Sunday, October 6, 2013

BtoB: Thriller 3rd Mini Album Review

I've always seen BtoB as an innocent and charming group, but for their September comeback they've made a 180 degree concept change!  While I'm not a fan of the edgy, expose-your-abs concept, I loved the music from this album so much I had to buy Thriller.  I was so excited to have bought this album in an actual store within the first week of its release!  It's such a different feeling being able to pick out your album rather than having one mailed to you.
The album cover is really artistic and unique, like a metal heart with blood pulsing around.  I guess the idea is that being "thrilled" gets your heart pumping.  The back cover has a marble effect of black and deep red. The tracklist and authentication seal are also on the back.  The quality of this album is really good, with pretty thick and well-made covers.
Inside, a thick photobook is attached on the left and the CD on the right.
Inside the photobook is a random photocard out of seven.  I received Ilhoon's, which is adorable!  On the back is his cute autograph.
The photobook is pretty thick and made of high quality paper.  There are three sets of individual photos, with several group photos in between.  Like I said, I'm not a fan of the ab exposure, but only several members reveal their abs.  I'm so happy my bias, Peniel, is clothed!  The first photo set (top right) shows the members as intense and serious.  The next set (bottom left) is of the members being super dramatic.  And lastly (bottom right) the members are being manly in the rain.
Here is the tracklist from the photobook, and my thoughts on each song.  I love these songs because they sound sophisticated and elegant, and (please don't take this the wrong way) like elevator music: music that is intense yet relaxing and soothing, and would be played in an elevator of a five star hotel where the elite would stay.
  1. "When I Was Your Man" is a great song to start the tracklist!  This is the song that most fits my elevator music concept; it sounds so sophisticated with the bits of falsetto and the long notes throughout the chorus.  Also Peniel's English is a nice addition to the song, bringing the elegance of the song back down to a more casual tone.
  2. "Thriller" is the main track, and is the only song that doesn't fit my elevator music idea.  From the start, the instrumentals and singing are intense and fit the album's dark and manly concept very well.
  3. "Why Are You Like This" is a calming song compared to the previous track.  The chorus is so catchy and I can't help but dance to it every time!  This track also really showcases Eunkwang's amazing vocals.
  4. "Catch Me" is a fun and fast song with a catchy (haha) chorus...I really love this song but I'm out of words to describe it -.-
  5. "Like A Crystal"  is definitely my most favorite song from this album.  Peniel's opener got me hooked, and it's his beginning part that pushed me over the edge to buy Thriller.  I like that it has soothing instrumentals yet the rapping and singing make it more intense.  
  6. "Star" begins and ends with the instrumental of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," using a childhood favorite to offer an innocent quality to this track.  The chorus is really relaxing while the rapping offsets the softness of the song.
In the back of the photobook shows the staff for the songs, and I was so pleased to see the members of BtoB writing some of the lyrics!  I'm always amazed when bands not only sing and dance, but also write their songs.  That's talent on a whole new level.  Here's a close up of track 3 (bottom left), with lyrics by Hyunshik, Kikwang, Minhyuk, Peniel and Ilhoon, and track 5 (bottom right), with lyrics by Minhyuk, Peniel and Ilhoon.

Overall, I love all of the songs, and having BtoB cowrite them makes this album that much more meaningful. While the photobook isn't my style, it's still a very nice collection of photos, and the photocard is a nice bonus.  Most importantly, the songs are touching and I can't stop listening to the album on repeat!

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