Sunday, April 27, 2014

SkinFood Egg White Nose Pack (Cool Down) Review

SkinFood created the Egg White Pack, a packet of facial strips meant to eliminate blackheads, which I reviewed here. Along with these strips, the brand also created an accompanying Egg White Nose Pack (Cool Down) nose strip, meant to refresh the nose directly after using the Egg White Pack's nose strip.
The Cool Down Pack is sold individually, so I bought one just to try it out. Since I bought this at a US location SkinFood store, they placed a makeshift English label on the back, which has the same information as the product's webpage. It states that this pack is a gel that hydrates, soothes and calms newly exfoliated skin and uses egg white extracts to tighten enlarged pores. The instructions state that after using the egg white nose strip, open this package and remove the film. Next apply the smooth side of the strip onto your nose, lining up the round edges with the tip of your nose. Then remove after 10 minutes and use toner and moisturizer afterwards. There are also ingredients and a warning to keep this product at room temperature and away from sunlight.
I ripped off the sticker label to see what the original packaging had. The instructions are the same, but this description adds the purpose of egg white, which has lots of albumin and amino acids (though this doesn't mean anything to me as I'm not a chemistry major...).
The cool down strip is one millimeter thick and seems like a cotton pad. This is the correct orientation to place on the nose; it should be like an "M" shape.
The other side of this strip looks like really smooth jello.
Hopefully this is my last hideous photo I post on here -.- Before I used this strip, I washed off all the residue from the previous nose strip and made sure my nose was dry before applying this cool down strip. It feels sticky like jello, but also cool and refreshing once I placed it on my skin. While this is a two dimensional strip with no slits for curvature, it fit on my nose fairly well and stuck on firmly.

The Pros
  • This strip really is cooling and refreshing.
  • It's very easy to use, with no mess at all. There's no need to rinse off my nose after using this strip.
  • It stays on my nose nicely and I don't need to worry about it slipping off or budging.
  • It is very easy and painless to remove.
  • My nose feels smooth and has a healthy glow afterwards.
The Cons
  • This cool down strip really isn't necessary...but it's still nice to use every once in awhile.
Overall, while this cool down pack isn't necessary, but it does feel very cooling to the touch. I'm sure this would be even more refreshing during the hot summer months. If your nose is very sensitive to using nose strips, I suggest using this cool down strip afterwards, but otherwise, it isn't essential.

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