Tuesday, March 5, 2013

U District: Korean Tofu House Restaurant Review

I haven't found many Korean (authentic and fusion) restaurants in Seattle itself, though there is a significantly larger population of Koreans in Federal Way with many more Korean restaurants and shops.  I was ecstatic to find Korean Tofu House in Seattle, that I came here practically every week since I had found out about it!  Korean Tofu House, also known as just Tofu House, is adjacent to The Ave (University Way).  Just look for the painted green building, and walk down a short flight of stairs to get to the entrance.  It is one of the many ethnic mom-and-pop restaurants populating the University District, and definitely my most favorite of the bunch.  As my brother has said, you know a Korean restaurant is authentic when you smell of Korean BBQ when you leave!
Each entree comes with a bowl of rice and a variety of side dishes, including kimchi, bean sprouts,glazed potatoes, bean curd and seafood pancake.  Each of these side dishes were delicious and offered its own flavor and texture, creating diverse flavors.
I ordered #1, which is the Mixed Tofu Soup (clams, shrimp and beef), for $8.99.  This soup came out in a sizzling clay pot with a raw egg poured on top, which I skipped.  There were two clams, two shrimp, sliced beef and lots of very soft and smooth tofu. 
The Mixed Tofu Soup is my usual, but all of their selections are just as tasty!  I also love their Soy Bean Paste Soup and Bulgogi. 

This restaurant gets crowded during lunch and dinner, so prepare to wait and don't forget to sign your name by the cash register.  Though this is a full scale restaurant, a lot of it is self-serve.  Napkins, chopsticks and spoons are in a tray at each table and there is a tray near the cash register for takeout containers and plastic bags.  You pay up front at the cash register, and you must pay in cash if your bill is below $10.  I especially love coming here because it's affordable, tasty and I always end up boxing half of my soup and some side dishes because it's so filling.  I can't wait for my next meal at Korean Tofu House!

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