t win on music shows), because definitely they have amazing loyal fans^^ Except that girl you told me about who switched from being an Inspirit to being an Exo-L lol. Hahaha yah it does seem hard to take pictures of stars.

      Haha if your mom doesn’t listen to music, she must have been so surprised with the Gangnam Style MV. HAHA that’s interesting, Psy in Taiwanese means poop. And it’s also a Greek letter, right? Ahh thinking about it, it’s similar to Cantonese but not exactly. Actually it’s annoying but my American name if directly translated to Cantonese, means “haven’t pooped yet” -.- It also rhymes with booger in Cantonese, so people tease me for that. Lol I’ve never told anyone that, it’s so random. That’s cool Gangnam Style was pretty big in Greece! Aww you should make your own ringtone using your songs^^ I think I’ve already said this, but mine is the intro of the theme song for Moon Embracing Sun, it’s this instrumental that’s so beautiful (and so people won’t judge since it’s instrumental).

    6. Lol I don’t think Woollim could just take fancams from fans for the DVD…I’m sure it was one of their own production crew members. Whoa I’m looking up TSC DVD and it’s sold out on several websites; Infinite’s concert DVDs are slowly becoming extinct…yah that’s true, I’d definitely prefer a concert version than a fancam version. Lol yah Infinite on iTunes, I don’t know what’s up with them :/ But I’m really happy that some of their MVs are on there, so I can watch them when I don’t have internet (because of course I’d rather watch it on Woollim’s page!). I follow Allkpop on Twitter so I read all the kpop headlines and have heard of songs and artists and rumors, but I don’t actually know anything about kpop lol. So that’s how I knew about Shower Later^^ Ahh so Shinhwa was originally with SM. Haha maybe you didn’t even get to finish “Monster Time”, wow and it seems like you listen to everything fully. Hahaha oh that is funny!! Lol I probably didn’t get it when I watched that episode. I always thought that Woohyun performed with Lucia live at TSC2 but I can’t find any fancams of it. And then I ended up watching videos of Woohyun’s solos on Immortal Song 2. I don’t really watch Infinite’s performances on this show but wow, I’m dying at Woohyun’s performances!! [] Everything about it is pure perfection. I really like how this show showcases idols’ singing skills. Oh!!! Omg I never showed you, the most amazing Gyu+Woohyun duet ever (why didn’t I just saw Woogyu lol). My friend showed this to me a couple of years ago and I just can’t get over it. [] I think it’s one of my most favorite covers by Infinite! Whoa before this video was very hard to find, like it was on some obscure website, but now I’m happy KBS finally released it. Omg and I forgot Gyu’s red hair, since it was during his debut! Ahh sorry I’m fangirling watching it and like giving you all my commentary. I loved Woohyun’s beginning but then when Gyu came out, he just brought so much energy and happiness to it. Oh I forgot to mention! Though people say Gyu’s debut was a failure, I’m so proud of him for debuting just 2.5 years after Infinite’s debut, whereas so many 5+ year old groups are just making their solo debuts now, it really makes me proud that Woollim took that risk and Gyu debuted back then, and then of course Infinite H a month later. Hehe now I’m rewatching the one with Gyu featuring Dongwoo and Baby Soul, ahh seeing Dongwoo with his grayish hair, I really wish I was around during Infinitize era!

      Yah it’s just so conflicting like wanting to see Infinite at the airport and hoping that they’d react well, but at the same time wanting to give them space. Hehe every time I’m feeling down, I should just think about meeting Boohyun and then I think I’ll feel much better^^ Ahh yah I really hope you’ll get to meet Boohyun and talk to him too, especially because he’s so nice and generous to international fans. This is the perfect reason why it’s great if you look only half Asian!

      My grandfather is visiting me now and I always tell him about you, because he’s always wondering why I’m typing so much on the computer and laughing like an idiot. He calls us “long-winded girls” because of how much we talk to each other lol. He asked how we always have so much to talk about and I didn’t know what to say…we just do!

      Haha yah having a fanmeeting DVD would be too much! Hehe you canceled your order for Infinite!! Oh yah if it’s basically the same songs, then I’d see why you wouldn’t feel the need for that DVD. Ooh I understand, it’s nice having the latest concert DVD where they perform from the latest album (lol I’m referring to OGSR, but for any group as well). Yah I think Woohyun only has those 2 OSTs. I like adding songs that Infinite’s featured in too to my playlist but I feel bad, I don’t have Henry’s featuring Hoya and Nicole’s (?) featuring Dongwoo.

