Saturday, October 19, 2013

Infinite: Koi Ni Ochiru Toki 1st Full Japanese Album Review

On June 5th, Infinite released their first full Japanese album, entitled Koi Ni Ochiru Toki (When You Fall in Love), with a normal edition and a limited edition.  The normal edition contains a photobook and a photocard, while the limited edition comes with a DVD, a larger photobook and a random photobooklet.  I originally didn't consider buying this album because of how Infinite's outfits gravely clashed with the background of the album cover washing them out and because I didn't see a point in having Japanese versions of already amazing Korean songs, but my love for Infinite overtook those feelings while I was in Japan and so now I have this album, with no regrets!
Here is the album cover, with and without the cardboard slip.  The Infinite font and logo, as well as the black dots and black circle cutouts, are raised, creating three dimensional texture to the exterior. On the slip includes a photo of the normal edition's album cover, which is a group photo of Infinite wearing their pattern-filled clothing that blends into the equally clashing background.  The casing is thick, sturdy and really well made. There is even a semicircle indent in the middle, allowing to more easily take out the contents.  The Infinite font and logo are the same as its predecessor album, New Challenge.
The back cover continues the patterns and raised dots.  I like how that when the slip is on (like the top of both photos above), "Infinite" still shows nicely.
The back of this cardboard wrap has lots of information.  It has the tracklist, which includes all of Infinite's Japanese songs from their three singles, as well as the Japanese versions of Woohyun's, Sunggyu's and Infinite H's solo and duet tracks from Over the Top, as well as "Welcome To Our Dream," "Man In Love," and "Wings."  It also lists the DVD contents, which include all of Infinite's Japanese teasers and full music videos.  Lastly it reveals the cover of each of the random photobooklets.
The album cover is very loud, with lots of contrasting patterns in a striking black and white color scheme. The contents come out of the case from the left.  Starting at the top is the random photobooklet, followed by the photobook and then the disc folder.
This is the disc folder.  The top image shows the back and front covers.  The black dots on the front and Infinite font and logo on the back are also raised.  The back cover faintly lists the tracklist and contents of the DVD.  Both discs are secured with a clear plastic casing, like most of their albums (meaning it's not the foam center kind).  The CD is on the left while the DVD is on the right.  The DVD is region 2, so only region 2 or all/no region DVD players can play it.  I personally didn't think the songs selected fit into one album. Because these are all translations from various Korean albums, the concepts are all very different and therefore don't flow well together.  There are so many main Korean tracks that stand out on their own that it seems weird seeing them all placed together. However, I understand that Infinite doesn't have original Japanese songs and therefore simply compiled all of their Japanese singles together.  Now onto the DVD.  The main screen has a group shot of the members in their white suits with the Korean version of the "Man in Love" chorus running in the background.  The BTD music video is exactly the Korean music video, just with the Japanese track.  All the other music videos and teasers are the original Japanese versions.  I love this DVD; it's a beautiful compilation of their Japanese music videos thus far.
Inside the disc folder is a slip of paper listing Infinite's full Japanese discography, including all versions of their singles, concert DVDs, variety show DVDs, both dramas of which starred Myungsoo and Hoya, and the first part of L's Bravo Viewtiful.
The main photobook is 52 pages of absolute gorgeousness.  Like New Challenge's theme, this album's concept shows Infinite as fresh, charming and romantic guys contrasting their usual dark eras.  The front cover (left image) fits this darling concept well, with the boys radiating cheerful smiles and wearing soft pastels and light patterns.  The back cover (right image) has a more hipster flare, with the boys in white suits, slanted and a bit hazy.  This photobook includes three different photoshoots: the first, like the front cover of this photobook, the second, like the normal edition album cover, and the third, like the back cover of the photobook.  There are only a handful of group shots, three from the first photoshoot (including the front cover), one from the second shoot, and two from the third (including the back cover); majority are individual photos.  Within each photoshoot, each member gets one to two individual photos.  Throughout the photobook, the lyrics and credits are listed.
Here are a few pages from the first photoshoot. Sungyeol's two pages include the credits and lyrics of Man in Love.  This photoshoot is my favorite out of the three because it shows the members being so lovely and charming...except for L's photos.  I'm upset that he looks so bored and tired; these emotions don't fit the concept at all!
Here are Sungjong's two pages from the second photoshoot.  Again, there's a lot of drama with the striking black and white background clashing with Sungjong's outfit.
And here's the last photoshoot.  I really like the soft filter effect and the charming white suits.  Again, L looks more on the downside, but nonetheless still as handsome as ever.
There was also this slip inside the photobook.  I'm not sure what it's for, but there's an ID, so I think it may be for some type of lottery.  I tried going to the URL, but it says 'page not found.'  This slip was also in the She's Back single, so I guess it's more of a Japanese thing?
And lastly, the random photobooklet!  Each album comes with one of seven random photobooklets, one of each member.  I received Hoya's, but I'll trade with my friend for L's (!) soon and I'll post photos for that after I get L's! [Update: I have L's and Woohyun's photobooks, which I blogged about here]! Now back to Hoya.  The covers show off Hoya with a friendly and endearing light.  He looks so charming here!
There are a total of 18 pages, all of Hoya.  The first six are of the ghostly photoshoot, followed by four of the black and white shoot.  I'm glad that there are only four of this second shoot; the other two shoots are just much classier and fit the overall romantic concept very well and much to my liking.
I'm so happy they saved eight pages for the cutesy, romantic photoshoot!  There's one page dedicated as the profile page, with Hoya's adorable copied autograph.  Having a random photobooklet is an amazing marketing strategy, since people are more inclined to truly want their bias's photobooklet rather than just a photocard!  Though Hoya isn't my bias, the photos are still very amazing and I'll be getting L anyways so I'm a happy camper.

Overall, I love this album.  The packaging is very high quality and has so many contents!  I'm shaking my head in confusion because I never considered buying this album, because now that I have it I love the album and concept so much.  Though this album is more expensive being Japanese, it's such a nice addition!


  1. I guess this can be our new post since you’re having a difficult time replying. No, it’s been fine for me^^ Looks like we filled the post haha.

    Yeah, my exams start on Wednesday and they end on the 15th, so I might be late at replying or sometimes I might not reply cause I really have to study if I want to get a good predicted mark. I hope the comebacks are close; I wake up everyday waiting to see a small clue telling us the comeback date haha. Yeah it’s supposedly February for Infinite but we have January for Infinite H and Sungkyu. AHH so exciting!! Even if that happens, I don’t think that we won’t be able to get it since we’ve been waiting this long for the comebacks and we’re just going to pre-order when they get released. Speaking about that, a girl messaged me on Line today telling me that she can sell me her SI DVD. I’m thinking about waiting until I buy all the comebacks, but it’s just so rare that I don’t know what to do lol. I think it’s worth it buying a used SI instead of buying the new one from Amazon. What do you think?

    Hahaha, that’s the solution; nod! Seriously I don’t know most of the really famous American actors and I can’t have a normal conversation with my friends. They used to read like websites that are about celebrities and I had never heard of them haha. I don’t know anything about Hobbit either. I’ve never seen Harry Potter and The Titanic lol. Haha, yes there is a possibility of getting the group card. I had no idea that existed and then I saw it somewhere yesterday haha. If I was able to help you out in any way possible, I would do so but I have Sungjong as well and I’m scared that I’m going to get him again if I get the other editions. But, I’m probably going to end up buying the other editions after their comebacks haha.

    Haha, I don’t think the Be Back special photobooks are for all presses, I just think they print too many first press repackaged albums in general, because my Paradise album turned out to be first press and I got it this year. Well, last year cause it’s 2015 now lol. Hahaha that sounds so funny. Them DJs at a club haha. I really want to watch OGR now :( Seriously, that man is always so sweet and greasy. He just melts our hearts. Now that we talk about it, I’ve heard of situations of people getting kicked out of events but I had never heard of people getting kicked out of concerts. Haha, if Infinite are telling you not to record that might be a hint of Woollim releasing a concert DVD. Though, I’m still grateful to the people who upload fancams. I tend not to watch them a lot, but they’re there if you need them.

    There is no way he’s not going to mess with my stuff. The first thing he’ll do is move into my room cause the Internet is better. Ugh, I don’t want to imagine that, but I know it’s the truth. Yeah, I really don’t mind living by myself haha. It’s the best thing for me. Haha I believe that I’ll be using small school just for fun. It’s too funny, I couldn’t contain my laughter when I watched that part.

    Haha, I get two “Load more...” things. I don’t mind them that much. I posted this on a different post, but you can pick if you want us to continue on this post or switch to the one we had before.

    Haha, so schools start tomorrow for you guys. As I said, I start on Wednesday and that’s when my exams start, so for a week and a half we’re going to have non-stop exams. Normal lessons start on the 21st. I have 2 exams per day and there are days where I have 3 exams. Wow, I really need to study lol.

    1. Yeah~ The time when we said that people think that all Asians are Chinese. People over here don’t even know where Taiwan is...They just think Taiwan is Thailand lol. Yeah, now I feel more proud to be half Asian and I don’t mind what other people say. I thought Asians wouldn’t like clubbing but I think you know better, that’s why you’re saying that people in Hong Kong and Korean love it. Does your Korean friend go out at night a lot? Haha, I wish I could write about it in my English papers/essays but our exams are all commentaries of language and literature pieces. Canada seemed to be in a better condition than other western countries, plus there are always family members over there.

      Now that I think about all the customs and stuff, it’s hard to keep a smiling face. I admire them even more for being able to do that for the fans. Always being kind and receiving all these gifts, always smiling and dressing uncomfortably so they look good. It just fills my heart up with happiness. If I had to put myself in their position, I would be happy that people actually care about me and they’re coming to the airport to see me. So, I’m kind of guessing that they’re happy, tired and annoyed at the same time haha. If an idol was mean, he wouldn’t be loved. So I guess that all idols have to act happy at the airport lol. I love animated movies more than other genres. I find them cuter. [Exception: All Korean movies lol (I love those more)] Haha, sorry I thought you told him that about watching Diss is Infinite. But the fact that you told him the truth about your anxiety is always good. Honesty hehe!! But yeah, one day we will reach the age where we’ll be thinking about marriage; for now, let’s just enjoy being Inspirits cause that’s what makes us happy. Haha, it’s fine. I’m over it. I don’t think about dating related stuff anymore lol. I feel happier than what I was cause I have Infinite. Haha, a precious Dongwoo gif from Ranking King...and then Myungsoo tells him “Shut up Porori” haha. I have no idea what a porori is. I had NO idea what double eyelids are, but after reading a post about it I learned how to tell them apart and I can kind of tell if a person has had double-eyelid surgery or not. I’ll show you more on Line. Yeah, after learning about the difference, I told myself thank God that I have Asian double-eyelids. It is sad that many people aren’t bothered to teach their children their native language. Yes, my mom can speak Mandarin cause schools in Taiwan teach in Mandarin. She thinks that modern children can’t speak Taiwanese and that’s why she taught me Taiwanese. She thinks that I’ll be able to learn Mandarin easily haha.

      Hahaha, I was listening to With... yesterday when I was reading the part of us feeling more Asian after getting into k-pop and I was crying haha. I didn’t mention it thought cause I thought you would think I’m weird haha. In가슴이 뛴다, I love Sungyeol’s part in the second chorus. I think it proves that he has improved a lot and tells people to please give him and Sungyeol more lines haha. It’s good that I don’t sing the Japanese lyrics anymore. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Dilemma though cause if there’s going to be a Korean version of it, it will be harder for me to get used to the Korean lyrics cause I would have heard the Japanese version 100 times by the time they release a Korean one.

      I think that’s why I love Dongwoo so much; cause I can relate to him in various stuff we do haha. Seriously, if I was at that haunted village I would be punching the ghosts cause I would be so scared lol. Me and Dongwoo would be holding hands and screaming like babies while he says “하지마” 50 times. Oh believe me...I don’t know how scary Werewolf Boy is, but if I happen to watch CSI, I can’t sleep at night lol.

    2. Haha I’m good at finding the positive side of everything when it comes to other people, but for me, I always think of the bad side haha. I feel like I’m that bad and that unlucky that the negative part will always happen to me. Seriously, I feel like not even Seoul Inspirits would camp outside for merchandise. It’s definitely a good experience. Yes, if I ever have space for more posters, the New Challenge ones are my number one priority. Haha yeah, you can always stick with framing. They charge a lot more for the albums and I had no idea that’s why I bought everything from the store when I was in Canada and America. HAHAHA seriously, I was checking B.A.P albums online before I go to Canada and I told myself that I’m only gonna buy First Sensibility and Crash that are worth it, but when we went, my dad told me that I can buy whatever I want, so I ended up buying everything. Yeah, I have Henry’s Fantastic because I liked Henry cause he is Taiwanese and talented, despite being in SM. And yes Hoyaaaaa~ I was checking the tracklist before I go to America and buy the album and I saw Hoya of Infinite and I was freaking out cause it was Infinite and yes...I still wasn’t an Inspirit back then. Haha, I was preparing myself to be one. It seems like I really wanted to be one. Yeah, I feel like keeping the Japanese albums is worth it. They will become way more expensive later on. Nope, I had no idea that you have an Exo album. Oh, you have their repackaged Korean version. Yes, I remember that you couldn’t listen to Infinite. Oh, that makes sense. I would have never imagined that you would have an Exo album, but it makes sense why you have it. Haha, no you sound normal, not immature. It’s good that we fully support Infinite with all of their actions and decisions. Why did this girl want your album? They still sell it online lol. Yes, I hope Woollim can put some effort into Tasty, and Lovelyz in the future and of course they can keep putting all their effort into Infinite. Haha, that always happen when it comes to ios updates, and then you get used to them.

      Oh I didn’t know Naeun was in We Got Marries. She is really pretty. Haha, yes other than the three we mentioned, I can only name Chorong and Namjoo. Chorong looks like Bomi so much and sometimes I can’t tell them apart. Yeah, it would be really hard to change a bias. And as I’ve said before I don’t want to have a bias because I want to love all of them equally but Dongwoo how could you ruin that? Haha. Yes, this person right here is my bias [] Yeah, basically the visuals, the main vocals and the leader sometimes...I guess. I find it ridiculous as well how young children have iPhones. I actually had a phone when I was in 3rd grade cause I used to walk home by myself after school, but it was this retarded Sony Ericsson that looked just like the Nokia haha. I didn’t use it at all back then now that I think about it lol. It’s such a funny story. I tell everyone who don’t believe me that Nokia’s old phones are strong compared to every single touch screen phone haha.

    3. HAHAHA, ramen hair; I’m hungry now. Poor Sungjong, clearly his Evolution hair didn’t help haha. I was going to show you Woohyun’s curly but I couldn’t find it yesterday so I went and took a screenshot of the video where he had curly hair and I have to send it to you through Line. Haha yeah, long hair doesn’t work out well. Though Sungjong had long hair most of the time. And he looked adorable during the Man in Love era with that hat. Oh I don’t like Sungyeol with really short hair [] but he looks adorable in this picture. Well, the hair he has now suits him way better I mean. Haha it was so funny that he changed his hair from blue to pink and then to full blonde, and Dongwoo changed his hair colour from one picture to another in the Season 2 photobook lol. Dongwoo usually looks cute with coloured hair. Oh yes, Woohyun’s purple hair looked good on him!! Infinite H’s album photobook was so perfect!! Ugh, can’t wait for the teasers so we can kind of have an idea of the concepts!! It’s not that hard. I can do it as well but obviously it will never look as good as when they do it all together. Maybe you can try it hehe. I find it easier to learn a dance move from a gif than from a video cause you see it on repeat haha.

