Monday, March 18, 2013

Infinite: Infinitize 3rd Mini Album Review

Since I'm musically naive, I'll only review the album itself and not the actual music. This is Infinite's 3rd mini album, titled Infinitize. The album cover is very simplistic, illustrating an artistic infinity sign, yet it is still very classy and elegant. The gold-on-white color scheme makes this album absolutely gorgeous.
When reflected in the light, you can even see a clear infinity symbol underneath the gold infinity symbol. The little details make this album that much more special. The very bottom also gives a definition of "infinity," giving meaning behind the group's name.
The back cover reveals a photo of the Infinite boys dressed in off-white, cream tones and with serious expressions. The clothing, attitudes and casual street setting is the main focus of this album's photoshoot.
Infinitize comes with a beautiful photobook opposite of the actual CD. The photobook dedicates one page to each member, listing his position in the group (vocal, leader, rap) in very small font along a gray ribbon. You can see this on the left photo of Woo Hyun; the diagonal gray strip is where it says his position. The second half of the book presents the members around the town. I love this photo of Sung Gyu on the right, as if he's offering the seat next to him and longing for someone to be there with him. All the members look like such mature, young adults in this photoshoot!
I love how though most of the photos were portraying a serious Infinite, that they end the photobook with a cute group photo of everybody smiling warmly.
Overall, this album is very elegant in its well thought out simplicity. The photos offer a casual, yet mature Infinite. And of course the songs are fun and vibrant too! The Intro blends very well with The Chaser, and In The Summer is such a carefree, breezy track. Anytime I'm feeling down, I just play this album and flip through the gorgeous photobook!

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