    7. Awww your memories listening to Beautiful in Las Vegas~ I love how we have memories of where we first listened to Infinite at certain places.

      Ahh that really sucks, sleeping through Be Mine and Inception and having to wait through the entire playlist! Oooooh gotcha, I have this weird thing where I cannot press the forward button, I don’t want my Infinite songs to have any skip counts (but sadly all the intros and Crying and some other songs have a lot because back then I didn’t care).

      Oh right, you saw all the Pretty performances^^ Hehe that’s so cool Dongwoo said a Greek word! Lol I was listening to Pretty on repeat but I was replying to you so I kept missing that part. But I totally see how it could sound like sausage hehe.

  11. Haha I don’t know if they were weird but I prefer Yura and Hyeri cause from the time I got into k-pop there were only 4 members and I liked it this way xD Aww what’s a Tiffany box? Never mind, I googled it. I really love the format and the design on their repackaged album and I’m so tempted to buy it...but of course I’m not doing so because of Infinite. Block B’s H.E.R looks like a chocolate box. I would want to have both their debut and the repackaged album; they look absolutely gorgeous in the repackaged one though^^ Lol, where am I going to find a lemon candy? Sometimes I feel so bad that I’m not studying, but at the same time I can’t seem to open my books. Why is my mind like this? It would be so nice if we had dream jobs. I used to want to be a wrestler so badly that I dreamt of it every single moment of the day but now I’ve lost that passion and I have no clue what I want to do. It was always hard for me to pick a profession and now I’m back to that stage. I think it’s amazingly cool that your friend got to work for KBS for a small period of time and it influenced you into thinking that you would love to work at a broadcasting station. Haha since I only went to a Greek elementary school and after that I changed and went to the British school, my Greek vocab is not as rich as my English is...not that I don’t understand the complicated Greek words. Lol, let’s just say that I’m fluent in both languages. Yeah, I got to learn Taiwanese before English but it was about the same time when I learned them both since I was going to Canada a lot when I was young. Infinite...I really can’t describe them with a word other than my life. I can write a whole essay on how perfect Infinite is; one per member lol and one group one!! Dongwoo’s my sun and stars but I always call him Dongwoo. Woohyun is called greasy man. I sometimes tag some of them with “How are you even real.” Lol, I have to find a nickname for everyone. Some tumblr tags are hilarious...and that reminds me of the Cosmo Sungjong photo with all those tags.

    Lol that would be so funny...if I actually knew everything about Infinite but I wasn’t an actual Inspirit. What fandom do I belong to then? I can’t imagine not being an Inspirit. True, all those k-pop album designers always have awesome ideas!! I don’t regret buying my Infinite Japanese albums at all, especially Dilemma since I have both versions. I wasn’t expecting the Infinite F album to be like that so I wasn’t that excited but after listening to it, I completely fell in love with it so I definitely don’t regret buying it. Of course the Korean albums make me happier. Though, when it comes to Japanese versions, I think I regret buying the B.A.P ones because I’m too much into Infinite that I kind of don’t want to spend my money on other groups. When it comes to the Japanese albums, I regret buying the B.A.P ones while I treasure my Infinite ones lol. I feel like I should get something rare next because you can find the Destiny in America DVD anywhere...or maybe I should wait until Lovelyz stop promoting so I can see if Gyu’s going to come back.

    Haha you watched the MV and you couldn’t tell if there was an English part. It’s Jonhyun’s Rap and he says “Up and down feels like an elevator. Help me I’m heartsick, there ain’t no cure for my disease.” Ohh you mean Beast’s new logo; it seems to be using the Greek letters AΔΣ but ΑΔΣ means nothing in Greek, so I searched about it and I found out that it’s actually the three consonants, ㅂㅅㅌ, written in a different way. ㅂ becomes ∀, 스 becomes Δ and ㅌ becomes Σ. I was so clueless until I read the lyrics. I thought it said “down, down, down.” I’ve gotten myself uses to the fact that it says “온다” so I can say it now, but back then I had no idea. Lol, to be honest...I’m like that for every song, not only for Only Tears and I Like You. Oh, the only exception is Last Romeo because I can listen to it as much as I want...and then Back cannot surpass Last Romeo. (cont)

    1. (cont) Lol, I really need to change that habit. There’s a reason why they call Jiae the fake maknae^^ Just her voice has so much aegyo. I feel like she can calm it down a bit though xD

      Jongkook throwing anyone around makes me enjoy it so much. Lol, I sound so evil cause I’m basically saying that I want people to be thrown around. Haha, the Avengers episode was pretty funny. I was watching this other episode on Sunday where they asked Haha what DIY stands for and he said “Difficult, I’m Young.” I’m still laughing at that. From now on that is what DIY means for me lol. Haha from that episode, I remember that Gyu had to kneel down and shake his butt in the middle of something that looked like a floor clock?! Or maybe it was a round pattern on the floor. And then he had to say “why is my butt so sexy?” I hope the members are making fun of his butt on purpose but they actually like it ㅋㅋ.