      Seriously every part is so funny and great. I love the whole show. There’s no episode that I regret watching. Hahaha I would have answered Hoya just like Sungyeol cause Hoya like purple and I feel like my brain wouldn’t function that fast so I wouldn’t think of L. Hahaha, seriously that episode was so funny. I loved how the CEO and the managers joined the ghost team haha. Haha, CEO 사랑해요!! Omg, I love that part in the driving episode where Dongwoo was acting like a deer and in the beginning where he was posing next to the dinosaurs, also the gif above where he was kidnaping the dog lol. It’s funny how I think that Sungyeol actually looked great with all those poses haha. Like, who in this world would wear what Dongwoo, Hoya and Sungyeol were wearing? LOL.

    4. Haha yah I can’t believe we actually wrote so much to fill up the post lol. Time to start a new one^^ Don’t worry about it, just keep studying really hard and Infinite and I will be waiting until you’re done~ Good luck!!!

      Hehe yah hopefully they’ll announce the official comeback date soon!! Though I’m really happy that all the members get time off now and seem to be really enjoying it. Ugh Myungsoo always goes to Japan during his time off lol. Ahh Infinite H and Sunggyu are before Infinite? I thought they were after. I think it’s because when I read it, they used the word “following” and that always confuses me who’s following who lol. Lol that’s true, since we always preorder now so we’re on top of the game in getting 1st press. Lol seems like you’ve been actively searching for SI, that’s good!! It’s nice to know that there’s still a way to get it. Hmm is it a good deal used? I agree with you that it’s fine buying used since it is so difficult to get now and as long as she kept it in great condition, I think it’s worth buying it used. Also since you don’t really buy from Amazon, and I always have trust issues with those sellers lol, maybe buying used is best. I just always get weary buying from a random person though, because if something goes wrong, like the package gets lost, then there’s nothing to recover your money.

      Lol don’t watch Hobbit…I was only forced to watch it because of my friends lol, but I always just fall asleep watching anyways. And I’m not a Harry Potter fan either, and I haven’t seen Titanic either lol. I feel so uncultured in a sense, but whatever. Yah for Infinite F there are two group cards. Actually I don’t really care about Infinite’s Japanese photocards because they’re always photos from the photobook, so I already have them anyways. Hehe eventually you’ll collect all the other versions! I really do like the DVD version.

      How can you tell your Paradise album is 1st press? I am so confused by that, like some have just 1 photocard, some have 2, and some have 0. Mine came with 1, so is that 1st press? Yah all their solo stages were soooo amazing, I really wish you could see it too!!!! Awwww omg I love your thinking, you’re giving me hope that they will release more concert DVDs again lol. 울림...제발…I also don’t watch fancams a lot, just because I like watching official videos, though like you said at least they’re there.

      Lol you already know everything that’s going to happen to your room…and it doesn’t sound good! Hehe using the term small school, a tribute to Sungyeol^^ Lol wow it’s so long you get two “Load more…” things…I didn’t know that was possible either!! This post is fine, though I realized how outdated it is…I need to edit this post lol.

      Yup, many public universities start today, but private colleges tend to start a few weeks later. Wow, that’s so difficult that you don’t even get any days to review in school, you go from break straight to exams. Wowwww omg that sounds sooo stressful!!! How many exams do you have? Literally at least 2 exams per day…? I really hope not!

    5. Haha wow, I didn’t know people were so…uncultured about nationalities there! My Korean friend likes to drink when they go eat out, but I don’t think she goes to bars or clubs. There’s this popular dinner combo that’s friend chicken + beer (like you eat the chicken and drink the beer, you don’t mix them lol…), and she likes that. But my roommate in Korea loves to drink and go clubbing, so many nights she’d leave at like 9pm (when I was just coming back to the dorm) and she’d come back at like 6am, or sometimes she doesn’t even come back at all. There’s this district called Hongdae which is really near Infinite’s home and entertainment building, and it’s like such a college area where everyone goes there to go clubbing on the weekends. Aww your English papers don’t seem fun at all. Yah I hope Canada’s a good fit, especially since there’s family there.

      That is so true, going through customs is always such a drag, yet they always go through with smiling faces. Hahaha I totally get what you mean, like they mean something to so many people and that must be a nice feeling. Soo true, Korean movies over any other movies lol, though animated movies are nice too~ Haha no, I could not tell him that! I just told everyone else that to avoid explaining about my anxiety lol. Lol for sure, Infinite means the world to us now <3 lol I don’t remember Myungsoo saying that! Maybe he said Pororo, which is a famous Korean cartoon show? Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one confused about the eyelids thing!! I’ll look at Line later! (I’ve had suchhhh a long day at school…I’m so behind on everything now lol. I’m sorry too if I don’t respond as often). Whoa that’s impressive you can tell if it’s natural or surgically done! Oh that makes sense why your mom chose to taught you Taiwanese, to keep it going. Cantonese is a dying dialect so I’m happy to know it. I hope you’ll learn Mandarin then, if she says it’s easy! I heard that if you know Cantonese, then learning Mandarin is much much easier than the other way around. So maybe it’s the same for Taiwanese and Mandarin!

      Haha I love it when we’re writing to each other and the Infinite song we’re listening to is just so fitting. No no I don’t think you’re weird at all!!! I always tell you random things and you always put up with me lol. Yah, I hope because of Infinite F, it’ll show just how much the youngest three’s voices have improved and that they will be rewarded with more lines! I’m glad we’re not singing the Japanese lines anymore, but I definitely agree I think it’ll be so hard to get the Japanese version of Dilemma out of our heads. I was listening to the entire Season 2 today and completely forgot about the hidden track, Hey Hello! I really really hope they put the full song on their next album, and I think they will because In The Summer (why do I still call it that…it’s technically That Year’s Summer lol) was a hidden track in OTT and Paradise and was released in the next album. Haha I’d be sooo deathly afraid of the haunted village too, I think I’d just huddle in a ball in a corner. Hehe I can imagine you punching the ghosts and you and Dongwoo together^^ Oooh I used to be sooo terrified of CSI, but now it’s one of my most favorite American shows, even though it’s still scary to me (I always hide behind a blanket while I watch lol).

    6. No no you should also think about the positives for yourself too!!! It’s not good to be so negative on yourself! Haha yah a lot of the people waiting in line were girls my age, but many of them had luggages like they’re suppliers ready to rip off international Inspirits ㅠㅠ There were about 10 people in front of me, yet right at my turn the slogan towel literally just sold out because the max you could buy was 4 per person. And another one of my Korean friends’ mom doesn’t allow her to stay overnight to buy merchandise. Awwww that’s so sweet that your dad let you buy anything you wanted!!! Ooooh that’s so cool he’s Taiwanese. Hahaha it’s perfect then that Hoya was on the tracklist, and like you said it was like another hint at you becoming an Inspirit! Ugh with all my hatred towards SM and…discomfort of Exo (…like I don’t hate Exo, I hate who controls them and formed them), I can’t believe I have an SM album at all. The girl is my friend so she went to my house and knows that I only like Infinite, so she was willing to buy it off of me.

      Yup Naeun was with…*googling* Taemin. I was going to say Key at first lol. Oh now that you mention those other names, I recognize them as Apink. Hehehe Dongwoo omg I love that whole episode. Wow that seems so dangerous walking by yourself in 3rd grade!! I understand having a phone in that instance. Hahaha that Nokia phone.

      Haha ramen does sound good right now!! Ooh also Sungjong’s long pink hair during the end of 2013 I didn’t like either []. I agree with Sungyeol and that short hair though it was okay; like he said so himself, he shouldn’t have cut it so short! But yah Sungyeol’s hair now is amazing, it reminds me of Paradise days. Also Sunggyu’s really short hair, I feel the same way that he’s had better cuts []. I’ll look at Line after this to see Woohyun’s hair! Actually I’ll just do it now, I’m so curious lol. Oooooh that’s right about Woohyun’s curly hair, yup yup I agree not his best time! And he really doesn’t change his hair often, but he had to do that lol. I didn’t mean to have you dig up a photo of it, I know how difficult it is to do those things. Ooooh that’s so smart to learn dance moves from gifs!!!! Wow I definitely should try it out that way next time.

      Oh really the managers joined the ghost team too??? Ahh that’s so cool!! I still can never keep up with the managers, who they are, I can’t recognize them lol. Hahaha Dongwoo with the dinos was sooo hilarious too!! HAHAHA kidnapping the dog…you’re making me want to rewatch it so badly right now!!! For the fashion ep, I really thought Sungyeol should have won!!! Those pants are so hard to wear fashionably, and I thought he really nailed it with those sunglasses (and the sunglasses were what the judges didn’t like! How silly). Haha but I agree, Dongwoo’s, Hoya’s and Sungyeol’s were way too hard to pull off. And Woohyun’s end pose…just what was he doing lol. I bought the Ranking King DVD which comes with a random shirt of one of the member’s poses, and I was just really hoping I wouldn’t get Woohyun’s because of his pose or Dongwoo’s because of his outfit lol.

  2. Haha we seriously killed that post. It looks nice to have started a new post haha. I’ll be replying as much as I can~ Thank you. I’ll try to do my best^^

    Yes, I hope they announce the official comeback dates. Though I’m guessing that they will announce them during my exam period. There are already so many comebacks and debuts set for 2015 and I can’t keep up lol. I hope all of them are enjoying their time off. Haha, I was wondering why Myungsoo is in Japan. Nope, Infinite H and Sungkyu said they were going to comeback before Infinite comes back. If I’m right, it was ‘Sungkyu’s going to comeback following Infinite H’ which means back to back. Ok, now I’m confused. I’ve been searching around and they made this more confusing cause everyone’s giving different info. Maybe you’re right and Infinite are going to come back before Infinite H and Sungkyu. Haha, there’s no way we won’t get first press^^ Yeah, to be honest I’m thinking about getting the one on Amazon cause she told me that it’s going to be $72 and that’s way too much for a used one. Since the one on amazon is about $69 and it’s new. What do you think?

    Haha, I was never planning to watch it. I heard that it’s the most boring thing on earth. Oh yay, high five!! I was never a Harry Potter fan but I’ve seen the part 1 of the 7th movie with my friend in the cinema (I was also forced lol.) I’m not bothered to see the Titanic even if I haven’t seen it before. Haha, same; I feel like all those people know way much more about stuff in general and I only know what’s happening with Infinite and what’s happening in the k-pop world lol. Two group cards? That’s so cool. I’ve only seen one of them (by accident) and I thought it’s rare cause no one seems to be getting it. I like photocards in general. I’m so attracted to them haha. Yes, eventually I’ll buy all the versions.

    Well the only way I could tell that my Paradise album is 1st press is because you told me that they come with 2 photocards and I got Sungyeol and Sungjong. So I was fascinated that I actually got 1st press and I bought the album in September. I’m really hoping we can get a way to watch their concerts again so maybe we’ll get a concert DVD or maybe when they release Grow (if that ever happens *I hope so*) we’ll be able to see some of it. Haha yes, 울림...제발!! Yeah, I only watch fancams when there’s no other way because I like watching the official videos. Like for the Inconvenient Truth MV I had no other choice.

    Haha, yeah. It’s pretty sad. I know what my brother is planning lol. A tribute to Sungyeol...I like that haha. Oh well, I guess we learn new stuff about blogger every day since we started talking. First it was the word limit, not it’s the Load more thing.

    Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen for my official exams in May. It will be straight after our Easter holidays. Our exam timetable was already made official last year from the IB and it was available online. It’s a crazy schedule. Well in total I have 15 exams so most of the days I have 2-3 exams but there are days where I have only 1. It’s going to go by really fast and I won’t even realize it. And then January will be almost over and Infinite will be preparing for their comeback.

    1. Haha seriously they’re pretty stupid. I’m guessing that the only people who know where Taiwan is are the geography students lol. Haha, that would be the only reason why I wouldn’t want to live in Seoul...The fact that I would have to go out with other people and you can’t refuse a drink from a senior. I don’t like to drink :( Yes, everyone knows the chicken + beer dinner combo. HAHAHA it would be so funny if you actually mix them together. Omg, I can imagine you coming into the dorm and your friend leaving to go out and party all night. Haha, poor Infinite they can’t sleep properly with all those noises from the clubs. I feel like I would be such a loner if I lived there. Everyone would be out clubbing and I would be home sleeping lol. They’re not fun at all. We have 2 papers; 1 is language where we have to analyze an article and the other one is a literature paper where we have to talk about the 2 books we studied.

      Haha poor them. I hate customs. The worst one I’ve ever been through is the one in New York this summer and that took about 1 hour and a half. I spotted a girl with an Exo backpack and that kept me entertained and awake, cause I was about to collapse. I’m just so happy that they manage to hide all of this pressure with a smile and they don’t want to disappoint us. It should be a nice feeling when you see so many fans who wait for you at the airport. Haha yes; Korean movies over any other genre!! It would be funny if you had told him that. Oh well, everyone else knew that you had to watch Diss is Infinite^^ Haha I’m pretty sure he didn’t say Pororo cause I know what that is lol [ 1:12] Haha don’t worry, it will be hard for me to reply these days as well. Yeah, I can tell because the natural ones don’t leave a mark when you close your eyes but the surgically done ones have a mark when you close your eyes and don’t look natural at all. Plus, there’s always double-eyelid tape that makes everything difficult lol. Yeah I believe it’s easier to learn Mandarin after you know Cantonese and Taiwanese. People in Hong Kong and Taiwan know their own language + Chinese, but people in China only know Chinese^^ I guess we have an advantage.

      Hahaha, you never tell me weird things. I like listening to random stuff. I really want them to fight for more lines because they truly have improved so much. I was watching the SIE concert again yesterday and when Sungyeol says he’s going to improve and put 10 and 20 times more effort into improving it always makes me cry and I try to tell him that he has improved so much and I’m so proud of him but obviously he can’t hear me haha. Ugh, I don’t know how I’m going to adjust from the Japanese version of Dilemma to the Korean one. Oh yes, they did put In The Summer in Infinitize so we might have Hey Hello! in their next comeback album. Haha, I wouldn’t be able to stay still in a corner if I was there. I would feel more scared than when I’m moving around. I would seriously punch them and then feel bad that I did that. Haha, yeah once I watched CSI and I couldn’t sleep at night and in the summer of 2013 me and my friends went on vacation for a week and they made me watch Castle and I wasn’t able to sleep either. I stayed up at night and I was killing the ants that were trying to enter the house.

