Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kinokuniya Bookstore Mini Haul!

On October 18th I stopped by Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle Chinatown again and boy was I in for a lovely surprise.  The magazine section was filled with a new selection of the latest Asian magazines!  There were several copies of High Cut covering Kim Hyun Joong in a pool, as well as the Korea Billboard November 2013 issue and the K-Star Grandprix October 2013 issue.  There were also other magazines that were a few issues old, as well as many other non-Asian celebrity magazines.  Seeing Infinite and L on the covers of K-Star and Korea Billboard, I HAD to have a copy.  Plus, K-Star came with this super gorgeous poster, which was a definite surprise because there was no indication of it on the cover!  Here's what I got:
At the register, I spoke to the cashier who said magazine shipments usually come once a month.  She also asked if I was an Inspirit, and she said she was a SHINee fan!   Because she's a fangirl, I thought she'd take good care of my magazines, but she creased one of my magazine's corners while putting them in a tight paper bag.  I'm so upset because I treasure these so much.

Korea Billboard was $19.80 while K-Star was $15.35.  Though for a magazine these prices may seem high, it's worth it because 1) Japanese things always cost more and 2) the import fees play a role.  Besides, Korea Billboard comes with a behind-the-scenes DVD and K-Star comes with a regular sized poster (like it's huge-as big as the L's Bravo Viewtiful posters)!

I'll be posting up my thoughts on these two magazines soon!  I was just too excited about finding these magazines in Seattle, especially Korea Billboard (which I saw scans online thinking I'd never get my hands on this magazine).

Update: I went to exchange my bent Billboard magazine a few days later, and it was an easy swap!  The cashier (a different one) had to ask her manager first, but other than that, I was able to easily get a new, bent-free magazine.

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