      I’m always proud that they’ve gone through so much and I always seem to mention it. I can’t hide how proud I am. Yeah, it’s U-Kiss’s first ever win. They debuted back in 2008 so it took them 7 years to win for the first time ever. Yeah, I actually though that Boyfriend would have won because they’re from the same company as Sistar and K.Will. We were talking about how Winner won in their debut and yet I always forget about it even if I know it. In my opinion it’s better to count the comebacks and as I said, everyone’s complaining that Exo didn’t win immediately, but they were sitting for a year and once they came back they won. Rain Sound is not a title song; it’s included in the One Shot mini album and it has a music video. How could I forget Crash? This means that B.A.P had to go through one more era. Let’s count again: Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Crash, Stop It, One Shot, Badman. It’s 7 eras in 2 years. No wonder they filled a lawsuit for a slave contract. Rain Sound is definitely one of my favourite B.A.P songs.

      Hehe Dongwoo’s smile and his laugh are both major reasons why I’m happy, but of course the whole of Infinite are the reason for my happiness. Lol, I swear I know the randomest Korean words and I don’t know how I pick them up. I didn’t know that you don’t know what 귀신 is. Dongwoo was so happy being so happy and he was enjoying it so much...I wish I could make him that happy but I think he is already happy cause there are many Inspirits who love him.

      I would be frustrated as well if that happened. We will eventually get our OGRS DVDs^^ we just have to wait a bit more. Haha yes, there’s a high possibility you can touch rocks, not really land on them. Lol it’s complicated for me to explain but there has been a time when I touched a rock and my foot was bleeding but it didn’t hurt that much. Poor Dongwoo would think I’m crazy but I enjoy doing it plus I’m the only girl that has jumped from the highest point (18.5m) so and I’m proud of myself^^ Haha I will show you the video once I go home, so you might wake up seeing a crazy video of me jumping. It’s a video from 2011 though. Haha omg no I don’t jump head first from that high up...that’s crazy, I wish I could do that. I can jump head first for up to 5m.

      Greek letters are not confusing cause they kind of look like English ones, it’s just the grammar that’s weird. Haha that’s how you call it (λ) lambda, oh and the capital letter for lambda is Λ the one we were talking about back when we were mentioning Dongwoo and his Kia. Haha it took me a while to understand what the circle with a slash through it meant...HAHAHA omg you’re googling the Greek alphabet. So you basically use alpha (Α, α), beta (Β, β), epsilon (Ε, ε), theta (Θ, θ), pi (Π, π), rho, (Ρ, ρ), sigma (Σ, σ, ς), phi (Φ, φ) the circle with the slash through it lol and omega (Ω, ω). You can basically learn the whole alphabet since you know these. ㅋㅋ

    2. Converting everything into Infinite albums is what...I kind of want KNOT so much...I think I’m going to buy it. Oh well, I’ll have to wait until Gyu’s comeback; I’m not in a hurry. Lol, we were talking about SIE on Line. It just worries me that the prices are way cheaper on Amazon and I wont be able to know what version I’m getting. I mean who buys a new one from eBay costing $400? That is definitely the DVD I’ll fight for. Haha I agree, it’s nice getting these random memories since we’re telling each other our life stories lol.

      For sure, B.A.P will get the chance to promote more and not under the conditions they were going through in the old company. I’m sure one decent company will contact them after the issues with the lawsuit are done.

      Lol, I don’t know what they did in Osaka but since you said that they sang Cover Girl on the first day and Together the following days you must know better. Haha it looks like I’ve been through every kind of weird fans. Ohh see? It doesn’t only happen to me; you also get the songs we were talking about~ That part seriously sounds like “down” so it must have confused many people. Haha I feel like he secretly ships his BTS members more than he ships girl group members and that’s why I’m not going to ask him lol.