    2. Haha, I know that it’s not good to be so negative, but I can’t seem to change that. Haha, many of them were suppliers ready to rip off international Inspirits haha. Are they really that much more expensive online? Like if you check the prices at YesAsia, are they way more expensive than when you bought them? Oh that sucks. The slogan towel is the best!! Wow, I guess I have to be mentally prepared if I want to buy Infinite merchandise in Seoul haha. Yes, my dad told me to buy whatever I want and yet I still felt so bad about buying all of B.A.P’s albums and I was asking him if I can buy this and he was like just buy everything you want so we can leave quickly lol. And of course my mom was shouting at me and telling me that I’ll have to carry everything back to Greece. Yeah, I liked Henry cause he is pretty talented. I mean, who can speak 7 languages, play so many instruments and have his own composing team? I just wanted to be an Inspirit so badly but I couldn’t find the way. I guess I found the light^^ I hate SM as well and not the artists. I have to be honest, I don’t like Exo a lot cause of their popularity without having talent haha but I still have some of their songs. Haha, she saw your huge Infinite collection and decided to spare you off the XOXO repackaged album. I guess you’re not going to sell it to her.

      Haha, Taemin...There is no way she’s not popular then. Yeah but there are still members that I can’t name in Apink haha. That episode is so funny!! Actually all of them are funny. It wasn’t dangerous where I live back when I was in 3rd grade, now it has become way more dangerous. How the times change. I feel like a grandma saying that. That Nokia phone is daebak lol.

      Ahhh I’m hungry again now that I read ramen, but I ate some yesterday. It’s really hard to get ramen here while over there you can just go to the supermarket and buy it. We brought a box from America back to Greece haha. Yeah, to be honest I didn’t like his pink hair. It’s funny how Hoya was telling Sungjong in Diss is Infinite not to die his hair a lot yet he changed his hair 50 times during their Last Romeo promotions. Oh, he said it himself that he shouldn’t have cut it that short? I didn’t know that hehe. His hair now is definitely the best he has ever had it. Haha I find Sungkyu with short hair funny cause everyone makes fun of him, yet I like it. Myungsoo also cut his hair short for Ranking King but it looked so good on him. Haha that hair was terrible and I hope they never do that to poor Woohyun again. The fact that he asked them to do that to him is even funnier. Haha it wasn’t that hard. I just had to take a screenshot and send it to my phone. Yeah, the best way is gifs^^

      Yes haha, and because Infinite could recognize them it was so funny. I remember the CEO trying to scare Woohyun and failing and Woohyun told the camera dude that this is his boss. Well, I don’t know how to describe the managers to you, but they’re still the same dudes, they haven’t changed. Haha seriously I find that part so funny. “Myungsoo-ah, is this a wild animal? I’m going to kidnap it!!” Haha Sungyeol seriously nailed it. He looked so good!! Seriously Dongwoo had a mental breakdown and I couldn’t blame him. That’s what a clown wears. And no one wears pants with shorts like Hoya did. Woohyun looked like a monkey haha. The Ranking King is the only one that’s worth. If it had English subtitles it would be even more worth it. Hahaha I wouldn’t want to get Woohyun because of his pose. Omg I just remembered that they made Hoya wear sandals and he had no idea how to wear them but then he wore sneakers for the photoshoot and I said thank god he changed them!!

    3. The quarter just started but I have so much homework…I think it’ll be hard for me to respond every day, especially because our replies are soooo long lol. I’ll try to respond often though!! This time I was actually going to do half tonight and half when I wake up, but I just got so into it that I just wrote the whole thing now lol. Good thing I leave my house at 11am tomorrow for school, so I can sleep in. Lol yah it does look nice starting a fresh post^^ haha we do learn new things about blogger every day, probably things that no one else knows about since no one else writes such long replies lol.

      Lol these comebacks I just can’t keep up with them either, just with Infinite I’m so confused. I googled it and I did see that Infinite H will go, then Sunggyu will follow, but also mixed information and I’m now confused as well lol. Just thinking practically, if Infinite is going in February, there’s a possibility that Infinite H will go in January, but it’s already this month and I don’t think they’d come back at the middle/end of the month, then go to Japan for a few weeks because then H will lose precious promotion time. So I think Infinite will go in February (if they follow through like they stated) then H and Gyu sometime after. Haha yah Myungsoo tends to go to Japan during his time off (which actually kind of makes me sad he likes Japan so much because my family history with Japan is not good…). How can that girl offer $72 for a used DVD, that’s ridiculous!!! Especially because SI is not impossibly hard to find. I think you should get it from amazon since it’s new.

      Haha yay I’m glad we think the same about those movies! Haha always our friends forcing us to watch these movies. Yah I think those group cards for Infinite F our rare too. There’s the one that you saw and then there’s the illustrated one that’s the same as Type A cover which is super super rare I think because I only saw one photo of that online I think. I feel like we talked about this before…? Like when I first bought the album, I was worried to get the photocard with the anime ver because I already don’t like the Type A cover, why would I want that photocard too lol. I only love the Korean photocards because they’re different photos (and Woollim spoils us with postcard sized cards all the time lol) and those limited Japanese She’s Back A4 size and those KNOT photobooks.

      Oh lol did I say that 1st press Paradise has 2 photocards? This is important information, how could I have forgotten what I said before! I looked at this one site and it said the album used to come with one card, now it comes with two. Ugh now I’m so confused, because some people get 1, some get 2, some get 0! Like what is this. I’m going to ask my Korean friend how many cards her 1st press came with, since I know she bought 1st press when they were promoting it. Ugh now I feel really bad if I got my information wrong and lied to you………..yah that Inconvenient Truth MV…it’s so weird!!! At OGS LA everyone was gasping in horror at Infinite being perverts (and I was just as shocked!!!! Like NOOOO Infinite, that’s not you!!!! How can they think and act like that!) but when each member started to act protective of the girl (btw I think she’s the same girl from Special Girl MV?), then everyone was awing…*sighs* now I really really want the OGS concert dvd!!!!!! So I can relive these moments!!!!

      Wow, how can you have 15 exams?!?!?! That’s super ridiculous!!!!!!! You’re definitely way overpreparing for college lol. Is it like 15 different classes, or are there multiple exams per class? Wow how can you even study for that many…I can’t fathom any of this. Hehe yes once it’s all over, then Infinite will be waiting for you and then they’ll come back!!

    4. Haha that’s so funny and sad, only the geography students know lol. HAHAHA I’m sure someone was stupid enough and didn’t understand that combo, and actually did mix them together. Lol yah it was difficult because my roommate kept asking me to go drinking with her, and I kept turning her down…I just can’t go out of my comfort zone when it comes to things like that. Don’t worry, not everyone parties! And actually I just found friends (okay…just one friend who would put up with my Infinite obsession) who were similar to me, and we went out at night to eat at Woohyun’s restaurant and talk to his parents lol (it stays open until like 4am!) and we’d leave at around midnight---and the best part is, it’s totally safe to be walking around at night, so I wasn’t worried. So there are definitely ways to have fun at night without clubbing. Also another night my friend and I went to the store where Hoya filmed for Man in Love MV after they closed, just so I could take pictures lol (because the storefront said no pictures). *sighs* I really wish we could go to Seoul together, and go to all of Infinite’s places, have our own Inspirit tour. Two crazy fangirls surrounded by all these Infinite sights, that’s a dream too big to come true it seems… why have I been talking nonsense lately. Wow, those papers really don’t seem fun at all :(

      Lol that’s so cool there was a girl with an Exo backpack! Though it’s Exo lol. Hehe of course I end up watching majority of the clip…then remember it’s so late and I have to hurry up and sleep soon. Ranking King always puts a smile to my face!!! Ahh I looked up 포로리, it’s an animated squirrel I think. I’ll ask my friend later too…I’m curious now what it really means! Lol that double eyelid tape is ridiculous. Haha that’s true, we do have an advantage^^ Though us two personally don’t know how to write or speak Mandarin lol, but our moms do!

      Yah Sungyeol is always doubting himself and just how improved he is, he’s always saying that he’ll try better as if he’s not good enough as is! Like in his hidden message from Infinitize album, he says the same thing. Lol I love how you’re trying to tell him all of that, I do stuff like that too, stopping the DVD or video I’m watching and crying at the Sungyeol or whoever on my screen that they’re perfect the way they are lol. I’m dying from laughter at just how stupid I sound and look when I actually do that. Hahahaha passing the time away by killing ants. I get so scared easily too, like my family left me at home alone for two weeks (lol I’m so old yet haven’t been home alone for so long before) and we have a urinal in the basement that does these autoflushes, and it scares me every time because I think someone’s downstairs! It was pretty hard for me to live alone lol, one time I was lying on my stomach and I saw my braided hair move when I turned my head and that scared me so much. I love living at home so much because of all my Infinite stuff, but living home alone is so scary.

    5. My friend bought the last two slogan towels so I got one from her, but if I couldn’t get it, I was prepared to spend another night there lol. And because the concert was for 7 days, they designate a certain number of each item per day to sell, but that number gets smaller and smaller as the days go on, so it’s hard calculating when to start waiting in line and whatnot. YesAsia prices are ridiculous. Like prices in Seoul were amazing, I couldn’t believe it. For example: Ice Tumbler $30 vs $76; Stickers $10 vs $25, Pendant $25 vs 60, etc. I just HAD to buy everything!! Though I’d be embarrassed to use my tumbler lol, so I just put it on my shelf and put a Sunggyu fan inside. I’ll show you when my Infinite shelves look nicer~ Lol if you go to an Infinite concert in Seoul (which gets me thinking, they’ve never had concerts in other cities in Korea, I wonder if they’ll ever), you have to be physically, mentally and financially prepared! And also there were no bathrooms, so that may be difficult. But with their smaller summer concerts, they sell a lot less merchandise (13 items for TSC2) but for their larger ones like OGS (23 items, not counting the variations) and OGSR, they have like double the number of items. But also with larger concerts there will be fewer days, so many more people waiting in line and it’ll be much harder to get all the items. Haha it must have been so overwhelming in that kpop store, like with feeling guilty about how generous your dad is, and then the exact opposite with your mom! I heard Henry can speak 7 languages, that is soooooo ridiculously impressive!!!! Lol exactly how I feel about Exo, like yes not all of them are talented, but it was SM that put them together because of their appearance, not really the members’ fault lol. Yah their popularity is blown all out of proportion. Haha yah the Exo album is really tarnishing my beautiful collection, yet I still can’t part with it.

      Hahaha sometimes I feel so old too like a grandma, how times have changed lol.

      Haha that’s funny you brought ramen back!! Is it really that hard to find? That must be difficult; my pantry always has instant ramen lol. Also it is a college student staple, so you’ll easily find it on your campus^^ HAHA I completely forgot that Hoya told Sungjong to stop dyeing his hair, but you’re right he did do it so much shortly after Diss is Infinite lol. In the Destiny In America DVD!! Sungyeol got a haircut while in the US and afterwards he regretted it and said that his cheeks were too puffy and he should have kept his long hair to cover it. You mentioned before you don’t have this DVD right? You should get it!!!!! At times I like Sunggyu’s short hair, maybe it just depends on the angle lol. Oh yah, I liked Myungsoo’s short hair for Ranking King and The Chaser era! But also his longish hair during TSC1 DVD, he usually doesn’t have his hair like that but it was just so perfect []. Lol yah it was funny that Woohyun chose that hairstyle himself! Like Dongwoo chose that curly leaf hair during SI, he said he really liked it and it brought out his eyes (? I forget), but I was thinking otherwise. It just doesn’t suit him to me!

      HAHA labeling Dongwoo’s outfit as a clown’s outfit, that’s so true. I don’t blame him either, how could anyone pull that outfit off. Woohyun’s pose always reminded me of a gargoyle [] lol (I’ll be really embarrassed if they said this in the show…I just have bad memory so sometimes things I see, I think that I thought it myself lol). Yet Myungsoo does the same pose in a magazine shoot and nails it perfectly, a pose I thought was impossible to look good in []. HAHAHA omg that Hoya sandal thing was so hilarious!!!!! Omg that was pure gold.

      Good luck on all your exams!! 화이팅!!

  3. Haha, I know what you mean. What kind of homework do they give university students? I wonder lol, I’m going to have to go through it. I’m fine with homework though. What I don’t like is revision hehe. After I’m done with my exams, I’ll be able to reply all the time. I woke up at 7 today and I got ready to go to school to write my exams and then we got an e-mail from school saying that it’s too dangerous cause the road has ice so the school won’t open today and the exams will be postponed. So, I’ve been revising for the exams I have tomorrow. Yeah, haha I bet no one writes such long replies so we might be the only people who have discovered this. Though I feel like no one talks through blogger haha.

    Haha, I have no idea what’s going on. I just remember that directly after Infinite H it’s going to be Sungkyu. I thought it was January cause they were articles spreading around about Infinite H’s comeback in January. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t make sense that H & Sungkyu comeback in January and then just tour all over Japan and have no rest time for the Infinite comeback. Oh, I was excited cause it was going to be January. I’ve seen a Dongwoo fansite that’s getting ready for the Infinite H comeback and they’ve opened up a page for you to donate. So, it felt like the comeback will be soon. Oh well, I guess there’s something he likes about Japan, that’s why he goes there. Or else I wouldn’t be able to guess why haha. Yeah, I know what you mean, but it’s what Myungsoo likes so we kind of have to accept it. I found $72 for a used SI too much. I will be getting it from Amazon. I hope it doesn’t disappear by the time I plan to buy it.

    Haha seriously, I used to get dragged around to watch movies but I don’t do it anymore lol. I just say that I can’t go out. I remember everyone went to watch the Hunger Games and I was just chilling at home and watching Infinite videos. Oh, okay I got what the other photocard looks like. It’s funny cause we were saying that it would suck if we actually get that photocard but now we figure out that it’s super rare lol. How could I forget that that photocard exists? Yeah, I saw the other group card; the one that’s not illustrated. Yeah, Korean photocards are the best. I remember I hadn’t seen any of the photocards before I buy my albums and when I got Dongwoo for New Challenge I was surprised cause I had never seen that picture before. I still haven’t seen many of them except from the ones I have. Seriously Woollim’s photocards keep on getting bigger lol. I wonder how the style and design of their new album is going to be^^ If they stick to their album sequence that means that we’re going to have to wait a long time for another studio album.

    Yeah, you’ve told me before that’s why I knew that my Paradise is first press. Oh, that’s confusing. Why would the Paradise album come with two photocards now? Haha yeah ask her if she or any of her friends who bought Paradise back then got 2 photocards. It’s weird if it came with 2 photocards now and not when it was first press. Haha don’t worry. I was really surprised that my Paradise was first press. I thought that there’s no way that I could have gotten a first press album 3 years after the original release lol. I found the Inconvenient Truth MV really funny and cute haha. For some reason I found it entertaining watching them try to be perverts but failing cause they actually looked adorable haha. It was a pretty good MV hehe. Yeah, I feel like she’s the same girl from the Special Girl MV. Do you think they’re going to release the MV if they release an OGS concert DVD? That would be awesome hehe.

    1. Haha, I’m used to many exams back to back. I had my first back to back exams when I was in year 9 and I’ve been having them every year. No, it’s 6 classes but every class has at least two papers plus coursework. Tomorrow I have 3 exams lol and now that we missed the 2 exams we were supposed to write today, I don’t know when they’re going to put them in the schedule. Haha now that I think about it...after the exams I’m going to have to finalize every single coursework >.< Oh great lol. But at least it’s coursework and not more revision. I’ll be able to enjoy Infinite’s comeback.

