Friday, April 11, 2014

SkinFood Pink Salt Body Scrub Review

Some of my favorite products from SkinFood are their hearty body scrubs, so I'm especially excited to review this Pink Salt Body Scrub! Like the Cashew Nut Cream and Coconut body scrubs, the Pink Salt version comes in a translucent, thick plastic casing that makes for a fancy looking product. The label has information printed in Korean.
Since I bought this product at SkinFood's San Francisco branch, the exterior wrapping included an English label. This label gives a description, a fun fact, directions, a list of ingredients and a warning. The description states that this scrub uses pink salt to massage and revitalize dull skin, creating soft and radiant skin. The fun fact gives background information about salt and salt's purpose of removing impurities and dead skin to create smooth and fresh skin. The directions say to massage an ample amount onto wet skin, focusing on areas with more dead skin cells, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. The product's SkinFood webpage practically states the same thing.
The inner lid is really nice, because there's that extra indentation to secure the scrub from leaking out. Also you can see that the container has a nice brown translucency to it, the scrub inside the container has a pale pink hue and that the little residue on the lid has transparency. The scent is also subtle the salty breeze if you're seaside. This type of salt reminds me of those spa salts, so it also gives a relaxing, spa-like feeling.
This scrub is easy to scoop, but it's very solid and thick. If you follow my index finger, you can see the indentation I made from the scoop I took.
On my skin, this scrub is like a clear gel with lots of chunky salt grains.
The scrub surprisingly doesn't feel rough at all, despite all the sharp salt grains. The first time I used this scrub, the salt surprisingly didn't feel rough so I kept using more and more product and increased my hand pressure. While rinsing off the scrub, it became a milky solution that smoothed over my skin. I guess this scrub is meant more for smoothness than for exfoliation from roughness.

The Pros
  • The packaging is simplistic yet fancy.
  • The scent is relaxing and soothing, like the salty ocean.
  • The milky smoothness feels nice on the skin.
The Cons
  • I wish the salt were much rougher, to exfoliate my skin.
  • It seems that I will use up this product rather quickly, much quicker than anticipated.
Overall, I do like this scrub for its smoothness while I use it. However, I do wish that the salt felt rougher, more like those exfoliating beads. At this rate, I feel that I will finish off this jar very quickly!

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