Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SkinFood Orange & Mint Foot Scrub Review

SkinFood is known for using produce as key ingredients in their products, such as combining oranges and mint leaves to create this foot scrub. While I'm a sucker for cute packaging, I bought this product despite its lacking design. This is simply a white squeeze tube with a printed label on top. This scrub also contains 120 g of product.
Since I bought this from the SkinFood branch in San Francisco, a US label was plastered on the back of the packaging with a caution (to only use externally and avoid eyes) and a list of ingredients.
Underneath the extra label are directions and ingredients in English and other information in Korean. It says that this scrub uses orange extract for vitamins and mint extract to soothe skin that while combined, refreshes and exfoliates skin. SkinFood's webpage elaborates, stating that ingredients include pumice, orange powder and cocoa powder to exfoliate the skin, resulting in smooth and healthy feet. Instructions say to use an adequate amount and work into a lather/until it foams and massage on feet, especially the heels, and rinse with water. The first time using this product, you have to remove a silver seal underneath the screw lid.
Here is how the scrub looks like. First off, the scent is not strong nor sweet; there is no prominent orange or mint fragrant. And the scrub is actually a white, creamy scrub (the lighting and reflection from my bathroom walls discolors it) with small black, uneven beads to combat the roughness of feet. I use about 3/4 to 1 inch of scrub per foot and rub my foot thoroughly, without adding water to the scrub. It creates a smooth lather that contrasts the beads. It is more effective using this not while in the shower, because the scrub becomes too diluted and less effective. Afterwards, it's nice to use the remainder to scrub my hands.

Overall, I'm not impressed nor unimpressed by this scrub; it is exactly as I imagined (though I was hoping for a more refreshing scent true to its name), beads to soften feet and cream to moisturize skin.

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