      Haha I don’t even know if they know. I was just guessing lol. Oh and then there’s another group of people who say “Is Taiwan a part of China?” Haha, do you still talk to your roommate or is she like holding a grudge cause you kept turning her down? If someone told me to go out a night for a nice walk and see all the Christmas lights in Seoul, I would do that...but I wouldn’t go out drinking and come back at dawn *singing...before the daaaaawn* HAHA. Oh that is soooo cool!! It’s amazing that you found a friend who would go out with you to Woohyun’s restaurant without judging you for your fangirling. Nice!! I love it when it’s safe and you can walk around safely, cause that doesn’t usually happen anymore since it has gotten dangerous almost everywhere. One day, I’ll go there as well...One day lol. I’ll have to like Korean food first lol. Do you like kimchi by the way? Haha sorry that was random. Oh, I remember reading about you going to the store where Hoya filmed for the Man In Love MV but I had no idea that you went at night haha. That’s so cool, I would do that as well hehe so don’t worry, you’re not crazy. Or maybe we’re both crazy lol!! That would be amazing. I wish we could go to Seoul together and go on our own Inspirit tour. It sounds so fun!! It would be a dream come true^^ Haha you haven’t been talking nonsense. I agree with everything you say hehe. Ugh, I feel like the English exams are the easiest compared to all the other subjects, even if they don’t seem fun.

      Haha yeah, it was cool that even if it was and Exo backpack, I got excited cause there was a k-pop fan in front of me. I wanted to talk to her but she was surrounded by many other French-speaking students, who seemed like they were going on a trip with their Chinese camp. Haha, I get carried out easily when there’s an Infinite video and I know that I have to study but I keep on watching lol. Oh, why didn’t I think of looking up 포로리? I wrote porori in google images before I ask you but it showed me weird stuff. I should have written it in Korean haha. It looks like it’s an animated squirrel. I find double eyelid tape ridiculous cause if you use it a lot it ruins your skin. So when I see Sungjong using it I go crazy cause I want him to take it off lol and for the recent Star1 Infinite F magazine shoot, they put double eyelid tape on Sungyeol and I got so mad and worried at the same time because I know that he would have never agreed on that since he’s never ever worn it before and I was scared if he actually got surgery. [] Yeah, we do have an advantage but I wonder if we’ll ever learn it haha cause I prefer to learn Korean to be honest.

  4. It’s good to know that he’s willing to improve though and it’s good to know that he has actually improved! Not only him, but everyone has. Haha, I always find myself crying when I’m watching their concert DVDs and I always tell Sungyeol that he’s improved and I always tell Infinite not to cry when I see them crying even though I know that they’re not listening lol. Oh, also I always try to match the fanchants in Be Mine when they say everyone’s name and after Myungsoo sings the first part, they say 사랑해요 Infinite. Haha, I don’t really care if I look stupid. Haha I was actually killing ants and trying to block their path by putting wet kitchen towel on the holes. Oh wow, thank god we don’t have a urinal that auto-flushes. That sounds so scary. I’m usually scared after I watch something scary, but not when I’m by myself at home. I just stay in my room and chill lol. Once I was taking a shower and I hadn’t locked the door but when I tried to come out, the door was locked. That was pretty creepy lol.

    Haha, that’s called a loyal fan!! It’s good that you managed to get one from your friend and didn’t need to spend the next night there haha. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. You can never guess when it’s the right time to set up and spend the night there. Ok this is random but I just got an e-mail saying that I don’t have school again tomorrow...Ugh, more exams pushed back. Are YesAsia prices really that much? Oh, yes they are...just checked. Seriously, that’s a rip-off. It’s good that you got to buy them in Seoul. That’s another reason why I don’t have their concert goods, or else I would have gotten them all for my collection. Though I really want their light stick cause it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m sad that I don’t have that :( Haha, I would be embarrassed to use my tumbler as well so I would have done the same thing as you. Haha, you have to be prepared in general if you want to go to Seoul cause you’re going to need someone to carry you around cause you won’t believe that you’re actually there and you’re going to stay there with your mouth open for about 5 minutes lol. Haha, I’m fine if there are no bathrooms lol. Wow, it would be so hard to buy all of those merchandise. We should really think what’s more useful and worth it. Haha, it’s very different cause here, no one camps for merchandise. Did they sell Infinite’s merchandise when you went to their concert in L.A.? If I remember correctly, they did. Haha I still feel bad that I made my dad pay so much for my albums. They were my first ever k-pop albums. It’s fine cause it’s my mom, I already knew that she was going to shout at me haha. It’s so impressive. He was born in Canada and his mom is from Taiwan and his dad is from Hong Kong. He can speak 7 languages fluently and those are; English, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai and French. Oh wait a minute...He also knows Japanese. That’s 8 lol. Seriously why are they even this popular? It’s impressive but more annoying for everyone who doesn’t belong in their fandom. I always wondered how come they’re this popular. It’s funny cause for all the awards, I already know who’s going to win without even seeing the awards ceremony lol. Yes, it’s Exo...too predictable haha.

    Seriously. I feel like a grandma and a proud grandma when I see the children in ‘small school’ haha, going around with their iPhones and when I see them dating at that age lol.

    1. Haha yeah, it’s hard to find ramen over here. You can only find them in Asian stores and they import them from Asian countries. Also those stores are limited. Ah, you guys are lucky cause you can have ramen whenever you want. I’ve finished the box we brought back from America so I’m sad haha. Haha I just saw that I wrote die instead of dye...that’s so funny lol. Good one Hoya, you did exactly what you told Sungjongie not to do^^ Haha ohhhh Sungyeol, what a cutie!! His cheeks will never be as puffy as they used to be back in the Come Back Again era~ Yeah, I don’t have it but I’m planning to buy it. Haha yeah, I think it depends on the angle lol. Yes, Myungsoo has never had bad hair to be honest. His short hair in Ranking King was awesome and I really liked it. Oh, I remember that hair from the TSC1 DVD. Random but do you use the pouch from that DVD at all? My least favourite hair of Myungsoo has to be the ones in the Destiny MV. But they were not bad!! Haha, oh well what’s up with the picking curly hair? Nope, it doesn’t suit you guys. Don’t do it lol. Haha them glasses though in this picture []

      Haha, no one can pull off the clown’s outfit as well as Dongwoo did so^^ Actually, no one would even dare to try that on lol. I can give him all the credit he wants. HAHAHAHA that is so funny, I can’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHA omg, no they didn’t say this on they show. They said that he looks like an orangutan. Hahaha, no way; I’ve never seen that picture of Myungsoo!! He looks better than Woohyun though. I feel like they’ve put more emphasis on Woohyun’s picture that’s why we make fun of it. Haha Hoya’s “scandal.” Thank god he changed into sneakers before they make fun of him lol. The funny bit is that lady telling Hoya that he got down marked because his finger was sticking out and it’s not good to point.

      Thank you!! I hope I do well!!

    2. Lol sorry, I accidentally posted 2 comments instead of replying on the other one >.< fail lol

    3. Mostly classes (I’m more referring to liberal arts classes) just give a lot of textbook readings, maybe 1-2 chapters a week, so it’s mostly just self-studying rather than graded assignments. But now my classes have online homework assignments (and these suck because it’s an online website where you have to pay at least $50 for access per quarter). I’m also taking a math programming class, and that homework is writing a lot of code. And my other math class is weekly math problems. And language classes are intensive, with written tests, oral tests, writing assignments, projects, etc. Wow that actually kind of sucks that today’s cancelled, since you’ve been studying so much for the tests for today!!! So will today’s tests be at the end of the exam period? Haha that’s true, no one does talk through blogger lol. i feel like no one writes long replies either, people just do quick texts.

      Yah after googling it I read Infinite H will come back in January, but that was probably just a rumor. I saw that fansite support too, but also now there are supports for Myungsoo and Woohyun’s bdays which are in March, so they tend to give a few months to do the support so they can give the gift to the member during their actual comeback/bday/etc. lol yah I accept that he likes Japan…haha yah it’d be weird if he didn’t like Japan but kept going there. $72 is definitely way too much for used SI! I was thinking around $45 was reasonable, like 25% off from the regular price.

      I talked to my friend and she thinks that Paradise kinda just has only 1st press, kind of like Be Back. It’s just weird though how there are 0-2 photocards per album. Ugh now I feel so stupid for telling you that, because now I’m more confused than ever. I bought it in early 2013 and got 1 photocard, my American friend bought hers a few months later and got 2, but online I read some people got 0. I’ll ask my Korean friend how many she got. My friend has 2…so maybe having 2 is first press?!?! Also I asked about the Porori thing and it’s another Korean cartoon, like a purple squirrel, and Dongwoo kept saying a common phrase that Porori often says. Hehe the Inconvenient Truth MV was so different from all their other ones, so in that sense it was good. Hahaha it just seemed too weird for me to see Infinite as pervs! It was a nice MV overall though, and actually made sense lol. I think if OGS DVD gets released, they’ll either add it as a special feature like SIE+ how they added With MV as a feature (though that MV has nothing to do with the concert…unless they showed it in the concert, which would make sense), or within the concert DVD portion, like as just another of those videos they show in concert.

      Hahaha Hunger Games is like the only series I like to watch. Lol yah that illustrated one is super rare, but it’s to my advantage because I still don’t want it lol. Hehe that’s the best, not seeing the photocards and then being surprised at how it looks. Wowwww you got Dongwoo for New Challenge hehe^^ For New Challenge they put up posters like D-7, D-6…with the New Challenge photocard images around Seoul, so I saw those pictures before, but I didn’t know that it’d be for the photocard! Wow that’s impressive you haven’t seen many of the other photocards! Yah I wonder how the new album will look, and the new photocards!! It’ll probably be a mini album, I can’t believe we haven’t had a mini album since New Challenge. I really like the layout of their mini albums, it’s so simple and I like that it’s easy to take out of my shelf and look at the photos (because I’m really lazy lol, and you know how we like to preserve the envelope opening of the repackaged albums and whatnot). Yah I think it’ll be a long time before they release another full album.

    4. Wow, it really is super impressive being in IB! I never imagined how much work it was because I went to a private high school and supposedly “all classes were advanced” so I never knew much about IB or AP. Wow, after exams you don’t even get a break, you still have to do more work finalizing coursework :( Hehe that’s true, exams will be over so you can still focus on Infinite’s comeback^^ Yay, looking at the positives!

      Nah I don’t talk to my roommate at all, we really were never friends sadly. I was really hoping this was my second chance at finding the roommate of my dreams, but it didn’t work out. Yet everyone else in my program had roommates within the program, so they all got to be close because they were experiencing everything new together. Though I’m happy I got a Korean roommate so it’s more authentic, I wish I had a roommate that was more like a friend! I think my roommate just doesn’t care lol, since her previous roommate only studied all the time, so she’s used to having “boring” roommates. Hahaha BTD!! Oooh Christmas lights in Seoul, that sounds so beautiful!!! I want to see that~ Haha hopefully you’ll fall in love with Korean food!! Do you like spicy food (I feel like we talked about this before)? It’s not random! I love talking about most things, especially food hehe. I used to not be able to tolerate kimchi, but because they always serve it, I love it now!! My mom even made it once before. For Korean food, usually I used to just order various soups (since Cantonese people love soup and I have to have soup every day), but I’ve been branching out to other types and I love spicy pork bulgogi now, it’s so delicious. Lol yah actually I went at like 9:50pm to this bubble tea place that kpop stores apparently like, and I realized that store from Man in Love was around the block so I went there at 10 and saw it was closed, so I just took pictures. Then I went back a few days later in the day time and asked if I could take pictures of just the stairs, and they let me lol (though they were pretty strict). I think since we’re both international Inspirits it’d be such a different experience for us going to all those Infinite places! Like I think Infinite’s parents would be more grateful and appreciative for us visiting their restaurants and whatnot.

      I was thinking more about the whole Asian drinking thing, and it is true. Like at my school there are many associations for various places (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea-mostly international students in these clubs) and they always hold events to go clubbing around Seattle. Ugh also you know how I was just chatting with you during New Year’s? I just found out my high school friends got together and drank and played drinking games and talked about all their sexual experiences, so I’m sooooo glad that I didn’t go. But they do this every year, and every time I make up an excuse not to go…I’m so glad to be going to college now and just kind of growing apart from my high school friends. Sorry I keep bringing up my high school friends, but also I met with a few recently but on different occasions (3) and all of them have started seriously dating someone within this past month. And then they always ask about me and I just feel so…ashamed I guess, like we were just talking about it early. But today one of those friends said “now I can’t wait for February” and I was thinking “me too! Infinite’s comeback!” and then I realized she meant for Valentine’s Day lol. again I was too ashamed to tell her that. Omg I’m dying right now, but for sure Infinite’s my valentine again this year hahahahaha.

    5. I understand, even if it’s Exo, like it’s still so cool seeing an open kpop fan. I saw a girl also with an Exo backpack while I was riding the train, and I got the courage to talk to her and it was so fun! Sadly she didn’t want to be friends though lol, probably because she was in high school and I was in college. And in Scandinavia (I forgot where…I think Sweden) this summer, I saw a girl wearing an Exo shirt!! That got me so excited too, but I didn’t talk to her.

      Whattt Sungjong sometimes uses double eyelid tape?!?! Lol shows how much I can tell the difference. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you for the gif, omg how could they do that to Sungyeol, I’m flabbergasted (lol first time using that word). Wow you really have an eye for these things, I feel so stupid it’s like all in my face but I’m so oblivious. Hahaha I agree, I have a feeling we’ll be fluent in Korean before Mandarin, also since we can’t read/write in Chinese, it’s much easier to do that in Korean since it’s an alphabet.

      When I watch concert DVDs I always tell them not to cry too (울지 마!!!!!) and I love doing the fanchants lol. oh gosh I feel so lame. HAHA and then I read that you also do the fanchants too!!!!!! HAHAHAHA omg now I really want to watch Infinite’s concert DVDs with you, I feel like we’ll be doing the same exact things! The only fanchant I know by heart is Back, but the others I just go with it. Yah it’s weird no one has a urinal at a house, yet my family does. Ooooh that’s really creepy, your door being locked!!!

      My friend took orders from her friends to buy certain things, and at first she was contemplating whether or not to sell me one of her two slogan towels, so that really annoyed me. But at last she gave it to me. Whoa that really sucks that your exams keep getting pushed back!! So does that mean they’re shifting everything over by 2 days? Or is it still the designated number of days for your exams? Lol yah I just checked YesAsia to get those prices, and I had to look at my merchandise sheet because I forgot some of my prices. Yah it’s not really the same if you buy the concert merchandise not from the concert…like it’s not the same feeling at all, plus it’s sooo much more expensive. Like I guess there are no memories attached with buying merchandise not from the concert. Like I bought the SIE tee shirt though it has no significance to me, and now I really regret it. The light stick issss really gorgeous!!!! That is one thing that would be so great in any Inspirit’s collection. HAHAHA that’s so true, you’ll be so awestruck just by being in the same city as Infinite and kpop and dramas and everything Korean culture. I went to TSC2 Day 2 or 3 to drop off my friend who was going to that day’s, and it was like 4pm when the merchandise tent was closing, but I had no sense of reasoning and bought everything they still had available right there even though I should have bought it all when I was camping out later on that night for the following morning. (cont)

    6. (cont) So I feel like that would happen to us if we go to a large concert, we’d still end up buying everything, and every version too (I’m crying/laughing like a lunatic right now just thinking about it lol). I was so sad, though OGS had so much merch, all the concerts outside of Asia only sold tees (black or white) and sweatshirts (navy or cream) and Woollim posted the prices for each country, and of course Korea was cheapest, and Japan was so expensive, America was about double that of Korea, Asian countries other than Japan were just a bit more than Korea and probably Europe was also expensive. Thinking about all this concert merch, I’m so glad I’m not an Exo fan, I mean they have one per member on so many items it’s so ridiculous. I’m glad Woollim doesn’t really do that (except for those Japanese posters lol, always in Japan exploiting those fans). Don’t feel bad, I mean I would, but like your dad was sooo nice and he understands and now you know of cheaper places online. Wow, that’s so crazy, all those languages are sooo different yet he knows them all so well!! Haha it is more annoying for non fans of Exo, I guess SM just really knows how to market them with their huge hype before their debut. Ugh yah always Exo winning, that’s why I always feel discouraged from voting because there are too many Exotics.

