Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Update] Dealing with Amazon Customer Service and Infinite's Over TheTop 1st Full Album

I realized I never finished about what happened to my Infinite Over The Top album, which I blogged about here. Just over a year ago, I had ordered a new OTT album through an individual seller on, but it had arrived clearly looking used. I posted this photo on my previous post about this; here you can see the crappy wrapping, how it's brittle, hard, and loose whereas Kpop albums always have soft wrapping that winds around the album like saran wrap. Of course this broke my heart and once again made me want to quit being an Inspirit for fear of having not-perfect albums, but I persevered and fought my way for justice (the cheesiness).

Amazon's policy is for the customer to first email the individual seller, and if the seller doesn't reply within a few days, you can contact Amazon's customer service directly. This seller of course ignored my complaint, so I called Amazon explaining exactly the problem, and how I could tell that this was not a new album as it was stated to be. Amazon said that they would try to contact the seller to work things out, but if it doesn't go through, Amazon itself will fully refund me, so Amazon would take the loss. After calling Amazon again, they told me that I can keep the album or dispose of it, and that they had fully refunded me my money exactly how I had paid for the product (via gift card and credit card).

Though I got my money back, I felt so upset for having a tainted Infinite album; if I already have this album, I'd also feel wrong to buy another, more legit, OTT as well. I still opened the album, and was frustrated by seeing the usedness of the inside: the CD had a stamp with Chinese and Japanese characters on it; I asked my mom, and it said something like "you have permission to use this." And lastly, my album isn't even first press despite this album having such limited quantity: first press has Sungyeol's name misspelled in his "thanks to" section, whereas his name is spelled correctly in mine.

By now this seller has such negative reviews on Amazon, and currently doesn't have any product listings, probably because the seller is now banned from the website. I hope my pervasiveness has helped customers from becoming victims of this horrible seller!
Oddly enough, a week later I received another package from this same seller. I think he accidentally sent me another package while the first one was still shipping, so before this whole fiasco. I opened it, and it was another OTT without the slipcase and with the homemade wrapping. I looked inside, ant this time there were two of those ridiculous stamps! I did play both CDs to make sure they worked, and they did (since apparently I'm allowed to -.-).

I definitely don't want to sell either of these albums, because that would be like ripping off another Inspirit. I don't think anyone would want to tarnish their collection with such an album like mine. I'm so sad since OTT is an especially important album to Infinite and Inspirits.
Moral of the story: basically, my albums are legit, they have the authentication sticker, and they're missing the slipcases; if I had bought this album marked as used, I wouldn't have made as big of a fuss.never settle on a product's condition that wasn't stated, and you should try to fix it by contacting the company you bought the product from! Though it may be aggravating to deal with, it is worth it to know that you tried your best in resolving the problem.

So I've had both of these albums for just over a year now, and I guess I was so ashamed about it being tainted that I never reviewed it. But I guess I will finally review it soon~

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