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SkinFood Egg White Pack Review

SkinFood has several nose packs meant to target blackheads using strips, with main ingredients such as Black Bean, Chlorella and Egg White. I purchased the Egg White Pack, meant for the nose, forehead and jaw (actually the chin), which I'll review here. This pack comes in a cardboard case, with strips individually packaged inside.
The backside and this product's webpage explain that egg white extract exfoliates and refines pores, controls excess sebum and directly removes blackheads. It also states that these strips should only be used once or twice a week, and you shouldn't use this product on the same area "twice consecutively" meaning...only use it once a day I suppose. The bottom of this packaging has the manufacture and expiration dates, with just under a one year and a half shelf life.
Inside this pack, there are 10 total individually packaged strips, five for the nose and five for the forehead and chin, which is convenient if you just want to use one. The front has an image of exactly where each strip should be placed on the face.
The backside has very detailed instructions. Both the nose and forehead/chin instructions are identical, except one says "nose" while the other says "forehead and chin." The instructions for the nose pack (pictured above) say to wash your face and leave your nose very wet, then peel off the liner on the strip. Next place the nose strip, smooth side touching the skin, and firmly press down the entire strip to make sure it has complete contact with your nose and to eliminate air bubbles. Also line the round edges of the strip on your nostrils for more accurate placement. Leave the strip on for 15 minutes in the summer or if your face sweats a lot, and 10 minutes otherwise, letting the strip dry. Afterwards, peel the strip off from the edges inward and rinse off excess residue from your face with toner or water.
The nose strip is on the top and the forehead and chin strips are on the bottom. I put the smooth side up for the nose strip, which is also the correct orientation to put on the nose (like an "M" shape). The triangle pieces have the non-smooth side facing up, with a felt-like texture. Honestly, these two pieces look like scrap cutouts...they're very small and don't serve much purpose, especially when blackheads aren't common in these areas compared to the nose. These strips are very thin and are very adhesive, like stickers, making it very easy to place. They feel flimsy, but stick onto the face well. There is also a very subtle scent that is hardly noticeable.
Well, don't I look silly. Here are the three strips on my face. The two triangle pieces should be like arrows pointing down, while the nose strip should be placed like an "M" shape. Within one minute, I can feel the strips hardening. Of course, towards the end of my ten minutes, I feel little air gaps on both sides of my nose. After removing the triangle strips, I was left with a lot of sticky white residue that was easy to wash off. The nose strip left a big red imprint that lasted a few minutes.
Here are the strips after I removed them, with the chin on the left and the forehead on the right. There is literally nothing on the chin strip, and only a few small hairs on the forehead strip.
The nose strip sadly also had little results. There were quite a few fuzzy nose hairs that were pulled, along with some gunk the entire length of the pore from the left and center of my nose. The bottom left of my nose (where the pores were cleaned) feels much smoother than the right.

The Pros
  • The adhesiveness makes these strips very easy to put on my face and stay on very well.
  • The shape of the nose strip makes it easy to form around the bottom of my nostrils.
  • The triangle strips are pain-free to remove and the nose strip is tolerable, if done slowly.
  • A decent amount of blackheads were removed, though I was hoping for more.
The Cons
  • The forehead and chin strips are very small and are pointless in general, since these areas aren't common trouble spots for blackheads.
  • It's difficult to remove all air bubbles between my skin and the strips.
Overall, I have always liked the effectiveness of nose strips, but these strips didn't have as much effect as I had hoped. While they were easy to use, but I see no use for the triangle strips and the nose strip didn't remove too much gunk. Maybe if I can fully eliminate the air bubbles, I can more effectively remove my blackheads...

Update: I used the nose strip again, and this time I put pressure on the strip to mold directly onto my nostrils for the first three minutes. Doing this, I was able to rip out a lot more blackheads! But while removing the strip, I also saw many blackheads that were barely sticking to the strip and then stayed in my pores. I'm just glad that I had much better results the second time around.

Also, this Egg White Pack also has an accompanying Egg White Nose Pack (Cool Down) strip that is sold separately and meant to cool down the nose directly after using the Egg White Pack nose strip; you can read this review here.

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