      Aww hopefully you’ll go to Canada and get all the ramen you want hehe^^ Haha die instead of dye, I think I did that too but corrected myself (dying and dyeing are so similar). Lol I have no idea what to use that TSC1 pouch for…at first I was going to put my photocards in there but you know Woollim and their postcard sizes now lol. I just leave it in the box, it’s too precious to actually put pencils or anything in there! What do you do with it? I don’t know why I never made a post about that DVD, I’ve had it for about 1.5 years. Ahhh I agree with Myungsoo and Destiny MV, I didn’t really like it when he put his hair up, but it still looked good. He just looked better with other styles. Haha that entire First Invasion era, I just don’t know about that.

      Haha so true, no one would dare to wear Dongwoo’s outfit! Lol Woohyun did look like an orangutan! I just feel like I’m sure Woohyun had way better poses during that shoot, they just had to choose that one like you said, giving emphasis on it. Yah I thought Hoya did well with the outfit he was given, yet it sucks he got marked down for the pointing thing!

      Lol don’t worry about the whole posting comments vs replying thing, just the other day I was thinking whether or not I was supposed to reply or comment and got so confused haha. But now I realize I only reply because then you get an email saying that I replied to you supposedly. Though I know you don’t check your email, it’s just protocol lol.

      I finally received Dilemma today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finallyyyyyy I can listen to it, perfection to my ears!!! Been listening to it on repeat. And I’m liking the Japanese versions of Back and Diamond, like I’ve listened to Korean Back so much that it’s nice to hear a slight change to the same song. It’s weird Dilemma got shipped a day after my YesAsia reshipped package, yet that one hasn’t arrived yet…And I finally listened to the entire Lovelyz album, omg I completely agree the whole “my lies” thing is just creepy…like it just ruins the song for me, I don’t think I can listen to that song again lol.

      Sorry I haven’t responded for like two days! I’m really glad that nothing much has been happening with Infinite since they’re resting, so like I can rest too from catching up with them and focus on schoolwork lol. So it’s good for you too! You hopefully won’t be on tumblr as much lol so you can study!

  5. Oh, yeah I know what you mean. Usually liberal art classes require a lot of reading. But it’s the first time I hear people paying to do homework lol. You’re forced to pay in order to do those assignments right? What happens if you don’t pay and don’t do them? You usually pay for your books and for your they want you to pay extra for your homework >.< Oh, yeah the language classes are always like that. Wait, you don’t do Korean what language are we talking about? Yeah, actually my exams for Wednesday and Thursday got postponed to Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th which are days that I was supposed to have free time and that’s pretty annoying. And then the ones from Thursday got moved to Monday the 26th, which is pretty random cause that wasn’t even scheduled and schools don’t work on that day cause of there are elections. Yeah haha, everyone just texts each other either through iMessage, Facebook and SNS generally. So we’re pretty unique for using blogger and writing long replies^^

    Yeah, I guess that was the date they were aiming for coming back but since Infinite decided to do a tour and come back in February, they’ll have to postpone their comeback. Ugh, I wish I could donate to all those fansites even if I don’t get the gifts they give. It’s nice knowing that you can contribute into buying something for Infinite that way. What’s holding me back and making me manage my money are the upcoming comebacks hehe. I’m sure that my dad will get mad if he keeps receiving boxes...not to mention my mom if she sees the boxes. I bet he’s already mad haha. True, it’d be weird if he didn’t like Japan but kept on going there in his free time. I would think that $45 is reasonable for a used SI. $72 is way too much. It’s funny cause I found a used Infinitize showcase for about $90. Is it really that rare? I mean...the Japanese version still exists.

    If it only just has a 1st press, then it makes sense why I got 2 photocards. Haha no, please don’t feel stupid. You’re definitely not! Yesterday I saw someone on Instagram who got two as well but she seemed like she bought it after I did. I’m guessing that there’s only one press. It would be funny if they had to re-print Be Back and make the box smaller cause it would have to contain one photobook instead of two. Haha, oh Dongwoo; you and your random phrases. The MV was definitely good and it makes you view the song in a different way. I’ve never actually checked what the lyrics mean. That would be a good thing to do lol. They were so cute~ I love it so much. So maybe there’s a chance we’ll get the OGS DVD. Speaking about SIE+, is it worth it?

    Haha, people say that the Hunger Games series is good but I haven’t watched any of them and I’m not bothered to lol. I’ve seen Divergent though and people say it’s similar. That was a pretty good movie so I’ll be watching the rest once they get released. HAHAHAHA why did I find this so funny? You still don’t want the illustrated one. I can’t blame you^^ It’s the best when you have no idea what the photocards look like. I try to do that as much as possible. I got Dongwoo for New Challenge and I remember myself sitting down and staring at the photocard for a long time cause it looked so good. I was so curious about who I was going to get because the only New Challenge photocard I had seen was your Sungjong one. I feel like the New Challenge photocards are life-threatening lol; as in they’re too gorgeous. So, I can’t imagine them as posters around Seoul. I would walk around and drop the thing I’m holding every time I see one poster haha. Yes, I still haven’t seen many photocards. I should see them right? I love the layout of all their albums actually, they’re simple but gorgeous. Wow, it’s been a long time since New Challenge. I can’t wait!! Considering it took them 3 years to release a second full length album...we’re not getting one soon :(

    1. I feel like the IB diploma requires a lot of hard work and it’s time consuming even if you’re not aiming for the top marks. For someone like me for example who doesn’t study as much cause I easily get distracted...even I can feel the pressure of the IB. Like, I’ve never felt so mentally exhausted in my life. Yeah, after the exams I have to finalize all my coursework cause they get sent of for marking and I have to do this nonsense of an essay for a subject which makes no sense at all, called TOK (Theory of Knowledge; it’s kind of like philosophy...I don’t get it) Oh well, let’s not talk about these depressing stuff. Yes yes, I’ll always have time for Infinite!!

      Oh well...looks like me not wanting a roommate makes sense xD I feel like I’m never going to find the roommate of my dreams, so I might as well live by myself. Oh, it sucks that you didn’t have someone from within the program. So your roommate was a Korean party animal haha. I wish you were able to have someone who was capable of being a good friend. It’s very beautiful actually. I saw pictures of the Christmas light decorations in many different places in Korea and they all looked like a fairytale. I would love to walk around!! [] Haha, nope we haven’t talked about this before. Well, I don’t mind spicy food but I try to avoid it. I’m pretty picky hehe. Foooood! Who doesn’t like food? Kimchi looks bad actually haha so I feel like I wouldn’t try it. I have to smell food before I try it. It’s this habit I have lol, I trust my nose. It’s cool that your mom made it. My mom would never ever make it. For me, if it’s chicken, then I’ll eat it. Bring me as much chicken as you want, whatever type you want, if it’s chicken then I’m happy haha. It’s 1:39am and I just googled spicy pork bulgogi...WOW I’m dying of hunger. Spicy pork bulgogi 먹고 싶은데!! Haha cool!! I would do that as well and the people at the store would think I’m weird. Taking pictures would be the best way of remembering your adventures. Yeah, for sure it’s a different experience. I hope they feel grateful when us international inspirits visit their restaurants.

    2. Haha, them Asian party animals lol. Seriously I had no idea that Asians actually drink a lot. I would have never imagined that. I think you made a great choice by staying home during New Year’s hehe. I wouldn’t want to go and talk to other people about my sexual experiences. Ain’t nobody got time for that lol. Yeah, I know what you mean...I used to talk to a lot of people but since last Christmas I’ve changed a lot and stopped talking to people who don’t actually care about me. Even if people don’t talk to me, I don’t care. There are always one-two people who are enough and those are the ones that matter. You, and Robert. I really don’t care if no one else talks to me. If I can just have you guys then I’m happy. I don’t mind at all when you bring up your high school friends hehe. I talk about a lot of random stuff so you should stop me if it’s irrelevant. Ok I’m about to rant right now haha. There’s one thing I know for sure and that’s that we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are. It’s everyone’s own life so they to do whatever they want. Okay, for your friends right now, what makes them happy is dating and they can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. But for us right now Infinite makes us happier than dating someone. They shouldn’t judge you for not wanting to date because you have something more precious in your life – Infinite. Just like I said before, when the time comes and you want to date, then you’ll do it. There’s this guy who always asks me “You haven’t kissed a single guy since you broke up? You haven’t dated anyone else since you broke up? How can you survive?” And I’m not embarrassed to tell him no. Like dude no, why would I need to go around kissing random guys so I can survive? I don’t like doing those kind of stuff and I don’t care that I’m single. I like it. I feel better this way and I’ve never been happier. Why the hell would I ran around just like you do, waste my time on something I don’t care about as in dating random guys and live like that for the rest of my life? I’m sorry that I’m not like the rest of the Greek population who runs around f-ing each other and then dumping each other. I have something that interests me. I like my life. I like waking up and seeing my Infinite posters. I like listening to my Infinite playlist. I like collecting my Infinite albums. I like watching my Infinite DVDs and Infinite videos online. For me that’s important right now. Cause yes, Infinite are here for me and they help me through my everyday life, so why would I need to date someone when all I need is Infinite? Right now, you have no right to make fun of me for being single cause we have different tastes. So, let me live my life without judging me. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not bad to tell your friends that you’re not interested in dating right now (or maybe you are and I’m saying nonsense all this time). Like if they’re really your friends, they’ll understand that you don’t have the same character as them and you are not interested in the same stuff as them. One does not need a boyfriend to survive. So yeah, you guys can’t wait for February because of your reasons (Valentine’s Day) and we can’t wait for February for our reasons. Infinite is going to come back; I’m not going to go around searching for a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I’m going to be home waiting for Infinite. [Sorry for swearing, I don’t usually do that]

    3. Haha, it’s always special when you see a k-pop fan. Next time, if I ever see one, I’ll try to talk to her. It’s nice that you got to talk to someone who is in the magic world of k-pop even if she didn’t want to be friends. Sungjong uses it all the time and I really want to tell him to take it off before he ruins his gorgeous eyes. His eyes look too fake when he wears it and I feel like people will accuse him of surgery. I don’t understand why he uses it. I’m convinced it’s not surgery and it’s tape cause when his eyes shut, the line is gone. I feel like I shouldn’t be looking at stuff like that, but I can’t help it cause they’re too obvious. Sungyeol’s precious eyes~ Don’t they look strange and not the same as before in that gif? Haha yeah, it’s more useful to learn Chinese but I think it’s too obvious that we want to learn Korean more hehe.

      Haha, yes; I always tell them not to cry when I watch their concert DVDs. The fanchants are the best, why wouldn’t we do them?? One day, we’ll watch Infinite’s concert DVDs together hehe. I guess we’re going to be doing the same things for example stopping it cause the subtitles are going to fast^^ Oh oh, I don’t know the fanchant for Back. I feel like I haven’t heard any *deaf person lol* I should really watch one of the Back performances again. I have no idea how the door got locked by itself cause I didn’t lock it and they key was from the inside. Oh well, I’m alive. That’s fine lol.

      Haha, at least she gave it to you^^ You can’t complain. I don’t even think that YesAsia people receive the concert merchandise that easily that’s why they sell it for more than what it should. I bet they have to wait in line as well. I don’t think there’s another wait of getting them. Haha, the only memories attached when buying merchandise online are the time when you press the confirmation button and get your receipt. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Ugh, the light stick is a sad story. Light sticks in general are pretty. I have B.A.P’s one and I got that in L.A. I can’t remember if they had Infinite’s one. If they did, I would regret it so much for not buying it. Haha, for sure, even the thought about being in the same city as Infinite and generally Korean culture is awesome. Haha you bought everything they had available? So what did you buy when you were camping? I’m guessing whatever you didn’t manage to get in TSC2 Day 2 or 3 when you dropped off your friend. Haha I think that what you’re guessing is right. We would end up buying everything. That reminds me of the Infinite F pop-up store hahaha. Oh well, Woollim has to make money out of merchandise. You never get to go to an Infinite concert in Europe, so obviously the prices would be expensive. And of course their love for ripping-off Japan haha. HAHAHAHA oh god that’s so funny. For sure I’m glad I’m not an Exo fan. One per member...whoops hehe. Oh well, I guess one day I’ll be able to accept the fact that I spent a lot of money and bought the whole store lol. Talented Henry getting wasted by SM; it’s their specialty. Oh, so they were popular pre-debut. That makes sense. I wonder what they were popular for...talent? *error found* Haha, I’m being mean again. Yeah, that’s the reason why I feel like my vote won’t change anything.

      Yessss. Can’t wait to have all the ramen I want!! I’m still hungry 3:17am lol. Omggg sameeee! At first I was thinking about putting my photocards in it but I changed my mind and I kept it in the box. Yeah, I feel like it’s too precious to put something that’s going to make it dirty. Haha, oh yes, you don’t have a post for that DVD. Haha I felt like he had too much hair and they tried too hard to put it up. But he still looked good. I don’t know how he manages that. To be honest they all looked good even with weird hair. Haha, sorry I just had to include a First Invasion picture cause they’re just too funny.

    4. Haha if I ever see someone wearing Dongwoo’s outfit on the street, I’ll think that he’s crazy. I’m sure Woohyun had different poses since they showed them in the video but they chose the orangutan picture lol. Haha, who even looks at the pointing thing when Hoya looks absolutely gorgeous?

      Haha, no I don’t get an e-mail at all when you post or comment something cause I reply as Anonymous. So I check the post everyday to see if you’ve replied and then I answer. I actually check my e-mails more often since I started buying things online hehe. I’m improving lol.

      Haha, I hadn’t read up to the end when my Dilemma arrived so I didn’t know that you had received yours and I started spamming you about how amazing it is. I love this song so much and I want to listen to it on replay but I’m hesitating cause of the whole plays thing when the Korean one gets released. And we’re not even sure that they’ll release a Korean version cause the lyrics were not translated. HAHAHA, okay, so I’m not the only person who thinks the “my lies” part is weird. But the rest of the album is good!! Whoops, looks like I got caught being on Tumblr haha.

    5. Yup, you have to pay per quarter to use those homework websites. If you don’t pay, then you can’t do the assignments, and homework is a part of your grade so you just have to pay lol. Ahh I took Korean last year, but it’s like that for all language classes like you said. I wish I could still take Korean, but I have to focus on my major now. Ugh no, that sucks your free days are now exam days!! Haha yah I’m glad we always do long replies unlike everyone else, we always have so much to discuss. I have another friend I write long replies with, but we do it like every few weeks…I feel like super long replies aren’t her thing.

