Sunday, December 28, 2014

Infinite Pepsi Scratch Ticket

The Pepsi Pep Concert on November 15th, 2014 had performances by Infinite, Beast, Apink and Girl's Day. To get free tickets, I think throughout the month of September you had to buy an Infinite Pack at fast food chain restaurant Lotteria (they're roughly $10, which is so expensive for a fast food restaurant!), and the meal pack would come with a booklet with a scratch card. I went onto the Pepsi Concert website ( and I think you can also get tickets through convenient stores as well, but it was kind of confusing. Anyways, because I'm not clear about this process at all, I'll just reveal that booklet that my friend gave me!
There are seven different Pepsi lottery tickets, one per Infinite member. My friend got only two Hoya cards, so she gave me one! Wow, blond hair Hoya from the Last Romeo era!
Here is some information about the lottery.
Here's a page of all the members! I didn't know all the members would be included in each booklet, so I'm so happy about this. Also it looks like there was a page that was torn to the right, so I don't know what that is...
I think this back page shows the prizes one could receive through this lottery. (It says 700 people for the concert and 100 people for the speakers, but on the website I think there are a total of 5000 people who can win each of these prizes).

It must be nice being able to receive all these free Infinite goodies from endorsements! If I lived in Seoul, I'd probably gain so much weight buying all these Infinite Packs and just trying to collect all the members' tickets.

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