      Gyu always does that!! He manages to make everything about him, and I find it so funny~ Omg, I can’t stop smiling whenever I think of the Infinite members being great parents.

      I don’t mind that Woollim’s not at the top at all. It’s still not considered a big company and I don’t want it to be considered and that’s why I don’t like SM influencing them. I would like Infinite to win once on music shows cause that shows that pays of their hard work and then I don’t mind if they win more times. It’s true that Inspirits are very loyal~ lol, let’s not talk about that girl who’s converting herself to an Exo-L. She’s definitely an exception.

      Haha I don’t remember her reaction but it’s true that my mom doesn’t listen to music. When she hears some of my k-pop songs that have rap in it she says that it sounds like ghetto music cause “they’re supposed to rap in the ghetto” lol. Haha no, the Greek letter is psee (Ψ, ψ) close enough though^^ Omg if you translate Macey to Cantonese it means “haven’t pooped yet.” Haha, people tease you for that? Lol, why it’s two completely different languages. Actually if you take Psy and put 피 before it, it means booger lol. Aww lol, I meant welcome tone (the song people listen when they’re calling instead of beep beep they hear a song) I don’t think I’m allowed to make that myself though I wish I could so I can put a k-pop song instead of this Greek song I have from 2 years ago. Haha your ringtone’s the intro of the theme song for Moon Embracing Sun~

      Lol, even if they were production crew members you can’t call them fancams lol. Yeah, I know it’s sold out on many website. I bought it from kpopmart and they probably still have many copies. Lol, Infinite on iTunes...they were uploading whatever they wanted. Oh, I thought they only have Last Romeo and Back?? Wait, you can watch their MVs on iTunes without using Internet? Haha I like the fact that people always swear at Allkpop but they still continue reading it. You learned about Shower Later after reading an allkpop tweet. I hope they don’t play it at the end of any Running Man episode because yesterday I saw an episode that ended with a MV by Haha & Skull. Haha actually I do listen to everything fully but I don’t remember if I ever heard the whole of “Monster Time” and I think that’s because it’s a cartoon soundtrack lol. Haha you probably didn’t get it because you haven’t seen Stellar’s Marionette MV. I knew that Woohyun performed Cactus but I don’t know if Lucia joined him. Dude who is she? I’m pretty interested to find out. Ohhh she’s a k-pop indie signer. Haha you ended up watching Woohyun’s Immortal Song 2 solos. I always say that I want to watch those. (cont)

    3. (cont) I know that Immortal Song 2 is where people showcase their vocals and that’s why I had a goal of watching the whole episodes where there were Infinite members but I never got the chance to. Haha I’ve seen some of Gyu’s performances, which are pretty amazing and omg this Woohyun was is perfect. Ohhh this Woogyu video is always on my recommended section on YouTube but I never seem to click it. Wow, that end note killed it~ Anytime Woogyu sing a song together it’s perfection. In Voice of My Heart...omg, White Confession in TSC DVD!! I feel like I’ve heard this song before but I don’t know where. Haha yeah, Gyu’s red hair^^ Haha don’t worry give me your commentary xD Same, I thought Gyu brought so much energy. Whoever says that Gyu’s solo debut was a failure has no idea because the album has amazing songs in it, he has amazing vocals and he debuted back when no one was debuting solo and look at everyone now...they all want to go solo. What bothered me was the “This is so better than Toheart” comment...I know that Inspirits want Infinite V but don’t bash Toheart. Aww the one with Gyu, Dongwoo and Baby Soul^^ Dongwoo’s grayish hair~ The Infinitize era must have been perfect ㅠㅠ.

      It must be the most conflicting thing on earth for the reasons you said. At least I know that they’re never going to visit Greece so I won’t have this conflict as much as other people. Yes that’s a good idea, you should think about meeting Boohyun who made you feel happy~ One day, I might meet him if I get to go to Seoul. I think that he’s a great person as well :) HAHA it’s perfect if I go there because I look half Asian and he will treat me well. I’m sure he treated you amazingly well!!

      HAHAHAHA typing while laughing like an idiot. Aww your grandpa always asks you why you’re typing so much and you tell him about me. Haha, we have a nickname!! I don’t know what to say either...we just talk a lot without knowing how lol. Whenever my grandfather comes over he says “Don’t always be on the computer” or “Learn Chinese, I can see that there will be future in China! I wish I could learn Chinese but I don’t have the advantage like you do.”