      Now I read an update (possibly just a rumor) that Infinite H will come back, then Sunggyu, then Infinite, but then they’d push back the February date. Yah I wish it were more easy for international fans to donate to fansites! Hehe yah we have to save up for upcoming comebacks! Infinitize Showcase is really rare, but I’m so hesitant about buying it because I think that’s one of the DVDs that there are bootleg versions…I just don’t know much at all about that product so I don’t think I’ll even bother with it.

      Lol that’s exactly what I was thinking about Be Back, what are they going to do with that extra gap when they don’t make the limited photobook anymore! The lyrics for Inconvenient Truth are saying that girls should dress and act slutty just to get guys to notice them. It was really weird, when the song first came out, there was an online petition to ban the song for some reason…like I thought it was a good message the song was sending, telling girls not to be slutty. I’ve been listening to Dilemma on repeat but now I just have to listen to Inconvenient Truth lol, I loveeeee this song so much. I was so reluctant on getting SIE+ (but of course when I saw it in the store in Seoul, I had to buy it), because this concert didn’t really seem special compared to their Korean concerts. But omg after I saw it, I love it so much!!!!!!!!!! Most songs are performed in Korean (even though by then they had Japanese versions of some of these songs), but Sunggyu sang Only Tears in Japanese and Woohyun sang Timeless in Japanese! And it was Dongwoo’s birthday too so they did a surprise event for him!!!! Though the packaging is small compared to their Korean concert dvds, this one is so worth it and isn’t as pricey. And I really like the bonus features (With MV and Chaser making).

      I think because I got the MLG OST, Infinite F Japanese CD and Be Mine Solid all at once, I’m like having an Infinite high again lol. Like I can’t stop obnoxiously fangirling over everything. I was looking at the Be Mine photobooklet and it said Myungsoo’s blood type is O (which I already know) but every time I think about it, I fangirl over his blood type because O can give blood to anyone, versus other blood types can’t…omg what is wrong with me lol, I’m acting like a lunatic right now. And oohhhh I got the group photocard (real people) for Infinite F!!!! Yay omg Myungsoo’s on the card, I’m sooo happy. Hehe yup I’m sooo glad I didn’t get the illustrated one! And for Be Mine I got Hoya…I’ve actually only gotten him once, for KNOT photobook, and I traded him away for Myungsoo lol.

    6. I only saw half of Divergent, and I just thought it was okay compared to Hunger Games. I like Shailene Woodley though (the main character). Haha I know what you mean, I bought Myungsoo New Challenge pc and when I received it, I couldn’t stop staring at it either. That is definitely my most favorite photocard. HAHAHA omg yes, those New Challenge cards are life threatening!!! They made us both just sit there in awe for a long time. Aww that makes me feel special, you only saw my Sungjong photocard! Haha people went around taking down the posters to collect them too lol. wow, us having those posters to stare at in our rooms…that would seriously be deadly! I’ve seen all the photocards from their previous eras, but not many from Infinite F and none from Dilemma. I want it all to be a surprise! Though it’s not like I’m buying more Infinite F just feels wrong looking at them anyways lol. it was weird, I saw a rumor saying Infinite would come back with a full album? I highly doubt that…probably just another silly rumor I’m thinking too much over.

      IB really does sound so mentally draining, hopefully college will be much more relaxing! Hehe okay, let’s talk about more happy stuff~

      Lol she was a Korean party animal, and she didn’t have any plans (like no job, no school) over the summer, so really she just slept literally all day and went out at night. I saw that article too and it made me want to go to Seoul during winter!!! The decorations do all look so beautiful. Haha I always smell my food too. Oooh wow your Korean is pretty good!!!! I didn’t learn how to say “I want to” and using the 데 until like my 2nd or 3rd quarter of Korean.

      Yah I always thought Asians as being dorky and caring about school all the time, but maybe that’s just me then lol. That’s why I was so surprised during my first year of college seeing these events held by Asian associations. I agree, it’s good just having a couple of really good friends you can talk to about anything, and all those other acquaintances there is no point in talking to. Aww that makes me so happy, that you consider me as one of your closest friends-I definitely feel that way about you too. Lol no I like hearing about your random things too!! Nothing’s ever irrelevant in our conversations hehe. Awwww everything you’re saying is so true and makes me feel so much better-Infinite does make me so happy and brings so much life and joy into me, so I shouldn’t let that go for fear of being judged. Hahaha I like your response to him-man that’s weird that guy keeps asking you things like that! Lol no no I’m not interested in dating and Infinite is my world, we’re on the same page^^ And if they’re my real friends, they would be completely supportive of how I’m living my life. Thank you for your rant! Lol don’t worry about swearing, I hardly ever swear either (unless if I drop one of my Infinite albums or something! Oh that’s the worst feeling). I wish I had your confidence!!

    7. Wow now I should start paying attention to their eyelids more! Yah when I first saw the Sungyeol gif, I was so shocked!!! His eyes are so gorgeous the way they naturally are, I can’t believe they made him use tape. Someday, someday we’ll watching their concert DVDs together! When I went to my first TSC2 concert, when the fanchant first started I picked it up right away, it was that easy. Now when I listen to Back I sometimes shout it out too lol. Right when they say “drum” and it’s the dance break, it’s 돌아와 Kim Sunggyu 돌아와 Jang Dongwoo, etc (but Sungyeol says “Save Me” in the middle of this dance break so you have to like work around it lol) and then 인. 피. 니. 트! and then if the timing’s right, then Myungsoo’s line in the chorus! Now I’m listening to Back (it’s been like 5 times I heard it on repeat just now…I keep getting distracted lol) but I keep missing the fanchant part because I was so intrigued on trying to figure out who says “drum” lol. Is it Sunggyu? Or is it like a generated machine saying it…

      I really want to take your suggestion some time about listening to an Infinite album while looking through that photobook. I want to do that for their entire discography! Though it’ll be hard because their Japanese singles only have like 3 songs and so many versions, so I’ll have to flip very fast lol.

      Ahh that’s true, those YesAsia people have to go through a lot to get concert merchandise too, so they have to get some profit out of it. Hahaha that’s true, when I press the confirmation button I think how I’m draining my money away once again for Infinite lol. But if I buy something in person, I don’t think about money at all and am just so happy to see the product before my eyes. I don’t think LA would have had Infinite’s official light stick yet, because only official Inspirits got it (and I’m sure no one was willing to sell it) and it wasn’t until August 7th that anyone could buy the lightstick at TSC2 Day1. Ah that’s cool you have B.A.P’s lightstick^^ I bought about half the items (like 7 items) and when I went camping (lol…city camping) I bought about 6 items. It was interesting though every day they had different items that would sell out, so not just certain items were popular every day. Haha yah, we did say that about the pop-up store! Though I’d much much rather get concert merchandise (they seem much more practical…or at least display worthy) than the pop-up store merchandise. HAHA what you said about Exo is so funny. SM just has really good marketing I guess, drawing out their teasers and hyping it up.

      Hahaha about the too much hair thing, I was thinking that totally applies for Hoya during SI…his hair seems so thick and they just put it up like that seemed weird. And for Myungsoo, because of Destiny era I thought I didn’t like his hair up, but now I like it^^ Like you said, they do still look good in any hairstyle, they really can pull off anything, including weird clown outfits lol…okay maybe just Dongwoo could do that lol.

      Lol right?!?!? Like overall Hoya really nailed it, especially with the outfit given to him.

      Oooh lol learning something new about blogger again…wow I didn’t know that even through anon you don’t get email notifications. Haha oh those emails are the best, saying that your CD has shipped hehe^^

    8. Lol no worries^^ ugh I totally know what you mean about that play count thing, I was having the same…dilemma lol. Maybe Dilemma won’t be released in Korean, and they’re starting to do songs only for Japan. But they put so much work into this song, with a really cool dance, so I feel like they wouldn’t want to waste this choreography only to present it at Japanese events and concerts. I decided that I’ll just replay it and have a super high count, and it is what it is lol. Haha yah the whole “my lies” thing was creepy, but other than that I like the album!

    9. Also yesterday I had this amazing dream where I was at this huge dinner gathering and Woohyun was at my table and he just looked like the most perfect human being ever that I couldn't face him and his perfection lol...because of this, I can't stop thinking about Woohyun and while I was watching the Dilemma DVD I just couldn't contain my feels with him like more so than usual! Lol I think I still have that Infinite high. I hope I dream about Infinite again now~

  6. It sucks that you have to pay for your homework websites. So you basically pay and do the work or else you fail. It sounds so logical. (that was ironic lol.) Oh, so you took Korean last year. That’s amazing hehe. At least your university has Korean as a course!! Yeah, basically I have exams on my free days now and on another day when I’m not supposed to have school. Great ~.~ I’m glad we always do long replies. I like them. It’s nice when we have so much to talk about. It’s the first time I’m writing long replies with someone and I really enjoy it~

    That’s what I thought it was going to be, but I don’t think so anymore. It would be too tiring if it was that way. I just saw Infinite’s schedule for January, so I’m guessing that was just a rumor and Infinite will come back in February as said. I wish it was easy for us to donate, but I feel like fansites rarely ship to non-Asian countries. Haha I’m seriously saving up for the upcoming comebacks and I’m calculating how much I have to spend in order to buy the Destiny in America DVD and the SIE+. Ugh, after I figured out that the dude on Amazon doesn’t ship to Greece, so I can’t buy the SI DVD, I was devastated. I guess I have no other option other than getting the used one from that pains me to say that cause I don’t want to spend $72 for a used SI but it was the first ever Infinite DVD I wanted. I have no idea what the Infinitize Showcase DVD contains and why they made a different version for Korean and Japan.

    Haha yeah, I think that the Be Back will always be first press cause of that gap difference. If they stop making the photobook they’ll have to change the box design. Oh well lol. Haha today after reading your reply in the morning, Inconvenient Truth was stuck in my head all day. I finally have time to reply~ I googled the lyrics translation. The MV makes sense now. I feel like the lyrics are telling girls to not dress slutty. Oh, what the hell...Who would have time to make an online petition in order to ban this song? Usually the broadcasting channels decide themselves if they ban the song from their channel, not random people who sign an online petition. Haha whoops, how many times have you heard Dilemma? Haha obviously when you saw it in the store in Seoul, your fangirling side pops out and tells you to buy it cause it’s Infinite. I’m glad you loved SIE+. The only reason why I was reluctant on getting it is because of the Japanese versions. But it’s a concert DVD so I have to buy it. It’s good that most of their songs are in Korean. I always prefer the Korean versions^^ Oh how cute, we get to see a surprise event for Dongwoo’s birthday!! True, the packaging is small and it looks nice that way. It’s a proof that a normal packaging can contain an amazing DVD^^

    Haha, I know that feeling^^ I had to order so many albums together and when I got them I used to just sit on my floor and feel happy. I’m glad the dude didn’t send you the wrong version of Be Mine. It’s not only because you got these three albums together...everything started from the time you got your Dilemma. Seriously this album will be the death of me. I had no idea that I would love a Japanese album so much but after watching the DVD I went crazy. *Dilemma started playing...coincidence lol* I didn’t pay attention to the back of the album and after watching the DVD yesterday; I was putting it on my shelf and saw that the back has a photo of them. And then I just starred at that picture for a while. Haha, fangirling about Myungsoo’s blood type...that sounds pretty normal!! Indeed O is a special type of blood. I have no idea why blood type plays a big role in Korea. Like you don’t see artists from other countries displaying their blood types. After becoming an Inspirit, I finally know my blood type without the need to ask my mom lol. HAHAHA REAL PEOPLE! I’m glad you got the group card since it’s rare. Omg, I just remembered that when I was replying to you yesterday I found something really funny and I wasn’t able to clap like a seal cause it was past 2:00am and I was supposedly sleeping.

    1. I thought Divergent was good, but I can’t compare cause I haven’t seen any of the Hunger Games movies. Speaking about Shailene Woodle, I went to the cinema with my friends to watch The Fault in Our Stars and everyone ended up crying except from me. I felt proud for being the only one who didn’t cry, but heartless at the same time. I’m so heartless lol *-* Oh, you bought Myungsoo’s New Challenge photocard. They’re pretty expensive to be you can just buy a new album with the money you spend for the photocard. But, I want them all :’( Life threatening photocards^^ Haha yeah, before getting my albums, the only photocards I had seen were yours. That even happens now cause I hadn’t seen any Infinite F photocards and the first one I saw were yours. I wouldn’t blame the people for going around and taking down the New Challenge posters. OHHH GOD, I suddenly want one. I would like put them on the ceiling so I can face them when I lay down on my bed and not be able to sleep haha. The only photocards I’ve seen are the Dilemma ones, but I saw those unintentionally and I’m happy that I don’t really remember them. Should I show you the photocard I get for Dilemma? Maybe you changed your mind and you don’t want me to spoil hehe. I want to collect all the photocards but I just can’t buy a new album. It feels wrong and as we said it’s like contaminating our collection. It’s not exciting to know that you’re waiting to receive an album that you already have. Yes, I highly doubt that as well. I don’t think that they’re coming back with a full-length album. It’s only been 6 months since Be Back.

      Oh, I hate the thought of having no plans. There’s a total confusion that’s happening in your brain lol. Looks like you and your roommate had completely different characters. That article made me want to move to Seoul on the spot haha. Those lights were just phenomenal. Okay, I guess I’m not weird cause you smell your food as well. Haha nope, my Korean is not good at all. I’ve just memorized that line cause Myungsoo said it once on Weekly Idol and it has stayed in my head. I wish I could understand Korean.

      Haha no, it’s not only you. I thought of Asians the same way as you did but they turned out to be the exact opposite when it comes to drinking lol. Yes, people always said that your real friends are limited and it’s the time where you finally realize what they say is true. These random people who I usually don’t talk to a lot keep telling me that I’ve forgotten them cause I don’t talk to them anymore and I can’t tell them “Oh, that’s what I wanted.” Haha, my mean side is popping out again. Aww I’m happy cause you feel happy from what I said. I meant everything I said. I couldn’t have asked for a better Inspirit friend!! Okay then, I guess we both don’t mind random things haha. Oh yey, that’s what I was aiming. I wanted to make you feel better and not be afraid of being judged cause you like something. Everyone is different. Your friends have other priorities than us right now, so let them live their own lives and we can live our own different but full of Infinite lives. Let us be different than everyone else. It’s not bad for us to be different. We’re special! Whatever, I don’t know why that dude talks to me. It’s the same guy who was bothering me on Facetime last time. I didn’t exactly reply to him like that, I was emphasizing a bit lol. But he did really ask me those questions and I did tell him that no I haven’t kissed/dated anyone since I broke up and I like it that way and I feel happier than ever. I’m glad we both feel the same about Infinite. I’m happy they exist and complete our lives. Yeah, true friends would support you and understand you, not keep on making you answer questions to subjects you don’t want to talk about. Haha, when you accidentally drop one of your Infinite albums you go crazy. That’s a given. Who would want to ruin their albums? Okay random but the word shit is not a swear word in Greek. Oh, don’t wish to have my confidence cause I have none of that. I’m so bad at being confident lol.

