Friday, April 4, 2014

SkinFood Nail Vita Essence Review

While at the SkinFood branch in San Francisco, I completed my 9-stamp reward card (every $10+ purchase earns one stamp). My reward is to choose one of any vita nail polishes. SkinFood has an extensive nail polish collection, with nearly half of these products being a vita nail polish. I chose the Nail Vita Essence.
The front label states that this product "contains Vitamin & keratin. Advanced formula colours and covers in one quick, mistake-proof stroke." The silver label on the lid is for the US market, with a full list of ingredients in English.
The backside has information printed in Korean.

On SkinFood's website, this product is actually considered under "Nail Care," and not "Nail Color." As an "essence," this product visually leaves no color or texture on the nail. According to this webpage, the vita essence is to protect nails by preventing them from weakening or breaking. It also states to apply to nails often to protect them. Lastly, the site states that the color on nails may depend on the amount applied.
This nail essence doesn't have a strong scent, but sniffing it does reveal a subtly sweet, potpourri scent. I applied one coat of this essence to my index and ring fingers. The top photo indicates the moment just after I applied the layer, as you can see those nails are clear but have a shiny tint. Eventually the essence starts to dry and look like lacquer, or a very thin layer of gloss. After 35 minutes, my nails were fully dried and looked just like my naked nails, as seen in the bottom photo. Another time, I applied three thick layers onto my nails, and they still looked as if I hadn't applied anything. This product seems more like one of those "fun" beauty products that don't actually produce results. I'm sure my nails are being protected by this essence, but because it isn't the norm to apply products purely to strengthen nails, I don't deem this Nail Vita Essence as an essential.

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