      It would definitely be too much. Yeah, I canceled my order because of Infinite. I wanted to save my money for Infinite albums. But that was more because I didn’t want to have a Japanese DVD without subs and practically the same songs as the Korean one I already have. I was even telling Robert that if they released the B.A.P: Live On Earth Tour DVD, I would definitely buy it since it includes their full album songs. I was talking about Body & Soul because 0:45, 2:40 [] 2:29-this guy is barely gets lines...please listen to his voice. 3:04 Daehyun...the person I always mention. Haha sorry, that was my blabbering time. Henry’s song featuring Hoya is a pretty good song while I listened to Nicole’s song featuring Dongwoo and I didn’t really like it.

      Hehe, I love having memories of me getting to know Infinite~ it’s always awesome to have them!!

      I’m like an Inception fanatic...I can listen to that song on repeat and I don’t know why, so it’s sad when I sleep through the songs I really want to listen to. I don’t think there’s something that can count skip counts...but I actually don’t skip any of my Infinite songs. I understand why you don’t want to press the forward button^^

      Aww another sad story is that I’ve seen all the Pretty performances but I can’t listen to Pretty as much as I want because of the play counts. ㅠㅠ Oh well, it’s also an English word and that’s why he used it^^ Haha maybe I was hungry and that’s why I heard it as sausage.

    4. I was reading your reply on Sunday morning and I read the part where you asked if Rain Sound was a title song and I had missed listening to it so I went on YouTube and I watched a live performance of it but I ended up watching One Shot performances after that. But I was wondering if B.A.P had ever performed on any of the Gayo Daejun shows and I came across this video [] which is a terrible video edit of One Shot because SBS always edits their videos to the extent where they don’t even sound like live anymore while the artists are actually performing live. Whatever that’s not the point. The point is 2:39 – 2:44. I replayed that about 5 times lol.

    5. I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I last replied! I’ve been feeling so empty not being able to reply to you, but the time off was good because I think I did well on my first two finals! Ahh it’ll be so hard when you’re in your study hibernation and we can’t talk as much ㅠㅠ

      Ahh I see lol, yah I really can’t imagine Girl’s Day with 5 members since I only know them with 4. Haha H.E.R does look like a chocolate box! That’s true, the repackaged photos do look really gorgeous! Hehe I’d understand wanting to get both the debut and repackaged album^^ But of course we have to save up for…Infinite’s Japanese single with 9 versions ㅠㅠ I never thought Infinite would be like SM and have a version for each member. I looked it up though, the individual member version I think is literally just the member on the CD, but it doesn’t include a photobooklet or photocard like the regular and limited editions. And they’re releasing this the month before their Korean comeback, which means 24 Hours should be on their Korean album right? Ugh why must they keep releasing Japanese versions before Korean…now I feel like my Infinite collection actually can never be complete, by releasing so many versions and only those Inspirits who have the money to buy duplicate albums will spend $100 (it’s about $100 for all 9) on the entire comeback. haha I understand, like I know I have to study, but I just can’t seem to start. Hahaha aww you used to want to be a wrestler~ I’m at that stage too, I have no idea what I want to do…lol I’d love to work at a broadcasting station…in Seoul, but here, it’s different…like it would just be another job if I worked at a broadcasting station here. That’s cool going to both types of schools, and now you’re fluent in both~ Oh that’s cool you used to go to Canada a lot too; then it’s kind of like a second home going to college there. Hahaha writing essays on how perfect Infinite is~ Haha I say that too, “how are you even real.” HAHA that Cosmo Jjong photo you showed me~

      Lol knowing everything about Infinite but not being in the fandom would be so weird. I don’t regret my Japanese Infinite albums, as long as I don’t buy the regular version if it’s the exact same as the limited version (like She’s Back and KNOT). And I could never forgive myself if I got all the versions of 24 Hours. Hmm now that I have more time again, I feel like I should start doing surveys to get money for all these Japanese Infinite albums…I still want to collect all the KNOT member books, She’s Back photocards, and then there’s Dilemma regular and Infinite F regular…both Dilemma versions do seem so gorgeous, so definitely there would be no regrets there! And Infinite F for the songs is so worth it. Ahh you cherish your Japanese Infinite albums but regret your B.A.P ones~ That’s true, Destiny in America is still really common, so wait for Infinite’s/Gyu’s comeback or get a rare item.