    2. Sungyeol’s eyes are absolutely perfect so I refuse to say that what I saw in the gif is surgery. It’s been more than 4 years since their debut so I wouldn’t think that Sungyeol would decide to have a surgery now. So, I definitely believe that that is tape cause Sungyeol’s precious eyes do not normally look like that. Yes, someday we’ll do that^^ We can have a concert marathon haha. Oh yeah, I guess it’s easier to pick up the fanchants in a concert. *Listening to Back brb* Oh, the music was so loud that’s why I couldn’t hear the fanchants, but now I can pick up something. It’s so cool. Now, I’m going to do this every time I listen to Back. I think that Sungkyu says “drum” but he’s never actually sang that part live. Also, many people think that Hoya says the “Save me” before the “drum” but Sungkyu actually says it. I’ve seen it on every single lyrics page...they all say that Hoya says it, but no it’s Sungkyu.

      Oh, yes do it~ I did it for my Infinite F album. Haha true, for the Japanese version of She’s Back, the songs will be done before you finish going through half the photobook.

      I guess they go through a lot to get the concert merchandise so in order to make a profit they have no other choice other than selling them more expensive. Haha, the only memory you get when you press the confirmation button and think that you’re spending your money on Infinite again. Yeah, it’s true that when you’re buying something in person you don’t really care about the price and you just end up buying it. If I remember correctly, I got my stuff from L.A. on the 17th of August. I can’t seem to remember if I saw Infinite’s lightstick. Haha just as we were saying before, you can’t think properly in a k-pop store, so yeah I bought B.A.P’s lightstick and right now it’s chilling in a drawer cause I have nowhere to put it. Haha it’s good that you split the stuff you bought because you would have been carrying more money on the day you went camping and it would have been more dangerous. Haha that’s interesting. You can figure out which items people are more interested about on that day lol. Haha, us and the pop-up store! Of course I’d rather get concert merchandise as well. Haha oh well, it’s just SM is well known and I guess everyone was waiting for Exo cause SM hadn’t released a boy group since SHINee. And of course their looks always help...

      Haha that’s what we said this morning on Line, and I hadn’t even read the post then. Too much hair lol. It just looks too thick and weird. Despite that, they still manage to look good!! Haha after seeing the Come Back Again era pictures I believe that they can pull anything off. Okay, maybe now the clown outfit. Let’s just stick to the mental breakdown Dongwoo had about that outfit lol.

      I’m sorry tall lady, but Hoya nailed it. I want to see you look good in shorts and pants at the same time and then we can compare.

      Haha, yeah since I reply as Anonymous I don’t get e-mails, but you get notifications since it’s your blog^^ Yes, that’s the reason why I check my e-mail. When is says that your CD has shipped you can die in happiness lol

      Yeah, I still don’t know what to do with Dilemma cause we have no clue if they’re going to release a Korean version. I hope it’s not that case. I don’t want them to start releasing songs only for Japan. They DID put so much work into this MV and dance so yeah I agree, it shouldn’t be wasted. But, I kind of hope it’s not the title song of their upcoming album as we were saying. So many unanswered questions lol.

      Oh I love it when I have dreams about Infinite~ I wake up in ease the next day and I don’t feel sleepy at all. Woohyun looking amazing in your dream^^ ughh I want to have an Infinite dream again. I had two during the holidays. I had one about Dongwoo and one about receiving a fake Japanese BTD. Haha your Over the Top had scared me and I didn’t buy one cause I thought that it would happen to mine as well and now I even see fake albums in my dream. That was a pretty weird dream lol. I hope we dream about Infinite again~!!

    3. Lol yah there are always ridiculous fees when it comes to college, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yup, I took Korean for one year (I needed to fulfill the liberal arts class requirement, so I had to take a class like Korean! So maybe you can too hehe~ Like it’s not just taking classes in your major, but you also need to take other classes to gain a more broad education…but maybe because you’re in IB, then you already fulfilled some college courses?) and then studied abroad the following summer! The scheduling worked out really well. I’m so happy my university offers Korean! Though many of my relatives wanted me to take Mandarin…it was really hard to choose what I’m passionate about instead of what’s more “practical.” Your schedule seems so exhausting enough, and now they have to take your free days too is horrible! Hehe I really like these long replies too, it’s weird (or not lol) that we always have an Infinite amount to talk about^^

      It really sucks about the seller not shipping to Greece!!! $72 is really ridiculous for a used one too…even new that’s a bit high. Destiny in America DVD especially is such an amazing DVD, and it’s like an extended version of their DVDs from the Japanese albums. (Like watching those bts DVDs from IDEA and the Japanese singles are only 20 minutes, and I get so lazy having to change discs to watch such a short clip lol). I think for Infinitize Showcase, just the Japanese version is more expensive (as always) and it has Japanese subs and is Region 2. Korean version doesn’t have English subs but can be played in the US.

      Lol yah it’d be too much to change the box design for Be Back, but if they do I’d be tempted to buy it just because it’d be obviously different from 1st press lol. Hehe Inconvenient Truth is such a fun tune. I’m reading up on the petition, and it’s so stupid. They’re saying that the lyrics and MV “promote victim-blaming and gender oppression…rape culture and undermines its severity.” This is all crap, they’re saying that it portrays females as sexual objects and creates a patriarchal society…like come on. I think it’s the complete opposite, they’re telling females NOT to be like sexual objects and that they don’t need to wear lowcut shirts or short skirts to please men. I read this before when the MV first came out and it makes me sad thinking about the crap that this song got…ugh it’s so frustrating. But you’re right, it is the broadcasting channels that always decide and not netizens. I’m listening to Dilemma now and it’s at its 100th play lol, so it’s still kinda low at 91 out of 157 on my playlist but it’ll just go way up from here. I was really hesitant about SIE+ also, but like you said it is a concert DVD and it’s mostly in Korean so it’s almost like their Korean concerts anyways. I always prefer the Korean versions too^^ Hehe that’s true, the packaging doesn’t have to be lavish for the DVD to be amazing.

    4. Haha oh gosh, that overwhelming feeling of new CDs just waiting to be opened…it’s such a lovely feeling. Yah I’m glad I got the correct version of Be Mine too! Yah, I got Dilemma the day before, then the three albums, and it’s so much to take in. I agree, I never thought I’d like a Japanese album so much, but I think for me it’s partly because this is a completely new Infinite song, so I felt just as excited as for any of Infinite’s Korean comebacks. Hehe what a coincidence Dilemma started playing! Haha it must have been quite a surprise seeing their back cover, that is such a gorgeous photo!!! Yah I don’t know why bloodtype is so important in Korea either, I was wondering about that. Haha being an Inspirit does weird things to us, like knowing our bloodtype. For me it’s like trying to remember how tall the members are in cm and feet/inches, but of course this is just an American problem since we don’t use the metric system lol. Oh there was also this thing I saw on tumblr, saying how tall you’d have to be to comfortably lean on each Infinite member’s chest lol, and my height fit Myungsoo’s! Lol these little things kill me every time. [] Lol I didn’t know how to call that photocard! Hahaha it must be hard to not clap like a seal if something’s so funny!!! Lol you’ve been staying up late despite having exams coming up!

      Haha you’re not heartless!! I saw Fault in Our Stars too with my family and none of us cried…maybe we’re all just heartless lol. When Infinite wasn’t really promoting so there were no new albums to buy (between Destiny and Season 2), I ended up buying quite a few photocards from Paradise, New Challenge and Destiny and the collection cards. Most of them were like $7 and under, but like you said they can be as pricey as a new album; my Myungsoo New Challenge cost about $12…but it’s so gorgeous!! Haha omg if I had one of those New Challenge posters staring at me while I’m in bed, I don’t think I’d ever sleep, I’d just stare back forever lol. I’m glad you don’t really remember how the Dilemma cards look like, images like that always stay with me. I still haven’t seen any of the Dilemma cards, thank you for not showing me! I think I don’t want to see it, because eventually I’ll get the normal version! I forgot which member you got…was it Dongwoo? Yah I completely understand, we want to collect all the photocards, but buying new albums would pollute our collection and would make the albums less special, and photocards by themselves are expensive. Oh such a good point, it isn’t exciting waiting for an album you already have. The only exception is KNOT limited, when I opened it, my hands could not stop shaking for excitement of seeing Woohyun! I didn’t even believe it was him at first, I opened the book to make sure it was his name lol, I was that untrusting that I got one of my top choices (though of course I’m perfectly happy with any member!). Wow I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since Be Back…yet Infinite’s had so many activities within the past half year that it seems like they’re always around.

      Lol I do smell my food! Yesterday while watching Hobbit, I smelled all the candies and snacks before each bite lol, so I thought it was weird you just brought it up! Haha that’s still pretty impressive, memorizing Korean lines like that! Ahhh was that from the episode where they had to do the aegyo and sexy competitions to earn meat?? Omg, Myungsoo was the most adorable thing ever! I really miss Weekly Idol, I hope they go back on that show during their next comeback!

    5. We are always so alike, including the way we thought about Asians! Haha that’s exactly how I feel, like I want to tell people “yes we’re getting distant…which is what I wanted” but of course I can’t. Aww I’m genuinely smiling right now, I also couldn’t have asked for a better Inspirit friend! Hehe yes let’s just live our lives full of Infinite and be genuinely happy; Infinite will always be there for us~ Ahh that guy, how annoying!!! I was thinking about that guy that Facetimed you when you mentioned “Oh, that’s what I wanted.” Oh that’s interesting! It’s weird I think in the US, a** (lol I feel wrong typing out the real word!) isn’t a swear word but a**hole is, so shows/movies playing on TV would blurb out ‘hole’ so it sounds like people are just saying a**, which I find so odd. Lol you do seem so confident though! I’m not confident and it really shows lol.

      Yah that’s true, I don’t think they’d have surgery now since they’ve been so established for so long. Oooh a concert marathon sounds so fun!! Hehe yay you learned the Back fanchant~ I don’t know if it’s because I’m deaf, but I hardly ever hear fanchants when I watch Infinite’s performances other than their own concerts. Oooh I need to listen to Back now for Hoya’s “Save me” part. I like how throughout the song they have different members sing “save me.” Whoaaaaa that’s Hoya?!?!?! I really thought it was Sunggyu!! Wow I’m so shocked. I’ll definitely have to pay more attention when I watch their Back performances…oh wait lol I read what you wrote wrong, it is Sunggyu that says it, gotcha lol. Really, people think it’s Hoya??

      I love how the Infinite F photobook matches so well with the songs, everything’s just happy and fun and cheery. Ahh yes when I have time, I’ll listen to it all, look at the photobooks, all while using my headphones!

      Hahaha exactly, you really can’t think properly at kpop store. Aww you should display your B.A.P lightstick! My Infinite one is still in the box (because it’s hard displaying these things…they’re top heavy) but I display the box because it’s so beautiful in its simplicity. Ahh that’s true about the money thing, since obviously fangirls waiting first in line would be loaded. Wow I’m surprised I don’t hear about people being mugged waiting for merchandise…I guess because it’s just so safe over there. Lol I was really obsessed about while items sold out at what time, so I documented it all and took pictures lol. Ugh and Exo aren’t even all attractive lol, yet somehow that and their “talent” worked well for them.

      Haha that’s true, if they can pull off Come Back Again (and those Ranking King outfits), they really can pull off anything. And they started with Come Back Again, it could only go better from there. HAHA I wish you were there to defend Hoya!!

      Lol yah Dilemma is making us so anxious to find out what will happen! I don’t want them to start releasing songs only for Japan, but if they do release the Japanese version first, it really bothers me that it throws off my play count lol. That’s always like my biggest concern lol.

      Hehe Infinite dreams are the best!!!! I always write down my dreams so I can read them again and fangirl over my dreams lol. Aww Dongwoo~ Lol wow, I can’t believe you dreamt that you got a fake album!!!! Omg that’s like a nightmare lol. I always fall asleep to my Infinite playlist and sometimes I just think really hard about Infinite, and then maybe I’m lucky enough to dream about them lol.

    6. Oooh and you were talking about putting Dilemma on your shelf. I love putting an Infinite album on my shelf for the first time, it's like an initiation and I love seeing my collection grow^^ It's such a wonderful feeling!

  7. Oh great. We have to continue spending a lot of money for the tuition. Cool!! I want to take Korean as well. I think I’ve expressed my love about taking Korean hehe. No, IB doesn’t count as college courses. Though, they give you some credit for your higher-level IB choices if you choose to do them at university. It’s complicated. I’m not even sure what kind of credit you get. Yeah, It’s so nice that your university offers Korean. If mine doesn’t, I won’t be able to do Korean out of college cause my parents wouldn’t agree lol. I know what you mean. My mom would want me to take Mandarin as well because it’s more practical. My schedule is horrible. After the exams I’m going to try continuing my revision cause that might help me for my real exams this May. Haha, I know what happens whenever I say that...I do it for like a day and then the rest of the days I just do the required homework and then waste my time online. It’s surprising that we have an infinite amount to talk about^^ I like it~

    Ugh, it always puts me in a bad mood when I remember that the seller doesn’t ship to Greece. I know that $72 is really ridiculous for a used SI DVD but, it’s my only option. If I wait, I might lose this opportunity as well. I’ll just wait lol. I really want to buy the Destiny in America DVD since you’ve been telling me all this time that it’s amazing. Haha, I know right the bts DVDs from IDEA and their Japanese singles are 20 minutes. Oh lol, they didn’t even make English subtitles for the Korean version. Wow that sucks. The Korean version usually has subtitles. Actually my region is 2 but I have the Korean versions for all DVDs. I play them on my computer haha.

    1. Haha, omg I was thinking the exact same thing. If the box changes, then I’ll be tempted to buy it again cause it’s different lol. Yes, I love the Inconvenient Truth tune. It’s so catchy. Lol, that’s definitely what the MV is doing -_- It wasn’t even properly released so why are they even bothering making a petition? Haha, yeah I totally agree with everything you said. Infinite’s telling us to dress properly so a man can fall in love with our personality and not our body. Yeah, I feel like Infinite have read the petition someway and that’s why they didn’t perform this song on music shows. Actually, don’t listen to me cause the MV was made for their OGR concert and the promotions were obviously before they go on a tour. Korean netizens sometimes are too annoying cause they pay attention to random stuff and make a fuss about them. Oh wow, you’ve already heard Dilemma 100 times. I wonder how many times you’ve heard the rest of the songs lol. I’m glad that after you bought the SIE+ you actually enjoyed it^^ I’m sure I’ll end up enjoying it when I watch it. It’s Infinite, how can I not enjoy it? They give me life haha. But ughh I keep on thinking about the SI.

      Yeshhh, that feeling!! Haha yeah, but it would be cool to see what the normal edition of Be Mine looks like cause no one has it lol. I got my Infinite F album on Wednesday, then my Over the Top on Thursday and my Dilemma on Friday so I was kind of going through the same mental breakdown of happiness, just like you. Oh yeah, maybe because it’s a new Infinite song and a new MV. Even I went crazy...and I don’t usually go that crazy. Haha, it’s a different picture that wasn’t included in the photobook and yet I felt like I’m starring at something like treasure lol. I guess that’s a question we can’t answer. Why is blood type so important in Korea? Haha yeah, indeed; I would have never known my blood type if I wasn’t an Inspirit. I thought I’d never learn their blood types but I know them lol. Oh, yes. You guys don’t use the metric system. I would need to have a converter app on my phone if I go to America again, but for any other place in the world I would be able to think properly. Omg, that sounds amazing. I’m sooo checking this link now. It’s so cool that your height fits Myungsoo’s exactly. Oh, high five!! I’m 162cm as well. I can get shorter in order to fit Dongwoo lol. But yeah I prefer to wear high heels and face him face to face. Aghh I’m getting excited right now because of the thought of having Dongwoo in front of me. I’m dying omg someone help me. Haha it’s fine. Sometimes I can laugh without clapping like an idiot. I don’t know why I clap lol. I’ve been staying up cause I was up late during the holidays and I can’t seem to be able to sleep early. I will eventually get back to my sleeping schedule lol.

