Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Kpop? My Journey into Finding My Music Identity

I was always the difficult child in the family, having to be different from the beliefs of my brother and parents.  On deciding on the design of each of our bedrooms, I was the oddball out, choosing light flooring instead of dark, a doorknob instead of a door handle, a bench instead of a deck and a sliding door instead of a regular hinged door.  I'm also very old-fashioned, in the sense that I prefer outdated technology (I have an antique rotary phone).  This same stubbornness applies to my music preferences. I despised pop music because of the typical American messages they presented and because of how overrated they all were.  Instead I listened to musical soundtracks that displayed elegant meaning and a story behind each lyric, as well as oldies (50s-90s) that laid out music genius, values and catchy tunes.

Though I was passionate about these two genres, I felt that something was missing.  Then as I was first exposed to fictional band ANJell of You're Beautiful, and then kpop bands CNBlue and FTIsland, I soon found that piece that I had been longing for but hadn't found.  Kpop always lifts up my spirit no matter how stressed or low I'm feeling.  Watching the slickness and synchronization of kpop dance music videos impresses me.  Once every couple of months I do get sick of listening to only kpop, but that feeling quickly fades and I'm back to jamming to my current favorites, CNBlue, Infinite and Teen Top!

I have always been ashamed when people ask what music I listen to, because I don't want others to think I'm shallow for listening to music I don't even understand.  Yet this same situation applies to many others.  American and British pop singers have such an international fan base, yet many of these fans don't understand English.  There are also songs produced in English that other English speakers can't actually understand, but still enjoy (Sean Paul's 'Temperature' comes to mind, as well as rap songs).  But to address my personally not understanding the lyrics of kpop, it may be true that I'm being ignorant by listening to music where I don't know the meaning.  Yet this helps me listen to music more enjoyably, because I originally strayed away from pop music to avoid the valueless lyrics that reflect its society, or at least its artist's views (I'm referring to the first verse of Katy Perry's 'The One that Got Away').

I have been thinking about why I started listening to and how I became so fixated with kpop, out of all the genres out there, and wanted to share my thoughts.  I hope I didn't offend anyone, because that was definitely not my intention!  I have full respect for artists such as Katy Perry, because they are well-put together and have gained so much respect and support from fans around the world, which is an unimaginable accomplishment.  I am just not fond of their music :/

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