      HAHA that rap, I can’t stop laughing at the elevator part! Oooooh so that’s how they derived Beast’s new logo, I see. This is random now, but for those fraternity and sorority names with Greek letters, do they actually mean something then? Is the “Greek system” really like what it’s like in Greece, or is it something that America has completely turned around the idea and has completely Americanized? Lol I still just say “down”…I can’t hear 온다 for some reason. HAHA so with Last Romeo you can play that however often you want, ooooh since it’s the first song you put on? Like as long as the relative order is the same within your playlist, you can do that, and songs can’t surpass the order that you uploaded them (if that makes sense)? Haha Jiae is the fake maknae~ Is she like the 2nd oldest in the group?

      I haven’t watched Running Man in so long…I really miss it! Haha no no it’s all in good fun seeing Jongkook throwing anyone around hehe. Haha that’s funny what Haha said for DIY! Haha yah the floor of that outdoor mall area, it’s like a circular thing. LOL hoping the members are making fun of his butt but actually like it^^

    6. I feel the same way, I’m always so proud of Infinite~ Wow, that’s really incredible for U-Kiss to finally win! And Boyfriend has had some really good songs before, I’m surprised they never won. I was listening to their repackaged album (what’s it called…the one with “I Yah”…lol my limited knowledge even with the music on my phone) on repeat when I first found out about Myungsoo’s dating scandal 1.5 years ago and all the songs on that album are amazing. Wow, Rain Sound is such an amazing song, I thought it would have been a title song; hmm I wonder how I found out about that song. Wow, 7 eras in 2 years is crazy…

      Hehe Dongwoo just being Dongwoo makes the room light up^^ Haha it’s good picking up random Korean words, you never know when you’ll need them! Hehe if only you could personally make Dongwoo that happy, that’d be amazing. But that’s true, I’m sure he’s happy of all the Inspirits who love him too~

      OGSR…yes, eventually we’ll get them! We’ve waited so long for the announcement of a DVD, we can wait a bit longer! Ooh just touching rocks when you jump down seems so scary…ahhhhhhh your foot, oh gosh that sounds so painful!!! I’m glad that hasn’t stopped you from jumping though. Whoa, that’s so cool you’re the only girl who’s jumped from the highest point! Hehe you’d be perfect for Running Man, not scared of anything adventurous! How do you know you’re the only girl, are there like records? Oooh lol jumping head first that high does seem really super scary. Whoa even 5m (I had to convert it lol) is very high, and you go head first like that!

      Ahhhh the capital of lambda looks like Kia ㅋㅋ. The Greek alphabet seems simple, but it’s all just so foreign to me lol. Lol the circle with the slash through it, it makes perfect sense to me ㅋㅋ. Yah taking all these math classes, I feel like besides learning math, I’m more just learning how to write Greek letters (incorrectly though, because my teachers don’t know how to write them lol).

      Hehe I can’t wait until you get KNOT, whenever you do! It’s so amazing, especially since it’s like the equivalent era to Man in Love~ Definitely the packaging is a lot better too than all their singles (other than She’s Back). It’s confusing on Amazon though, I tried buying SIE on Amazon at least twice and they canceled my order both times, so I just went with eBay. But now $400 is so ridiculous.

      Do you think it’ll still be a long while before the lawsuit and everything will be taken care of for B.A.P?

      Yah, on Twitter people say the most random facts like setlist changes and stuff like that. And I saw a picture from the Osaka concert and they had the same background as from when they performed Cover Girl at OGS, so maybe the Dilemma Tour has some same stages as OGS and that could be put on DVD too…unless they also had that same background during TSC2 and I completely forgot, which makes this whole thing I’m blabbing about so irrelevant -.- Haha yah probably many people thought Infinite was trying to add English into “She’s Back.” I told my Korean Inspirit friend about that “down” part, and she didn’t notice it sounded like “down” at all, which of course makes sense since she hears the Korean lol. I forgot what she said when she hears Infinite sing English lines, like whether she realizes it’s in English or not. HAHA you’re not going to ask him but you think he secretly ships BTS members more than girl group members.

      HAHA Gyu, like in the last Dilemma day he announced the Japanese single is the day after his birthday, and they’ll have encore concerts in Tokyo just after his birthday. Ugh why is Infinite always promoting in Japan…hehe Infinite members being great parents, I can’t stop smiling right now either^^

      Exactly, Woollim’s done so well on its own and that’s why I don’t want others, especially SM, influencing them either. Definitely, winning on music shows shows their hard work paying off. Lol for the most part inspirits are very loyal, and then there are exceptions.