Monday, January 14, 2013

[Update] Aberdeen Centre

The Korean shops at Aberdeen Centre have changed since I last visited in Thanksgiving 2012, which I blogged about here! Last weekend I came back to this mall to find SASA and an updated collection of kpop merchandise at HMart.

SASA (Reopened)
SASA was originally located on the second floor, but now has moved to the top floor.  It is quite a small stall, about as deep as it is wide.
This SASA only sells Laneige products, which is seen on the storefront sign in the center. The store is quite basic, with Laneige products displayed on cases lined against the wall. Only if you are a fan of Laneige would I suggest you coming here, because there is no cute concept or cutely packaged products to see.

HMart continues to carry beauty products from high end Korean brands such as Laneige, which are in display cases and on glass shelves. Nearby also resides the kpop merchandise.
There are still the main items that were already here from my visit during Thanksgiving, including framed Kim Hyun Joong posters, Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single album and Big Bang's Alive album. There are also new, smaller, miscellaneous kpop items, including iPhone cases, clocks and stationery of popular bands and actors, such as Lee Min Ho and lots and lots of Kim Hyun Joong.
Directly behind the kpop table is a small cafe in a corner of HMart. This cafe includes a TV that plays current kpop performances that you can watch whole enjoying your food.

Every time I come to Aberdeen, it seems like their Kpop section is shrinking. Hopefully the next time I stop by, it's not extinct!

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