Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Infinite F: 靑 Single Review

Finally, the day has come! Infinite F debuted in Korea on December 3rd, with the same songs as their Japanese debut single ("Heart is Racing," "Because It's You," and "My Girl"). There's not much for me to say to introduce Infinite F, since I word vomited everything from my review of their Japanese single here.
I asked my mom, and found out that the Chinese character that is the title of this single means green, clear, or young/youth, which is fitting for Infinite F's concept and theme. I pre-ordered this album through, and I was surprised that this album was only about $13 including shipping (but without a poster). This order came with six sheets of wallet-sized calendar photocards of Infinite. These calendars just list the numbers but doesn't actually state the days of the week, so it's not helpful at all. It shipped the day after it was released and arrived in 11 days, in the typical orange, waterproof envelope that always makes me happy to see on my doorstep!
This album has the same dimensions, format, and high quality as Infinite's mini albums. The cover is so pretty; I love this image of Infinite F! And the F is printed with metallic blue flecks, just like in Infinite's Japanese limited edition single She's Back.
The back cover is simple with a white background, but also has the shiny F.
The photobook is on the left, and the CD is on the right. The two photocards are faced down in between.
I love how the blue paintbrush pattern is all over this album. (I wonder if they got this idea from Myungsoo's sweatshirt...) The cover of the photobook has this paintbrush pattern as a glossy layer printed on top of the paper, and it's so pretty and it shows that they put so much into this album. The CD is simple in design too but with that pattern, and underneath the disc is all white.
The photobook is also very special! It is 26 pages that includes mostly photos, and then one page for the lyrics, one page for the special thanks to, and one page for the credits. The pretty paintbrush pattern is splattered throughout the pages as well.
There are 10 pages from the music video, which is cool because usually the photobook contains photos only from the photoshoots. There are also two pages from the Japanese normal edition (one being the album cover), four pages from the Japanese Type B photoshoot (the one with the same sweaters as this album cover); three photos are individual photos of each member which also make up one of the poster designs for this album (I explain more later), and the fourth is a group photo shot which is similar to the album cover of the Japanese Type B (but not exact). And the last four pages are from the Japanese Type A photoshoot; there are two individual photos per member, and one photo for each member is the same as the Type A photobooklet, and the last photo is a group photo, which is the other poster design (again, explained later). I wish that the photobook included more photos like the album cover, because that one is just perfection!

There are a total of nine different photocards, three per each member, and each album comes with two photocards. These photocards are so extravagant; quality-wise, they remind me of the rare Infinite collection cards! I usually don't buy duplicate albums, but I think I just might for this one just to collect all nine photocards. They're the same size as the Infinite H photocards, 2.375" by 3.5".
As you can see, I got two different versions of Sungyeol. I had a 1/3 chance of getting Myungsoo, and yet again I still haven't pulled him, ever! I can't believe I got two Sungyeol's, especially getting him previously from their Japanese album and me feeling awkward about Sungyeol. Maybe it's a sign? I haven't looked at the other photocards because I want to try and pull more, so I can't say much about the other styles and whatnot. I like how one design is like a Polaroid format and a photo from the music video, and another is holographic.and from the cute sweater photoshoot. Both have their printed autograph. These photos aren't in the photobook, but I'm not sure if they're in any of the versions from the Japanese single. Edit: Sungyeol's holographic card photo is from the Japanese Type B photobook, but I don't mind since this card is holographic and not just an ordinary photocard.
The backside has the pretty blue watercolor in the corner, and the Polaroid-like card has a matte white background while the holographic card has a matte light gray background.
This era also comes with two posters, but I decided not to get either because they weren't composed well, especially compared to the posters from New Challenge and Be Back. Both poster images are also in the photobook anyways. One poster is of the top image while the second poster is of the three individual shots.

Overall, I have never been so excited for a debut/comeback! It feels so surreal finally having "가슴이 뛴다" in Korean, as I've waited since they first released the song during One Great Step Returns, and then they teased us with partial plays of the song during High School Love On and in That Summer Concert 2. The photobook, photocards, the album itself, everything is just beyond perfect.

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