      Haha oh yay I have a heartless partner lol. Or maybe we’re normal and everyone else was overreacting^^ Oh nice, so you have many photocards^^ I want to buy many but I still have to finish collecting the stuff I’m missing before I buy any photocard. I was curious so I went to eBay to see how much they cost and some of them had a shipping fee of $20. That’s crazy. Who pays $20 to ship a photocard? Haha, exactly; we’d be staring back at them and we wouldn’t be able to sleep. Yeah, I feel like I can only kind of remember what Sungyeol was wearing. I don’t remember the rest since I tried to avoid them as much a possible. I haven’t received my Dilemma normal version yet. Okay, I won’t show you then^^ I’ll just tell you who I get. I’m hoping for Sungkyu but I will be equally happy to receive anyone. True, the photocards by themselves are pretty expensive. I wish there was another way to collect all the photocards. Haha oh wow. That just reminded me that I have to buy KNOT limited as well. Wow, that feeling is amazing. I got that feeling when I got Dongwoo for my first ever Infinite album. Yes, I feel like it’s been less than 6 months, but wow that was fast. I’m a 6 month Inspirit haha. They’ve been so active lately and it doesn’t feel like 6 moths have already passed.

    2. Haha, nice! And then you fell asleep in the middle of the movie. I would prefer to watch Topp Dogg for 3 hours than watch the Hobbit. (I don’t like Topp Dogg) I usually smell new food that I’ve never tasted before to see if I’m going to like it. Haha yes, It’s from that episode. When Myungsoo won the aegyo battle and had to say “Steak먹고 싶은데” That was the first ever Infinite episode of Weekly Idol I watched. I love it. It still makes me laugh like crazy. I miss Weekly Idol with Infinite. I do hope they go back on that show during their next comeback also because I want them to keep the title of most visited idols^^

      Haha we are alike. It’s funny cause I thought of Asians that way as well. Haha I want to tell people that but I never end up telling them. I have to end up finding excuses of why I wasn’t able to talk to them. I always tell them that I have too much schoolwork. Awww I feel like I’m about to cry. That’s so cuteee~ Yeah, we don’t care what you guys say but we’re going to continue living our lives full of Infinite and smile because of them!! Haha that guy is always around. Whatever. It’s been quiet lately so I’m guessing he has other stuff to do. Oh, it’s not a swear word? I thought it was. It’s not a swear word in Greek either. A**hole isn’t one either. No one uses that word. Only some kids in “small” school haha. Nope, I’m not confident. We are kind of alike^^

      Yeah, I don’t know why someone would have surgery after debuting. Everyone would notice lol. Hehe, concert marathon^^ It’s so cool. They post the fanchants online as well. This is random but I’ve noticed that many lyrics websites have the wrong lyrics for Dongwoo’s rap in Paradise. Colorcodedlyrics even has the Korean lyrics wrong lol. I usually never hear the fanchants when they’re performing on a music show, so don’t worry, you’re definitely not deaf. I wouldn’t have noticed that Back has fanchants if you hadn’t told me lol. Yeah, Sungkyu sings the “save me” part before “drum” but all the websites say it’s Hoya. I think they got it wrong cause for their comeback performance, the camera zoomed in on Hoya in the “save me” part and they thought that he was singing.

      Yes, the Infinite F photobook was amazing. I love the fact that it had pictures from the MV. It’s so pretty!! Oh, good idea. Next time I’ll use the headphones.

      Haha, I still have my B.A.P lightstick in the box but it’s the drawer cause I have nowhere to put it. I’m hoping that one day it turns into the Infinite lightstick lol. I used to display it but after buying more Infinite albums I ran out of space. I slowly have to remove B.A.P albums from the shelf so I can fit my Infinite ones hehe. I would keep my Infinite lighstick in the box as well^^ Haha yeah, it’s surprising that you camped outside all night and nothing happened. I wish it were this safe elsewhere. And of course thank God you’re safe. Haha that’s nice. So you have an idea of which items were selling out!! Haha, whatever...we can’t really do anything about Exo. I agree though. I don’t find them that attractive lol.

      Haha they started with the Come Back Again outfit and hair and they worked their way up. I suddenly feel so proud when I say that they worked their way up. Haha it would be funny if I was there to defend Hoya. I agree with Sungyeol though that she doesn’t look that pretty when you see her face-to-face lol. I was glad he said that!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t want them to start releasing songs only for Japan. And of course if they always release the Japanese version first it’s so annoying lol. I have that concern as well. Especially for Dilemma cause we have no idea what’s going to happen. I want to find out what they’re planning so I hope they keep their promises of the February comeback and not push it back.

    3. Infinite dreams are definitely the best!! Oh, that’s a good idea. I never clearly remember my dreams, even the day I saw them, I can’t remember a lot. Only the major parts like who was in it. I remember though that Dongwoo saw what I had written about him in my phone. Whoops. There’s nothing bad on there lol. Haha, I saw myself getting a fake BTD and I remember that I was asking myself if this is a dream or if it’s real lol. It sounds like a nightmare but somehow I managed to properly wake up the next day and I wasn’t tired.

      Yes~ that’s an amazing feeling! I love putting new albums on my shelf. I love it when I see my collection growing. That’s why I want to design my new room once I leave it has more space for my Infinite collection lol^^

      Fail!! How did I manage to make the first post so short? LOL

    4. Ahh IB sounds so confusing lol. It’s good you’ll hopefully get college credit for some of it though! I really hope your university will offer Korean! Yah, my parents wouldn’t allow me to take Korean outside of the university either. Especially if you’re taking difficult (and boring) classes for your major, it’s nice having Korean as a “fun” class. Lol, these exams you’re taking now aren’t considered “real” exams…like the ones in May are the official official exams?

      Ooooh whoa you’re region 2…lol I always though region 2 was so random, with Japan being the only Asian country in that region. Whoa that must be really annoying that you’re region 2, but of course you’d want to buy the Korean version instead of the Japanese version, so you have to play the DVDs on your computer. I hope you’ll still be able to get SI DVD!! Lol I’m sorry, I’m not trying to get you to buy more Infinite stuff lol. But it’s a good thing that there’s still plenty of Destiny in America DVDs and SIE+ so you don’t have to worry about that running out. Ugh it’s frustrating how Infinitize DVD doesn’t have subs for some reason, but that’s my main reason for not buying it; I don’t need to spend so much more money on this when there are comebacks soon!

      Yah that’s so true, Inconvenient Truth isn’t even their main track and secondary track, and the MV seemed like it was only for Inspirits since they only showed it at OGS and the dance they only performed it at OGSR. I don’t think they would have performed it on music shows regardless, since they only performed Man in Love and Still I Miss You while promoting for New Challenge. Lol now nevermind what I said because I just read your line telling me to ignore what you said lol. But we’re on the same page! Lol netizens really do make a fuss about the most nonsensical things; I guess it’s just different there, how they blow things way out of proportion. Lol I really had Dilemma on repeat all day, so it adds up. I listen to Infinite practically every waking hour except while in the shower and in class lol…at least it used to be like that when I lived in a dorm since I wanted to avoid everyone, but now that I’m back at home, I can’t listen to that extent since I’m with my family. Even when watching the first 10 minutes of SIE+ I was regretting buying it, but then they performed Wings and Tic Toc and I just absolutely go crazy when their live performances are so amazing and different from the studio recorded versions. And the special features are great too, though they have nothing to do with the concert bts. You’ll definitely end up enjoying it too, despite the few songs performed in Japanese. Hehe for sure, anything Infinite is just mind blowing and life-healing lol. Awwww I know you’re super determined (like with those headphones and OTT), so for sure you’ll get SI, I just know it!!

    5. Ugh I remember a year ago I was trying to find anyone that has the Be Mine normal edition just so I can see if it comes with anything, but like you said no one has it lol. Maybe when my Infinite collection is practically complete and there will be no upcoming comebacks, then I’ll consider buying the normal version, but that’ll be suchhhhhhh a long time; so really, it’s on my backburner. Haha I would not be able to handle Infinite F, OTT and Dilemma back to back to back!!! Hahaha you know all their blood types? I only know Myungsoo is the only one with O. Do you also know their heights? I didn’t bother memorizing them because they tend to lie on their profiles lol. And for birthdays I know like half of them, but I know the month and year…I feel like I should know them better though. I don’t know why we don’t use the metric system, it makes it so hard for me to think properly when it comes to Infinite’s heights and whatnot lol. Hahaha yah just face Dongwoo head on! Ahh cool we’re the same height~ Hahaha fangirling at the thought of Dongwoo in front of you^^ Ahh I’m like that too, staying up late since I’m not used to sleeping in early. Though it’s nice that some of my days I start at noon, so I can still sleep in.

      I have about 2-3 photocards from each album, but I kinda regret buying them because they are so expensive and they’re just paper (but they’re paper with Infinite!). Lol I know some of those photocard sellers are ridiculous!!!! And you should be careful, there are some people who sell fake photocards, so it’s hard to trust them. Oh you still haven’t gotten Dilemma normal yet?? That’s so strange, since didn’t you order it before from the same website as your Dilemma limited? Lol I don’t know why I thought you already got Dongwoo’s card. Hahahaha I’m sorry I’m adding so much to your list of things to get! KNOT limited is so amazing though. Aww getting Dongwoo from your first album must be so amazing!! I kept getting Sungjong at first, so I thought it was a sign that he should be my second bias lol. And Sungyeol was originally my second bias because of Myungyeol, but clearly now my entire list has shifted. Haha happy 6th month Inspirit anniversary!!!! Wow, looking back at the past 6 months, you’ve gotten sooooo much in your Infinite collection!

      Hahaha my friend’s favorite is Topp Dogg. I would also rather watch Topp Dogg for 3 hours, just anything but Hobbit…omg I have to rewatch that episode now!!!! All their Weekly Idol appearances have been so incredibly funny and make me love Infinite so much more. Hehe that’s a good point, I also want them to keep that title! Too bad Sunggyu keeps getting the award “it’s your song and you can’t even dance to it” though lol, they’re always picking on Sunggyu!

      Lol I’m glad that guy isn’t bothering you as much anymore! And once you graduate, you’ll be leaving anyways so it’s not too much longer to endure! Hahaha “small” school^^ I’m not really sure what a swear word is anymore, since people use it all the time in normal speech.

      Oh I forgot they post fanchants online! I should look them up and use them while I listen to those songs hehe. Wow really, I didn’t know those sites get the lyrics wrong! I always use colorcoded lyrics and put the lyrics into my phone so I can learn the lyrics, but now that I know they get them wrong…lol I’m glad I’m not the only one, so I guess it’s just hard to hear the fanchants. Ahhh wow I didn’t know that, lol you pick up all these little things, like about the camera focusing on Hoya while Sunggyu was singing!

      I love the Infinite F photobook soooo much. I really like that they had pictures from the MV too, those were my favorite photos from the book!

    6. I think I had a dream about the B.A.P lightstick because after you told me about it, I looked it up to see how it looked like lol. Awww that’s sad that you had to remove your B.A.P albums!! Where do you keep them now? Aww you’re nice, caring about my safety^^ It was so fun camping out, I’d definitely do it for every Infinite concert!! Like not just for buying Infinite stuff, but the experience was really fun and it was such a rush lol.

      Aww that makes me proud too, thinking how they “worked their way up” from Come Back Again. Haha Sungyeol said she doesn’t look that pretty in real life? I totally forgot so much from Ranking King…I really need to rewatch it all!

      For sure I don’t like them releasing albums only in Japan. I feel like the only Inspirits who benefit from that are Japanese, whereas Koreans and international fans prefer Korean albums. I really hope they come back in February, but now I’m not so sure they will, since it’s already the middle of January and I’m guessing H will come back first. Hehhehehehehe Infinite H~~~~~ So excited!!!!

      Awww to think you interacted with Dongwoo in your dream though~ Hahaha wow that fake BTD thing sounds horrible!

      It truly is an amazing feeling seeing our Infinite collection growing. Awww it’d be amazing to design a room, with lots of display shelves and wall space for posters^^

      Haha it happens^^

  8. It’s just trouble lol. I hope my days in college will be better than this. It would be funny if I actually got college credit. I don’t even know what I want to do and it makes me sad. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with my future so how am I supposed to make a life depending step right now? These thoughts always depress me cause all of my friends always knew what they wanted to do and I haven’t decided yet. Like for example one of my school friends wants to study medicine and she has had that thought since we were in year 9 or so. But I was always undecided. One thing for sure is that I want to take Korean so I can actually enjoy something. No, the exams I’m taking right now are the mocks. The real ones are in May...Thank God cause I still have a lot of revision to do.

    I don’t know what I got in my head yesterday and I texted the girl telling her why I’m not buying the SI DVD from her. She seems pretty nice but she’s not lowering the price for me. Yes I’m region 2 hehe. I always thought that Japan being in region 2 was weird. I’ve never actually tried to play my DVDs on the TV cause there’s always someone home and I can’t really express myself, so I’ve always watched them on my computer. I hope I find a way to buy the SI DVD cause I know how much I want it now and how much I wanted it from the beginning. Haha no, you’re not trying to get me to buy more Infinite stuff. I want them hehe. But I still have too many stuff missing. True, I don’t need to worry about Destiny in America and SIE+ cause they exist out there...on the other hand we have SI LOL. Seriously, now that I think about the Infinitize DVD, buying the Japanese one will be the same cause it doesn’t have English subs either. You can find it in a cheaper price than the Korean one lol. Yeah, when there are no comebacks, I’ll try to buy the albums I’m missing.

    Hehe, I love it when they do special stages that only Inspirits get to see^^ I’m pretty sure that it was only shown at the OGR cause you only see fancams of it. Aghh, I want to see them perform Inconvenient Truth. That dance though!! Yes, Man in Love and Still I Miss You were the only songs they promoted from the New Challenge album. Oh, actually they also performed 60 Seconds^^ Haha speaking about the New Challenge album, the only thing I don’t like is the intro lol. Those Korean netizens sometimes are unbearable. They seriously pick on the most random stuff and make a fuss about them. It is different there haha. Haha, I can’t blame you for having Dilemma on repeat all day!! I listen to k-pop songs in general so I don’t get bored of any Infinite song and I always have a special time for my Infinite playlist. Haha, I’ve never regretted buying a concert DVD. I thought I was going to regret buying That Summer because you told me that it’s a quiet concert compared to their usual ones, but I absolutely loved it. It’s amazing. So I believe that I will love SIE+, but I’ll wait cause right now there’s no hurry for me to buy it. It’s fine that there are Japanese performances, but I won’t mind it that much hehe. Even the Japanese performances will blow my mind away. Oh yes, when I’m super determined, I have to buy that specific item. I know that I want it and if there’s no other choice I’ll make a way to convince the girl to make a better price for me...or at least give me her New Challenge p